Arsenal v Tottenham review – Weak Gunners stumble to a point

The Gunners started the first half in lively fashion, but Spurs catch up with the pace and it is exciting end to end stuff for the first 20 minutes. Chances from both sides but Campbell doesn’t quite look up to speed as yet, but does earn some whining from Rose when his sleeve brushed his nose….

Halfway through the half our defence begins to look shaky and Spurs start to put us under the cosh, so it was not much of a surprise when Kane beat our offside trap to slot the ball past Cech. 1-0 to the Spuds!

More of the same for the rest of the half, and 10 mins before the break a frustrated Giroud looks lucky not to get a telling off for some off-the-ball antics with Vertonghen. Tottenham were really pushing for a second goal right to the end, and they came close a couple of times, so I was glad to hear the half-time whistle….

Cazorla looked out of sorts in the first half (or just knackered!) so Wenger decided to take him off, but I didn’t expect Flamini to be the replacement, although we could certainly do with some help in defence.

Tottenham go straight back on the attack and are really turning up the pressure, but Arsenal get the best chance of the first 20 minutes but Giroud somehow manages to turn his header past the post. Then spends the next five minutes with his head in his hands of course. This seems to galvanize Arsenal a little and Giroud misses another similar chance five minutes later, but Tottenham quickly take control again and are trying extremely hard to put the game to bed. Arsenal just seem to have lost their fire this evening, and Spurs look so much fitter despite having played on Thursday night.

Then comes a shock! Mesut Ozil sends a fabulous ball over the Spurs defence and Kieran Gibbs sneaks in at the far post and scores! 1-1 Game On!

Suddenly everything has changed and Arsenal begin to believe they can win it. They have made a massive turnaround and they have found their energy. Maybe they were saving it up all that time, but they are by far the most dangerous team coming up to the end. But no matter how much pressure the Spuds are holding them off, much like Arsenal did to them in the first period.

All in all it seems a fair result, as Arsenal were on the back foot for most of the game….

But look on the bright side, we are still joint top over the international break!

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  1. Mertesacker really is an awful today ! Can’t run, doesn’t track runners and for all his height barely heads a ball
    Ozil’s passes & crosses come with GPS.
    Gibbs thanks man .
    giroud miss cost us

    1. I thought Mertesacker played well today. Koscielny got his decision making wrong, and cost us a goal with bad offside trap… But you could see the whole team was jaded today. They need rest.

          1. I said this before, Sanchez is not a type of player who went tired after just ten games on the pitch. But he always plays better when he have rooms to change his position and this was guaranteed by Theo Walcolt, they were just shifting positions and Sanchez have chances to shoot or run behind the defenders. With OG upfront Sanchez is static to his position, Ozil is always outward looking for the ball to cross to OG and the worse is Santi Cazora who uses short passes no runs no penetration balls that he used to do with Theo upfront. I am not undermining OG but even if he scores goals for us but he sometimes destroys our free flowing football and kills some of our best players.

      1. Mert’s performances are usually not as bad as his detractors’ claim and sometimes not as good as his supporters’ suggest. The reason is……. He does some things so well and other things not so well.

        Unfortunately, as a defender, it is not acceptable to have repeated bad performances or an obvious weak spot that attackers can consistently exploit. That is the harsh reality of defending.

      2. Giroud and Per was poor
        Cazorla and Campbell were terrible

        Ozil was excellent
        Everyone else played ok -expected

      1. u love internationals because we have a shallow squad which means we get tired (physically as well as mentally) when we play in too many comps (CL).

        either we have to bulk up our backup XI, or forget about being serious about CL.

    2. i Tell u………… Mertesacker gotta be one of the most woeful things in an arsenal shirt!………

      1. Why he gets a game I’ll never know,as for Gazola he wanted to be home in bed and Sanches needs to learn how to give the ball before he gets tackled. Giroud was unlucky and played well so to did Coquelin. If Sanches could pass the ball quicker we would have won the game, if I was out there and he kept loosing the ball I would say a few words to him, sod it if he took offence. Now let’s play Sanches on the right and Gibbs on left with Campbell on in 65min. Has to be a go CB

    3. We now have even more evidence that Bellerin has been absolutely essential to creating opportunities up front and covering Mert in the rear.

