Arsenal v Swansea review – Fabianski frustrates beaten Gunners

The former Arsenal keeper Lukasz Fabianski led a charmed life for his new club as the Gunners produced a much better second half but were unable to break the resistance of the visitors and continue the winning run that had us looking good for second place.

It was a pretty cagey first half, although right from the start it was Arsenal who dominated the ball and passed it around with accuracy. The likes of Ozil, Cazorla, Ramsey and Ozil were interchanging positions and seeking for openings but Swansea were determined to sit deep and deny us any space.

They pressed us hard and allowed little time on the ball while trying to look for a counter but always with one eye on defence so chances were hard to come by. We nearly got in a few times, with Cazorla having a shot blocked and Alexis having a penalty claim. The Chilean nearly found Ramsey with a long raking ball as well but we were not doing enough.

The tempo from Arsenal was too slow to get Swansea out of their comfort zone and I’m sure that Arsene Wenger will have asked them to speed things up and be more incisive in the final third. We were better and the pressure was pretty sustained on the Swansea box, especially after Walcott and Wilshere had replaced Giroud and Coquelin. Arsenal either missed the crucial gfinal ball, had shots blocked or found Fabianski in place to deny us a goal.

And our frustration was multiplied by a huge factor when Gomis produced a smash and grab goal with a header that had just crossed the line before Ospina clawed it out. Unbelievable bad luck but to be honest we should have taken at least one chance before then. Fabianski was good but we were wasteful and are now in a spot of bother ahead of a big trip to Old Trafford.

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  1. haywill says:

    if we lose united well be 4th and play falencia in the qual oh oh 🙁 🙁 🙁

    1. ranger says:

      where is the striker did anyone see him.

      1. Aditya says:

        Guys Chill A little bit this things happen in sports … we played well lots of positive..
        just wrong substitutions Walcott is not ready yet ….. i think…. lets move on we have a big game nxt week….

        1. muffdiver says:

          look tinkerbell- whatever fairy dust ur snortin either share it ..or pipe down
          we want 2nd!!

          *puts on r.e.m -everybody hurts

          1. Aditya says:

            Cool Man i am also ambitious but 1 lose after 10-12 matches get a grip.. We all love arsenal to win bt still Fabianski had some luck today.. and our strikers are awful specially sanchez… bt till happens

          2. Mick The Gooner says:

            It happens. The team that wins the league is that team that it happens to least. The team that wins the league is the team that has the quality to get through these situations most often. That’s why we’re annoyed that we are still vulnerable to it happening now that many of our minds are thinking that we should be aiming to win the league next season. It’s a bad sign. We’re just disappointed. Not many are getting angry, how could we after we’ve been in such a good run?

          3. NY_Gunner says:

            Looks like we let the wrong keeper go…IJS

        2. Colin says:

          or did Monk play Wenger too well. Why on earth would Monk bring on two attacking players at the end, and after Wenger had weakened our defence, if he hadn’t had this in mind. Or don”t you think Monk saw the opportunity once Wenger removed our DM. I think he read us well personally,

        3. Luko Bratzi says:

          You can’t blame Walcott. The truth is,and now is the time for Mr Wenger to look at his self as others teams see you.Most teams play Arsenal with a game plan,Arsenal does not. Wenger plays his style as he has since 1998 and it was a blessing as we loved his style,but since 2005 he hasn’t changed still wants to play fast like Barcelona but he hasn’t the players so he tries to get it out of the ones he buys.Look at the game today Sanches,Ozil,Gazola.Ramsey all trying this fast running but no one wants to shoot. Giroud tries his best but not as quick as the others so it all ends up wasted. On comes Wiltshire all he does is runswith the ball never shoots when he has the oppotunity too same Ol same Ol. Oxy is the one that has that ability to do it but again Wenger plays players on the right side so he doesn’t have to alter his style of play in the middle Until he or some other manager with a different attitude changes the style we will never achieve the days of Henry. Yes we have done well but when you think that the teams of Henry’s day were much weaker until we came up against Bolton, Stoke Middlesborough we never did well, why because they had a game plan and Arsenal did not, and it’s those games that you need to win with the right team on that day. May 30th if Wenger doesn’t know who to put out to win as AstonVilla will have a game plan mark my words CB

      2. almostawinner says:

        need another striker at giroud’s level, or hopefully, better.

        nothing against OG but some days are just not your days. those are days when we need someone better than welbeck to come in (or when welbeck is injured). also need a taller GK: every bit helps. henry was right, we need more players (but for me just 2: ST and GK). of course AW will deny it to not hurt his player’s feelings. also need a backup for Coq: if coq gets injured in a game (or longer god forbid), we’ll lose points next year if we have flam/arteta in the CDM position. Fab/swansea had luck today & they played good too. but we need to take care of our side of things: have a squad that is overwhelming; not one that just sneaks across the line.

    2. muffdiver says:

      i like to think that doggy in ur pic is ur only friend…an u share ur tuna sandwich with him while watchin re runs of red dwarf

    3. SoOpa AeoN says:

      that’s how they come back to haunt you!

      1. SoOpa AeoN says:

        The swans weren’t in for our irrelevant passing game…… If this is what it takes to lose to a half decent team, then we really need to retrace our steps

        1. SoOpa AeoN says:

          Guess who the man of the match is……… You’d be surprised to know he used to be one of our own

      2. SoOpa AeoN says:

        “THE EMIRATE STADIUM” …….. Not Yet A ForTress……..

      3. SoOpa AeoN says:

        we just threw away 2ND PLACE……. Gutted!

        1. SoOpa AeoN says:

          This season was our best chance to grab this 2nd place…….but we were just so obsessed by our game in hand and relaxed thinking 2nd place was all secured…… Hope we learnt now that “It’s never really over until it’s over”

        2. Gooneray says:

          Oh crap, if both Man City and Arsenal were to win the remaining matches, look at the amount of goal difference we have to overcome!!! Now I know why they scored six goals the previous match.

    4. joejoe says:

      When I said we need an additional striker many on this site thumbed me down. I guess it is now a bit clear we need a Costa like striker who doesn’t need clear chances to score.
      2. We need another creative head (like Fabregas) – who will challenge Ozil mainly and possibly Cazorla


      1. Wonder says:

        We might need a striker but not another creative midfielder. We need a change is strategy to beat these well organised teams. Swansea just looked at how Chelsea played us and it worked. I told many people here that we need natural and fast wingers to break these teams and someone says we dont need to fix something which is not broken! Now its broken lets fix it!

    5. Honest Opinion says:

      one thing is certain : Next 3 matches is a must win to have any chance of claiming 2nd place.Let’s support our team before an upcoming huge match.

      1. Wonder says:

        Lets fight for 3rd place, I dnt see us overhauling ManCity who made a clear statement on Sunday when we are already on Holiday!

