Arsenal v Tottenham – Some great memories visited. Which was your favourite ever NLD?

During the last International break, we all shared some of our favourite Arsenal match day experiences. With the North London Derby this Sunday I thought we could share our memories from this fixture. As usual age of gooners vary, so no right or wrong answers so be nice to each other in the comments…

Here below are my top 10 Derby moments in my life time…

Arsenal 3-0 Spurs – FA Cup- Theo tells Spurs What’s the Score
Sometimes it’s all about the moments. We very often remember a game but it’s just the few iconic moments that stay in our head. This was heading towards another routine Arsenal victory, made all the sweeter as it was Tim Sherwood’s first game as manager. The highlight for Spurs fans seemed to be witnessing Theo Walcott get injured in front of them. This was a lengthy spell on the side-lines, so the winger must have been in pain yet as he was having things thrown at him, he calmly sat up on the stretcher and reminded them what the score was. Theo has often been viewed as one of the nice guys of the game, maybe too nice but this moment was appreciated by all gooners.

Arsenal 3-1 Spurs – Gunner’s Kids Knock Out Spurs First Team
I’m not one to normally boast about winning a League Cup semi-final (unlike Spurs who voted beating our kids as their number one North London Derby moment) but this two-legged tie could not have been more of a humiliation in terms of how big the gap had become. Arsene Wenger had made no secret of his disdain for the competition, playing the youth every round even in the final (maybe he wouldn’t have done if he knew our trophy drought would be so long). Meanwhile this tournament had always been Spurs’ most realistic way of winning silverware. So, they were never going to have a better chance when the team sheets came in. Yet the best their first team could do was chase our fringe players. Even if we hadn’t scored in extra time, we would have advanced on away goals.

Spurs 1-3 Arsenal – Youngsters Come of Age
No exaggeration this was one of our most impressive performances at the Lane coming from one of our youngest squads ever
Henry had left that summer, leaving many to wonder how we would cope with a lack of leaders. Displays like this suggest with a little more experience this squad could have won silverware. Remembered for Fabregas’s and Adebayor long range strikes, the best aspect to look at is how we dominated the ball even when falling behind

Arsenal 3-1 Spurs – ‘It’s Arsenals Day Now’
Arsene Wenger’s first North London Derby. I got to admit there is a part of nostalgia in this pick. As a child it was one of my favourite Dennis Bergkamp goals and a classic piece of Sky Sports commentary. The Dutchmen traps the ball with one touch taking the ball and himself away from the defender before smashing the ball into the net. For anyone else it be their best goal. Martin Tyler and Andy Gray offer a great sound bite. Watch it on YouTube and it will get you in the mood for this Sunday.

Arsenal 3-0 Spurs – ‘That Goal’
Okay I’m more including this because it hosted one of the greatest North London Derby goals. In terms of match quality, the visitor’s attempts were feeble. Yet we can only beat what’s in front of us. Thierry goals/ celebration is iconic, I have a canvas of him sliding in front of Spurs fans in my kitchen. The size of Highbury can be deceiving, the fact is the Frenchman ran the length of the pitch, scored, then kept running to the away end. In an era when to many foreigners kiss the badge for the sake of it, it’s nice to remember a time when someone came from
abroad and fell in love with us.

Spurs 4- 5 Arsenal – 9 Goal Thriller
The good old days when two teams played the game the right way, both trying to win, not turning the beautiful game into a chess match. A week later Jose was mocking us for conceding 4 goals, saying he much rather win a dull fixture 1-0. That’s why he and Man United are a marriage that will never work. As long as you are on the winning side, these are the type of occasions you want to be involved in. Three times we had a two-goal cushion, so this was a Derby that somewhat flattered the home side.

Spurs 1-1 Arsenal – Sol’s Return
Okay it might seem odd for me to include a draw especially given that Poyet equalised in the last few minutes.
I have picked this game though because of its context in the build-up, namely Sol Campbell’s first return to White Hart Lane. Now let’s be honest, no fan base is innocent. Gooners have been guilty of verbally abusing ex-players for what we perceived as a lack of loyalty. On this day though they took it too far, throwing objects at the visiting coach, holding up signs of Judas and jeering every touch their ex captain made. Long term though we benefited. This was the day when Spurs were letting Sol know how they feel. In reality it was the day he lost all respect for them. The irony being that he produced his best performance so far in a fixture where others might have frozen. Having not had a pre-season his first few months with us were ropey but after this game he never looked back.