      I have been a big Mert supporter but…..

      Sadly, it may be time for Mert to find a Stammtisch Stuhl at the Former Footballer Gasthaus.

    4. Campbell slows things down on the wings



      Mertesacker gotta just quit playing football already……so woeful


      There’s not an arsenal fan who wouldn’t Love an international break right now!


      Debuchy?….. January is coming….start parking up ur things


      Only walcott’s availability will put the fear of God is this Giroud!


      Carzola’s changing!


      Bellerin, welbeck, ramsey, wilshere, walcott, mozart……They all need to come back sooner

      1. Campbell is not a winger. Judge him after giving him the same chances as Giroud and theo upfront

        1. Sadly, he has not proven his worth to earn any chances up front. And he likely never will.

          Campbell will be used only as needed this season and unless there is some drastic turn around, he will be gone next summer.

          1. yeah,i was a big campbell supporter. but the PL is harsh. perform or u’r out (except for giroud; he can stay as long as he likes & he has defined our current generation of arsenal)

      2. Why should he quit, Wenger always picks him,regardless. We will never win EPL with such a wretched player in the centre of our defence. Remember he is the last of the famous flurry of “panic buys “.

    1. You could be right or………

      It could be that, unless your like Messi, strikers just don’t score every game. And this is one of the few games in a long time that he has NOT scored. That sounds quite good to me. So let’s not over-react.

  2. Haven’t won Spuds home in the league for 3 years now? Absolutely unforgivable. We are playing at HOME FFS and lost 2 points. Didn’t capitalize on City mishap as we usually don’t. I wonder if the players actually knew the City result before the game?

    Debuchy is just disgusting, no fight in him, rather stays on the ground crying/diving than fighting back possession. He can leave in January.

    One last thing: our bench consisted of 3 defenders, 2 defensive midfielders and one 19-year old winger with 1 start to his name. How is this possible? Yeah yeah I know Gibbs scored the goal but still it’s disgusting management from Wenger to let us get in this situation. January is still 2 months away.

    1. And no offence to Giroud who has been in good form but he is our leading striker. Matter of fact, right now he is our ONLY striker. He missed 2 sitters today and had 2 good chances as well. I think Özil created all those chances? What a waste.

    2. well if 10 offensive players are missing and we still have guys who can come from the bench and change the dynamic of the game, i would rather congratulate wenger for his brilliant management 😉

        1. Campbell had a good game and had one of the best shots on goal today. You obviously didn’t pay much attention to the game. Whole right side of the pitch looked solid, it was middle we were overcrowded in.

          1. Disagree.

            Ineffectual with no control who kept giving the ball away or running down blind alleys. I’ll have overmars above Campbell in my all time 11 Arsenal players thanks!

      1. The thing is, how is it possible we have 10 offensive players missing? Aren’t Wilshere ,Welbeck, OX, Ramsey, Theo and Rosicky the usual suspects who are ALWAYS injured? Why do we count so much on them then?

        Well half of them do actually contribute when they are fit, other half don’t, but they are still on the payroll nevertheless, entertaining the spirit of Diaby in the medical room.

        1. Poor management is keeping a roster of perennially injured players.
          My solution?OFFFLOAD.
          Whittle the list down to 2 starting with Jack Wilshere who scores nothing and creates nothing.
          We lost against bayern not because of tactics or anything. We lost because they had better players.
          Remove Cech, Ozil, Sanchez, Cazorla . Their top 11 is simply better

          1. i dont know teh source of our core problem: too many injuries. BUT there’s a way around that: buy decent backups. not spending any of that 200M means wenger is complacent (and/or delusional).

      2. Spot on Krish. Wenger gets a lot of stick – rightfully do in my opinion – for his use of the bench but today he got it spot on.

    3. How can you slate Debushy? Our right side looked a lot more solid than the left one today. If there was anyone that didn’t play well today was Santi and Alexis. Santi got changed in halftime ant there was reason for that, he looked like he had nothing else left in him. Alexis lost the ball a lot as well.