    6. PrincePrince says:

      Oh we definitely dont need a striker

    7. frisco says:

      Wiltshere is back and he brings bad luck with him.
      henry was wright? O yes we will never win EPL with Giroud believe that.
      Walcott a striker? Hell no headless chicken sell and get some money.
      Wiltshere? Useless never play Wiltshere when we’re not in winning position, he came in and we loose the last 14 games without him everything was fine till he pointed is smoking face,believe me with rosiscky we should have chances. See you next year with the same f…k excuses and all the deluded fans who thinks we shouldn’t buy,or we will win next season that is our wake up call we need to sell,Wiltshire, Walcott Flamini, Diaby,Sanogo release Arteta and Rosiscky, we need players who will take us to next level just 3 players and give the youngsters a chance. Because if continue to lie to ourselves we will see Chelsea dominance for next 10 years, by the way when Wenger contract expire? Just wondering if he will get new one and if he get one we are f…..k.

  2. KickAssFan says:

    These things happen.

    1. RWRW says:

      Yer, they do to Arsenal, AND ONLY ARSENAL!!!

      1. vince says:

        ummm, not sure but have you neem paying attention to man u , city, (and also pool and tottenham)

        1. RWRW says:

          No mate I haven’t, I have paid attention to Chelsea who have already won the league and we didn’t, See the bigger picture please!!

      2. KickAssFan says:

        Honestly, I’m not so sad, mainly because the team did everything possible. Fabianski was just too good and we never had a striker that could make good runs, create chances for himself or take shots from any area around the opposition box.

        1. atid says:

          Not sure about all this fabianski was superb, I cant recall him having to make a save at a stretch. Everything was straight at him, I could have saved most of them and I have a broken arm.

          Our finishing was piss poor and our defending for their goal was even worse.

          Pressure is now really on to avoid the dreaded 4th place.

          1. Champagne Charlie says:

            Positioning is often an overlooked GK quality but in this case I agree with you, nothing hit towards goal would’ve threatened a Sunday league GK which is a sad state of affairs given we were at home and are supposedly trying to secure 2nd.

            Hope this just gives Arsene the nip of reality needed close to the summer window so he sees that a ST/Winger of real quality would go down a treat. He says we have 8 players for 2 winger spots….well I’m sorry but Rambo as a RW says he doesn’t rate them much.

        2. Justsoccerfan says:

          I am sad cos I waited so long, watching at 3 am and want arsenal to close the season with a bang but we lost not even draw. Hope this result will charges our players up than other way round. Lost a game before a tough MU match not a good sign.

    2. muffdiver says:

      …not on my watch.

      *grabs baseball bat

      1. KickAssFan says:

        Football as defined by Mourinho.

      2. Ivan Gazidis says:

        I’ll sell some players, and buy me one of those watches.

    3. Dan.M says:

      They happen for a reason

      we have so much vision and passing ability in our team yet they have to pass sidewards ineffecitvely infront of giroud which is slow paced and easy to defend against as his movement is non existent

      This means we are not exploiting what we have best – vision and passing range .. once or twice ozil made those passes exuisetely but neither giroud or ramsey had the pace to go on people like ozil and cazorla and ramsey are not being used efficently enough

      We need quick pacey forwards (lacazette) who want to run in behind to see the best of arsenal and more fast pace play which is entertaining whilst creating more oppurtunities

      1. almostawinner says:

        giroud shouod be our backup center forward.

      2. Jim A says:

        Sorry OG is one of the best moving without the ball in the league.

        1. almostawinner says:

          the game is not played without the ball.

    4. Champagne Charlie says:

      Not sure your point, can hardly be content with it.

      Walcott playing as a ST is pure fantasy, that sub put us down to 10.
      Rambo continues to shoot every sight of goal.
      When Giroud ain’t at the races our attack is disjointed and fairly clueless.

      Yea sure these games happen, but I bloody hope it’s used as evidence to address some issues.

      1. SD says:

        I’m sorry but I don’t see how people can put any blame on Walcott. Go watch the tape again as I thought he was excellent. He made some great runs, drew defenders, won the ball back several times, held the ball under pressure and got it to guys with good shooting chances, and was generally in great position when the ball came in the box.

        He missed one good chance, which should have been netted on the previous kick, almost scored on a weird deflection into his path. Other than that, all of his passes to decent shooting chances were passed back around the box for a few minutes. When he kept making good runs, the service was abysmal, nearly every time he made a run the cross went straight into Fabianski’s hands.

        Ramsey was also good. He worked very hard and played very well. He and Ozil were centered around all of our decent play and the team HAS GOT TO take long shots if they want to play this narrow formation. Ramsey and Cazorla were the only guys willing to take those shots.

        Giroud was completely useless and should have been subbed out at halftime if there was no intention of playing the holdup game. Wilshere was awful, constantly losing the ball and otherwise getting in everyone’s way while he tried to figure out what position he was playing. Fine, he got past defenders to get crosses in, but every last one was poor. He had a half dozen clear shooting opportunities and passed on them.

        Ozil made a few spectacular passes, pressed well, but needed to start the quick passes off if he is supposed to be the playmaker. Sanchez probably played his worst game of the year. He was just a bit off on every pass and shot, and was not ready on a couple occasions where he had chances.

        But the biggest issue is still Arsene. Every once in a while they show up to these games completely unmotivated. They barely have any movement off the ball and consequently hold the ball for several touches before passing it laterally or backwards. Either he needs to sub out players that are lacking that fire or he needs to make sure they are fully focused and up for it.

        Atrocious performance today. I hope a few of those guys got an earful for this one.

        1. Champagne Charlie says:

          Not assigning blame beyond the lackadaisical defending in the last 5 mins. No reason to lose that game.

          As far as Theo is concerned I simply don’t rate him as a ST. Yes he’s good when put through 1on1, but how often does that happen? Compare him to another mobile ST like Lacazette and he falls flat in basically every other department: he has no presence, can’t turn and dribble in tight spaces, his link up play is average, doesn’t make anything for himself. He’s a quality (albeit lazy) winger, but he’s not got the goods to be a ST at Arsenal. When you need a goal vs a tight/deep defence I can’t see why Theo is the man for that.

          Rambo was decent, but end product was awful as he constantly shot EVERY sight of goal. I don’t like him RW, he joins in well inside (obviously) but we need our LW and RW starter to be able to keep width AND join inside like Alexis can. Rambo can only fulfill half the task and that’s why the middle of the pitch has no room to work and you see Ozil emerge deep where he’s less effective. Wenger says we have 8 wingers….well 6 aren’t up to scratch if Rambo makes the wide role. Pedro anyone? exactly the type of player you need. Same with Sterling.

    5. nicolaile says:

      Yes, but it happens to often for Arsenal. That was our 6rd defeat compared to Chelseas 2rd defeat.

      People need to realise that our squad are not good enough to win the league as it stand. 2-3 top quaility signings are needed.

    6. sevenitti says:

      What things, not having not ever beaten just mourinho, but also monk (!!!)? Having the same match picture come back over and over again? We speak about change, but this match picture is the typical “arsenal-play”. Draw a heat-map of the ball and it will be mostly at the mid circle, or you can draw a big half circle around the opponents box. Massive ball possession, shambolic inefficiency and a defense that gives away too much too easily. This happened today, against monaco, against manure and many other times throughout the last years. It’s the arsenal-picture and what i hate the most about supporting arsenal.

      when we subbed off giroud, we had an offense consisting of two wingers and four playmakers.

