Arsenal v Tottenham Player Ratings – Best game of the season so far for Auba and Torreira

A fantastic win for Arsenal to put all our doubters (and Tottenham!) in their place. Now maybe the pundits will take us seriously. I mean how many games must you we unbeaten before they believe we are a good team? 19 and counting!

So here are my ratings…..

Leno 7
It’s debateable whether he could have saved the first goal, but it did go through a very small space at speed. But otherwise did his job very well. Not that he had much to do 🙂

Bellerin 8
I loved his aggression when it was obvious Spurs were trying to bully us. His improvement is palpable and he now looks more of an attacking force.

Sokratis 8
Everyone thought he was too old when he arrived. What do you think now? A bargain! He is looking like our rock at the back.

Holding 7
A moment of madness for the penalty, but this formation suits him and he is usually very solid.

Mustafi 7
Another one that seems to improve with three at the back. I hope his injury isn’t too bad and he can play on Wednesday.

Kolasinac 8
It is a fact he is much better as a wing-back than a defender, and he was excellent yesterday.

Torreira 9
Brilliant goal to cap off a brilliant display, and a brilliant celebration. Did I say he was brilliant?

Xhaka 8
Very good display and he loves playing with Torreira. Where were Spurs oh-so-good midfield yesterday?

Iwobi 6
He is definitely trying hard but he is still misplacing passes and his shooting is still way off kilter, but he did show that he is keen and he still has time to improve.

Mkhitaryan 6
Not as bad as usual lately, but I must admit I was very happy when Ramsey and Lacazette replaced him and Iwobi at half-time.

Aubameyang 9
You can’t knock someone who scores ten goals out of ten shots in a row. A thorough hardworking performance that deserves a 9.


Lacazette 7
Great coolness for the third goal to finish off the Spuds. As always Emery’s subs make all the differece.

Ramsey 8
He played like he really wants to win his place back, and I think he did enough to impress Emery as well as the fans.

Not really enough time to rate but he didn’t make any errors..


      1. Love this guy. I love players that are real fans of the club. They put in their best as fans.
        When I look at some young players we have now I always unconsciously say the future will be great with good mentoring.

      2. Sue, think you’ll like this one. Just been reading some tweets from Manchester United fans about Aubameyang. My favourite was “Arsenal’s got two world class strikers in Aubameyang and Laccazette and we’ve got Lukaku. Life’s not fair”

    1. Sue, I was speaking via email with Neil Ashton of Sunday Supplement and ex Daily Mail man ON THIS SUBJECT OF FOOTBALL JOURNOS AWARDING STRANGE MARKS , and out of kilter with their actual match comments. Guess what! He revealed that the marks are done by someone completely different when I specifically put it to him that I felt sure that was the case. He said to ignore them and listen only to the match comments. I have now done so. If you reflect upon how anyone sees marks – for example Dan’s on this very site – much of them are bound to be uninformed as no one person can ever properly watch a game and accurately mark 22 or more players. It is not humanly possible, during just the mere 90 minutes of one game. Best ignore them altogether from now on, surely?

      1. I always thought the marks in the sun were to always fiddle the dream team ratings ,because I know for sure the sun always give weird marks

  1. Best football I’ve seen from arsenal in the last 5 years ,ratings pretty much bang on ,shout out to xhaka who is starting to grow on me

    1. This was because of ozils absence may he be gone from our club in jan, good talent unfortunately not meant for EPL. At this rate Im dreaming of a treble,
      Europa, FA and Carabo. COYG

        1. Sorry but I see no “Ozil bashing” at all, by Gunner 22, merely another of the growing band of Gooners who sees that Ozil is too workshy to ever be regularly effective both in our workaholic Prem and esp under a dynamic and hungry coach who , correctly, demands 100% effort from all who wear our shirt. What you , rather ill advisedly, call “bashing” I regard as lifes reality and truth. I am as near certain as I can ever be that one way or another Arsenal will not be employing Ozil nor Mkhitaryan by next August. Both are lazy and Emery does not do laziness. Simple as that!!

          1. To be fair, we don’t know the true story with the situation with Ozil’s back injury. Anyone who has had back problems knows how debilitating it is.

  2. Agree that both fullbacks looked better in attacking than in defending

    Torreira was immense, but Aubameyang, Lacazette and Ramsey changed the game

    I would give Xhaka a 7 though, because despite he was a part of Arsenal’s midfield stability yesterday, he could not control the game tempo

    1. Yes, Emery and his staffs deserve 10 for their tactical decisions in the second half

      Without their guidance, the players would not be able to turn the table

    2. A sincere question: 9 is less than 10 and denotes less than perfect , by it’s very nature. WHAT do you consider was less than perfect in Emerys performance as manager yesterday?

  3. Wow what a display – we made Spurs look a very ordinary team. Mark Clattenberg has commented that both the Spurs goals should not have been allowed which I agree with and if Mike Dean had been more honest (never does Arsenal any favours), the scoreline would have been more emphatic There were so many good performances all over the pitch, it is difficult to single anyone out except of course the MOTM display by Torreira. What a difference he has made, the kind of midfield terrier we have been screaming out for over the last years of Wenger’s time
    The biggest talking point for me was the effort Aaron Ramsey put in. Is he trying too impress Emery or a possible suitor from another club. If he played like this consistently, I would prefer him to stay, but I am not sure that is a possibility now.