      Still, I thought it was an entertaining game nontheless, you could really see the passion in all the players. Ozil was best player for me, fighting throughout the game. I love him when he plays like that!

  3. Good fighting draw…we looked knackered, loads of injuries, but still great spirit.

    BTW what is it with people on here…we go one down to SPURS (SPURS!!) and it’s…we’re doomed, boo-hoo, sack everyone, we’re kidding ourselves etc etc
    Grow a backbone some of you….

    1. yeah i don’t understand it too.. lets be real the spurs are a top 6 side a draw against them isn’t the worst result really… and if you think that we have already played man u, chelsea, liv, spurs, everton, leicester and got 11 points from 18 i gotta say, i am happy, cause we only lost 3 points against chelsea, and that was a one of a kind match, and it didn’t really help chelsea

    2. I agree… I liked the game, and our players almost managed a great comeback, everybody was in their fighting spirit. Nobody can win every game, it is the spirit when you don’t play well that still brings you the points!

  4. Well yeah gird missed his headers today, but you gotta say that can be excused after he scored almost every good chance for a header in the last 5 games 🙂 i mean if the form doesn’t excuse one players bad game, why aren’t the ones who are blaming gird, blaming alexis? in the last 3-4 games giroud was much more useful than alexis.. and i love alexis too but you gotta be objective

    1. Well you’re right, although Alexis has been wasteful this season as well (in the beginning of the season). Now he just looks little lost and doesn’t even get the chances to use them.

      I guess there’s just too much pressure on Giroud scoring since Özil’s isn’t much of a scorer, Cazorla hasn’t bagged in ages and Sanchez looks exhausted.

      1. Sanchez,Campbell,Mertesacker, Giroud had poor games

        Was impressed by Giroud rallying the crowd though

  5. Chance 4 us to go top and we mess up as usual, the likes of campbell, debuchy and mert are not arsenal quality but i’ll still take d point over a loss. Giroud back to missing sitters again. Hope some players will return after international break

  6. First half performance cost us. Thank God for boss and ozil. Would of been nice to take this opportunity to go top but our time will come. COYG

  7. Well Tottenham wanted to win the match fairly due to the no of crucial injuries that Arsenal have had with knowledge of the loss against Bayern. If Wenger thought of playing Gibbs at the start maybe Arsenal could have pushed the spurs. No problem they had the initiative and pressed a weak side but still a draw is what could conjure up. Bellerin had he played Arsenal could have won.

  8. no Dept!!! this team with this kind of injuries isn’t going anywhere. nice first team but bench? I say just get one right winger at least! ha

  9. Ozil= subliminal
    Metersacker= Liability.
    Sanchez= Tired and needs to rest
    well thank God its international break

  10. For the first time in a longtime, I’ll welcome the international break. Arsenal look tired (fatigue) and some injured players will be back after the break.

    On the positive side: Ozil got another assist to his name even though it wasn’t his best game (performance wise). To be honest, it was a fair result. Thanks Gibbs. Welldone boys’, go get some rest and be back even stronger. To those on international duties, I hope you come back healthy.

    Arsenal All The Way!

    1. Maybe I’m just getting biased after watching the terrific displays of Bellerin and now watching Debuchy, can’t really articulate how much I miss him on the pitch (no homo)

      1. We all miss Bellerin. As well as Walcott and Ramsey. Why on earth will anyone think you’re homo for doing that? 🙂

  11. well i know the guys in england belittle the spurs the whole time (the fans outside of england dont really feel the hate, because in switzerland for example is the hate on chelsea muuuuuch stronger ^^)
    you gotta be real and accept that spurs are a top 6 team, and drawing against them isn’t such the worst result and the “pundits” and a lot of guys here always bash arsenal that they don’t have the title mentality to get a point from a win and a win from a draw, so i think in the years before, we would have well lost the game, so i am happy with the point, and the fight of the guys

  12. After Campbell’s 1st goal I warned that one good performance does not a superstar make. I suggested tempering expectations. I received mostly ‘thumbs down’ for this heresy.