    7. Ozzy AFC says:

      You Right KickAssFan
      these things do happen and they happen to us whenever we are on the cusp, BT they don’t happen to teams with out and out strikers, they don’t happen to teams who WANT to get 2nd spot, they don’t happen to sides that are soo filled wit pride thy HAVE to have the runners up spot.
      we now face the distinct possibility that we could end up in fourth spot and have to go through the play offs yet again, STILL AW is gonna concentrate on keeping his squad together and we all know that means in Wenger spek that he’s nond too much of his summer looking at any new acquisitions and last night clearly shows that we are NOT yet the finished article our strike force is not as good as Chelsea’s or even Man city and that we DO need another striker and one that’s is capable of scoring when the run of play is against us.
      I will bet my house that we wont be buying any Marquee strikers in the summer and also that we WILL NOT win the league again next season. Im not negative but I am a realist and as much as Id love to believe we can do it I know that currently we cant!!!!

  3. Bleeding Red says:

    When Coquelin came off, he left behind a crater in the middle of the pitch. That is all.

    1. Champagne Charlie says:

      oh god…get a grip.

      1. Bleeding Red says:

        Get a grip on what? When he came off, there was a massive gap, and all it took was 1 Swansea cross to exploit it. Maybe Coquelin wouldn’t have been there at the time, but someone would’ve been marking Gomis effectively if he was near by.

        1. Champagne Charlie says:

          So coquelin would’ve marked Gomis in the 6 yard box would he? Just what are our CB’s for if everything defensive apparently falls at Coquelins feet?

          We didn’t need a DM the last 20mins, we had 80% of the ball and conceded because our CB’s switched off to let Gomis wander in and nod home.

          1. galaxygooner says:

            Mertesacker has only 2 yellow card all season and that says a lot. He is Always missing when we are being countered. Champions league semi teams with have committed a foul to prevent the break which resulted in that goal.

          2. Bleeding Red says:

            You just answered your own question mate. Our CB’s switched off, a DM would’ve been there to track back and at least prevent the build up of that play. We pushed all our men forward, which is fine given that we wanted to win, but if you do that then at least have a DM and 1 CB to cover, we just had Koscielny as an insurance policy, which quite frankly was always going to lead to a goal.

          3. Champagne Charlie says:

            No I really didn’t answer what I said, if Mertesacker and Kos can’t contain lone striker Gomis that’s pretty pathetic. Perhaps if Coquelin was a more rounded footballer (like the DM’s we’re linked with) he wouldn’t need to be hauled off.

            You’re just having a knee-jerk reaction and pulling out the 1+1 argument which is pretty weak. If’s and but’s from you to defend it, but our CB’s should’ve handled Gomis without Coquelin. Simple.

          4. Bleeding Red says:

            The point is they didn’t, and it was probably the only time Swansea actually attacked us. I would put my house on that attack being nullified had Coquelin been on the pitch to plug that massive gap between Siggy and Gomis.

          5. Champagne Charlie says:

            Well you put your house on your hypothetical arguments and I’ll stick to judging what actually happened. Gomis is a decent ST but Per and Kos should’ve dealt with him handily. Coquelin is a non-factor in the whole thing.

          6. Luko Bratzi says:

            Ya had to get that negative comment on Coquelin again Charlie,they are right that it left a hole when he came off, did it last time for Wilshire That’s the first time we have lost with no Coquelin that says it all CB

          7. Champagne Charlie says:

            Says it all to a moron like yourself

    2. jeff says:

      Oh come on they had one good chance after that and scored a lucky goal. It can happen. I think it was right to go for the victory. Unfortunately Fabiansky was superb/we were terible in front of goal.

      1. almostawinner says:

        fab wasnt superb. almost all our shots were straight down his throat. he had no lunging saves to make etc.

        1. jeff says:

          yeah your right the finishing was just awful today. It sometimes seem as if we’re afraid to shoot..

    3. gmv8 says:

      We should’ve cut out the cross, it was a mistake which I don’t think would’ve happened had Coq been on the pitch, however we were going for the win, and looked much more dangerous with Wilshere on.

    4. Luko Bratzi says:

      I’m with you Red, should have took off Ramsey for Walcott Ozil for Willshire as too much Pi;;;ing about in front of goal,as I said before Wenger is hopeless at sub tactics. CB

  4. Mesut O-chill says:

    4th place here we come. Completely wasted those first 45 minutes.

  5. AlmiR says:

    What a game, LOL hope our 3rd place isnt in danger, cuz i am tired of 4th place

    1. muffdiver says:

      after the besiktas qualifier im expecting athletico madrid in the next if we come 4th.

      anyone seen my inhaler
      *graps lynx africa..starts inhalin

      1. RSH says:

        its not possible to get atleti or valencia. Their coefficient is too high. so sad we have to prepare for 4th again, thus is the life of an arsenal fan.

  6. RWRW says:


    midfield packed all game, so what do we do? bring on Jack Wilshere (another midfielder)

    Once again no plan fcuking B!!!

  7. davidnz says:


    1. Mesut O-chill says:

      karma for calling him floppianski

      1. muffdiver says:

        were not Buddhists – what karma!!

        *snaps incense sticks

  8. haywill says:

    and wenger should talk platini to make rules bout parkin bus theyre french they should be buds
    🙁 🙁 🙁


  10. ranger says:

    overconfidence is key of failure.
    and we need a striker this season.
    Arsene wenger this season we lost both matches against swansea do u have any idea that how we can beat swansea city.

  11. GOONSTER says:

    That was absolutely poor and disjointed..

  12. Justsoccerfan says:

    We just lost to a better tactical coach.

    1. vince says:

      give it a rest. so man city lose to burnley, bc they have an inferior coach? get a grip. aw has been there for decades, not by coincidence. happens

    2. muffdiver says:

      i disagree but wenger lost us this tie.even le prof gets it wrong-it happens-

      coquelin off for wilshere.

      walcott for giroud- sorry no

      1. Ozzy AFC says:

        But this is the point, if Giroud is having an off day or has not done his job sufficiently then why the Fook don’t we have another top notch striker o bring on and hit the target? Le Coq going off may have prevented the goal maybe not but lets be frank if we had been 2 goals up like we should have been perhaps the tempo of the game would have been different its bils down to this, we are still NOT the finished article and we wont be until we have an out and out goal scorerer and despite having done well his season Giroud aint that man.

    3. Tidan2 says:

      urgh; I can’t stand that with Mourinho’s arrival suddenly a team squeezing a result by sitting back and defending for 90 minutes and getting lucky with their one attack is suddenly considered “superior tactics” (especially by negative gooners) when they only survived because we shot our multiple chances straight at Fabianski.

    4. RSH says:

      parking the bus? Is that all it takes to be a tactical genius? Wenger shot himself in the foot today, Monk just had to sit back and watch, doesnt mean he’s better. But at least he didnt make crappy subs and did the obvious thing and brought Gomis on.

  13. Mesut O-chill says:

    We’ve been held scoreless at the Emirates twice in a row… more away games please

  14. John Legend says:

    When will we stop repeating mistakes? That has cost us another game.

