Arsenal v Tottenham – CONFIRMED line-ups with Koss back!

We are now entering the the final countdown to our home game against Tottenham, and the starting line-up has now been confirmed. As I was hoping for in my pre-game preview, Laurent Koscielny is back in the side to shore up the defence. I certainly feel more confident with this great bit of news. Per Mertesacker just doesn’t have the same understanding with Gabriel.

So the team turns out exactly as I predicted, and I am very happy about that as it definitely the strongest side we have available…

Cech, Debuchy, Mertesacker, Koscielny, Monreal, Coquelin, Cazorla, Campbell, Ozil, Sanchez, Giroud.

If only Bellerin was back as well, then I would be even more confident…

Tottenham have also named their side, also with few surprises, although I’m glad new signing Son Heung-min is left on the bench

Lloris, Walker, Alderweireld, Vertonghen, Rose, Alli, Dier, Dembele, Eriksen, Lamela, Kane.

There is nothing left for us to do but start cheering the Gunners as soon as they come out on the pitch and all the way to the end, when Tottenham’s unbeaten run is left in tatters, and the ARSENAL are top of the League!

(Man City are still stood at 0-0 with just 3 minutes of injury time remaining! Ooops City just hit the bar… Come on Villa!

YES The Villains hang on for a 0-0 draw. Now we really can go into the international break at the summit of the Premier League.

Come on you Gunners!!!!

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  1. Fatboy Gooney says:

    Bangers and Mash!
    We were force fed the German sausages in midweek,
    And now its time to smash those spuds and eat the Mash!

    Come on you Gunners!
    3nil to the Arsenal!

    1. SoOpa AeoN says:

      a gap has been opened……..we’ve gotta come out on Top before the international break……… THIS IS A MUST!!

      1. arsenal4eva says:

        It’s not possible for Arsenal to win this game. Wenger is the fool who said his players can win games without God.

        In fact I fear doom for this club till that fool leaves. What shall we do now?

    2. galaxygooner says:

      Get giroud off the pitch. I do not care if he is destined to score. Put Campbell upfront

    3. SoOpa AeoN says:

      completely Outplayed by the spuds……this is Disgusting……….. Mert and debuchy useless as usual……… Utter rubbish!

      1. Fatboy Gooney says:

        Bunch of Barclay bankers! ??
        Useless ####’s!!! ?

        Whyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!!!! ???????
        Whyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!!! ???


    4. galaxygooner says:


    5. galaxygooner says:

      ridiculous substitutions

    6. galaxygooner says:

      Ozil bypassed giroud and gave it to gibbs

  2. fed-up gunner says:

    If city draw and we win…We are top of the league, let’s support d boiz even in d times…hoping for the best mates

    1. muda says:

      City drew , remain arsenal win.

  3. juhislihis says:

    City just drew with Villa who are currently LAST with 4 points (now 5).

    Our chance to take back what belongs to us. Let’s MASH some spuds and take that top spot.


  4. RWRW says:

    Great result for us! Cheers Remi Garde!!

  5. Eddy Hoyte says:

    That’s it Villa!!! Thank you..
    Now winning is a must for us please.

  6. BabyPlease says:

    City baby please drew today

    We can be number 1 if we win today

    Come on boys

  7. lupe says:

    Great result in our favour, man city just drew. So lets take the game to spurs and go top of the table. Predicting 3-1with sanchez scoring 2, giroud scoring 1 and maybe ericksen scoring for spurs.

  8. Segy Turner says:

    Screw London.. England is freakin Red come May.
    Not just any red, Ozil kinda red.

  9. Segy Turner says:

    Predictin a win with a cleansheet for us

  10. Greg says:

    We must make use of this slip up by man city! So lets dig deep and beat spurs, and go to the summit! Coyg!

  11. keresh says:

    I will cheer, I will hope, its the opportunity we’ve all been eagerly anticipating. Time to make a statement. COYG.

