Arsenal v Tottenham will be remembered for the players passion as much as the result

Like I said in my preview, there’s nothing out of the norm in Arsenal beating Spurs at the Emirates, but there was something different about the latest North London Derby. It’s a shame some gooners initial reaction was to once again make comparisons with Emery and Arsene Wenger. Apparently, the greatest manager in our history would never have made changes at half time, maybe if he did, he would have improved on only losing once to our rivals at home?

How often were we in a position where our rivals ever were winning at our place at the interval is a debate but let’s not let the facts get in the way of a good story. What was refreshing about this Sunday was aspects that ironically the FA will probably punish people for. It was heart-warming to see what the occasion meant to a group of foreigners who haven’t been at the club for long. We’ve become used to our best players always knowing it was when and not if they were leaving. As enjoyable as Sanchez’s strike in this fixture was last year, as he slid in celebration, the moment was hampered by knowing he was plotting his escape route.

The way Auba, Lacca and Torreira reacted when finding the net showed they are proud to wear the badge. I thought Bellerin was a red card waiting to happen the amount of time he squared up to his peers when the ref stopped play. But I mean that as a compliment. He’s grown up with us since a teenager so cares about this game as much as a Harry Kane. Yet he didn’t have the confidence in the last two years to stand up for the shirt. That’s why I didn’t mind Dier’s gesture to the crowd (especially when he was made to look silly for it in the second half).

I have a canvas of Thierry Henry sliding in front of the away end at Highbury in my kitchen, so let’s not be hypocritical. I liked our subs caring enough to start a shoving match. Nor did I take any offense to Klopp running onto the pitch later in the day at Anfield. We want passion in the game. We want players to show personality. We don’t want them to be robots who all act the same. By Dier’s provocation, our subs reaction or Klopp’s celebration, these provide memories to last for ever. Moments that will be played every time this match comes around.

Think back to the Battle of Old Trafford? When Man United fans or Gooners remember Keown reaction to that penalty miss, few chat about the fines or suspensions. They talk like it’s a good memory. Proud they had winners who cared enough about the badge. That’s been dying in the last decade. Arsenal and Spurs will most likely get punished for today’s behaviour, yet it’s moments like today which make this the game we love. Don’t take personality out of the sport.

Dan Smith


  1. Sean says:

    100% agree, great article man. Nothing better than seeing the passion the Gooners had yesterday, well all season so far to be fair, instead of rolling over in big games there seems to be a new mentality already under Unai so kudos to the boss.

    He seems to be the perfect for for Arsenal. If we keep going in this direction there is no reason why we cannot get top4 this year above Spurs & Man Utd, who we face on Wednesday at Old Trafford in another big game. Again 19games unbeaten is a great run for the club long may it continue,just don’t lose at Old Trafford but if we play the way we did yesterday then we can beat Utd.

    Happy Monday Gooners, you all have to be buzzing today… not getting carried away but absolutely over the moon with how we have transformed since Emery has took over. Little torreira is a star already, what a buy

    1. Godswill says:

      Can’t wait for Wednesday night. These players have given me a new believe. NIT EASY FOR ARSENAL TO LOSE. Beating the Manure. I like the passion.

  2. gotanidea says:

    Wanna see similar passion again at the Old Trafford

    Maybe Emery would use 3-4-2-1 again and exclude Ozil again?

  3. Sue says:

    Saw loads of pictures on Twitter of everyone on top of Laca celebrating & the corner flag in Kolasinac’s hand – brilliant!!
    That game was so good & it meant just as much to the players (& manager) as it did to us fans!
    Dier & Alli are such tw*ts … Kane was awful (gifted a goal) Son should have been in the swimming pool… I was so happy Torreira scored, his celebration was amazing! What a player he is.. definite buy of the summer (thank you Sven)
    Auba’s 2nd goal ?
    I just want to say how disgusted I was at that banana skin being thrown at Aubameyang.. I hope whoever did it gets banned for life.. there’s no place for that sort of crap, you complete tool
    COYG Arsenal ❤

  4. Heyzee says:

    @jon fox,what do you have to say about spuds throwing banana skin at aubameyang?,considering the fact that you once mentioned how racism is very minimal amongst British people??patiently awaiting your response.

    1. jon fox says:

      Heyzee, Oh if only you knew that I have spend an active lifetime politicially and in active work at street level combating hate and racism in all its ugly forms. I do not merely blog but have been actively involved most of my long adult life in combating the Neanderthal and moronic attitudes of such as the low IQ individual who thought it clever to throw that banana skin. Thank you for raising this ugly subject, to which the overwhelming evolved majority of human kind look on with bemused and utter disgust, so that I could take this chance to add my own two pennorth.

