Arsenal v Tottenham Review – Gunners dominate but Chamberlain spares our blushes

Arsenal started very brightly and looked like they were going to over-run the Tottenham defence, but straight away Mikel Arteta fell foul to the Gunners injury curse. With Flamini on we were still controlling the game with the Spuds hardly even bothering to come out of their half.

Chambers looked great going forward, but it seemed that every time Welbeck got the ball he was knocked to the ground. Then came the game changer. Jack Wilshere was writhing in agony after being kicked in the box, but everyone was too worried about his ankle to protest that it was a certain penalty that had been ignored….

The Spuds suddenly seemed transformed and all the attention was in our half of the pitch again, but without troubling Szczesny too much, althought Adebayor could easily have put the Spuds in front (as Mertesacker nearly did earlier!)

The end of the half didn’t come quick enough for Ramsey who pulled his hamstring dead on 45 minutes and will not be able to continue for the second half. The question being – Why did Wenger put on Santi Cazorla instead of Sanchez? Just one substition left and 45 minutes to play…..

Arsenal started positively in the second half and looked like they were going to take control again, but then DISASTER – Flamini got entangled in his own legs and Eriksen fought back. The ball landed at Chadli’s feet and he slotted it past Szczesny…. 0-1 … and Chadli’s was immediately booked for inciting the Arsenal fans!

The first goal was definitely against the run of play and within two minutes Arsenal nearly drew level, but Lloris managed to get down to stop it on the line, but why do we need to concede before we start playing with more urgency in such an important game?

Arsenal brought on Sanchez for Wilshere (dead on the hour as usual) and we stepped up yet another gear and went all out for the equaliser but Spurs started taking our players out at every opportunity. The pressure finally paid off when a bouncing ball in the penalty area which finally came to Oxlade-Chamberlain who put our hearts at rest by firing it under the crossbar. 1-1

Spurs were on the backfoot straight away as Arsenal tried to increase their advantage, and even Chambers looked good when taking a shot. He could one day be up front if he carries on improving like this. Ozil and Sanchez looked good together (but why not from the start?)

The pressure continued to be piled on and the stats said Arsenal had 80% possession in the second half, but Kaboul and Co managed to stop the equaliser, despite Arsenal using every ounce of their energy.

My Man Of The Match must be Chambers – although he sullied his performance by getting a silly fourth yellow card in his four starts when pulling Aaron Lennon’s shirt for no reason at all…

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  1. Call me pessimistic, but with this current defense (here I’m speaking about Mert + Flamini/Arteta) I can see us easily smashed again against Chelsea ….
    Wenger now has zero tactics and zero management in every front …
    3 years of disappointment …

      1. Except Wenger to use his same old useless tactics and lose against mourinho’s simple counter attack football next week. #WengerOut

        1. Yup we are going to get demolished, if spurs were half decent at counter attacking we would have lost by 2+ goals today, even though we bossed possesion.
          Its sad, wengers increased transfer budget is really exposing how much hes declined as a manager, its really starting to look like those WOBs were right.

    1. I forgot to congratulate Flamini for finishing the game without a card but unfortunately his mistake led to the only Spud goal …

    2. today we were not lucky lady luck on spuds side.every chicken has day today spuds had that.
      today our lion had face some injury but they still know how to hunt.

      1. Please tell our lions to stay on their feet against Chelsea, my little heart cannot take another smash

    3. Arsenal really has to stop conceding first goal..for the matter of fact any goals…!!
      Good help us with injuries..!

    4. people who are saying we’re gonna get hammers are pathetic
      if we play like we did the last 30 minutes we’ll have a good chance
      we just need to put our chance away

  2. our goalkeeper is a joke. Look at lloris he saved his team. Its these big games you have to make big saves. Ok flamini made a mistake which was really bad, but szczesny should have saved that. Bad tactics, too many injuries, arsenal never cease to disappoint. Now we cant even beat spuds at our ‘fortress’. And all the fanboys will say we are still unbeaten, yeah right, draw every game in the league and say we are unbeaten.

