Arsenal v Swansea review – Garbage Gunners get stuffed

Well that was about as bad as we could have feared from Arsenal, as we lost to a Swansea City side weakened by a lot of changes as they planned for their next game which is a relegation six pointer with Norwich. Getting nothing from this must win game is surely the final nail in the coffin of our fading title hopes.

And it could and should have been so much better after Joel Campbell had put Arsenal in the lead with a fantastic finish early on in the first half. But we simply failed to capitalise and looked nervous all over the pitch. The passing was slow and we blew the chances that were created.

It was our mistake in midfield which led to their first goal before the break and then we were at fault again for the winner in the second half. Wenger made some changes and we huffed and puffed but even though we hit the woodwork a couple of times and had a late shout for a penalty, we just were not good enough.

Premier League title, you are having a laugh, except there is nothing funny about Arsenal for us fans at the minute. At least Tottenham lost at West Ham because now we can only hope that the spuds do not pip Leicester to the title. We certainly won’t.

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          1. How many times this season has he said “We must bounce back” this season? It’s becoming a joke…

      1. Walcott it’s absolute rubbish and i dont understand why would substitute Joel. Another disappointing display from Gabriel, Giroud, Ramsey and sanchez.

        1. Resting him to ensure we get 4th place and the Wenger trophy. We must hit (and not surpass) stand ‘s targets.

          1. Wenger is on the job.
            By the first of April, we will be in 6th place.
            Man United attack with more venom and are more direct than Arsenal
            Man city will still go on a run and brush aside the small teams.
            West Ham with payet and the plethora of better striking options are in there

            1. Just saw Joel’s goal on telly having listed to the match on the radio. What a goal. Shame it didn’t inspire the rest.

      2. Walcott it’s absolute rubbish and i dont understand why would substitute Joel. Another disappointing display from Gabriel, Giroud, Ramsey and sanchez. Not a bad game, we were just very unlucky.

      3. Tactically inept .
        In hindsight , how wenger did not win the champions league with the invisible team points to his tactical cluelessness .

      1. I just got in from school and anxiously went on Twitter hoping to see some good news, only to see Swansea who got whipped by almost every other team beating Arsenal at home. I didn’t watch the game so I don’t know what went wrong. What I do know though is that I’m tired of this bs.

        We never seem to take any opportunity given to us whenever a team above us drop points. Like it or not, Spurs are the favorite to win the league.

      1. sorry but its true.

        ive thought about this….remember what chips said – even if arsenal dont get top 4 wenger stays-

        we need ozil or sanchez to force a move away- it will push a revolt amongst fans

        the idea of it sucks but if it means we start afresh-

          1. yep

            they left an won titles.

            we can shout judas a million times…

            but fact remains they left to become winners

    1. Premier League title, you are having a laugh, except
      there is nothing funny about Arsenal for us fans at the

    2. Bungle this man (wenger) up and throw him out the emirates

      and there’s Nothing his son BUDD or his accompLice NYGUNNER is gonna do bout it

    3. Cech will save us some points……… Cech will score us some goals……… Cech would bring us back in the game


      Ospina will win us some points

      Ospina in goal against spuds

    4. HoLd up pLay is starting to faiL Giroud woefully

      The onLy thing we thought he was good at!

  1. Thank yoU Wenger
    and now one thing for sure he has no idea what he is doing and he will do it continusly
    sorry for joel that boy started after 4 games and scored and giroud 9 games no goal
    please someone replace this manager he could only fight with match official

  2. How Arsene will still be manager in 2016/17 is for me insanity. How Sanchez, Mertesacker and Ramsey are still going to be regulars the following matches is also insane. How Özil haven’t openly gone out and said he wants to leave is a pleasant surprise.

  3. There are no other teams that can dominate like Arsenal do, yet they have a spell of 10 minutes where they don’t dominate and they concede…
    In one of my post’ I said I won’t be disappointed if arsenal draws or loses this game simply because we have been so poor @ home. I’m not disappointed @ all. We are officially bottlers’…..We just don’t capitalise. We all know Tottenham face a tougher opposition away. We have Swansea @ home and couldn’t show intent of champions. Infact’, We don’t deserve to win the league. We don’t deserve to be champions. And Wenger subs Campbell. Our best player in the game. Oh Lawddddddddd.

  4. Where are the Arsene lovers? Don’t worry, we will still win the title. We will win next season. He will sign a two year contract and will win treble in the two years, including UCL, to cap a “wonderful” reign at the Club. He will leave as an hero for you.

