Arsenal v Vitoria match preview and predicted score

Arsenal to claim another Europa League win and get back on track.

This evening Arsenal welcomes Portuguese side Vitoria to the Emirates in the Europa League. A win will put Arsenal on nine points and one huge step closer to qualification to the knockout stages.

It is very difficult to see anything other than a home win and there are a variety of reasons for that. For starters, Unai Emery has a more attacking attitude in the Europa League and truth be told, he picks the better team.

Tonight there is a good chance that we will see Kieran Tierney, Rob Holding and possibly Hector Bellerin play. Players that should be playing in Premier League games. The Spaniard may even surprise us all and select Mesut Ozil, but I doubt it.

There will definitely be some youngsters on display and the energy they bring will drive the team on. There will be none of the careful approach Emery prefers in the league, instead, it will be far more free-flowing.

The way the fringe players play in the Europa League is so different from how the senior team performs and you would think that Emery would click on to that. However, he either ignores what he sees or simply does not believe it will work in the EPL.

But regardless, we will see an attack-minded formation, a team with an attacking mentality and a defence that most fans would like to see week in week out.

Vitoria has lost their opening two Europa League games and they are simply making the numbers up. They are not a top Portuguese side and really should not trouble Arsenal too much this evening.

Because there will be numerous changes and a different attitude I am convinced we will see a comprehensive Arsenal win.

Predicted Score

Arsenal 4-1 Vitoria


  1. 16-1 to Arsenal and Emery and Xhaka celebrate with a high five routine they have been practicing all week .m

  2. 6-0 as far as I’m concerned. Although they have only conceded 3 in their first two EL games but they haven’t scored any at all…

  3. Looking forward to lovely football played with vigour and enthusiasm, a comprehensive win for the young gunners.

  4. I came across an article about Özil and Emery having a somewhat heated conversation in training yesterday, and later on Özil posted a picture of himself laughing with the caption “you make me laugh”, a dig supposedly aimed at Emery. The post was liked by Auba, Laca, and some other players, to my surprise even Xhaka liked the post! 😂. I mean, isn’t he supposed to be Emery’s right hand man or something. I would be perplexed if Xhaka is also all for firing Emery 😀

    1. Emery has obviously lost the dressing room, as what Wenger faced in his last season. It’s noticable from the way Emery asked his players to select their own captain

      It’s also difficult to control rich divas at Arsenal, especially after the manager suffered too many losses. Arsenal need a manager that dares to impose his own policies

      The new manager has to start with a clean slate, which means the underperformers have to go first

      1. Emery is simply not good enough and his decision making convinces me that much. From the games so far this season, i clearly see Zhaka, Kola and Sokratis as obvious weakness in the team. Expecially Zhaka in the middle, as Petit asked what exactly is Zhaka outstandind strength?… Long passes (Luis and gwen does so well too and it not our style of play), Tackling (I cant remember any crucial ball winning tackle from Zhaka even though is his the most booked Arsenal player. Long range shot ( He has less than 7 goals in his Arsenal career).

        Now Emery hooked him off against Aston Villa and the team plays better. The same midfield players click with fast paced mobile football in the Europa games when Zhaka is not in the team.

        I just believe Zhaka is not well suited for our pressing and fast moving short passing game, he his naturally slow and that his making life difficult for those arround him to also combine well.

        Emery should just drop Zhaka and Kola for a start against Palace and we have a better chance of attacking exciting football and most importantly a much needed win.

    2. I saw his post yesterday..
      I reckon even the senior players are tired of the way Emery sets us up in the EPL.
      I saw a comment yesterday on Twitter that says we are third best team when it comes to attacking strength and yet we are sharing the same amount of goals with Aston Frigging Villa😮😮.

      I don’t know if Emery makes him laugh or he makes himself laugh.
      The point is he should keep laughing, regardless of what Emery does to him.
      Happiness is free
      Laughter is vital

  5. OT: If Emery insists on fielding Xhaka on Sunday, he should at least ask Xhaka to take the corners and the freekicks

    Xhaka is not a good playmaker nor is he a good DM, but his set-piece skills look much better than Pepe

    Maybe the club instructed Emery to let Pepe take all chances to keep his market value, but they shouldn’t do it at the expense of our EPL position

    I know CL money is smaller as compared to Pepe’s resell value, but Arsenal’s brand will keep going down if they can’t participate in CL next season

  6. Yea well good luck to y’all as I ain’t watching shît tonight..
    I’ll be waiting for the Guardians of Emery superhero squad to come out full throttle after Arsenal wins tonight.

    In a week now, I haven’t read the “Emery’s the right man, We’re 3rd on the EPL table ”…
    Oh well I’m looking forward to the next pile of 💩💩 after two wins😆

    1. I’m watching tonight because I’m an Arsenal supporter and I know tonight will be a Freddie team and not an Emery team.
      If we win the game tonight and even if we beat Palace Sunday (I’ll be there cheering the team again), and even if we get back to 3rd in the table, it will still be Emery Out. I’ve had it with him, Emery OUT.

  7. The best team, the best tactics, the most attacking forward line and the most resilient defence should be reserved for the EPL. The rest should be for the eul. Our coach is eul material and not CL material. Please change Mr.Emery, the sooner the better.

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