Arsenal win after Sunderland put up early fight

Arsenal shut up their critics by taking all three points of Big Sam’s Sunderland side today, and it ended up a relatively easy 3-1 scoreline.

Joel Campbell came good with a very ell-taken opening goal, and although Giroud scored an own goal to give the Black Cats a way back into the game, Giroud made amends at the other end before Aaron Ramsey sealed the points.

The first half was a bit hairy for the Gunners, with Sunderland putting up a good fight, but once all the changes in the side got used to each other we ended up quite comfortable. Arsene Wenger once again stressed that that there are no easy games in the Premier League yet again, but at least we got a confidence boost ahead of the massive game in Athens in midweek.

Wenger said after the game: “This Premier League is a battle. You have to give credit to Sunderland who were well organised and always dangerous on the break.

“It could have been one of those days, but the mental aspect was good and we kept concentration.

“Joel Campbell also scored against Swansea and since he has come into the side his contribution is very positive.

With Man City losing we are now up to second in the table, and Arsene finally acknowledged who our main rivals are: “We have to keep winning games and collecting points and hope that (leaders) Leicester slip up.”

If Leicester and Arsenal pull away at the top of the League, I will more than happy to go into April with them a point or two in front….

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  1. … Ramsey needs to time his runs, otherwise he was okay in today’s game. I am glad Campbell scored, he is completely different from Chamberlain who hasn’t been playing well.
    I am so happy Walcott is back and I don’t know what’s wrong with Bellerin, he hasn’t been his usual reliable self since the Injury.
    Wenger actually jumped, can’t believe it but all in all, good game.
    And oh….. OZIL IS A BEAST.

      1. trying… hard….not…to…laugh.. at….jose….mourinho…..


  2. massive result for us… kinda happy we got out of that mickey mouse cup( not about the way we got out).. imagine if we played midweek… anyways, we dominated.. hopefully ramsey can score more…

    1. ramsey looked hungry. and also quality (which goes missing sometimes). v.good news.
      walcott looked stale, but ok.
      campbell’s becoming a revelation. definitely > than ox now.
      cech bailed us out again: he’s already got us a bunch of points this season.
      good to see wenger subbing in early: wonder if he’s finally woken up ?
      monreal was a boss today.

  3. What a funny league. Seems like Manu, Arsenal and Mancity are taking turns in dropping points week in’ week out….

    We are scoring own goals this season like never before. Anyway, I’m delighted we won the game.

    Olympiakos up next. Arsenal All The Way!

  4. congrats to arsenal for the win..but you see i’m a realist this team team DO NOT DESERVE TO WIN THE LEAGUE with their performance…Don’t be fooled with a win against the basement boys, a decent team would have put the game to bed in the first half against arsenal.

    1. Oh yeah, they should. Just like Man City and Man United do every week?????????
      Arsenal deserve to win it as much as anyone else!

        1. @muff, If I was admin there are a lot of people that would have been banned this week. If asdmin hadn’t stepped in I probably would have got myself banned for swearing at those ·$%&·s

      1. G-Rude i think i remmember arsenal play better than this some season…but can i shock you? We laid our hands on our fourth place trophy

  5. That was an EPL win long overdue. I still do not get though why we seem to relax and throw away leads these days. We have started to concede from set-pieces again, unacceptable!
    Anyway, good win and not a bad weekend overall.

  6. Things we learned :

    1. This might be Campbell’s year (ha ! told you haters he wasn’t bad)
    2. Ramsey’s goal scoring form comes when he plays centrally
    3. Ozil is god
    4. Mertesacker needs to step down end of this season
    5. We still need a quality back up for leCoq
    6. Ramsey/Ozil partnership is such a joy to watch

      1. Bad form. Too many negative Arsenal fans. Some idiot e ven gave a red thumns down when someome said well done Joel for scoring.

        1. Listen Colin.

          This will not be Campbells year bec the kid is not a kid anymore, he needs to performe in a daily. Its simple not enough. Right wing should be occupied with a player in Griezman.

          1- Fail.
          2- Fail. Ramsey is wasting to much chances, passes and so on.
          3- Yes
          4- Paulista being benched is criminal
          5- Yes.
          6- No its not. Big fail.

          1. He may not be a kid but he hasnt been given game time and when he has he has proved himself. What more do you want. He has played well with players he has hardly played with and scored. Problem you have is you want him to fail. Do you want Wenger to sped? Problem is that may not get the result. Remembrr he’s 23 this is his first season in the EPL.