        1. That has no relevance to your previous comment about Szczesny being a joke of a keeper. Szczesny is world class, I wouldn’t be blaming the goal on him… It was clearly the DM position that once again cost us.

          1. by that logic no goal can’t be blamed on any goalkeeper cuz they never give the ball away, the outfield players do. So keep the relevance to yourself.
            What i am trying to say is that World Class keepers step up in these games, we would have won 3-0 if it wasnt for lloris.
            One small mistake and our goalkeeper cant cover us?

    1. How was that goal Szczesnys fault? WTF he is the one that saves our sh*t defense time and time again!! Szczesny is weak at set pieces but he’s a brilliant shot stopper. But our defense/cdm is just a joke really..

      1. defense wasnt shit, the CDM gave the ball away for christ’s sake. the defense wasnt tested to be honest cuz spuds have a shit attack. Time and time again? why not this time? Against spuds? dont care about the other teams really.

        1. The combination of Mertesaker and Arteta/Flamini is a disaster waiting to happen. It has nothing to do with Szczesny. This goal was 100% Flaminis fault.

          The defense wasn’t tested?? Did we watch the same game. Against a better team we would have been at the receiving end of another battering with all those counter attacks!

      2. nope Jeff it was schezney’s fault cos he gave the ball to mert who then gave it to flamini under pressure with spurs players around him

  3. people need to understand that we have a yank in charge who does not give a damn about AFC because he is not a supporter. he is simply a business man who wants to take as much as he can from the club. We have a chief executive who is a man city supporter and is just interested in his big fat bonus. As long as we are sitting back and taking this crap we will never see the back of these two vultures. Time to get off our backsides and make a noise gooners because this club needs to be back in the hands of people who are heart broken when we dont win.

    1. the only thing they havent done right is get rid of Wenger. They give him money to spend, we have good players now but Arsene still at this point chooses to have no defensive depth and bang average CDM’s, and doesnt build off of the formation, tactics, that gave us most of our success last year. Instead he changes everything and we’re just horrible now.

    2. Sorry dude that’s a lame one. Money was made available. Business was not done properly by Mr you know who. That DM mistake could have cost us all three points. That was Wengers fault not Flamini’s

    3. @reddb10
      I guess those Brits who were majority share holders for years weren’t supporters either, since they sold their shares to the greedy Yank…lmfao
      Get real…

    1. well the 4th place junkies on this web site will be happy…that is 2 points lost by a tactical and motivational midget…this was a way more important game than wednesday night as we dont stand a cat in hells chance of going far in the cl…but needed a win to take us in to the chelsea game..even so with mert arteta flamini and ramsey as our defensive backbone we are not going to win anything this year…rien…nada…everybody and their mother was screaming for a quality cb and dfm..but no the cheese eating surrender monkey says none are available…put the man on meds and wheel him off to the funny farm asap…its the only way arsenal fc will move forward now

          1. Yeah its clear that he is very intelligent.
            You can tell by the knowledge and wisdom he brings to this site, truly remarkable.

  4. dont worry we will finish 4th remember. fk off wenger this is worst then a fking lost
    sideway passing no real cdm flamini is fking useless arteta is slow as fk

  5. What I don’t understand is how comes Spurs are letting go of Sandro whilst we r still stuck with players like Flamini

    1. It’s called rocket science dude. We probably won’t figure it out. Only certain professors see the logic. You know le prof.

    2. If it wasn’t for Ladyluck forcing changes it could have been worse.

      Really a game we should have won. Another draw, we need some wins now nothing less. (Nice business strengthening DM position with Flamini).

    1. did the Oz had a good game indeed?
      didnt saw the game , just came in from full day presentation , couldnt hack the hotels wifi ,
      i was full of nerves and no concentration at all…in the brake i got out and made a call to my mate and he told me that Oz was in Lwf again more than Ox , is it true?
      the worst moment of the day…? – my bosses son comes with a smile and tells me that 5pur2 are ahead by 1….

  6. average all around really. Looking at this match though, Chelsea next week is going to be quite a disaster honestly.