    We played without purpose. Swansea wanted it more, simple.

    Arsene was busy complaining……..rubbish!!!

          1. Already did. Coming next May in a bookstore near you. It comes with autographs. And images. On a more serious note, three things certain in life: death, taxes and February rout at Arsenal. I know is March but it did not start now.

        1. Basic lack of understanding of what makes for quality football used to be mildly amusing now it’s just endlessly annoying … Along with the excuses for a failed manager who has provided 9th place cover for a greedy owner and board as they have trampled on the hopes of fans whilst laughing all the way to their respective hedge funds … Sickening and depressing … Wake me up after spuds have won the EPL and this lot of crooks have been kicked in to touch

          1. Wake you up in the day of what version of “Spuds finished above Arsenal Day?” Are you serious? You better be sleep a full week after the “St. Arse Day”(correction welcome) start.

  5. When is the last time we’ve lost 3 in a row? Because come Saturday, that will materialize.

    Sad thing is, there’s nothing we could do to change the course of this season.

  6. To be fair only
    Leicester got a point.
    Nothings changed.
    I still believe Arsenal
    will win the League.
    Keep the faith Gooners.
    We’re goonna do this 🙂 🙂 🙂

    1. Please have a day off……. I don’t know whats worse, that performance or your optimism

      1. Justarsenal’s internet troll, but hey freedom of speech.
        I just wish he was funny, and not so depressing

    2. What happened is manu closed the gap to 4 points. Leicester went ahead with one point. Tottenham are going to be 6 points ahead on sunday, manu and manc 1 behind, and Wenger is going to say “We must bounce back”, only to be obliterated at Camp Nou, just to push the players’ self confidence further down the sh!thole. We’ll lose against Hull too, mark my words.

      1. LOl
        Yes the crystal balls from
        pound land don’t last long:)
        All part of the plan 🙂
        We shall surge back
        and win the league…

        1. Do you a have a vision of our future Dave? Because you really paddle against stream swift river here. Mathematically the title is going no where yet, but the way we’re playing (specially the finishing) is simply awful. What made me even frustrated, this team is near complete. How long do you need to recover the right form? In summer tour? My feeling is we’ll be able to crawl back, but it’ll be too late to catch the title. I’m lucky not living in London, because there’s chance ( BIG time one), of Spuds celebrate their first “St Arse Day (or whatever the name is)” after twenty years.

  7. What a point for Leicester City. That is most likely the most valuable point of the season.
    Once Spurs bury us on Sunday it will irrevocably be a Spurs vs Leicester City title showdown.

    If anyone told me this at the start of the season, I would have been most likely to believe in a zombie apocalypse.
    We don’t deserve the title and we rightfully should not win it.

  8. I am sick and tired of the sight of Wenger, hearing his pre-match and post-match comments.
    Rather than wait for him to resign, I’d like to see him sacked like Mourinho.

  9. To be fair only
    Leicester got a point.
    Nothings changed.
    I still believe Arsenal
    will win the League.
    Keep the faith Gooners.
    We’re goonna do this 🙂 🙂 :)To be fair only
    Leicester got a point.
    Nothings changed.
    I still believe Arsenal
    will win the League.
    Keep the faith Gooners.
    We’re goonna do this 🙂 🙂 🙂

    1. Hahaha….I also hoped but with this it’s like asking a person to go 1hr without air.
      So my brother don’t hold you breath its not worth it…

  10. The players and manager should be embarrassed and ashamed. Refund tickets from players wages please.

    1. ah mate. several things can win u a game vs arsenal:

      *field ur under 19’s
      *field ur b team
      *field ur mum doris an her friends from the knitting club

  11. KARMA BIETCH!!! you take off your best player on the pitch??? The result tonight is rightly deserved!!! KARMA BIETCH!!

  12. Wow, just wow, first 10 mins i thought, ay were putting it to em’
    Then shock horror i realised we dont shoot, the rest is history.
    Gabage? That makes it sound a little better, i just watched a pile of sh%££”$%££%%^5
    WENGER OUT (will wait to hear is excuse) And the players handing in there notice.

    Utter disgrace, i’m ashamed to be a Gooner after that.
    We wont win, i knew we wouldnt deep down.
    Wenger out

    1. Agreed, but Wenger is here to stay, the stubborn c£$t won’t go, he loves disappointing the fans and taking his £9 million a year. Just hope Leicester win the PL cos if the Spuds get their filthy hands on it I’ll personally remove the French twat from the Emirates!