    I stand by my statement. Maybe Campbell will come around but…….We STILL have seen only one good Arsenal performance from Campbell.

      1. Your assessment of Ox is obviously clouded by something. Any of Ox’s worst performances would be better than Campbell today. And Ox was Arsenal’s best player last season before his injury. That means he has at least proven himself. Campbell sometimes looks good on the ball but rarely does ANYTHING with it.

        Remember when you played youth football? Remember the player you always told to just get the ball and pass it to ANYONE else quickly. That is Campbell right now.

        Hopefully, Campbell will prove me wrong by magically finding form after several years of weakness and mediocrity.

    1. “one good performance does not a superstar make” ????………well, here’s a MoraL Lesson for u : One blunderous comment does not make u a blunderer! *winks*

      1. So……. do you agree with the comment or not. I cannot make sense of your comment except to know that it was snarky and sarcastic.

        You have issues. Hope you can get help.

  13. satisfied with the result because any one saw the game will admit that we were out played
    The players are looking jaded
    Injuries are ruining our season again
    I hope we will have a fresh sanchez and cazorla and even better that our best player ozil and one of ox or walcott or even ramsey back after the international break

    Giroud is a beast in the air and can direct his header fantastically but it really misses power all the time his header is very weak

    1. I won’t admit that Arsenal were “outplayed.” Most fans and pundits are OBSESSED with “controlling the game” or “possession” or “chances created” or some other stat..

      I keep checking the rule book and I still cannot find any points given for pretty passing or possession stats. And I won’t give the opposition credit for passing the ball well but MISSING their chances on goal.

      Unless there is a referee error or some fluke occurrence the FINAL SCORE is the ONLY true measure of success in football. And in this game the score says the teams were equal.

      Do you ever remember Arsenal getting any points for “dominating the game” when they lose on the scoreboard? No. We are always told that Arsenal were not good enough, despite the the pretty passing and missed chances..

  14. I am so happy with this result. I was slowly but surely giving it up till “The Wizard of Oz” showed up!!!

  15. Campbell slows things down on the wings



    Mertesacker gotta just quit playing football already……so woeful


    There’s not an arsenal fan who wouldn’t Love an international break right now!


    Debuchy?….. January is coming….start parking up ur things


    Only walcott’s availability will put the fear of God is this Giroud!


    Carzola’s changing!


    Bellerin, welbeck, ramsey, wilshere, walcott, mozart……They all need to come back sooner

    1. Cazorla is amazing in ten games but struggles in the eleventh and that means he is changing?? I don’t thinks so.

    2. Like it or not……..santi’s aging……….his Legs are failing………tho he is still valuable…… A successor should be groomed already!

  16. At the end of the season this point could vital maybe on a daily baby please

    Can’t wait for the return of at least Theo, OX, Ospina and Ramsey on a daily after the break

    And hopefully Wilshere, Rosicky and Welbeck as soon as possible

    1. I hope Theo, Ox, Ransey Welbeck return soonest. BTW, how many matches do WIshere, Theo and Ox really play for us in a season?

  17. Listen fellow F….ers. This team is currently very tired, and there is no chance that we can keep it up like this. Something mus be done to avoid losing on the title race.

    I would today sell Mertesacker to the first team who shows interest to buy him. I cant believe how such a tall player, when the ball comes out long, instead of making use of his height, he makes himself short, or he ducks himselfs. And whats even worse, he is the clubs captain. Like seriously. Plz Wenger, start to use Gabriel more.

    And Santi today game today made me sick. Never seen such a poor performance from him, but i cant blame him. Tired as hell he must be. Same with Sanchez, look close to burnout. His face and bodey movement shows it.

    Giroud is a donky in bodey, but a lion ar heart. He shows fghting spirit and i thank him for that.

    Debuchy is fine, Campel is non existant. He is a ghost in the pitch and only there to fill numbers.

    The only reason how we can end up champions is by getting new players in. We will not be crown champions bec of might and talent, but by collecting points here and there in a smart way. The Epl had such in a long time not a dominant top 4 like now. Very poor and not comparable to the elite in the world. Coyg.