  12. Greg says:

    So glad to have bosscielny back, will miss bellerin though!

    1. Fatboy Gooney says:

      But the bad news is…
      we haven’t won a game where Debuchy has started this season!
      Let’s hope that changes today!

      At least we have Flamindowski on the bench,
      The splud slayer ?

      1. Fatboy Gooney says:

        Splud? ?
        I think that means a bloody spud ?

  13. joeboy says:

    Hope we win and a clean sheet, but im concerned with our injuries and our bench does not look strong!

  14. Dennis says:

    Not only did city draw to AVilla, but they lost Bony in the process. That means they have noone down the middle unless bony can return fast. We need to take this opportunity and not only go top of the league but hopefully build some distance. I hope wenger realizes the importance of buying 1-2 players in January to alleviate this injury crises we have in this team.

  15. Charlie Nick says:

    COYG – top of the league tonight !

  16. Demwan Jones says:

    Hope we just get 3 points

  17. gmv8 says:

    Bellerin on crutches would be better than Debuchy today…..

    1. Mick The Gooner says:

      Anyone know how long Bellerin is out for?

      1. gmv8 says:

        Last thing Wenger said was that he would be back after the international break

  18. gmv8 says:

    Spud fan throwing things on the pitch right on camera.

  19. gmv8 says:

    Spuds are definitely targeting the right as expected

  20. Demwan Jones says:

    Sanchez should learn to pass d ball on time

  21. nygooner says:

    almost screwed by a set piece again… jeez

  22. Dennis says:

    Man i really miss bellerin/ox/walcott. Their speed and direct threat was ureal. This team is great but seems very predictable.

    1. luvdaguns says:

      i am thinking the same thing, i just dont think hold up play center striker style works as well as speed with a creative midfield and ozil in the middle

      1. Jim A says:

        Crosses should be coming in. Where are they. Should have about 10 crosses easily from open play.

  23. luvdaguns says:

    campbell really struggles to use that right foot?

    1. ArseOverTit says:

      And the left.

      Think he wants to play for Spurs.

  24. Lethal Prince 9 says:

    Sanchez losing possession many times

  25. Demwan Jones says:

    And the cookie crumbles

  26. NIKK says:

    Badly missing Theo’s pace & movement upfront…get rid of pondurous Giroud

  27. Sack-Wenger says:

    Lol told you so

    1. Fatboy Gooney says:

      Get off. .. you spud!!! ?

  28. Demwan Jones says:

    Criminal defending

  29. Sack-Wenger says:

    Now we doubt ourselves and it ends up 3-1 to Spuds.

    Never underestimate any team Fatboy gonner

    1. Fatboy Gooney says:

      If I could put my arms through two screens,
      I would be strangling you, Homer Simpson style!

  30. Charlie Nick says:

    Come on…hit back before half time

  31. Sack-Wenger says:

    Really missing Theo and Bellerin pace, it cant be underestimated.

    Always have a good excuse of injuries whilst Spurs could rotate midweek.

    Stupid ref that was penalty, cost us vs pool as well.

    That is 4 points and leading championship

  32. Sack-Wenger says:

    Spud cheaters

  33. Mick The Gooner says:

    We still haven’t even had a shot yet…

  34. blondin says:

    Is there in the league anyone slower and dumber than our “so-called ” German CB?
    How many games he costs us in the last 3 years?
    MUST GO!

  35. Dennis says:

    where’s sanchez??

  36. joeboy says:

    Sorry but our midfield too have been pathetic! The room spurs have had is crazy! Cazorla tends to disappear in some big games, i still feel we need a physical presence in midfield

    1. nygooner says:

      santi been atrocious so far

      1. JAmerican says:

        All the technical ability means nothing when you keep getting bullied off the ball. Smh

    2. galaxygooner says:

      No movement upfront is our biggest problem. Spurs are gambling because Giroud and debuchy poses little or no counter attacking threat. Which means, extra bodies for the spuds in the midfield.