            1. hasnt campbell got 2 goals in 3 starts now? i’m v.happy with him. hope he remains consistent.
              flam also stepped up his quality a bit today (altho still made a few mistakes)
              belerin made a few mistakes.
              mert should go after this season.
              koz was good.
              monreal was great.

      2. Well obviously at the age of 21 he shouldn’t be expected to be selected ahead of Sanchez and Walcott, but most of the fans were saying he should be sold which I find ridiculous considering he’s better than Ox.

  7. Ramsey played really well for 1st game back. That is his position. OG, mental toughness to come back and score the game winner. Ozil is the best player in the Prem and Cech will save us the 15 points Terry said he would. So nice to see Theo back. Great day for Arsenal a few draws, a loss and we are right in the thick of things.

  8. If Chelsea don’t win this could be the best PL week for us

    Arsenal win
    City, United, Spuds, Chelsea don’t win

    Only disappointing that Leicester won (without Vardy goal)

  9. I love the premier league.
    Every week you just can’t believe your eyes. Competition makes for a far much interesting and entertaining league. None of these teams are weak except Sunderland, Newcastle and Aston Villa who also have some decent players and can pick up form if they put their minds to it.
    Amazing stuff….there is no comparable league when it comes to the depth in quality across the league not just the top teams. But of course, you already knew.
    Would not have believed this at the start of the season….Chelsea 0 – 1 Bournemouth.
    😀 😀

  10. Good result all said and done with city dropping points.

    Wasn’t pretty but tis 3 points.
    Now we have to topple the mighty Leicester!

    1. To be honest, I would rather see Leicester win the EPL than City or United.
      lol…we could be seeing Leicester vs Real Madrid in the champions league next season….ridiculous.
      I don’t think Wenger is this intelligent but I would weaken Leicester City by buying Riyad Mahrez…forget Vardy, Mahrez is their best player. He does it all.

  11. Arsenal did not win bec we where good, but rather bec sunderland was better in being poor.

    Take an example in our goalscores today. Giroud was unlucky and scored and own goal and played to be honnest bad, but in the end he got one.

    Ramsey was awfull, he was playing in this poz he so often moans about not being eable to play in. I stoped the miss passes he made today and the chances he missed infront of the goal, but hey, he scored.

    Santi is beyond Ramseys lvl. I go so far that i hope that Wenger will go for Isco in the future bec Ramsey is not the future.

    Thats the problem with Arsenal. We are good, but never good enough. Today, yesterday, and probably in the future aswell. As long as Wenger is around i doubt that we ever can be at ease.

    1. Please do not underestimate a Big Sam side. He is a great manager who uses top techniques. It is not luck that stops his sides from relegation. I bet Sunderland end nearer mid table this season, and do well next under him.

    2. You do realize Ramsey assisted the 2nd goal and scored a goal right?

      He wasn’t awful by any means. Sure he lacked some precision but when a player makes two huge contributions to us winning – that means he played well, not awful.

      1. I am srry. Awfull was the wrong description and not fair to his performance. But with games like these, you wont go far in football, believe me.

    3. You might not be at ease, but I am quite enjoying being second in the Premier League, as all Arsenal fans should be. I’m thinking of starting a petition to get rid of all the negaitve twats on here that moan even when we win.

      1. Stay cool admin. Negative twats and posetive twats who are beyond help are very similar in being twats. hahah

    4. And as long as you are around Wenger can never be at ease. Why can’t some Aesenal fans just enjoy a win?

  12. Arsenal are most definately still in the title race, not because we are better than the rest, because the rest are just as inconsistent as us. I watched United game and boy they really do not deserve to be in the top 4…just pathetic. City are also suffering some bad injuries to key players. This is where those extra two signings we were screaming for would have made a massive impact…but it is good to see players like Campbell coming to the party and making things seem not as bad. We cannot keep relying on the other teams to drop points though.

    There are many screaming for a new CF to rotate with Giroud, but I just do not see it happening anytime soon as we still have Walcott and Welbeck. My xmas wish for Jan would be to bring in another top DM to rotate with Coquelin. As much as I respect Arteta and Flamini, there are plenty of younger and better holding/defensive midfielders out there.

    1. glad we’re so near top. if monsieur wenger had gotten us a decent DM and CF, we’d be leading by quite a bit . our 2nd position does not absolve wenger for his lack of performance over summer.