      1. no u wont. wengers 6ft 4, knows jujitsu and has an on call bodyguard.
        yaya snaogo who will remove u from your pelvis in one quick swipe

  13. We are the professional bottlers! We are the Gunners! I bet even after Arsene’s death they’ll dig him next to that touchline and he’ll still be managing Arsenal posthumously. Disgrace!

    1. what?

      bloody hell- gregs called time on wenger!! 🙁 🙁


      *grabs rusty prison shank, heads to nearest library

  14. Quick notes on arsemal team
    1-paulista is not good as i though
    2-coquelin is essential in arsenal midfield to give stability but he can’t hold the ball in his feet or give the right pass in the right time so we can’t dominate teams anymore especially with santi absence
    3-ramsey=horrible, just a headless chicken running everywhere
    4-ozil could have easily 30+ assists by now
    5- Olivier Giroud the handsom french guy shouldn’t ever be a big team first choice striker
    6- where are the 4 world class strikers that wenger said we had i didn’t se anyone of the yet

    1. Who’s faster Giroud or Merty boy ?
      Stick mert up from and giroud at back i say, just for a laugh.
      Our tactic is a complete joke, mares well give it a go, no?
      Mert might be a top striker

  15. Well, I’m looking on the positive side.
    I’ve just watched it on a dodgy stream, in the warm, with a bottle of claret and I haven’t paid tuppence to watch that dross and contribute to Silent Sam’s coffers so I don’t care.
    Cheers (hic).

  16. I can’t believe that this team can’t even pass their way out of their own half. This just shows how bad we miss Santi Cazorla, Ramsey is a terrible midfielder. He can’t bring the ball froward all he does is slow down the attack. He can’t help Coq in winning the ball back either. So WHY the F**** is he starting every game? on what merit?

  17. Why don’t he just go because he keeps doing saying crap. I can’t take much more of this from him. Only one team will win the EPL now and we will lose 4 on the spin weekend. The players are just so low and it’s because he won’t buy to help the team coz he knows best. We need 6 players in the summer because at least 9 need to go

  18. Le Prof and Team schooled by Swansea B team.

    An absolute masterclass by our head Galic Gunner in decision making and motivation

    Surprising? not in the slightest.

  19. I can’t even believe this…its just utterly pathetic from the manager especially. The players also…no fight…no eagerness to atone.
    First we lose to a Man utd who fielded Carrick and Blind in the CB positions…lol, how appalling is that?
    Then to top it off…we come home to play a Swansea side that apparently made 6 changes to their starting 11 and didn’t have their manager on the pitch and we lose.
    If tomorrow, Arsene Wenger is still the manager then he is a spineless coward. He should look at himself in the mirror and know when to call quits. Its over…go home.

  20. This is worse than a zombie apocalypse. Bye bye leicester, go get that shiny trophy, wish we could help you by beating the spuds, but we are officially ABC ‘ arsenal bottling company ‘ so nothing much do we can do, except bottle against the spuds.

  21. Yes nothing changed for the last 11 years so now it time for a change.
    What were Arsenal missing tonight ? Yes you got it in one A TOP CLASS STRIKER.
    Arsenal had more chances to score tonight but failed Why because old money bags
    would not buy a Top Class Striker. This team are just not good enough Wenger has
    failed the Fan’s again. Time for him to move on.

  22. There was an article earlier today” Leicester have thrown a lifeline”…City lost, Spurs lost, leicester draw and we lost too…a lifeline indeed lol…
    Now, u won’t see Analyser,Budd and NY Gunner….
    Arsenal is now a laughing stock!!
    How many chances did swansea have today ehn??? Giroud hit the bar from 2yards…that means if Campbell failed to score, we wouldn’t have scored too…
    Nobody can convince me that Wenger is not a fool

    1. I think those 3 and Jim A are worse than Wenger. Hopefully they follow Wenger out when he leaves.

  23. Čech has done his hamstring trying to get Arsenal back into the game ?? brilliant. Arsenal football comedy. You’ve gotta have a laugh I suppose

  24. Wenger, we were unlucky we hit the bar a couple of times ? the guys has mental health issues -delusional

    1. @fatboy…………i’d advice u not to watch the dam game……. Sadly, Williams would score the winning goal for the swans off a sigurdsson free kick!