    1. I think Arsenal do need some transfer help but …….. The problem mostly lies with the backups. Arsenal’s injury pattern absolutely necessitates a strong backup squad. That is just Arsenal reality.

      Can you imagine if Arsenal lost Ozil, Cech, Coquellin, and Kos instead of the current batch of injured gunners?? Not pretty.

  18. I think to be positive, we gained a point after an awful result midweek with a depleted squad against (it pains me to say it) a strong Spurs team.

    Plus we have a couple more weeks to get a few players back and continue our push for the PL title.

    Assuming no more serious injuries we should have good players coming back to strengthen the squad over the coming months and for the new year.

    And you never know, he might even think it’s worth getting a few players in January to make us a credible contender for EPL glory as a fitting swansong to AW’s career…maybe not eh? 😉

  19. Now i know why this side lost 5-1 to bayern. It is sad to see most of those Arsenal players are not good enough for a title contender. we are playing with no right side.

    1. chamberlain?……….. L()L…..


      I saw what u did there!


      Recall Andre marriner in the match btw Arsenal and chelski.

  20. I thought the way we were playing 1-0 down and gibbs coming we didnt have enough to get a goal, u all have to admit that it didnt look great? We were not creating much then gibbs scored and god we couldve won 3-1… i my honest opinion ithought we were in trouble esp after the munich disaster of our own on wednesday evening we didnt look like a big threat but the man steps up again… Ozil! He set up the goal and 3 for giroud, 2 of them sitters! Sanchez is not playing at his level atm but he has played so much its understandable but whats going on with Cazorla? Maybe tired and age catching up abit but flamini came on and busted his ass winning tackles and battling so fair play to him! International break comes at a perfect time for players to get a rest from club football for 2 weeks and for a few of our injured players to come back!

    Couldve and thought it was going to be worse at 70mins, a disaster in the making after city droppn points but well done battled back for the draw and couldve stole whilst not playing well… signs of great teams do that!

  21. Considering our injuries today was great show of character. Down 1 and not an attacking player available on the bench. Gibbs, Flamini and Arteta came on and we still managed to get a result.

    Wegner must address our needs this transfer window.

    Coquelin has been top 3 player for Arsenal, need a backup in case of injury because we’d be in serious trouble.

    We need Welbeck Walcot Ramsey Wilshere and Ox to return.

  22. This is why I am confident we wont win the league. The guys liek giroud are not good enough, yes thats the sad truth. We here celebrate a draw against a club like spurs, was so sad to see other day when people were finding positives when we were thrashed and humiliated by bayern.

    Let us not aim to become a joke club, we potray ourselves as some great club then pls let us act like one and not look for mediocrity. Funny how we are so quick to downplay our opponents and rivals by nitpicking their flaws but when it comes to ours we will show that Giroud is like Ronaldo.

    Anyways my star man was Ozil, just brilliant stuff from the german wizard. Also special shout out to Petr Cech and Koss. Rest were just there and nothing much.

  23. Giroud has had a good scoring run. I won’t fault him today. He did most things right but the ball won’t just go in. I love his reaction and determination too…

    Like someone said, this 1pt could be vital come end of the season.

  24. Come on! A point when all of us had mentally prepared for a lose!…We are not guaranteed a win…1 point is a fair result, given we had to play a left back as a striker. Come on people…if had lost people would come here saying “if you can’t win don’t lose”….to me Giroud was a threat the moment he started getting services. Come on you gunners.

  25. Wenger has been stepping up his game recently, when we’re down and out, he has been making game changing substitutions, which he definitely wasn’t doing last year.

    It seemed like it was a game of two fantastic goalkeepers, Cech keeping us in the game in the first half, while Lloris kept them in the game in the second half. I think John Terry was absolutely right about the amount of points Cech was worth, or maybe he even underestimated him, although he did a Szczesny special, where he was dribbling the ball outside the area and could’ve lost it.

  26. I think wenger is very talented as team manager n extremely intelligent as well. We should not knock him all the time.

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