  37. Sack-Wenger says:

    Its cool guys, we just neex 20 minutes in 2nd half and they will be blown away like dirty poop covered diapers in a Hurricane.

  38. gmv8 says:

    The lack of pace is killing us… Giroud must keep his head, the last thing we need is him being sent off.

  39. Demwan Jones says:

    I’ll take our current u21 right back over debuchy

  40. Sack-Wenger says:

    Gabs for Mert
    Ramsey for Cazorla
    Bellerin for Debuchy
    Theo for OG

    That our strongest team I think.

    Ozil, Monreal, OG, Coq have atleast shown up

  41. Me says:

    Despite the wonderful football that Arsenal can play.
    Despite the excellent run of results we have achieved this season.
    Despite the resources we now have at the club.
    The only thing that you can be sure of with Arsenal is that they will throw away any opportunity that is given to them….

    1. Gigi2 says:

      I secretly wish for those opportunities to….no I don’t damn

  42. Sack-Wenger says:

    Sadly Spurs look more likely to score again than us

  43. JAmerican says:

    Do we even feel like playing or what?

  44. Dennis says:

    it could be much worse guys

  45. Sack-Wenger says:

    Who iz on the bench that can change game

  46. JAmerican says:

    What is going on with Cazorla?

  47. Zulu-boy-SA says:

    So frustrating, Koscienly doing everyones work

  48. Koss the Boss says:

    Per needs to be on the bench, Debuchy needs sold, Campbell not good enough yet, Sanchez way off boil last few weeks and Santi is a great ball player but is strugglin today and quite a few games in that DLP role… these sort of games we need a physical presence alongside Coq. Koss needs Gabriel/Bellerin in there

  49. InternationalArsenal says:

    We’re in trouble guys.

  50. Demwan Jones says:

    Per, debuchy and campbell need to leave arsenal

    1. JAmerican says:

      Bring Jenkinson back and let him and Bellerin fight it out for the RB

  51. Lethal Prince 9 says:

    I can understand for Campbell and Debuchy, but what about Cazorla and Sanchez ??

  52. Bolly from Borehamwood says:

    If we lose to this lot I’m off out to the pub to look for spud fans.
    Perhaps the Red Lion or the Crown or the Woodcock!
    Bugger, just remembered the Lion is now a McDonalds, the Crown is a Sainsbury’s and the Woodcock is a block of flats.
    Oh well I’ll just beat myself up.

  53. gmv8 says:

    Bring on Flamini and let’s make some French Fries!

  54. JAmerican says:

    Love Santi but to put our smallest player in such an important role was always going to be our undoing against teams with a physical presence in the middle of the park…

    1. Krish says:

      loooool it worked almost against every team even the ones with a physical presence now cazorla had one two bad games, the “told ya” guys come out of their holes xD
      Look i don’t care if cazorla was bad in this game, putting cazorla in that important role DLP was brilliant, and ALL of you guys loved that when it worked almost every game, so don’t come now with such stupid “told ya” statements

  55. Ronny331 says:

    Wtf, deary deary me….. lacking pace up front and at the back, Per is done. No real options in the bench how wenger will rue playing walcot and ox in the cup.

  56. luvdaguns says:

    i looked at the lineup and asked where will the points come from, 1 shot for AFC vs 6 for Spuds, confirms the concern, gonna likely need to score from set piece,

    1. HA559 says:

      Koscielny to make amends for trying to play offisde?

    2. Lethal Prince 9 says:

      Even if the set pieces delivered look really convincing to you

  57. dboy says:

    It’s only a matter of time before we crack. Some players are looking tired. But once again it’s down to poor team management. Same old stories with injuries, Team rotation, And of course a very week bench. Same old, same old…… Still think we’ll be league champions.

  58. Sack-Wenger says:

    Our top 11 vs theirs we win hand down, but where is our depth?