      Take my advice and save ur penny!

      I repeat, DON’T WATCH THE GAME!

  25. Last time a team other than arsenal, chelsea, manc or manu won the PL was back in 1994/5 when blackburn rovers won it. With manc, manu and chelsea having poor seasons we should be walking the PL. However, every opportunity we have is squandered. Looks like it is going to be the usual scrap for fourth place. So easily avoided, some more grit and determination in very winnable games and we would be leading the PL.

  26. How you take off your best player…

    & then you try to correct your mistake by bringing on the worst attacker on our bench for who shouldve gone off in the first place..

    Tryin to figure out this old man’s reasoning gives me a headache

  27. I feel devastated after that match, if it had come at a good part of the season you’d rub it off as terrible luck but right now the team needed to do so much more. For the first 30 minutes we were actually very good and dominated the game to the extreme…shame that 1 lucky goal totally broke the team.

    As a very frustrating note – both goals are directly down to AWFUL officiating. The first is a clear foul, no question. Swansea got lucky from this by the ball dropping into the hole and Mertesacker tucked in narrow leaving the space. Dreadful defending, dreadful refereeing.

    The second goal is offside. Williams is NEVER onside. I dunno what the linesman is watching, it certainly wasn’t the game. Hard to defend with a ball that good, but shouldn’t have stood.

    While I wouldn’t say we were cheated, it’s one more example that when your luck is bad, you really do have some terrible luck. On another day the ref does his job and we win 1-0 or better yet, we continue with our momentum we had and score further goals instead of letting Swansea back into it from a poor decision.

    We could not buy a win right now.

    1. I wouldn’t say that we have been unlucky, especially when all the big boys have been dropping points throughout the season!
      Only a specialist in failure could balls up a helping hand from destiny!…. I have lost count of the amount of missed opportunities!
      Once again, our rivals dropped points and once again we failed to beat a weakened team!
      It’s not fair on the fan’s, who have no control over the sickening effects these results give them.

      We don’t even deserve to finish in the top 5, let alone winning the league! … We deserve to finish 6th so that our muppet’s would have to play qualifiers to get into the Europa league!
      Hull City will knock these plums out of the Fa cup as well…

      Very disappointed but not at all surprised,
      Big Big changes need to happen in the summer!
      I would rather give time to a new manager to bed in,
      Rather than waste anymore time on this delusional politician of a manager! .. Wenger you are the weakest link… Get out!

  28. Does Wenger really know what he’s doing? Against Barca le coq was our best player out there and he subbed him, against Man U welbeck was the better player but he subbed him and instead of him to put Campbell, he decided to put Iwobi, today again Campbel was our best player but he subbed him, why didn’t him remove Sanchez who’s been playing badly. Now the reason why our ball distribution in middle is so dull is because the defenders keep looking for reason to give him but he’s no where to be found bcs he’s busy staying up top. Is he staying there as a striker or a box to box midfielder? Ramsey is our problem in the middle but Wenger won’t do a thing about it bcs he is too weak and tactically useless. Sorry Admin I used that foul word but He(wenger) deserves the name. Am gonna be sad for the rest of the week. Cnt wait for spuds game so dat I can’t atleast voice out my disappointment again. Gudnite guys. This is really a sad one for every gooner out there except the coach, players and the board.

  29. where is this sam who gave us an article with “we are going to take all the three points against a lowly swansea.?”or he’s gone wd dem coz they got 3pts.?

  30. We kept playing backward passes, the players are afraid to tackle. Seems all they do in training is take selfies

  31. The person who should go is Joel. There is no way that his treatment at the hands of AW today was fair and the fans showed it by booing AW when he took JC off. The whole thing is starting to verge on discrimination.

  32. I’m in the mood for some old school nursery rhymes!

    The wheels on Arsenal’s Bus go around then fall off,
    Around then fall off, Around then fall off,

    The wheels on Arsenal’s Bus go around then fall off,
    Allllllllllllll Dayyyyyyyyy Longgggggg!!

    #Enough is enough, GET OUT! and STAY OUT!

  33. If I had two wishes. One Wenger retires. Two we get a goal hungry poacher (like Suarez) in the number 9 shirt.

  34. score an early goal or hit the goal post 3times i’ll sub u off.Dont get worried abt goal drought in 11 games and u will be my regular 90min player…AW’s half time break advice to his team..