  13. Not bad with a bit team but we need to get through this month and hope AW has players to come in as soon as the window opens. He will need to buy players that he might get in the summer NOW and if it means paying a little more so be it. Liverpool are the team at the mo and with kloop pulling there strings well we no he has one hand on that cup. He will buy in January and buy big so we need to do the same 3 players DM CB and CF maybe a loan player just to do a job for us

  14. We’re gonna win the league! We’re gonna win the League! And now they’re gonna believe us, and now they’re gonna believe us!

    1. I hope so but we need to capitalize better. Spurs, Norwich and Westbrom games were 7 out of 9 points in title form or with sketchy but still solid form 5 out of 9 points. Instead we scored 2 out of 9 points. That is not title form.

  15. Being on this website can be a nightmare. I wonder whether some of our contributors live on planet Earth or Mars because their arguments seem so unreal that one wonders where to place them. Even when Man city and Chelsea lose and Man U and Spurs draw these characters still seem unmoved that Arsenal has won! What kind of people would you call them? It defeats logic for such people to call themselves Gooners! Nobody is forced to support a team of their choice but then if you claim to support a team do so honestly not falsely. It is a fact of life that if you truly love something you will not talk negatively about it in public as some of the fake fans do in these columns. It is indeed disgusting to say the least!

    1. If today was a win against Man City in the fashion we did, no one will complain. But it was Sunderland FGS…the second worst team and we struggled. Its not like it was Everton or Stoke or some top 10 team…its Sunderland.
      Man utd, Real Madrid and other top clubs fans boo their teams if they don’t play well against teams they should be winning W or D and even worse in a L. In fact Real Madrid and Man Utd fans booed their respective teams today. Does this mean they are not real fans?

      If you cannot comprehend why some fans should not be jumping out of their seats for today’s result and why they criticize the victory today against lowly Sunderland, then I certainly question why you support this team and not an Everton or West Brom or Stoke City because you assume that a club the stature of Arsenal should be rejoicing very much over a tight win against Sunderland. I like many others give the team its credit where due like the wins against Leicester and Man Utd where we outclassed and dominated the opponent.

      Today, like the last 3 games was not a game worthy of praising this teaml. Draw against Spurs…ok understandable. Loss against West Brom, draw against Norwich…too close a game against Sunderland?…NO, that is not right for a team that wants to win the title. Do you get this? Add to the fact we have predictable long-term injuries every season and a bastard of a manager who will not sign anyone in January (maybe and injured has been) or in the next summer transfer window. Arsenal sucked today. Bite me.

      1. Okay well thats sorted then. You should just watch 45 or 6 games a season and be miserable if we lose. REAL Arsenal fans on the other hand actually enjoy winning a game and being two points off the top of the League. Get yourself off to Le Grove where all the other moaners are you miserable git.

      2. That is what they call perverted logic. Are there any games where one wins more than 3 points? If it’s a question of beating the big teams I think there is none which Arsenal has not beaten in the last 2 seasons. Arsenal beat Chelsea to lift community shield, beat Man city in EPL last season, has beaten Man U this season, beat Bayern Munich in CL. What will convince you? Are you the only one who is not aware that we have had a lot of injuries? Where is Wilshere, Rosicky, Welbeck and now Cazorla, Sanchez? Walcott, Oxlade and Koscielny have just returned. Do you really follow trends?

  16. Campbell has precision, makes well timed runs n his pace is very good. He is improving day by day — COMPARED TO ox. I like ox but he has not improved with all the chances he got. I still trust him as it is his second game after injury.

  17. @fatboy g,where are you man?like i said before you only comment on negative articles or after a loss/a player gets injured!!

    1. @pissiuis
      I’m sorry I’m late Sir ?
      I’m glad that I left a false impression on you ?
      I was busy celebrating with G rudes nan ?

  18. OT

    I am Arsenal fan for about 18yrs.
    I read almost everyday for the past 6-7yrs.
    I live in Southeastern country.
    I watch hundreds of Arsenal matches through TV but never watch a real match.
    Today I just watch Arsenal vs Sunderland at Emirate stadium. It was a dream come true and this is one of the most memorable day of my life. Whatever happen to the club, I will always be a fan. Go Gunners!

  19. Arsenal won
    Man U drew
    Man City lost
    Chelsea lost.
    in Nigeria especially in my area we (goners) av to pet Chelsea fan so dey wont commit suicide.

    am just a HAPPY fan this week.
    long may it continue (bye bye to November form)

    1. You’re damn right bruv…arsenal fans on here should know one thing: all other (big epl) clubs want arsenal to fail- reason; they are presently failing…I think we all should learn to enjoy a Win (no matter who we win) especially when all other potential rivals dropped points…fyi liverpool just lost to the lowly, out-of-form New castle.

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