  15. galaxygooner says:

    Wilshere is back.
    Seriously need to send average players out to create space for what we actually need.

    1 arteta
    2 flamini
    3 Sonogo
    4 diaby
    5 podolski
    6 wilshere
    7 theo

    1. haywill says:

      i think we should just sell them all and add 40 mill we can buy lionel messi he changes game he know how to beat bus 🙁 🙁 🙁 🙁

      1. muffdiver says:

        u bloody genius =

        off course! BUY MESSI

        look duhhhh- arteta is like soooooo last season

    2. galaxygooner says:

      Easily 500,000 a week saved. Buy one world class striker, one DM and one utility player( all rounder like sagna).

    3. galaxygooner says:

      Easily 500,000 a week insaved. Buy one world class striker, one DM and one utility player( all rounder like sagna).

  16. haywill says:

    and when vermaelen win the the champions league the curse bout captain winning after arsenal is true then…..
    🙁 🙁 🙁 🙁
    vieira wins inter
    henry bartelona
    fabregas bartelona
    rvp man u
    now vermaelen bartelona again… 🙁 🙁 🙁
    oh so much sad 🙁

  17. kanaka says:

    Got to cocky. And what was with Sanchez today. Only Ramsey was actually trying to score. Everyone else was tippy happy.

    And why do our midfielders like shooting centrally at the keeper.

    Looks like bye bye 2nd spot.

    Slightly glad this happened now rather than the FA Cup final.

    1. Nokia810 says:

      sanchez is shit
      its about time people start seeing him for what he is
      he is just a glorified gervinho

      1. SoOpa AeoN says:

        careful NOKIA….. But for “Lumia”, Nokia almost certainly Looked overthrown and outdated

  18. davidnz says:

    To be fair on another day
    Arsenal could have scored 7

  19. Mick The Gooner says:

    Can’t say we deserved to win that game. We fired a million crosses in and couldn’t convert a single one. Swansea’s defenders were all over it. Combination of poor delivery and poor positioning by Giroud. Swansea had one chance from that cross and they scored it. Not good enough from our defence. Swansea were clinical, and we weren’t. Not good enough defensively or offensively sadly.

    I said yesterday that our attack wasn’t ruthless enough and recieved a mixed response. Today confirmed that for me.

    1. galaxygooner says:

      One dimemsional corner kick. Hit it and hope it hits someone is the reason why we get loads of corners and do nothing with it
      What about playing short,
      Playing a quick one -two
      Playing it near post
      Dummy it to the centre of 18 yard post.
      Apart from cazorla,sanchez, ozil, you can easily detect that most of our players are factory baked. They never played Street football ( not Sunday league) where you actually develop the street brain

  20. gmv8 says:

    Very similar game to Chelski although at least there was some attacking threat from Chelski, Flappy is not that good and wouldn’t have saved everything had we not directed every shot and cross straight at him. Absolutely crazy, we really need a clinical striker as no one seems to be up to the job ATM.

    1. almostawinner says:

      watching aguero’s speed at MC makes me envious : i wish we had one of those fast clinical finishers at AFC.

      1. Jim A says:

        Sanchez? Walcott?

        1. almostawinner says:

          walcott not a finisher

    2. galaxygooner says:

      He is better than Szczecny and that us why he is benching him in the Polish national team. Calmer and a better footballer ( important for dealing with back passes)

      1. muffdiver says:

        we sold the wrong pole!

        weve been ..errr… pole axed!!

  21. Justsoccerfan says:

    We decided to come out and play on the 2nd half but too late.

    1. vince says:

      not too late, just didn’t have the cutting edge. chances a plenty

      1. almostawinner says:

        all our shots were straight at fabianski.

  22. AlmiR says:

    We seen one thing today, no matter how beautifly you play if you dont score you wont win, thats reason why chelsea is champion, i am not even angry its somehow funny

    1. Mesut O-chill says:

      Because we’ve seen this story too many times before just that it took us a solid 3 months till we witnessed it again… which I guess is kinda a good thing. Gotta win our remaining games

  23. Ronny331 says:

    Deja vu!! What have we learnt tonight? We let the best keeper go, fab> schez and ospina. Swansea have just shown mu, west brom and Sunderland how to beat us. Walcott is still rubbish. 2nds gone, we still have two points and a game in hand on mu. Liverpool cant catch us so even if wr capitualte cl is still ours. Capitualtion may actually bring a better transfer window, how bloody knows with wenger!!

    1. vince says:

      LOOL one good performance and then you think he is the best LOOOL. remember flappyhandski? ofc he is psyched to be good v his old club. no outstanding saves where made. bar maybe one

    2. galaxygooner says:

      He is definitely not better than ospina but no doubt about Szczecny. In fact almost all EPL goalie are better than Szczecny

    3. RSH says:

      Fab better than Szcz not better than Ospina. Opsina, Fab, and Szcz ALL not good enough to be starters though, but people will keep saying Ospina is. The goal should’ve been saved as well too, but lets ignore that i guess.

      1. SD says:

        I’m ready for the thumbs down, but Sczcesny and probably Fabianski as well would have saved that one. Szczesny, for all his faults is still top class on reaction saves and with his superior length and athleticism, he would have saved that one as well unless he was just way out of position.

        I kept getting flack for the last few years for saying we desperately needed to get rid of Szczesny, and then later for saying Fabianski was much better than Szczesny as well. It took long enough, but we are finally seeing how poor Woj really was.

        I disagree that Ospina isn’t starting quality though. He is on the small side and is not terribly athletic, but he is pretty solid and a serious improvement over Szczesny. I would only pick 5-6 GKs in the league over him where as I would pick most teams’ third choice keepers over Szczesny. I would have liked to give Fabianski another chance as he seemed to have greatly improved his positioning and handling as well as weeding out most of the major mistakes in his game, but I was not upset that he left. He deserved to start for someone.

        1. jonestown1 says:

          I agree, WS would have probably saved that one – problem is I said Ospina would have saved that soft goal WS let squeeze past him versus Reading.

    4. almostawinner says:

      maybe ur right: if we finish 2nd, tight-fisted AW wont buy anything in summer. he needs a loss once in a while to get him to change his old habits.

  24. JAmerican says:

    I want to break my iPhone, my TV, my cable box, I’ve told my kids to leave the room… Are you F***ing serious??? Swansea just did a double on us and this is the second time they beat us AT HOME. I’ve never had so much anger go through my heart… Fabianski words can’t even explain how I feel right now but GOD DAMN what’s the point of all the possession??? I’m so f***ing mad my a great day went to f***ing shit in 90 minutes. F**********************uk…

    1. almostawinner says:

      wenger needs to coach his players not to shoot right down the middle. thats where the GK is.

      1. Aditya says:

        HA Ha ha .. goodd point very good point

        1. JAmerican says:

          Ok I’m back to normal, at least my Queen brought me back to reality… Rough sex tonight!!!