  35. C’mon every one.
    Arsenal is really very lucky.
    Yes this a bad loss.
    But it could have
    been a lot worse.
    Spurs could be 6 clear of us and Leicester 8 clear of us.
    City could have been a point behind us with a game in hand
    and we be fighting for 4th again.
    As it stands we are still just one win away from Spurs
    and can draw level with them Saturday.
    Watford could beat Leicester and we will but 3 points off the top.
    Right now every one is pi#sed off but look at the table
    Nothings changed. No one got away on us ok.
    There are still 10 games to go any thing can happen.
    Having said that if we lose to Spurs Saturday
    I too will start to lose faith.

      1. His probably one of the oldest one’s on here!
        He sneaks into the wardens office at night,
        ( OAP home ) to use the PC ?
        His normally okay and only gets like this when he doesn’t swallow his medication

    1. Wow you really mean all that this time! Where were you the past 13 years? It’s like Dejavu, we have seen this play over and over again. At the end of the season we will be talking about all these missed opportunities like the one today. Even if we finish strong like every year it is very unlikely to win the league. It’s like almost every team has figured out how to cope with Wenger’s clueless tactics and that we don’t have the passion and the b@lls needed to seal this through… High-time for a big change I say!

    2. @david nz- no one cares if you lose faith- literally your own mother does not care.

      we just wanna know your gonna make it to the arsenal bus parade in may

  36. Just leave arsene !

    Or …

    Just sack him , board !

    This is painful to watch , I literally can’t stand watching such limp displays. It will never happen because his face wouldn’t fit … But get simeone , someone with a bit of fire in his belly who demands commitment from his side , who is only worried about winning games !

  37. Wenger substituted Joel because he thought Joel was tired having not played many games.

    Meanwhile the player out of form, without a goal in who knows ho many games, can’t be dropped, as if he is never tired.

    I said it before the Barcelona game. You start with Sanchez, Welbeck and Joel as the front three. That gives Ozil the best options and the hardest working three players. Okay Welbeck came back from injury, but can he not play atleast 45-60 minutes a game?

    1. HA,

      Sadly Arsenal has far to many out of form players that Wenger refuses to drop or is unwilling to cut the ties with. Ramsey, Ox, BFG, Theo and OG should NEVER be in the first team for the Gunners but Le Prof has been consistently and erroneously loyal to these players over the past few years and sans a few FA Cup trophies Arsenals performance has been reflective of there contributions.

      I hate to play the what if game but if the board and Arsene were serious about being a big club and winning EPL and Champions League silverware would any of the above players see anything but Cup competitions and rotational spot appearances against lesser opposition’s?


      Less than a 100 million spent and all possible but Wenger decided on Giroud, Gabriel and Le Coq.


  38. And again we screw up yet another chance at winning the league, or at least moving to just 3 points off Leceister

    Wenger yet again, pulls out Sanchez and Campbell when we desperately need a win

    They must be smoking Lagos Island weed at the Emirates if they still allow this man coach my darling team for the 2016/2017 season.

  39. It seems that the less Arsenal game time I watch nowadays the better for my health, cause I really don’t have the nerves anymore to watch this team for whole 90 minutes. I mean I’m only 27 and after our matches I feel either disappointed, either angry, either like having a heart attack after a narrow win.. I mean being an Arsenal fan these days is a real pain in the as$.. Thanks, but for a while no more live Arsenal games for me, except maybe the one against Barcelona who is certainly gonna teach us a lesson or two… Wenger and CEO get the f** out of our beloved club!!! Enough is enough!!!

  40. We are just helping Leicester. They are a fantastic club and totally deserving but we aren’t showing any resistance at all. When Leicester drop points, we drop all 3 points
    This is worse than when we sold RVP to United.

    This could be the first time we finish ahead of City, Liverpool, United and Chelsea and finish 3rd or 2nd

    Even if we finish 2nd to Leicester or Spuds it will be the worst year ever for us. Kroenke will be happy with a top 4 finish

    Next season Guardiola will get a LOT of talent. He has contacts and great reputation

    We will most probably keep Wenger and could lose Ozil and Alexis.

    Utter Disgrace

    Kroenke and Wenger have us by our balls. They know we won’t abandon Arsenal or protest and as long as we stay in top 4 they can do anything they want.

    Anyway, I’m not expecting Leicester to drop points next week.

    We are fighting Spuds and City for 2 nd place

  41. Ozil looks like he is already a goner. His chances created per match has gone down dramatically. If we don’t win the league most likely he will go.