    1. there are only 3 problems with the squad
      – no defensive depth
      -average CDM’s

      Fix the third problem and the other two problems will get fixed in January.

  7. Our defence was all over the place on every counter attack, never saw an interception from our so called top top class DM.
    A better attack would have punished us, fearing the worst at Chelsea.

    1. I’m not our fullbacks just have to sit back and not bomb forward simple tweak of the system.
      But the question is will they actually change the system?

  8. We should not be happy with this point.
    It costs us a lot (2injured players) and a simple draw.

    It is clear that Ozil plays better when Wilshere is not a number 10 (when he is on the bench).

    We cannot win serious trophies with Wenger.
    He just does not do the job required (managing and transfers).

    We are fourth with £173millions in the bank… So far so good.

    Next week we have Chelsea, how do we do this???? (and with Wenger on the bench…!!)

  9. Disappointed with the result should’ve got all 3 points spuds are garbage but were still unbeaten and 6 points behind Chelsea.

    Wenger better rotate midweek cause were gonna need a result at the bridge now. I hope diaby plays v Chelsea and not midweek.

    No b*tching and moaning lets get behind the team were still in the thick of it

  10. This is one of the worse Spurs team in years and we cannot put this sh*t to bed…!!
    Liverpool destroyed them at home (3-0)…!!
    What the f*ck is going on?

    Still the same story with the injuries !!

    Chelsea might hurt us seriously !!

  11. This is what the arsenal manager is going to say
    We conceded a cheap goal flamini was caught in the ball we need to take advantage when we are on top and try to kill the game but I was happy with mental strength so that I can play with 5 cams and lose to galatasray and then lose to Chelsea overall diaby should be back”

    Congratulations to spurs for playing defensive football ,arsene won’t play defensive against Chelsea and I am thinking of not seeing the match due possible shock of performance and I’ll be even surprised if we can stay at 0-0

    1. totally agree man, people disliked my comment full on. But even i am of the opinion that he should have saved that.
      One guy is saying he saves our ass, when? against the smaller teams. What about the times we get destroyed. It would have been 3-0 if it wasnt for lloris.

  12. This is by far the worst game I have watched this year. Was this a training practise? What nonsense was this? I just wasted 90 minutes of my life watching complete nonsense of a game. Arsene Wenger should retire. If this is the best he can do after buying Ozil, Carzola and Sanchez, he is not worth hiring to win anything. This team was flat and unbalanced? Where are the goal scorers? We just crowd the place with midfielders who pass the ball up and down with no urgency and nobody willing to shoot. Rubbish!

  13. Love Welbeck but the guy really needs to position himself better in the box ,Sanchez is AMAZING ,loved Ozil ,we need A CDM .wish we had won this game ,there where times when the passing was excellent in attack .Wilshere is getting there slowly.

    1. ramsey and arteta have been awful so far…would say no loss but we dont have depth…8m quid a year…wenger makes bernie madoff look like a reasonable kinda guy

      1. @rkw
        Guess you don’t know nothin about Madoff. He was woth billions and tricked folks out of even more billions…
        Get it right next time you sling bullsh*t…

        1. uhh he was a ponzi financier who kept people signing on to his scheme by using new capital to meet promise of big guaranteed annual returns…and wenger is much the same tells fans he is bringing guaranteed football glory by selling off top players and bringing in cheap options while charging exhorbitant prices to fans who recall the glory days while siphoning off money to himself and board…its not perfect but it will do….shithead

  14. It doesn’t matter that we didn’t win the match on our home turf
    Wenger is a genius

    Cause we are gonna win thrash Chelsea. And man utd at home
    Wenger is a genius

    The home points don’t matter much

    Cause we are gonna beat chelsea man City man utd away easily with master tactician wenger
    Cause he is a genius

    All hail wenger

  15. Ozil belongs in the middle orchestrating our play….how wengker can handicap him by not playing in his best position?

  16. Ramsey seems to have a Hamstring…
    It should be 3 to 4 weeks… But with our medical staff we might talking 2 months or more.
    As for Arteta, I don’t know, he might just be tired of not running !