      2. galaxygooner says:

        You know the right thing, how come they don’t if they are being paid collosal amounts to do just that. I disagree. You either have it or do not. Not wenger fault. We all Watch Aguero and see where he places is shot. They should do the same and stay behind after training to copy that. Not go to pubs/ bars / clubs to smoke shisha

  25. ArsenalStar says:

    Our attitude stunk. Simple

  26. almostawinner says:

    i’m sorry but i’m still not convinced we have the CF we need to win the PL. having most things go thru giroud means determined defenses can clog up in front of the 6 yard box . i’ve seen AFC play this year when we’ve asked giroud to be more mobile, not clog up the front, and draw out defenders with him. that may have helped today. more teams will play this style against us next year and we need to have a plan for it.

    1. vince says:

      no, we started crossing when OG was out.. maybe panic?

      oG didn#t have enough good chances

      1. Jim A says:

        Good call Vince the crosses did come in when Theo entered and he couldn’t get on the end of one. The problem was he wasn’t close to getting on the end of one. The one OG had he took out a defender and almost steered it home.

        1. almostawinner says:

          sadly,i think the walcott at CF question has been settled and its not looking good for walcott. therefore, we need a replacement fast RW striker . pedro ? reus? ox is good but we need another top RW (playing ramsey there restricts our width greatly and makes it easier for defences to clog the center bc they know ramsey comes in).

          1. SD says:

            Are you people really going to blame Theo for not getting on the end of any of those terrible crosses? I watched him making great runs and beating his defender but crosses falling harmlessly to Fabianski or otherwise over everyone’s head. Giroud wouldn’t have fixed that.

    2. Ozzy AFC says:

      You are absolutely right Giroud is a good striker but is too comfortable in his position and we have No plan B when Giroud is off his game would we have been in that position last night with someone like say Aquero in our squad?? of course we wouldn’t we would have been two or three up.
      Wenger WONT BUY in the summer and we wont WIN THE epl NEXT SEASON ITS REALLY AS SIMPLE AS THAT, It also boils down to Mertsaker NOT being good anough the goal should have been blocked by the centre backs and wasn’t Chelski got Cahill we got Mertsaker that’s a big difference as well

  27. ThirdManJW says:

    Well at least 4th place is a realistic target again, and to be fair…wasn’t that always the target.

  28. Jim A says:

    Theo has no business trying to get on the end of a cross. I’m all for giving him time somewhere but to take out your best scorer in cross situations wasn’t the best decision. Doesn’t really matter to me. The Wembley game is the ONE.
    Jack looked good and probably needed to start as a DM was not needed in this game. Also liked that goal line tech was used and was spot on. Now if they could use that for penalties then you have a much better situation than what you have now.

    1. galaxygooner says:

      Jack only ever looks good when the rest are average. Bringing him in actually disrupted the balance in the team. He needs three touches to control a ball. If you asked me, definitely not the person I would have brought on. That game was calling for a quicker CF to feed off giroud. Not add another creative MD to the 3 already on the pitch.

      1. almostawinner says:

        we dont have a quick effective CF. welbeck is quick , but he’s all feet.

  29. Ronny331 says:

    Also that’s the problem with not changing the lineup swansea and other teams can easily watch previous games and mould a game plan.

  30. Aussie Jack says:

    Arsenal left it too late to turn up the wick and lady luck was not on their side.

  31. Wayne Barker says:

    This defeat shows we have to do work to be called title challengers. I wont put blame game today, let us not over exaggerate today’s defeat but let us also not call ourselves worthy title contender because we are not. Finishing 3rd would be ok but a big thanks to Man United for that because if they hadny lost those 3 games on the row we may very well have been in trouble. Now next week we have to beat Man Utd, no excuses. They will be pumped especially now after we have given them 10% hopes of overtaking us. They would be really motivated to beat us.

  32. jackieboy says:

    Thierry Henry said recently that without a goalie and a world class striker Arsenal won’t win the league, Wenger said he was wrong. Tonight proved the king is right, and the dictator is still living in his own communist regime. In games like this those players get you 3 points one way or another or at the very least save you from defeat.

  33. NIKK says:

    Giroud what friggin striker!

  34. Nokia810 says:

    ramshit doesn’t deserve to play in the premier league. Championship will suit him better.
    And I still don’t see what every1 else sees in sanchez. He is an ordinary player who was on good goal scoring form, thats it. I would be happy to see both of them leave if we can find suitable replacements.
    And plz sign a MANAGER!!! We are currently doing well considering that we have no manager in charge. Same selection EVERY weak. SENSELESS substituitions.

    3rd time in a row we have failed to beat swansea at home.
    Swansea have done the double on arsenal.
    That alone warrants for wenger to be sacked

    1. Mesut O-chill says:

      Ramsey made his mistakes, but he probably gave the most effort on attack and that goes for Alexis too.

      1. Nokia810 says:

        Efforts mean NOTHING if there’s no quality!

        1. Mesut O-chill says:

          I’m sick of the blame game on certain players. Our attack is a fault for not scoring just as much as our defense is for allowing that goal. And Swansea is just one of those mid level teams that knows how to defeat us, just one of those teams we struggle against

          1. Nokia810 says:

            So that makes it okay in some way?
            We get beaten everytime so instead of trying something different lets try the same method again and again!

            and our attack is at fault because these two almost everytime are the reason for disrupting the attacks
            with ramshit its his severe lack of quality
            and sanchez its decision making

          2. RSH says:

            so lets take Sanchez and Ramsey out the lineup today and replace them with WHO!?!?!?!? Shutup honestly. You want to take somebody who has scored 24 goals this season and say he always messes up our attacks? You are ungrateful and laughable!

          3. Nokia810 says:

            Rosicky and THEO!!!!!!!!

          4. SD says:

            I miss Mozart sooooo much.

          5. Mesut O-chill says:

            I agree with the first paragraph, but as I said before I’m sick of scapegoating. Tactically, Swansea got what they wanted and we didn’t capitalize on the given opportunities. Even Barca has trouble scoring against teams parking the bus. We weren’t good enough. And I could hardly call players who combined for 33 goals + 11 assists disrupting the attack

      2. rkw says:

        He was absolutely piss poor in every department …. The idiots on this site who bash wilshere but laud Ramsey need to watch the game…he did way more in his 25 mins than Ramsey did all game … Anyway we need a left sided defender a DM and an attacking option all at top level if we are going to compete on three fronts nexT season …it’s that simple…flog Walcott podolski Campbell flamini Ryo sanogo as minimum … Might get 30 for the lot so have to be prepared to spend 40 to 50 to have a chance of being contenders … To be honest though I don’t think wenger is capable of taking arsenal to that level too much baggage

        1. RSH says:

          what exactly did Wilshere do? Did I miss something?

          1. Nokia810 says:

            Yes u missed everything u f***ing retard.
            Go and watch EVERY game this season carefully and u will see what we’re talking about

          2. SD says:

            We must have missed the part where he ran into occupied space every few seconds, crossed the ball into Fabianski’s hands 5 times in a row, left excellent shooting opportunities on the table at least 5 times, and left wide open spaces behind him for Swansea to counter in. But go ahead, yell about the guy who didn’t make any major mistakes and was nearly the only player that looked like he wanted to score.