    Guys we better come back, COYG lets make KFC

    1. luvdaguns says:

      at the physio office

  59. HA559 says:

    Flamini the answer?

  60. JAmerican says:

    Just 1 offensive player on the bench and a reserve player at that. After just 45 mins I now see why Campbell was always loaned out.

  61. luvdaguns says:

    there is nothing on the bench that can change this match, lets hope sanchez and izil link up to win this,

  62. Charlie Nick says:

    We’ll still win.

    1. ArseOverTit says:

      Is that a guarantee!?

      1. Charlie Nick says:


  63. ArseOverTit says:

    Ooooooo G-Rude.

  64. PaddyGooner says:

    That was our best chance

  65. nygooner says:


  66. Bolly from Borehamwood says:

    No one mentioned it was Koss fault for the goal, and clearly was!

  67. blondin says:

    mert must be released in Jan as unfit for premier league

  68. Sack-Wenger says:

    So depressed watching this

  69. Sack-Wenger says:

    What a miss OG what a miss

  70. nygooner says:

    giroud needs to score one of those…

  71. PaddyGooner says:

    That should be Girouds second

  72. ArseOverTit says:


  73. blondin says:

    one point,please…

  74. juhislihis says:

    Giroud misses a sitter, nothing new here

  75. Sack-Wenger says:

    We cant keep this pressure up entire game, when you on top and you get an easy chance you take it.

  76. Sack-Wenger says:

    Commentators said it, all the injures we have no game changers.

    Going to have to take Campbell off for who, rene or Iwobi

  77. luvdaguns says:

    oh we need this break,

  78. Koss the Boss says:

    Bottlers. Nothing new here

  79. nygooner says:

    what is this fkin defending? the space we’re giving kane is pathetic

  80. Sack-Wenger says:

    Kane looks a different class to OG

  81. gmv8 says:

    God Debuchy is hopeless…..

  82. Bravox says:


  83. InternationalArsenal says:

    Can’t believe we can’t beat spurs at home .

  84. Sack-Wenger says:

    Ag we lost to spuds last year, we wi always finish above them.

    Let them have this it is all they have really

  85. luvdaguns says:

    has theo been injured more than half his career?

    1. Sack-Wenger says:

      And Wilshire probably 75% of his

  86. Sack-Wenger says:


    Thats top 4 and order I predict

    Hope for a fruitful January window and a much needed 2 weeks break

  87. Me says:

    You need players that you can rely on to stay fit to win the premier league.
    Walcott, Wilshere and Chamberlain spend as much time injured as they do on the pitch.
    This next two months will decide whether we can challenge for the title and we need players who can take the rough with the smooth.
    All three are a liability…

  88. PaddyGooner says:

    Loads of chances for Spurs. Should be 2-0

    1. Sack-Wenger says:

      Chech best Arsenal player

  89. luvdaguns says:

    we are being titally dominated by spurs, maybe only nacho having a decent match,

  90. Sack-Wenger says:

    Only reason we still in this is Chech

  91. luvdaguns says:

    we are being totallly dominated by spurs, maybe only nacho having a decent match, and petr of course

  92. nygooner says:

    ok we arent even trying this is stupid

  93. juhislihis says:

    When did we get a red card? Because the way we are playing looks like we are playing with 10 men.

  94. Bravox says:


  95. Dennis says:

    still no subs? we do have players in the bench right?

    1. juhislihis says:

      Our bench:

      3 defenders, 2 defensive midfielders, backup goalie and 19-year old winger with 1 start to his name.


  96. PaddyGooner says:

    We look very tired

  97. ArseOverTit says:

    Spuds the new Bayern!?

  98. Sack-Wenger says:

    Bring Adelaide and Iwobi on for Campbell and OG please, anything is better than this.

    This is pathetic we look like mid table vs title challangers

  99. NIKK says:

    Gettin embarrassing…while wenger sits and watches!

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