  17. an i seriously think that we should buy that kabul guy hes spurs kompany and he does look like kompany from afar we can just say that hes kompanys bro separated at birth to intimidate our opponents 🙁 🙁 🙁 🙁 🙁

    1. @haywill
      He did put in a damn good shift. We threw the kitchen sink at them and he and Lloris swatted it all, well most of it away…

  18. When you Dominate like this you should come with Maximum Points.. Got to be Ruthless in front of Goal.. A real DM won’t give away a Free goal like Flamini Did.. Wenger you caused Us 3points Today.. F*ck.

  19. Honestly not a bad performance by the boys. We threw everything we had at them and they just sat back and relaxed. Lloris and Kaboul pretty much saved the Spuds and they are the main reason we did not win. Solid performance especially by Ozil, he was linked with every attack today.

    The Spuds simply parked a frail bus and luckily got away with it. Once again Wenger, buy a bloody physical DM. Flamini and Arteta are waaaay passed their time

  20. @Nikk
    I mean, on a serious note… We should have done way better.
    Basically we have not been playing well since the beginning of the season.
    I just hope it means better days ahead…!!
    With the injuries already pilling up, I just see the same scenario coming to play again!!

    Wenger is just not doing his job at every level: Managing and Transfers !!

    And we are going to Chelsea next weekend after a difficult CL game !!!

    1. Afraid we I mean Wenger has not learned from last season especially playing against a top opposition. We are still venerable to counter attacks and are struggling to score against them.
      Sorry struggling to put it words….bit pissed now over and out:))

  21. Our Lightning Attack:
    WS short pass to LC who trots to the center line looks at the grass in front of him and passes sideways to BFG. BFG looks at the stands and then dawdles, dawdles, dawdles and passes it back to LC who by know have found his target and passes it to SC who runs in circles with the opposition DM tugging his shirt and sprints 5.2 m before producing an exquisite 2 m pass to MO who jiggles, jiggles, jiggles before passing to to AS- AS-MO-SC-MO-AS-MO-SC-AS before the opp defence gets bored takes the ball away and lo we have a counter-attack.

    1. Thats What happens when we have a million number 10s on the pitch…
      Wenger has really declined as a manager, hes poor in so many aspects.

  22. and ill be in church tomorrow prayin to the lord to whisper to the heart to chelsea players to have pity and take it easy on us not to beat us 6-0 again next week i know that would be embarassin but thats okay we can be cocky again after we beat them for now on i just wanna be humble i never even tease my spurs fan mate again lately 🙁 🙁 🙁 🙁 🙁

    1. not like there was any other option besides him. Ozil was good but only in the later stages after Alexis came on and Wilshere came off. Wilshere really did contribute nothing today, not a good performance from him. Hope he’s injury free at least tho

  23. It’s frustrating. Chelski is the only top team at the moment. I don’t fear City or United.

    We can finish second but not when Wenger makes bad tactical decisions like putting Ozil on wing

    Probably end up 4th again

  24. If it wasn’t for Ladyluck forcing changes it could have been worse.

    Really a game we should have won. Another draw, we need some wins now nothing less. (Nice business strengthening DM position with Flamini).

  25. What has happened us???
    When we were good under wenger we had top players who could play def midfield like vieira,petit,gilberto even parlour and edu were way ahead of these 2 clowns arteta and flamini
    F&&c it even kallstrom is better than flamini.
    No back bone whatsoever.wenger had an easy desision to make in the summer.
    Replace both arteta and flamini and buy 2 proper midfielders and a proven centre back leaving per on the bench.
    Instead arteta is OUR CLUB captain and per vice and flamini goin to start next week against cesc and matic.
    We’re only missing nacho and debuchy yet we had no defenders at all on the bench.
    Need new ideas
    Maybe arsene’s best days are behind him???

  26. and i really think that we have to design a special pants for alexis he always looks uncomfy wearing our tight puma pants and he always rolls his pants up seems that he wants to protest bout the puma design but hes a polite guy so he doesnt say anythin bout it its us who have understand him hes a good guy 🙁 🙁 🙁 🙁 🙁 🙁

  27. Good to see Chamberlain
    step up to the scoring plate.
    We rely on Sanchez too much
    others need to score more too.