          3. Nokia810 says:

            And when sanchez does the same things he’s world class!
            Double Standards….
            Wilshere made some good crosses which giroud would have scored with his near post runs…..
            and ramsey was SHIT!
            sry ramsey is SHIT

        2. Mesut O-chill says:

          when have you ever seen me bash Wilshere? I’m just sick of scapegoating after a game where collectively the team could have performed better. Like I said before, Ramsey made mistakes. Jack was positive when he came on, but some of his crosses were poor too. We didn’t get the job done, simple.

    2. MarkArs says:

      you do not see what we see in Sanchez? Damn, pass that blunt.

      1. Nokia810 says:

        What is it that makes u think sanchez is world class?
        I am asking genuinely

        1. SD says:

          At the risk of getting bashed I am not entirely sure he is “World Class” either, but he has clearly been our best player for most of the year and would probably have been better lately if he had gotten a bit of rest in at some point in the middle of the season.

          If you can’t see that he is one of the best players in the league right now you probably need to go to the eye doctor. Or take a referee exam.

        2. jonestown1 says:

          51 goals and 31 assists from wide right AM in the last 3 seasons says he is probably closer to the “world class” category than your “he’s shit” assessment. Out of interest, who would you replace him with?

  35. MarkArs says:

    I love technology but today, no freaking way!!!

    1. myco says:

      ospina was sleeping too.

  36. Gigi2 says:

    haywill comes back to comment and we lose…now thats karma!!

  37. NIKK says:

    Giroud what friggin striker! Would walk into any championship team.

  38. haywill says:

    and now man u will get the courage to beat us if we get trashed again as usual the goal diff will be gone and those devils are so angry rite now u know their scary when theyre angry i know this 8-2 saga 🙁 🙁 🙁 🙁 🙁

  39. Aditya says:

    We can look at this like this is a good wake up call before Man u and FA cup and i am sure we will bounce back right at OT.

    1. MarkArs says:

      I have a feeling we will be too cautious at Old Trafford and leave things a little late… again!

  40. BenMaps says:

    Wenger made a mistake by taking Giroud for Walcott. ..look we got almost ten corners and nothing out of it. We lost the game for getting tactics wrong. Ramsey should have been substituted instead of Giroud.

    1. Robin Vanpayslip says:

      He is too busy sucking up to the contract rebel

  41. Robin Vanpayslip says:

    Wenger out

    #Wilshere is not the solution,heistheproblem

    1. muffdiver says:

      lol thats a long hash tag bro

      uv made a hash of that
      did u eat too many hash browns?

      1. Robin Vanpayslip says:

        No. My only mistake was believing in android (and having a drinking problem which only makes it worse)

    2. Nokia810 says:

      Wenger OUT agreed

      But how is wilshere the problem??!!!!!!
      Its ramshit who is the real problem along with sanchez. Both of them were poor today misplacing too many passes and make stupid decisions time and time again.
      Ramsey was utterly hopeless.. i mean did u even see his cross that looped over the swansea goal

      1. RSH says:

        because Ramsey was the only player who put in a bad cross? How about every single set piece from Ozil, Cazorla and Sanchez being absolute garbage. Problem is Wenger who puts ramsey on the wing for no goddamn reason. Why is it when Ozil was playing out wide everyone had excuses for his bad performances. When its Ramsey everyone calls for his head? And Ramsey out wide peformances have been better than Ozil’s out wide performances and he still gets crap. The solution is for Wenger to stop being so damn sentimental, sit Ramsey if hes not going to play as a CM, and play Rosicky there instead who is MUCH MUCH better on flanks and doesnt need to come inside every second of the game. If Theo wasn’t so garbage I’d say play theo but I have no hope in him anymore.

        1. Nokia810 says:

          Ramsey gets this much amout of crap because he has a severe lack of quality.
          And the reason that people defend ozil is because they know he can play better than this, but its not the case with ramsey.
          To be honest its not his fault, he is probably playing as well as he can, but the fact is he is simply not good enough.
          And i too don’t get why rosicky has been deserted from the 1st team.

          1. RSH says:

            And we know Ramsey can play better than this when he actually plays in his correct position. Ramsey is getting the same treatment from Wenger that Ozil did earlier being played out of position just to be in the starting lineup even if its not best for the team. This game was not the players fault. Wenger has no tactics and made horrible subs.

          2. Nokia810 says:

            can’t disagree with that

          3. Ozzy AFC says:

            Too much reliance on both players who have been good for us this season but Wenger, tactically has no plan B when the original plan doesn’t work.
            Ive said it all season that despite my inner most thoughts that Giroud is NOT good enough to win us the league he was our best chance last night and Le Fraud took him off and replaced him with a player who has never really been the finished article in front of the box. I mean Cmon we have no other options in front of goal and Im gonna include another one who has no nouse in front of goal and that’s Welbeck last night Really proves that Tierry Henry was absolutely right in his criticism. NOW we are up against it and may even end up in fourth spot all because Wenger has always managed to be tight around the purse strings. If you think its gonna be different next season think again

          4. jonestown1 says:

            You’re hilarious mate. Sanchez and Ramsey are the problem – Wilshere and Rosicky are the solution? AR/AS 33 goals this season – JW/TR 18 goals combined for the last 5 seasons. AR/AS 18 assists this season – JW/TR 24 assists in last 5 years. I bet you want Ox in there as well with his 6 PL goals and 7 assists for the past 4 years. Don’t tell me they “inject energy” or something equally dull and irrelevant.

      2. galaxygooner says:

        Fabregas has more assist (18 assist) this season 2015 than wilshere has had(11 assist) since 2008 when he started playing for the first team.
        The worst in that position at arsenal that I have ever seen
        He is mid table class. No disrespect.
        Sorry your golden boy pretty average and bring nothing special be it
        Street smart into the equation.

  42. GOONSTER says:

    I think that’s Ospina’s only problem, he is too short and sometimes those shots that require stretching beat him, the Monaco 3rd goal comes to mind.. But he had been good, on to the next one.

    And I just noticed that Gomis always isolates himself with Monreal,that’s how he scored the winner against us earlier in the season, he did it again today..

  43. Robin Vanpayslip says:

    Klopp is available

    1. muffdiver says:

      …too tall for me…an a distinct lack of boobage.

      love will find me one day

      1. Robin Vanpayslip says:

        I hear Nigella Lawson is available

  44. RSH says:

    Why people blaming Giroud again? This is Wenger who failed AGAIN. Ramsey on RM was always going to come back and bite us. Ramsey is a CM, KEEP HIM THERE OR DONT PLAY HIM! And why is AW taking Giroud off and putting Walcott on ST, the man can’t him a barn door, horrible at the moment. the whole game we play down the middle with no width, we have width on the bench and wenger puts him at striker. AW as ive always said cannot win us EPL or UCL yet most people here still insist he can. He’s not good enough of a maanager, too sentimental as well. Cant wait until he’s out.

    1. RWRW says:

      Agree with every word

  45. Justsoccerfan says:

    No wonder Wenger said the coach should get manager of the year.