    Sanchez can’t even get a proper shot in a game anymore, he keeps cutting into the right too many times. He is trying to force the issue himself but most of the times fails. Great understanding with Joel there.

    Joel upfront?

  42. unclassy subs that break da players morale.even da other players were epecting dany to come on for og not jc and u could see how campbell himself reactd to it.after that it was football over.!

    1. It was at that point of his career Joel Campbell knew; Wenger is not going to make him a better footballer. Wenger is not going to bring him any more glory.

  43. am sorry to say this but the players have to take some blames as well.. wtf does ramsey do in a game day? absolute rubbish and walcot was on for abt 20 mins but the ball boys touched the ball more than he did pathetic..i feel no one in our team can own up to the responsibility.. look at chelsea you cant sack all the players what did they do ? the sacked mou for the betterment of the team ..we have too many average players and i thought we had mf but now i know we have can a whole team be out of form?it all comes down to one thing the tactics wrnger is using is outdated . at the turn of the year all he needed was play ugly and win but we play expansive football that we forget how to defend..same mistake for the past three games lack of focus..
    am sorry but gabriel is not the answer the guy cant pass a simple ball to save his life..what has happened to coq since he came back ..and wenger wont kill me to think he subed campbell off shows you how clueless he is..
    i say get simione or you get mancini back to england..time for him to go

  44. hmmm.. why does Wenger deliberately Sabotage his own team? Why take off your best player when you could have taken off Ramsey and played a 4-4-2 formation.

    1. What did you expect? Wenger to make the right decisions? Been a while since the last time he did that, mate :/

      1. excluding the Leicester game. Bringing on Welbeck was the one correct thing i can remember he’s done in 2016

  45. Pissed off at the loss.

    Pissed off at the comments on this site mocking the folks who show faith in the team. I envy them cause for the first time in forever, I couldn’t give a monkey’s ass about the NLD.

    I need a break.

  46. What os this happening?..what has hapened to aseno this year? Plz wenger make sure we concede few against spurs to maintain respect bcause i dont see the team to beat spurs
    Ooooh 2016 what has arsenal done 2u?..i think arsene should go! I would love pochetinno and/or roberto martinez to take ovr nxtbseason……..

    For sure arsene makes me feel a nausea when i see him at the bench as a manager for arsenal….
    With this kind of game we are going to lose at lukaku and kanes spurzzzźz..
    I feel sory 4cech and ozil as their hardworks are hidden by poor prefomance frm the rest of the team

  47. The annoying thing about Wenger’s Arsenal is that WE DON’T SHOOT

    We have just 5 mins left to play in the match and we are still looking for Giroud to do hold-up play and fancy one-twos around the 18-yard area.

    Leciester City got their first goal yesterday after taking a shot that defected off a plyer from West Brom into the back of the net.

    We need a coach that can be more direct with the team especially when we need to win ugly.

    We need a coach who does not take off his best player on the night and moan and groan at the 4th officials after losing.

    A defeat to Spurs will make it 4 defeats in 4 matches for Arsenal if it happens (Still hope it does not)

    Wenger is the only employee that can be sure he would keep his job no matter what performance he gives.


  48. Time to go back to basics. Solid in defence, Coq to just sit, close triangle with back 2 CBs.
    Arsenal have players who do better with space which Arsenal can achieve without ball procession. Trying to push the game and chase is against what we have done this season in all games in which we have gone on and won.

    Right now we look like a desperate boy trying too hard to get the girl. Be mature, understand how to play 90minutes and out smart the opponents like we did against Bayern and City .

  49. I just keep asking myself what these people who demand arsene is the man to bring glory back have seen that I haven’t for the last 5 years ?

    We are a serial joke , we have no backbone and we are made to pay a fortune to watch it !

    Arsene’s achievements will never be forgotten , but it’s now time , surely you can see that ?

  50. if we are not winning this year’s PL, then i dont want the stupid 4th place……im so tired of it. The only thing 4th place gives us is losses to byern and barca ( or monaco), wasting our efforts, tiring our already tired and injury prone players, and millions of money that appearantly go directly to someone’s pocket.

  51. The power of weed continues to prevail at the emirates with the way the club is going….wenger has lost touch with modern footballing trend and can’t mop up crucial points in our title bid….I salute him oooo and until he leaves before we realistically win d title…..
    #wengeroutimmediatel. …..