  28. and i also think that arsene has to recruit an official arsenal hairdresser i believe that flamini is losing focus as hes losin his hair thus he lost his confidence on the pitch and i understand no boy wanna be bald and flamini is not that old and i believe that deep in his hart flamini actually wanna have a badass hairstyle like girouds or ramseys or wilsheres or alexis but he cant since hes balding even arsene has more hair than flamini does poor flamini hes losing his pride as a man 🙁 🙁 🙁 🙁 🙁 🙁

  29. Sorry for saying but it feels like a defeat.
    This is one of the worse Spurs team in years… Liverpool destroyed them 3-0 at White Hart lane…!!
    Sorry, but that’s 3 points lost.

    The team that played against Aston Villa would have done the job.
    Again Wenger feels he has to accommodate “his” Wilshere !!

    Ozil is our number 10… Rightfully! He costed us £42millions and he is a class ahead of Wilshere any day.

    Now we have lost Ramsey (for months, due to our excellent medical staff) and Arteta (!!).

    We have 2 difficult games with a squad that is already tiny.

    Just the same sh*t each season…!!

    Cannot wait the day the “deluded one” will give his notice and get the f*ck out.

    I know we were in need of trophies, but winning the FA Cup might have been detrimental because Wenger felt comfortable extending his stay to f*ck our life up.

    1. Quit your f*ckin b*tching you only rear your ugly head when you wanna be negative. We dominated and were lucky to draw now we look forward

  30. If wilshere or Ramsey were not in the line up, at least one of them will be injury free. When first I saw the line up, just wonder why wenger don’t put up the same line up as last game against villa. Why he put wilshere and he just play the last CLC game.

  31. There were a number of good performances — Gibbs, Koscielny, chambers, Ozil, Carloza and the Ox. My big worry, and I’m one of his biggest fans, is Ramsey. He had one play that was the 2013-14 vintage where he set up Oxlade-Chamberlain for a shot but most of the time looked like the 2012 version — wayward passes, back heels to no one etc. Maybe a few weeks out will help him get his head right – there’s no doubt he’s hot the talent.
    With Arteta out I’m hoping to see Diaby in the DM role on Wednesday. Not his best position but a damn sight better than Flamini who looks like he’s fading fast.

    1. @Trudeau
      In all fairness to Aaron, it did look as he he was gettin into his stride up until he went down…

      1. I’m not a big Arteta fan but gotta give him his due today, he was pretty good until his injury. Can Diaby be better? Have no idea but hope he gets the chance to answer the question.

  32. Another high profile game bites the dust, yet there is little understanding that distorts reality. The team just can’t inch a desirable result against competent opposition; a true reflection of the manager. What shall it take one wonders, what shall it take to apply square pegs in square hole as oppose to the current state of affairs. What shall it take to feature proper wingers who’s directness stretches the pitch providing room for offenssive thrust. What shall it take to deploy proper DM who doesnt get bullied off the ball in the immediate aftermath of a shambolic first touch?! What shall it take?! Wenger out! keep an eye on the AKB brigade flooding the whole place with idosyncratic gibberish.

  33. There is one area we r still lacking apart frm DM, Striking dept! Thank God for OX today, after Danny poor miss. Ramsey n Giroud helped us last season in goal, we played well today, but no goal to cap it up, when we had RVP and Adebayo togeda we didn’t go anywhere talkless of now that we depend on only Welbek (average striker). We need a striker that can score go out of nothing, wenger pls make us proud, we r goin down everyday, most of our players r injury prone, God!

  34. @samgunner, szcezsny did not give the ball to mert, he gave it to chambers which was free, then mert to flamini, flamini waited too long, I was even shouting at my TV telling him somebody is coming, unfortunately he lost the ball at that promising position, it just reminds me fabregas’s back hill to iniesta against barca which leads to goal, while he was with us. Both hurts really

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