    1. Robin Vanpayslip says:

      Its a nice vehicle but I doubt it knows tactics

  46. Robin Vanpayslip says:

    The biggest signing we could get thus summer – Jurgen Klopp

  47. JAmerican says:

    I might be overreacting but I don’t want to see anything Arsenal for a few days. Everyone can’t hate Chelsea, City, Utd, Liverpool, Spurs and the like but Swansea has got my blood boiling on a different level. Twice now they beat us AT HOME, twice!!! WTF is that, I’m a die hard fan but some things are unbearable. Fabianski has messed with my soul but the blame really lies with us, I can’t right now I can’t I’m sorry call me whatever but this is hard as an Arsenal fan…

    1. RSH says:

      we made fabianski look like Neuer, hitting every shot directly at him. Theo… I have no more words to say about him, just get him out of the club. There’s no coming back from being this shit.

  48. ArseOverTit says:


  49. myco says:

    we nid a striker…a fast strike…n what z ramsey doing on da wings!!thank GOD t wasnt da final……lets wait for united

  50. Thando says:

    Some of the players dont know how to pass.wenger is theo really a cf?if so, then we are in trouble

  51. MarkArs says:

    First half football stooped at the box. Too much sideways passing. We should take a risk for fcuk’s sake!!!

    1. Mesut O-chill says:

      I agree, too hesitant to shoot especially Ozil. Frustrating.

  52. kamn288 says:


  53. abmalemu says:


    1. Robin Vanpayslip says:

      We won’t even get 3rd with him let alone the league

  54. RWRW says:

    Thank you Jamie Carragher!! I hate you but your spot on

    Why take off Giroud???

    1. Robin Vanpayslip says:

      Because he is sucking up to the contract rebel. That is Wenger’s problem. He can’t let go of the fact that he bought a 16 year old Theo and still hasn’t found him a place in his team.

      1. RWRW says:

        Its disgusting!! We are drawing at home and want 3 point, what do we do? Bring off one of our top scorers! Good idea

  55. MarkArs says:

    Boys, this hurts too much! And with all those second half chances, it’s an outright crime we did not score. The bottom of this bottle is not approaching fast enough!! *takes another swig

  56. Mesut O-chill says:

    Our set piecing today was awful. We’ve had the most goals from set pieces this entire season, but we didn’t even threatened Fabi from them. Who knows what could’ve happen if we did.

    1. almostawinner says:

      maybe AW should consider buying someone who’s tall, mobile and a good CF? cavani comes to mind (if we get him, we win the PL next year). we cant do crosses as well as we should bc we dont have enough height. too many short players. not a balanced team.

      1. Mick The Gooner says:

        I don’t think that’s the case. Giroud has scored plenty from crosses and set pieces this season and balances out team quite nicely, he’s just badly out of form at the moment. I don’t think it’s Giroud we should criticise for a lack of pace. We know that’s his weakness, so if he’s our CF then we have to build the rest of our attack around him, that means having pace out wide, stretching the opposition and creating space. Ramsey on the wing really doesn’t do that. Bringing Walcott on didn’t really make a difference despite his pace. It should’ve been Walcott or Welbeck instead of Ramsey on the wing to provide the threat of pace, with Giroud in the middle to offer an aerial threat.

        Alexis offers pace but we can’t just rely on one player to provide it. Cazorla, Özil, Ramsey, Alexis and Giroud were our attacking players tonight, only one of them can even be considered ‘quick’. I don’t understand how we are criticising our team for not being quick enough. Player for player we could have the quickest attack in the league, but we aren’t playing our quick players.

    2. Mick The Gooner says:

      Poor delivery today. Awful delivery. I don’t think we won a single header from our own corners or free kicks. That wasn’t down to the attacking players either, it was because the ball never made it past the first man, and when it did, it went straight to Fabianski. You can’t rely on scoring set pieces, but at least give your team a chance.

      It’s hard to criticise the players after they’ve played so well recently. Alexis’ chance where he had a clear shot on goal from 10 yards out was the one we had to score. I’m not turning on our players and saying they’re not good enough at all, but when its not their night, it’s not their night.

  57. sam-afc says:

    That first half was SHOCKING to say the least.
    i saw about 5 opportunities where our players could’ve taken a shot at goal, But instead PASSED it ONCE again.
    Fair play to Fabianski he stopped everything which was pretty much aimed straight at him.
    Monreal basically done exactly what he did at the game at Swansea and let Gomis jump and nod the ball in.
    Credit to Swansea.
    Disappointing way to end our unbeaten run like that
    Better turn up for the manure game next week!!

  58. myco says:

    players out
    walcot f he plays shit again n da constant injuries

    players in…
    a keeper…beter dan ospina
    fast cb
    decplined b2b or a cdm
    a fast striker hu can score a hatrick in a match.
    beta natural rw hu can score and injury free

  59. Andrew AFC says:

    We lost tonight but I am thinking about the families that lost someone at Valley Parade.

  60. kanaka says:

    Typical Arsenal really, just when you start to believe they smash you back to reality. I now know why NONE of the pundits believed we’d win the title even though we sat on top of the table the longest.

    Sad really but the reality is we’re first class bottlers.

    1. RSH says:

      exactly. I hate whne we lose but this is a reality check for a lot of fans. We wont be competing for the title next season. We still bottle important games. Hell, we got kicked out UCL by MONACO! If this were any other big club the manager would be out the door immediately. Mourinho would probably pack his own bags.

  61. ceezee says:

    i reiterate once again the English troops will win you the battle but lose the war, reinforcement like theo walcott, jack whilshere will make one feel that nostalgic scenes of de je vu (london as falling again) and a nazi clone player per massacre as minister of defense which goes in tandem with a Cinderella like manager who install sounds of music as his ringing tone will never win a masters chess game.

    On a more serious note Arsene Wenger as turn arsenal to a guinea pig where numerous experiments as failed and few as excelled in his beautiful laboratory mind set. we badly need a bang bang striker who will be admired by messi and make c.ronaldo feel jealous. i know it,s a luxury to have but incorporating a great player like “cavani and falcao” into our sleek like pattern of play will make them feel like a Godzilla kingkong on any pitch of play.

  62. RSH says:

    More proof today that Ospina is not good enough. If some of you want to be winning Champions League then a WORLD CLASS keeper is needed. Ospina is simply an improvement over Szczesny.

  63. Laegte says:

    Always having trouble with Swansea. :-/

    Now..I could’ve counted wrong but I’ve counted 15 out of 34 goals against us are scored on headers!

    We have to get better at defending crosses! And I’m not even counting those scored by foot on a cross. As far as I can remember, Stoke scored from crosses 3 times i the away game!


  64. Hafiz Rahman says:

    Losing at home….this is unacceptable….

    We are juz not good enough….

    We hv to spend

  65. davidnz says:

    Not a major.
    Title gone by Xmas.
    Arsenal will get 3rd EPL
    FA cup + Comm shield.
    Out . Diaby Podolski Flamini Rosicky
    In . Schneiderlin Akpom.

    1. RSH says:

      LOL community shield? You know we have to face Chelsea in that! Community Shield is not coming back to Emirates.

