Arsenal v Tottenham EFL Cup Player Ratings – At least Ramsey tried hard

So Arsenal couldn’t win two North London derby’s in a row, and they even let Spurs get there second ever win at the Emirates. This is not good, and it was a depressing game to watch. I thought we always came back once we went behind.

I was not happy so here are my ratings:

Cech 5
Cech was a great goalkeeper but it may be time to move somewhere easier. Not great at distribution either which is what Emery wants…

Maitland-Niles 6
Trying hard to get back to his rhythm, but needs a settled position to even have a chance.

Sokratis 6
Not awful, not brilliant. Tried to do his job but with a couple of errors..

Xhaka 5
We had the problem of Xhaka playing out of position in the Wenger days, can we put him back in the middle please?

Monreal 6
Obviously needs more time to get back into his rythm too..

Torreira 6
He said he was not used to so many games the other day. He needs a rest but who else can we replace him with?

Guendouzi 6
He plays more than anyone else but maybe he too needs a rest. Not a terrible performance…

Mkhitaryan 4
I’m not going to forgive him for that miss. It happens too often for my liking.

Ramsey 7
He is a trier, but he is fresher than most. Just needs to turn his energy into chances.

Iwobi 6
Mr Half-a-game tries to use his energy to tire the defenders, but of no other use whatsoever

Aubameyang 6
Hardly saw the ball. Needs Lacazette alongside him from the start. Maybe we would even win a first half one day!


Koscielny 5
Let’s just admit he needs much more time (a lot more time) to be match fit..

Lacazette 6
He nearly-nearly scored as soon as he came on. Was Emery saving him for the big Burneley game?

Nketiah 6
This youngster has great promise, but maybe he’s not quite ready for the really big games?


  1. gotanidea says:

    Did they use any young winger like Saka as a sub? I think Arsenal really need a player like Hazard, who is usually not afraid to take higher risk and challenge the opponents

  2. Stephan Larose says:

    It’s a worthless cup. With all the injuries and intense schedule ahead Emery should have played a youth squad. Massive waste of energy and terrible tactics playing Xhaka out of position. Everyone has known that doesn’t work since the Wenger era. Emery needs time, but let’s please not squander our resources and make rookie tactical errors.

    1. Trudeau says:

      Don’t understand why folks are so quick to criticise Xhaka. Over the two games he’s hardly been our biggest worry. We miss his play with Torreira in the middle of midfield though. The bigger issue for me, and disappointment, is that Emery clearly doesn’t think any of our U21s or U23 CBS are good enough to be given a shot. Put em in Unai, see what they are made of.

  3. arie82 says:

    And tottemshit will face chealse, and if they pass, they likely will face city.

    1. Declan says:

      tottemshit, oh dear, how old are you? 12 maybe? Nearly as bad as liverfool comments. Grow up people.

  4. Sue says:

    I thought Ramsey had quite a good game… would have been even better if some of his flicks had paid off! Been quite impressed with him lately ?

    1. Rkw says:

      Failed flicks pointless running zero threat … Otherwise yep he had a decent game …. Suspect barca will up their bid to 80m after Xmas … The clock is ticking on wenger’s turkeys though Xmas 2019 couldn’t come soon enough

      1. Sue says:

        He did more than some out there

  5. Th14 says:

    Keep Ramsey and sell Ozil.
    Now that Manure got a new coach, the press doesn’t have that Mourinho vs Pogba drama to report anymore. I see them shifting into Emery vs Ozil next and creating the same toxic atmosphere if Emery doesn’t give a statement about his plans for Ozil.

  6. Grandad says:

    Well said Trudeau

  7. McLovin says:

    Sell Ramsey and Özil next month.

    Bring in Orban/Calero and Isco.

    Iscos quoted at 70 mils. Surely Real will take Ramsey and Özil in Exchange plus cash.. 😀

  8. TW14-TH14 says:

    For you xG fans – this year vs last year at the same time period:

    This season is 25.77 xG 21.76 xGA
    Last season by December 20: 37.15 xG, 18.99 xGA
    Source: @YouAreMyArsenal on twitter.

    1. Mwsupporter says:

      What the hell does that all mean, real language please otherwise it’s pointless.

  9. waal2waal says:

    …perhaps this thing all boils down to emery establishing a captain at arsenal once and for all – i’v had more than enough of kos now – can’t we find someone strong willed and with the character and wherewith-all to drive this team/squad forward? the idea that everyone is a captain at arsenal as an experiment has started to wear thin (imo).

    And if we’ve nobody of captaincy calibre can be found from among our ranks then it should be a priority to bring into this team somebody prolific that’s performing well from a productive team. I noticed guendouzi openly co-ordinating play and same time giving directions on where his team-mates ought to play the ball (yesterday).

    Although he’s now included among the french squad it is encouraging that HE want’s to assume a captain’s type of responsibility – but he’s one for the future BUT for the moment we need another established international to performance-drive the gunners, a team that despite showing glimpses of potential is likely going to struggle to establish itself as a top-four certainty.

  10. Things are changing says:

    Sorry but don’t think Ramsey was worth a 7. He was OK in the first half but didn’t do much in the second half. Perhaps putting in the effort can get you a 6 but if you are ineffective can you really expect a 7?

    Happy to see this guy leaving. I have to believe we can do better than Ramsey and Ozil.

  11. Durand says:

    I like Ozil, but he’s been a disappointment this year. Maybe injuries effecting his performances or availability, club not really clarifying his situation.

    Whatever the reason the results are not enough. City or Utd could afford his wages for occasional performances, but Arsenal cannot. His inclusion in the squad means Kronke will not bring in top midfielder with top wages, as he has clearly shown last several years.

    I honestly question why Ozil was resigned? Was it a business decision involving kit sales and revenue?
    I don’t know, but unless Ozil has a blinder of a 2nd half of season, it feels like wasted money.

    Interested to know what everyone thinks

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