Arsenal 2-1 Spurs – FA Cup Semi Final
Would have been higher on the list had it not led to the heart break of the Liverpool Final.
This is the only time in my life (old enough to remember anyway) where I experienced a North London Derby for an FA Cup Semi Final.
Because of the fear of losing the juice just isn’t worth the squeeze. Even when you won you’re more relieved, they don’t have that over you. I can never enjoy these games. It’s true what they say though form goes out of the window on days like this. This was a poor Spurs side who had just sacked their manager. The hope was the presence of legend Glen Hoddle would inspire his men. It did as they scored first but from that point on, we dominated, Pires’s winner a case of when and not if. Little did we know when he hobbled off, we never would see Sol Campbell in a Spurs shirt again. Let’s just say he moved on to better things.

Arsenal 2-1 Spurs – Lauren’s penalty
In the same season as Sol’s return Spurs represented one of our biggest tests left in the title run in. Our fate was in our own hands in terms of we had games in hand, but we couldn’t afford any slip ups. With us 1-0 Spur’s wet dream came true, they were awarded a late penalty and had a golden chance to dent our Double dream. So, called professionals Tim Sherwood, Teddy Sherringham, etc took a little bit too much pleasure in a score line that meant little for them and only hurt a fellow peer. Then though …. we also got a penalty. The only problem being that Henry had this tradition of not taking the spot kick if he was fouled. Second choice Pires was injured so up stepped Lauren. The Cameroon had never taken a pen as a gunner before but was now asked to do so with minutes to go in a North London Derby with huge Premiership ramifications. If in doubt, just calmly roll it down the middle and write yourself In Arsenal folklore.

Spurs 2-2 Arsenal – we won the League at the Lane
Some of you are old enough to be able to say this was the 2nd time you saw us win the League at Spurs. Tottenham were desperate to be the side to dent out title hopes and prevent us going the season unbeaten. Our Sunday got off to a dream start with the news that Chelsea had dropped points at Newcastle.

That meant a draw would be enough to make us champions, not that it was in our style to do anything else but go for the win. At half time it looked like we were going to rub our rivals’ noses in it, Viera and Pires scoring counter attacking goals we had become famous for. Then we got complacent and yet there was some irony in us throwing away such a lead. There was something beautiful in seeing just how happy the home side were with drawing with us. Reality hit that the gap had grown so big they would celebrate a draw even though that result meant ……we were champions. This led to my favourite moment of the whole Untouchables campaign. Due to security/safety fears, we had been warned about celebrating on the pitch if indeed we won the Premiership that day. Then though, Thierry Henry watched those in white act like they had just won the World Cup, so took it upon himself to start a party at the away end. Further evidence how the French players had brought into the Arsenal ethos. I just wished Sol Campbell joined in. So, thanks to us, Spurs fans can say they saw a League won at their ground. They should be thanking us really!

So what is your favourite memories from the North London Derby?

Dan Smith


  1. sam says:

    THOMAS ROSICKY screameeeerrrrrrrr, left Spuds helpless.

    1. Sal says:

      was lucky to witness both 5-2 ‘s so will go for that 🙂

      adebayooor what’s the score!!

      1. Robin Vanpayslip - I got 99 problems but a half finished stadium ain't one says:

        I remember thag game so well. Just watching Rosicky gave me whiplash. Had to go physio for a month.

      2. Maks says:

        I was waiting for 5th to write their name proper: 5pur2 !
        Bravo Arsenal!
        Mouourinjio is next!

  2. John Holmes says:

    Perhaps it’s because I’m a Spurs man (60 years) but I don’t think anybody does a derby better than Arsenal and Spurs. Over the past 7 or 8 seasons they have been brilliant. Merseyside, Manchester, Glasgow, look on and wonder! It’s even better than El Classico.

    My favourite was the 4-4 a few years back, where we scored two goals two late goals to grab a point. Really it should be the 3-2 where we came behind from 2-0 down and Kaboul scored a late winner, but the 4-4 was something everybody could enjoy. Hope this week’s match is half as good as one of these.

    I think the Gooners are on the up under this new bloke, I like his style and his personality. Let’s hope he has an off day Sunday, though.