      1. Tissiam says:

        Well said and keep up the good work!

      2. Ingleby says:

        Good man. Excellent response.

        1. Tissiam says:

          Thanks man!

      3. Heyzee says:

        Well done

  5. Charlie Nick says:

    Just rewatching game – haven’t done that for a long time.
    It’s amazing what passion can do for a team – Emery has been a great choice. Hope we can keep that intensity going – winning at Man U would be a major statement and confidence boost – not that they’re great but just cause history. (and big win=mourinho sacking?)
    Think other top teams will actually fear facing us if we keep this up.
    Finally – I agree – sell Ozil, keep Aaron, buy Cengiz Under.

  6. snowden says:

    Like all Gooners for me Sunday was a proud to be a Gooner day and I don’t knock the team’s performance.
    However what happened to spuds Wednesday – Sunday could happen to us Sunday – Wednesday.
    Last Wednesday the spuds first team squad gave their all against chelski. Seeing the way they played caused me to fear the worst for Sunday.
    However Sunday it was evident that they had not completely recovered despite having three days to get back to speed.

    We have two days and travel to get back to speed, manure have three days and are at home. If they get back to ‘speed’ and we can’t match them then those who can’t see the end of their nose will claim as they always do when we don’t that we are useless, etc. etc.

    i hope of course that the team is up to speed and we keep manure down in the dump where they belong.

    If we don’t play the same as we did on Sunday, even worse if the wheels come off that will not make the manager or the team a failure of the true fan.

    The one match fans can hallabaloo as much they like at a wrong result for us, but it won’t change the fact that we have team and a manager who will continue to make us feel proud to be Gooners

    1. jon fox says:

      What wise and sensible perspective Snowden. In my prematch assertion that I would be delighted and surprised if we got a draw, I gave too little weight -though I did consider it, just not deeply enough – to the fact that Spuds had two key and hard fought games in the last week , compared to our just one at Bournemouth. We can disregard our Europa game last week as only RH was in both starting elevens. I watched the Saints v Man Utd game and cannot believe MU can be so inept again , when we play them. I do fancy a strong draw for us though. But in our football no one can ever be sure , that is a huge part of the PREM appeal.

      1. Godswill says:

        We are winning. No strong draw. The manager and players mentality is something else.

  7. jon fox says:

    So then, DAN SMITH , your OPINION is that it is a shame others on here do not have your same opinion that it is a SOME ON HERE , INCLUDING ME FOR JUST ONE, MAKE COMPARISONS BETWEEN THE NEW AND PREVIOUS MANAGER. I am under the perhaps, misaten imprssion that a debate site like this one should be allowed to include all NON HATEFUL opinions. And this in a democracy too! How appalling that we all have diverse opinions eh Dan? What is the next logical step to that argument; that we should not have diversity in society and live like some barbarian repressive hateful countries – who repress the female sex and gay folk – do in God forsaken parts of our globe, perhaps? Eh DAN? Wise up young man and acceprt that all opinions which are NON HATEFUL ARE VALID. Some folk choose not not think deeply before posting but that is for them to decide, not us. Wouldn’t you agree, DaN? Diversity equals riches, conformity equals repression and totalitarianism, as all free and evolved thinkers well know.

    1. Tissiam says:

      I agree with you!!

    2. Dan says:

      Depends what the comparison is
      If it’s unfair or untrue to suit an agenda then I will challenge it
      Example , under wenger Arsene Wenger we never would have come back to draw with Liverpol
      Last season we did that
      Today I heard Wenger wouldn’t have tactical awareness to make changes at halftime time
      He lost one home nld in two decades implying he very often needed to make changes
      If we had lost would you have said he’s lost his fist Derby compared to Wenger’s 1 home loss in 22 years
      As you reminded me a couple of weeks ago no one speaks for all gooners
      So without knowing the comparisons you personally have made I can’t comment
      You do point out that we are allowed an opinion
      So if it’s my opinion that it’s a shame, shouldn’t that be respected

      1. jon fox says:

        Yes your opinion should be respected, except when you say that other people having a different one from you “is a shame. ” I cannot ever respect those who practice exclusivity. I have found you to be a wise and human person over the long period of your many blogs and on this point, ALONE, you disappoint me. In fact Dan , I do not believe you would blithely say what you have written here, to anyone actually face to face. I much suspect I am correct in thinking this too. VERY FEW HAVE THE GALL(THANKFULLY) TO INSULT SOMEONE WHO IS THERE IN PERSON AND FACING THEM. Surely all who believe in democracy should allow others their own, non hateful, opinions!

        1. Dan says:

          WhatI thinks its a shame?
          Dont see how thats hurtful
          Agree to disagree

  8. Thomo says:

    Bring back wenger

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