  52. moureenh goes out and chelsea are unbeaten,moyes goes and man u finds some form that can beat the gunners wd their team D..Why are arsenal afraid of change.? no disrespect to u AW but ua time is up.!#AWOUT#


  54. We had the invincible now we have the invisibles! All very well buying a couple of marquee signings such as Wenger and satchel but when their former drops we see a team is only as good as it’s weak links and this squad has a few! Oh how we miss canola! This side needs a shake up starting with the manager. Read what Paul Ince said on the BBC sport pages he’s right our players have become too tolerant to wengers methods. It’s all too relaxed and cosy for my liking.

  55. Now I believe Wenger has completely lost it. Why on earth he removed Joel Campbell, our best player on the day is beyond me. Agreed Sanchez is struggling for form but he is still a threat to the opposition. And did u see how Swansea came out and made it really hard for us to get out of our own half after those two substitutions? That was for me the turning point in the game. AW is certainly a confused man right now…….

  56. When Walcott left Southampton his dad said he was happy for his son to be coached by Arsene
    Wenger so he could progress. Hmm!! It seems from my observations that Wenger has ruined more players than made them. He had a world beater in Sanchez not any more. Ozil will probably go the same way and if I were Campbell I`d be looking for another club.

    1. Don’t forget Arshavin, the ox, and who knows why he opted to have Sanogo on the team while afobe was scoring goals left and right. This man has made a habit of failing the fans over, and over, and over, and over.
      #Wenger out

  57. Last 10 games in all competitions, nine goals for, ten goals against, won 3, drawn 3, lost 4. With three of those losses being in last three games.

    This is not the form to stay in top four, if we lose to spurs next week then top four is in jeapordy. Manc and spurs lost difficult away games, we lost easy home game. Unless someone gets their shooting boots on we are in dire straits.

  58. Didn’t see the game
    Didn’t want to actually
    Wenger …?
    We re doomed man.
    No trophy this year and thebwaybthings are going we will be 5th without ucl.
    What a shame….players will want out….tickets won’t be sold…..jerseys won’t be sold….
    Maybe then then board and wenger will understand. ..bit it’s too late

  59. Like clockwork, ever year the same meltdown hits our club. It has become a certain occurrence that everyone including the analyst, pundit and fans now look forward and expect it like they are expecting rain or snow. But unfortunately, to add it all up we are paying a man over €7million a year to precide over this mediocrity!

  60. Yeah blame Wenger, as he’s the manager and has contributed to a lot of the bs that has happened this season, but damn wtf is up with our players??!!! Surely if you’re professional footballer you don’t need the manager to hold your hand for 90mins?!! Just sort yourself out and liven up F-sake!!! 1st they couldn’t score and now they are scoring they can’t flipping win a game!! I don’t care about Barca game(s) heck I don’t even care about Hull but the EPL is there for the taking and they’re just giving it away!! It’s like a big joke I don’t even know what they are playing at! Don’t they want to win the league? Where’s the ambition, heart, pride??

  61. Allow me to attempt to salvage a little positivity!! Although it’s just to try and make myself feel better lol Beat spuds on Sunday and we are joint 2nd 3pts behind Leicester, then we just need them to drop points and we will only be 3-4 pts behind them. Lots of big games to play so as long as we are mathematically still in with a chance I’ll keep clutching at straws for my half full glass lol *Sips glass full of alcohol*

    1. We won’t go 2nd, we’ll be same on points but they have better GD, coz our strikers are shooting blanks since they were bought as top scorers in some league, he may be Wenger’s cousin

  62. Arsenal was unlucky, hitting the Swansea’s bar twice. But you can never stop playing asking the referee to whistle a fault! It seems that Arsenal players, with the exception of Coquelin, Alexis and Campbell lack fighting spirit, lack determination. Arsenal could never lose for that Man Utd and for Swansea! At least, Arsenal players are very complacent; they saw an injury hit Man Utd and thought that Arsenal would win when they want, and thought the same against Swansea, especially when we were one nil and stopped pressing. The lack of fighting spirit, the lack of blood, makes me very angry. It’s obvious that Alexis is passing his worst moment at Arsenal, Ramsey is a lost man at the middle of the park (I think he is one of the worst in many games) and Ozil, I think is the one that lacks fighting spirit the most. Wenger must stop blaming the referees and saying that the players played well, were unlucky etcetera, and start putting the responsibility on the shoulders of his players, that are no children and have to grow up and fight like men.

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