Arsenal v Swansea team news – Ramsey and Giroud still far from returning

At last the real football has returned and Arsene Wenger has given us the latest Arsenal team news ahead of Saturday’s clash.

It would seem there is very little chance of Aaron Ramsey being available for some time, as Le Prof has admitted he will not be taking any more chances with the Welshman’s hamstring, and who on earth knows what’s happening with the out-of-favour Olivier Giroud. “Giroud will not be available. Ramsey will not be available.” Wenger said this morning.

“I’m disappointed because he (Ramsey) has worked very hard and he had a few little setbacks that forced us to be cautious with him.

“He’s on the last stage, he’s building up his fitness.”

“Next week will come too early.

“We have decided that we will give him a complete pre-season now, even if he misses more games.”

And on the subject of Giroud, Wenger was again in cryptic mood. “He will be the same. We have to build his fitness up again.”

Why he should have to build up his fitness after playing For France (and a supposed toe injury!) is a bit baffling, and I still have the feeling that we are not being given the whole story on the Frenchman. But we should be used to that from Wenger by now…

Otherwise we only have good news on our returning stars. “Coquelin is back. Apparently we have good news [from international players].”

And regarding Jenkinson,he said: “He will be back tonight playing with the Under-23s. He is available to compete for places”


  1. I reckon Giroud has got the hump that Wenger bought Perez and promoted Sanchez to striker. I think he may leave in January as he can’t have strange toe problems for ever.

  2. Our play was very slow with Giroud leading the line but with Sanchez it is a joy to watch … Sell Giroud in Jan and bring one big star either ST/RW/LW …

    1. Hang on let’s give Perez a chance to play on the wing or in the centre. This is another one that I’m sure we didn’t just buy to sit on the bench.

  3. This talk about selling giroud in january. Perez is not yet proven, sanchez has not signed a new contract and unless he does he will be sold in the summer.

    Mext year we could have sanchez sold, perez failed, welbeck injured, giroud sold. No way should we be selling giroud in january.

  4. After everything that Giroud has done for the club, I still can’t believe how many (so-called) fans are asking for him to be sold in January or in the summer. Yes, he’s not a world class striker that many of us want. But he’s a loyal Arsenal servant, and performed quite admirably over the years. He’s had his share of bad days, but who hasn’t? To me, he’s an extremely valuable option to have on the bench, as well as a starter in certain games. Think of the Burnley game when they were constantly defending with 9 players. He would’ve given us another option in attack. We couldn’t even whip a cross into the box because there was no one on the end of it. With Giroud, it would have been different, no doubt. Point is, we don’t have too many choices at the moment. With Welbeck still out injured, and Perez have yet to prove his worth, I think Giroud is a perfect cover for Sanchez.

    1. the only thing Giroud have done for Arsenal is cost us 2 EPL titles (13/14 and 15/16) and a UCL quarterfinal spot to Monaco.
      Arsenal have made him seem relevant, if not of Arsenal he ll be in the same shoes as Bendtner and Chamakh, rotating from one relegation club to another.

  5. I don’t think this is bad news. Neither Ramsey nor Giroud should be in our starting 11. At the moment we have enough depth in the squad.

    1. They may not deserve to be in the starting eleven but we definitely don’t want a repeat of the last match against Burnley when Wenger desperately needed to change things up from the bench but he had no options!

  6. I think our striker in the future will be Iwobi. if you worry about Sanchez leaving, Perez not cutting it and Giroud going off with the hump.
    Iwobi first choice, Campbell 2nd and Akpom 3rd

  7. Ramsey should get back take a nice spot beside Oxlade on the bench, Wenger mustn’t let his sentiment towards these kinda players ruin the almost perfect team.
    and Giroud should not return, hopefully a club finally comes for him in January, wasted Wenger’s faith in him for 4years.

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