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Arsenal v Tottenham Betting Preview – An easy win at a great price!

Considering that Tottenham are the only unbeaten team in the Premier League I am expecting to get a nice price on Arsenal in Sunday’s big game, so it’s time to do a little research to see if we can all make some easy money against the Spuds as well as getting the ultimate satisfaction of playing them off the park!

To start with we have the excellent price of even money (double your money bet!) on a simple Arsenal win, but also I’ve just found out that you can get 7/1 with either Betfair or 888Sport if you sign up through, who will be adding any new offers on the Arsenal games as they come through. And you get to bet with the bookies money!

Spurs supporters (and many Gooners) may be tempted by the 5/2 on offer for the draw, considering neither team are in the habit of losing. It may be worth noting that Tottenham are becoming a bit of a draw specialist. In fact 4 of their last 6 have ended in a stalemate….

But I personally am in a much more confident frame of mind, considering the great form of Arsenal, and the length of Tottenham’s injury list. Also the listless display of the Spud’s in their midweek defeat by Bayer Leverkusen does not augur well for the visitors.

The thing that has persuaded me the most is the Spuds current form. Did you know that have not won ANY of their last six games in all competitions, and haven’t won an away game since CSKA Moscow back in September. Meanwhile our beloved Arsenal have won 5 out of our last 6 (in fact 10 out of our last 11). If that doesn’t fill you with confidence then what will? What about we have only lost one of our last 25 at home? Sound good?

So, in conclusion, my head is telling me that Arsenal will interrupt Spurs unbeaten run, but not only that I think they will win by at least 2 clear goals, so my banker bet for Sunday is Arsenal to win at -1 on the handicap at a very juicy 5/2. I will probably also have a little extra on the Gunners at -2 (at 6/1) in case we just blitz them off the field. We want to completely destroy their morale don’t we???

Onwards and Upwards! COYG!


12 thoughts on “Arsenal v Tottenham Betting Preview – An easy win at a great price!

  1. Twig

    The game will be end to end. This is a game that’ll suit the likes of Alexis, Chamberlain and Walcott. How’s Perez doing by the way?

  2. Samuel Akinsola Adebosin

    Admini, let me assured all and sundry of the Goonersphere that Arsenal will do to the Spuds the kind of beatings they beat Chelski with in the early stage of this season. No Cooner should have any iota of doubt in mind if Arsenal willl beat Tottenham Hotspur by 3-0 or not on Sunday afternoon at the Ems. Because to doubt the Gunners, will amount to showing lack of faith in their ability to prosecute a PL victory over the Spuds. And This will amount to a criminal breach of trust an showing lack of confidence on our inform Gunners should any Gooner behaves in.this manner.

    I therefore give my my words and encouragement to any Gooner who so wish to put his bet on a 3-0 win by Arsenal over the Spuds at the odds of 7/1 to go ahead and place their bets. They won’t regret doing so.

  3. leo...fourteen

    m sorry if I sound displeasing…but the moment giroud, ramsey and mertesacker got injured, I knew we were in for a GOOD TIME…but now two of em are back…well…lets hope they aren’t barriers..

  4. Tekena

    Funny how the media always tries to highlight bad news from Arsenal camp. I just want to use this medium to appeal to Arsenal fans to shun doomsday tales from the media and back our team through thick and thin through out this season. We have a special group of players that are doing special things on the pitch, but the media wont tell u that we have lost just one away match this year , and have the best defense in the league, infact i heard a documentary that says ‘Liverpool have the best defence in the league conceding only 9 goals only equalled by Arsenal’ such reporting is typical in putting pressure on Arsenal. GET BEHIND THE TEAM. We need our 12th Man to trash spuds.

  5. Jansen

    I love the optimism about this game. It shows a complete disregard for the past.

    I am worried about this game. Ramsey talking about winning, fans predicting an easy game, it has all the hallmarks of a big disappointment coming.

    There is no way we win if we don’t play our best game of the season for 90+ minutes.

    If we want to win the PL this season we should start realizing that there are no easy games in the PL and definitely not against Spurs, the only unbeaten team in the PL.

  6. Break-on-through

    Modest, humble, this is respectful. Over confidence, egotistical, this is arrogance. Cristiano falls into the second category, myself, I’d prefer the company of Lionel.

    I’m confident Arsenal can win, but I’m not so arrogant that I can see only one outcome.

    It could be a very tight and close encounter, too many fans are expecting a hammering by us. I’d take a one nil own goal in the dying seconds, and not regret a thing.

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