  66. FFFanatic says:

    That was just a game that was infuriating. Cazorla didn’t turn up. Alexis had 0 end product. Giroud couldn’t orchestrate anything because he was being swamped, same with Theo. Swansea wanted that draw and damn did they defend for it. In those games you have to take the chances that fall your way and Giroud, Alexis and Theo missed really good moments. That’s why we didn’t win.

    Why we lost is a shambolic back 4. Monreal was awesome but Bellerin had a poor game. Cross comes in from the left, misses everyone, second cross comes in and Bellerin doesn’t reach the crosser, Mert and Koscielny abandon the danger man and he gets a soft header that Ospina doesn’t save. 1 average attack unlocks our defense. This is when an absolutely clinical striker changes 0 points into 3…but nothing makes up for giving away a poor goal. Koscielny and Mert need to take responsibility and Ospina needs to stay switched on. He was in bloody slow motion going for that ball!

    This highlights the areas of our team that can still be improved upon – namely the world class talent who would have put that game to rest. Who he is I do not know. I honestly wouldn’t have trusted any striker for us today cos we just had that look of a team who couldn’t win. Just felt like the defence had us crushed. SO pissed off.

  67. Ronny331 says:

    What a load of emotional bollo*ks I’m reading on here tonight, sure I’m thoroughly pis*sed off too but after our amazing run of undefated games we lose one and I read wenger out, nonsense! We were nervy and not clinical enough against a well drilled good mid table team. If we are going to blame anyone lets look at the defence and wonder why gomis was allowed to get his header away, one of our defenders is 6’6 but what’s the point if he cant move or jump! We saw it against hull rooted to the spot. Gabriel should have started along with another one or two change in mf/up front.

  68. Can anyone figure out? there’s something with Wilshere.. wen he’s on the pitch we find it difficult to score tho we create many chances. I don’t just know.. Henry and Pires were there and would be saying this is just crap. no where near invincibles.. just pissed off. SMFH!!!

  69. Linsagunner says:

    The curse of Jack Wilshire lives on lol

    We look positive but win less when he plays

  70. Nokia810 says:

    You could tell from the player’s body language right form the kick off that this was not going to be a good day. They were taking everything for granted and were not willing enough to play.
    This is wenger’s fault because the players know that as long as they don’t get injured they will be starting every match.
    Why the f*** did wenger desert rosicky from the 1st team. That 1st half performance gave a clear indication for rosicky to come on.

    And if it was sczesny in place of ospina there he would have been slaughtered.

    1. RSH says:

      THANK YOU. Finally somebody points out that Ospina messed up. And this is not his only mess up either. He lets in way too many soft goals, but we usually lead already so its not a big deal. This time it is a big deal. He’s too short and wasn’t in a good position to stop Gomis either. Not a world class goal keeper. Want to win EPL? Want to win UCL? We need World class goal kepper then…

      1. No10 says:

        In that case your assessment also apply to Kos and Per. That was pretty much a free header.

        I thought we were sluggish and wasteful, it happens sometimes and we had still enough opportunities to kill it. I thought taking Coquelin off was a risk.

        1. RSH says:

          Doesnt change the fact it was a soft, saveable goal. Its not all Ospina’s fault, never said that, but c’mon, that should never have been a goal. A taller, better GK would’ve saved that no problem.

  71. ceezee says:

    British players can never caught it at the top top top level, they are bunch of over hyped players.
    Theo walcott, jack whilshere are failed lab experiments, they can win you the battle but not the war, they are nostalgic feeling of london can fall again.

    Wenger is a bias manager who has this chauvinistic, partial and cinderella like mind set for unproven beautiful players, at least the so called boring chelsea team won the league and even U21 champions league which makes me sometimes question wenger technical philosophy and acumen.

    Apparently i love wenger’s beautiful mind but he lacks deficiencies of quality human resources. I believe a bad a#ss player like Cavani or falcao can make our pattern of play resourceful and productive.

    1. RSH says:

      nooo, you had me until Cavani and Falcao!

  72. MDOwn says:

    The result shows exactly where we need to strengthen. GK, maybe CB, CDM and a mobile ST.

    Im hoping for Cech, and Lacazette. With either Schneiderlin or Wanyama.

  73. dog says:

    From what I saw , the team did not look motivated from the off.
    A kind of arrogance ?

    Walcott jumping for headers that he couldn’t reach didn’t look that great.

  74. vitman says:

    You can say all u want to say about directing every shot at fabianski but I bet u fab is a better keeper than szeny. Ospina should ‘ve saved the goal but his positioning was poor and Wenger shouldn’t ‘ve taken off Olivier but instead move Ramsey to the middle to partner with cazorla. well,the only positive about this match is that it might make Wenger change his mind about transfer dealings.

    1. Justsoccerfan says:

      Don’t even dream about it, he wont change so easy, he take a decade.

    2. Wonder says:

      How dare you blame Ospina for that goal? All the defenders knew that Gomis was introduced to head a goal and he was the only striker in the box who could score an aerial goal but they all left him to a shorter Monreal! Why were 2 crosses cleanly made by them in the 1st place? It was from right to left the a cross, and you expect a goalkeeper to track that? It was a good header to the near post!

  75. ceezee says:


    Forget cavani and falcao struggles presently at psg and man u respectively, the key factor here is our “pattern of play” wenger’s beautiful mind can turn a prom Queen to a prom Beast.

    Adebayor is a poor player who becomes a top player, how much can a falcao or cavani become/deliver with our fluid pattern of paly? Do the maths can call me!

  76. gmv8 says:

    Lets not get carried away – Swansea were playing for a draw, but that was the luckiest jammiest win this season. We switched off in defence for that cross and the goal was pathetic. I’m more worried that we are having trouble striking anyway but directly at the keeper. It was the same story in the Chelski game, and a couple of deflections took the ball past the keeper in the Hull game. Alexis, Ramsey et al should start practicing taking decent shots – would benefit Ospina being on the other end as well!

  77. Aussie Jack says:

    One thing that puzzles me. Why do we have to wait for the half time break and Wenger`s instructions to up the tempo? What the hell have we got a captain for, he can read the play?

  78. Bayz says:

    boring,boring Arsenal… we were ridiculously boring yesterday,same old predictable passing and King Henry was right sadly right about Giroud. I hope we do well against manure though.

  79. lalitsyal says:

    I dont know how to describe but if Hull game was our best game this season, then this was just completely the opposite……such a lacklustre performance….beaten on numbers………..rather just one number that matters the most.

  80. achu kimi says:

    The things which are to be noted in this game are:
    1. our play were largely from right hand side of swansea’s defense and it meant that all players were fighting in the one part the pitch leaving the middle vacant.
    2. sometimes there is a thing with sanchez he comes inside most of the time leaving the left flank and this game it proved bit costly as rangel was in a position to help out his CD and depriving width in our play ,same words goes to ramsey.
    3. walcott for giroud substitution was a no brainer, yes walcott has pace but swansea defense were tight to CF leaving with no or less space in that position and Arsenal forgot that giroud is not in the pitch and started to put crosses in the middle.
    but i think this could be one-off game and hope we show our pace and flair against Manure.

  81. Wonder says:

    Ramsey was all over the pitch!

Comments are closed

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