    1. Kenny Rolfe says:

      I know we’ve won more important NLD’s over the years but my favourite goes all the way back to 1961/62. Believe me, Tottenham we’re almost unbeatable in this era, an even better side than their double side of the year before after the signing of Jimmy Greaves, bringing him back from his nightmare experience from AC Milan. It was played over the Christmas holiday before a full house of around 65,000. I was 11 years old at the time and on that day the “old man” told me I’ve got to take my young cousin with me, ( he was 7 ). After getting in the ground when the gates opened at 1-30 pm I remember dragging him across the old Clock End to get the position over the exit right in front of the Clock. For a youngster this was the best plot in the ground because you had nobody in front of you and a crush bar immediately behind you so nobody could squash you. Anyway the game kicked off and Tottenham dominated the first twenty minutes and took the lead after a corner was cleared only to fall to Dave Mackay who smashed in an unstoppable shot from the edge of the box, Kelsey went full length but being in the perfect position, knew he was never going to stop it. However, it was different game in the second half. Roared on by the massive crowd, Arsenal pinned Tottenham back in their own half for long periods and with twenty minutes to go, a cross from Johnny Macleod was headed in by Mel Charles, brother of the great John Charles and Highbury went mad. The noise now became even louder and with 5 minutes to go Alan Skirton picked up the ball on the right wing, after swapping wings with Macleod, cut in to the penalty area and let an unbelievable shot go that hit the roof of the net with Bill Brown in the Tottenham goal left helpless. What an fantastic game and with all 3 goals scored at the Clock End, I couldn’t have wished for anything better. Just like to say, enjoyed John Holmes post, a proper football fan supporting his team just how it was in the old days. When the NLD was played back then, whether at Highbury or White Hart Lane, there would be 30,000 fans from each club with half a dozen coppers in the ground and not one bit of trouble. Four or five years later hooliganism started after Liverpool came up from the old Second Division and things we’re never the same again. Not blaming Liverpool but they brought chanting with them, as kids we loved it, however, that’s what created territorial terraces.

    2. Maks says:

      I respect your opinion but NLD is important game for Arsenal but the most important game for 5pur2.
      Most important for us is the game thru which we will win the league again and next Champion league final.
      Thats the huge diference. between the clubs and fans.

      1. Pat says:

        Sorry but why is this article kept coming back over 3 days now. Please can we move on from it and let us focus on other things.

  3. jon fox says:

    The playoff League cup semi which we finally won , again coming from behind, at WHL in 1986-7, is in second place. But for me , it HAS to be winning the title at WHL in 1971. THE OTHER TITLE WIN AT WHL, BY THE INVINCIBLES, THOUGH BRILLIANT, WAS ALWAYS GOING TO BE OURS ANYWAY. But in ’71 ONE single Spuds goal in the very last 5 mins would have cost us the title and Spuds had a good team that season , finishing third. Best memory for me, anyway.

  4. Sue says:

    Loved Flamini’s brace against them in the cup…

    Loved it when Podolski was stood up there cheering with the fans at shite hart lane…

    Loved all the games mentioned (thought the Walcott game was 2-0??)

    Rosicky’s thunderbolt does it for me… I nearly hit the ceiling jumping out of my chair!!! Absolutely brilliant!


    1. John Wick says:

      What a goal by Rosicky Sue ? and the Flamini one deary me he was like a top class striker that night ?

  5. Goona says:

    They really should be thanking us???,thank you for that Dam Smith

  6. Dave Brown says:

    Liam Brady’s goal in the 5-0 at Spurs.

    I’m lucky enough to have seen him in his prime.
    Hint to defenders “he will never kick it with his right foot”. Yet they kept on falling for that dummy!

  7. Ak47 says:

    I remember fab scored a goal and immediately spurs passed the ball fab collected and dribbled his way and it’s 2 goals in quick successions.brilliant.

  8. Declan says:

    1 nil at their place in 1971 to win the league when I was there on the shelf. The two 5-2 results are up there too.

  9. Gily says:

    Has anyone seen Dave Kitson’s shocking confession about Aaron Ramsey’s horror leg break in 2010. I am gutted????
    I think Tony Pulis should be called to answer even though it’s now eight years ago.
    You can look up this link below;

    1. Sue says:

      I can’t stand Pulis

      1. Kenny Rolfe says:

        I read it Gily and Sue, I also read a lot of tweets from their fans. Their as bad as the club, probably the same people who taunted Ramsey every time he went back. Stoke City? Hate the club, have done since the Seventies, rotten to the core, hope they stay out of the Premier League for many years to come and that goes for Pulis’s new club Middlesboro. Sorry Boro, shouldn’t have hired such a moron.

        1. Sue says:

          Totally agree Kenny ?

    2. Maks says:

      Pulis shoud be charged for that, it is time for PL oldies to come out in the open and get rid of their. onservative brains.
      Looking forward to VAR. The n jerks like Mike Dean will be off very soon.

  10. ken1945 says:

    For me it’s got be the 1971 1-0 win that gave us the first leg of the double.
    We had lived for so long in the shadow of other clubs and this was the first time we had conquered the English footballing world.
    I still have the sticker that was produced announcing the fact

    It was brilliant driving around, getting flashed by other cars, scarves hanging out of windows and finally being able to ram down the taunts from the spud supporters who since 1961 had taunted us over their double winning team.

  11. Dan says:

    How did I forget the 5-2 game lol

  12. Big G says:

    I think my fave memory of a north London derby has to be beating Spurs to win the league followed by my 2nd fave when we beat Spurs at WHL in the league cup though most of the Arsenal fans were left outside the ground trying to listen to radio commentary or any noise from fans that had made it inside the ground. Not once, twice but three times a roar was heard and we went home happy knowing Champayne Charlie had bagged a brace to send us through.

