Arsenal v Tottenham Preview, Line-up and Score Prediction

Arsenal vs Tottenham Preview, Predicted line up and score line by KJ

We used to always be heavy favourites coming into a North London Derby before Redknapp managed to level the playing field with his Tottenham side, but ever since his departure, Tottenham have been slowly but surely dropping back down into their place as a top 8 club. We now go into this game as strong favourites and with all our world class talents, our fans are expecting something special.

We will need start sharply and I expect Wenger to drill that into the players. Tottenham are very shaky in the opening minutes and are easily exploited in the first half. We can really hurt them with Özil in the middle feeding Sanchez and Welbeck. They will press from the beginning of the game and will hopefully catch Spurs out.

Line up:
Chambers – Mertesacker – Koscielny – Gibbs
Arteta – Ramsey
Sanchez – Özil –Cazorla

Chambers should be fine to start but he’ll be up against a manager that managed him last season and gave him his opportunity in Saint’s first team. This also means that Pochettino will know Callum’s biggest weakness and will look to exploit it.

Gibbs has just turned 25 and it’s important that he can go a season without injury and really kick on. There’s a lack of good defenders available at the moment and that’s why he’s never really been upgraded on. But he will need to go from a “good” player to a “great” player this season if he’s really to get his name amongst the better defenders in the league.

This is also a great opportunity for Ramsey to step up. He’s been lacklustre so far and really needs to improve his all round game.

Cazorla starts over Wilshere for me simply because the Spaniard almost always causes Spurs a lot of problems. They just can’t handle him and it would be silly to not use him when he clearly gives us a tactical advantage.

I’m usually a bag of nerves going into the NLD but I feel confident about this one. 3 – 0 to Arsenal.

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  1. If that was our XI i would be soooooooooooo happy.


      1. Szczesny
        Chambers – Mertesaker – Koscielny – Gibbs
        Flamini – Ramsey
        Ox – Ozil – Sanchez

    1. Today the fighting cock shall come to town;

      Yes, this day that cock shall come;

      Gunners rejoice. Let’s all at the Emirates meet;

      Keep sharp your knives and hold your forks, the fire lit to roast its meat;

      That cock I’m sure will taste lovely

      When killed and steamed with many goals;

      The fighting cock shall no more fight

      For in our victory its head shall fall;

      And once again the Spurds shall know the gun is mightier than the cock!!


      1. Appreciate what your saying.
        But promise you will NEVER repeat the phrase
        “That cock im sure will taste lovely ”
        Ever again on this site

      1. Flamini and Arteta prefer to stay back at that position but both Ramsey and Wilshere like to go up at that position. so putting them together would leave us even more vulnerable at that position.

  2. Wat a day of football. Mersey derby. Hammers vs the mancs. An the nld….one after the other…an the best till last….

  3. It’s ONLY Spuds.
    We need to give our top players rest

    It should be


    With this team we would win 4-0

  4. I’d love diaby to start at the back, (if fit) next to ramsey with arteta/flamini on the bench as injury cover 🙂 all I ask for today is 100% effort, high tempo and a 1-0 or 2-1 win would be great, coyg!!

  5. @rkw. Mert and arteta together, oh s*it 🙁 if we must play arteta then chambers in for mert and bellerin rb. If we must play per, (god help us) then must have diaby or chambers at dm.

  6. Wilshere on the bench and Ozil as number 10… Please!

    We all know the value of the game… As a matter of fact, this is not about point.
    We just have to win because the history needs to stay the same.

    F*ck the “it is like any other game” (Wenger statement… Yeah! F*ck you too!!).

    Don’t mess up my weekend Arsene, a draw is not even in question…

    2-0 for us

    Gunners till I die… Bounce the f*ck up Spurs !

  7. I would love a huge blow out. At least 5-0

    1. It would give Spuds something to remember
    2. It would send a message to other teams, that we mean business

  8. Ha ha. Everton scores equaliser in injury time lol

    Ok come on Villa, Hull and West Ham upset Chelski, Citeh and Manure

    Lets have 2 perfect weekends in a row

  9. Wenger said he tried his hardest to find another defending cover…!!!
    He just could not find one as quality was not there…!!
    Only him knows, I guess…

    Impossible to be defeated today, that is just cannot happen!
    This is not like any other game and Wenger knows that… So do your job and make sure we win!

    Gunners till I die 🙂

  10. I have a bad feeling that we might go down 2-0 in the first 30 minutes of the game today.. We always make things hard foe ourselves when we are slight favorites..

    Hope I am wrong 🙁

  11. RE – The Merseyside derby. Loads of Liverpool fans turning on Balotelli. Happy we didn’t buy him, even though he tried coming to us first. Still not too thrilled on Welbeck, but he actually works hard, I much prefer Welbeck to Balotelli.

    It’s not a ‘settling in’ issue either – Balotelli just has a really low work rate and offers very little movement on the pitch. Take away his penalties and how many goals does he actually score? Massively overrated and always has been.

  12. That’s the problem with Alex Song, he is so careless and always thinks he is a flare player… Look how he caused that goal..

  13. Just can’t stop lafin at some sick minds thumbing me down. Lol! Meant no harm there.

    However, everyman has a cock that fights.

  14. I will pass out before the game by the look of it.
    Wer d fcuk r peoplt?
    It’s 2-1.
    My preduction may still cum right.

  15. Why play Ramsey and Wilshere and Arteta. Wenger always feels like he needs to accommodate every one of his midfielders.

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