      1. Got to admit Sue, I’ve been one of Ramsey’s biggest critics but how he got stuck into Dier and Deli Ali during the fracas after Dier’s goal impressed me immensely.

        1. I loved it Kenny, he could have given them a bit from me too….I deteste Alli with a passion… what I loved also was Laca’s goal hit Dier on the way in…. hahaha ?? soon shut him up!!

    1. I feel he should stay, he has been very professional on and off the pitch unlike RVP, Sanchez, etc. May lack the skill but has the energy and good as an impact sub.

    2. On Talk Sport this morning they were speculating on the feasibility of Ramsey now staying but Ozil leaving in his place. Personally I am convinced neither will be wearing our shirt come next August. Nor Mkhitaryan. Emery has proved beyond doubt that unlike his predecessor, he is pro-active instead of re-active and he will not tolerate laziness(Ozil and Mkhi)), nor someone(Ramsey) thinking he deserves more than he shows on the field regularly. I WILL BE AMAZED IF ANY OF THESE THREE WEAR OUR SHIRT BEYOND NEXT SUMMER.

      1. Jon I hope so, and that our scroogish owner allows the profits to be used by Sven and Emery in the transfer windows, and not merely enlarging his fat pockets.

  4. Unai Emery 10/10. Fantastic pep talk and great subs.

    We scored 4 against Spuds, who arguably have had the best defenses in the league in the past few years. At least they don’t concede that many.

  5. It is difficult for my Arsenal to lose a match these days no matter how we play and whether we are behind. MENTALITY. From the manager to the players the spirit is there. No sulking at any point.
    How I wish the Board and Ramsey will come together and understand themselves for him to stay around. He has never done a Sanchez since the contract was withdrawn. Beginning to think we need him around.

  6. The one who’s going to leave the club is Ozil.Along with Mikhtarian.And Koscielny.Maybe Cech too.And Monreal.And Jenkinson.Not sure about Mustafi.

  7. Amazing game and even better result yesterday. Saw a stat earlier that Dele Ali only made 6 passes in the second half and 4 of those were from KO’s which shows how much we dominated.

    On another note, I have always been a huge Mesut Ozil fan and am usually quick to support him and jump to his defence. However it would appear this season we, look a better team without him. Could be a difficult task for him to get back his starting place.

    1. Yeah I think that’s now 8 wins from 9 without Ozil, no defeats, 23 scored, and first time Ozil doesn’t play in a big game under Emery, and we win, and played really well. We’re scoring loads, creating lots of chances, so we can clearly live without him.

      1. Exactly. I used to be of the opinion that without Ozil we do not create much. But now looking at how we played yesterday and in other games it looks like Emery’s preference in attack is to get the ball wide and overload the flank then pack the box and also to win the ball and break quickly down the middle – neither styles which would seem to favour Ozil.

  8. I really hope we can still find a way to keep ramsey as while he may not be world class he is still useful to us. Can cover for AM and CM plus not many better sub than him available.

    1. Ramsey needs to go will be one of the last wenger’s deadwood Mkhi, Ozil, Jenks, Cech, Monreal and Kozy we need to fill in those spot with new blood and no body will ever bit arsenal again.
      we should’nt keep names just for the sake of it, we need another CB, LB, RB, two wingers and play maker to fill in Santi’s hole he left

  9. After Emery summarrily dismissed Ozil’s self proclaimed “back spasm” as backache, I began wondering in my mischievous way, what will be on Ozils next list of fake injuries. FELL OVER HIS WALLET AND HURT HIMSELF FROM THAT HIGH SPOT? Broke a toenail, perhaps? Couldn’t play as it was raining? I could go on but suffice to say I am as near certain as any human can be that none of Ozil, Mkhi and Ramsey will be wearing our shirt come next August. Anyone care to tell me exactly WHY I may be wrong, as I could do with a good laugh right now, AS I HAVE JUST BECOME A TOTTENHAM FAN, AFTER 60 YEARS OF BEING A DEVOTED GOONER. Anyone who can spot the deliberate lie in this post wins the prize of being specially selected to send me a season ticket for Arsenal next year, as my punishment for me now being a Spud!

  10. Brilliant display from the boys. Spurs were never in the game, those two goals were gifted to them. The passion, desire & fight is all I’ve always asked from these players & Emery has brought that. Let’s be humble & focus on the next game. ManU has never been easy for us regardless of their weaknesses & misfortune. We need to keep up that fight & concentration & put the “not so special one” to the sword.
    Special Shout out to Torreira, my goodness this guy is a beast.
    Ramsey has got to be one of the most professional guys I’ve seen, he’s continued to give his all besides the contract issues.
    Emery continues to impress me, he has managed to bring out the best from these players & uniting the fan base. If Kroenke supports him, he’ll do great things at Arsenal.
    On to the next one….
    London is red baby……..

  11. Ramsey has never let us down on big matches especially if he comes in as a sub. This lad deserves a new contract. He’s never acted as Rvp, Nasri, Adebayor,Song,Sanchez and others. He’s a fighter when called upon.

  12. It was a all around team performance,,former referee said none of the goals the spuds scored should have stood anyway leno can be forgiven for the numbers of time he kept up in games!also you can see unai is trying to drop the average age of players with few experienced heads,players he will be able to work with for few years& improve them that’s why I trust him with ozil&ramsey he must have players in mind to replace them he,s thinking long term,this time around the future is bright,COYG!!!

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