  13. RSH says:

    5-2 in back-to-back seasons was glorious. Wild games. COYG

  14. Innit says:

    I think Emery didn’t start Ozil to give him something to think about for Spuds. To make him try harder. Ozil will start against Spuds. I think he almost has to because we need an attacker in the centre.

  15. Ingleby says:

    My first visit to a Division 1 game in 1962 at White Hart Lane. A 4-4 draw in which we came back from 0-3 and David Court who replaced the injured Joe Baker scored two.

  16. Innit says:

    If watching on tape counts then Spuds 2-2 2004 Arsenal. I know it was a draw BUT
    We needed 1 point to win the Title and we did it at White Hart Lane…Sweet!

    If it doesn’t count then I will go for the time we beat Spuds 5-2 thanks partly to Cazorla, Podolski, Mert. I miss CAZ so much. That’s why I picked it and I wish we had the old Mert of 2012

  17. Babasola says:

    My Dear Gunners,
    I’ve noticed when confidence is over-top on here about a particular match – we actually go ahead and lose that match
    I hope tomorrow won’t be so
    Our only advantage tomorrow is Home-advantage
    Forget history, Forget unbeaten
    Chelsea were unbeaten b4 these Spurs splashed them
    Our unbeaten will definitely come to an end
    And if there’s a team that can do that, it’s our Fierce, Brutal and On-better-form rivals
    Let’s keep our cool, hope the manager gets his selection and tactics right and hand dem Spurs some tomorrow
    COYG !

  18. Kenny Rolfe says:

    The 3-1 victory when the Gunners kid’s knocked out Spurs first team out of the League Cup wasn’t the only time that happened. The year after we beat them 0-5 at the lane our reserves went there the following year in a League game with Paul Davis making his debut and beat Spurs first team 1-2. Another memorable fixture.

  19. Break-on-through says:

    The draw that gave us the title. The sheer feeling of being superior to everyone both playing great ball and being so strong defensively. I rarely felt like that before about Arsenal, you feel it during the season with Wenger’s greatest sides, but to actually grab the silverware too. Great feeling of owning the NLD and us having bigger fish to fry at the same time.

  20. Eat Pie says:

    GK fck up and dive and we losing

  21. Eat Pie says:

    Mike dean you fkn cnt

  22. Kieron says:

    Ozil wimping out and Mike Dean strikes again!

    1. Maks says:

      Why you shit about Ozil?
      Will you “leave” the Arsenal with Ramsey departure?
      Today Ramsey played his first decent half this season so enjoy our victory and leave your issues for some other day.
      ask yourself:
      What I will do when Ramsey leaves?

  23. Kieron says:

    He was mikes away from that how can an official say for sure it was a pen? Ah a spurs fan can!

  24. Franco Vacca says:

    Mike Dean is a criminal, he shouldn’t be allowed to officiate an arsenal game ever again let alone a north London derby! when are the premier league going to realise he is totally biased against us FFS i´m fuming

  25. mickmematethemasterfarter says:

    smith rowe woulda had us outa sight after 20 mins iwobi lol..

  26. Kieron says:

    Got to say that Ramsey > Miki

    1. Sal says:

      Today Wow Buzzing!!! what a game !!! one of the best performances from the lads it had everything, i’m pretty sure other than typing i won’t be able to do much vocally for the next few days, but who cares we reminded them why North London is RED!!!

      I”m just Happy oh so happy, I hope everyone has a fantastic week because that was 10/10 performance from the players to the manager to the fans!! COYG!!!!

      Ps: you would be glad to hear Sue Saed was a Beast 🙂

      1. Sue says:

        Buzzing Sal… absolutely buzzing!!!
        Good ole Kolasinac ?
        Going to watch MOTD when I get in… ???

  27. dboy says:


  28. Robin Vanpayslip - I got 99 problems but a half finished stadium ain't one says:

    Harry Kane goals in EPL this season – 8

    Auba goals in EPL this season – 10

    Hang your head in shame as Auba doesn’t even play through the middle every game. Last season you got beaten to the golden boot by a wide player too.

    1. Sue says:

      How crap was Kane?? And he still managed to get a goal…. actually he was gifted a goal

  29. summerbreez says:

    The spirit of Arsenal was evident toriras Goal did it for me come on Arsenal lets do it again on Wednesday come on you gooners

  30. John Ibrahim says:

    we won 4-2 at home…excellent results

    next year if we lose by 1 or 2 goals away…its still a good result

  31. John Wick says:

    Has to be Adebayor screamer one, my daughter was born the night before so naturally I was buzzing already, but what a performance today.. proud of the boys bring on utd for number 20 ?

    1. Sue says:

      ? bring it on hey John!!!

      1. John Wick says:

        Absolutely Sue let’s break that old Trafford curse ?????

  32. Declan says:

    My new favourite is……… today’s game!

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