Arsenal v Watford Review – An easy Gunners win and records are broken

Arsenal were desperately in eed of a confidence boosting win the Premier League, and with Watford’s awful away form we were very hopeful that today would get us three points at last. And so it proved as Arsenal got their 1000th Premier League goal scored by the defender Shkrodan Mustafi from a pinpoint free kick from Mesut Ozil after just 8 minutes, who looks to be comfortable again after a dodgy few weeks.

Ozil came very close to making another assist and even had a brilliant chance himself when left one on one with the Watford keeper, but failed to calmly walk it around him. So we could easily have been three up at the break, but you can’t ignore that the Hornets recovered from their slow start and Charlison was finding balls through the Gunners defence but it looks like Petr Cech is also determined to get his own clean sheet record today. Arsenal had the lions share of the possession as usual but end up with six shots on goal at half-time to Watford’s four. Let’s hope we can kick on after the break and put the game to bed…

Watford came out fighting in the second half with Holebas getting loads of room down the wings, but arsenal were countering and we had the combination of Mhki and PEA cutting through the Hornets defence and Auba goes round the keeper and slots it cooly into the net. But just a minute later Maitland-Niles brings down a striker and Troy Deeney had his cojones tested with a penalty against Petr Cech.

Incredibly Cech breaks another record as he saves his first ever penalty for Arsenal, which may help him to finally break his clean sheet record as well. Well done the Big Man! It looks like we are going to see three records today!

10 minutes later, Mustafi goes down injured again, and as he had already been booked it was sensible to take him off and chambers comes in for the last 20 minutes. Within five minutes the Arsenal fans could stop panicking as Mhki gets an assist from PEA for change and his unstoppable shot gives us a comfortable 3-0 lead. Wenger decides to give the Armenian a rest and brings on Wilshere to replace him.

We only had to hold on for another ten minutes and the game just petered out to the finalwhistle, and at last Arsenal got their comfortable win, Cech got his 200th clean sheet and a first ever penalty save for us, and we have scored our 1002nd EPL goal. A great day all round!



  1. muffdiver says:

    lets be bigger than watford fans..lets not take this opp…NAHHH




    1. kenyanfan says:

      too bad that you forgot that ozil did break a record as well.
      Mesut Ozil, on Sunday became the fastest player in the Premier League history to reach 50 assists in 141 games, breaking Eric Cantona’s previous record of the same assist in 143 games.

  2. Footballistrivial says:

    Cech really earned his 200th clean sheet tbh. Watford didn’t respect us and paid the price with the acres of space they gave us. Totally undone by our pace and technical ability. But Watford worked really hard, however our defence was more than up for it and their ball control let them down. Good game to watch to be honest.

    1. Break-on-through says:

      Did anyone else feel certain that Cech was gonna save it. I said to myself, after thinking about all the ones that went in, …he’ll save this it has to be this one. Cech you could see that he concentrated so hard that he almost shat a diamond. Even if the ball had been placed well into the corner, I think Cech was getting to it. Lets hope he approaches them all like this.

      1. Alex says:

        I felt that way after seeing how he was moving around. Great save and he truly deserves both records!

  3. Wolf says:

    Arsenal look like there playing with new energy. Those who complain too many games I’m sorry they’ve been walking about up until the match against ACM. Not many games to go now and I think its too late for Wenger and the players know this and are now on show for the next manager to come in. Who will stay , who will go?
    Miki played really well today but overall the whole team worked really hard and about bloody time

    Wenger out.

  4. muffdiver says:

    whats funny about this?
    usually we play poorly then finish strongly to squeeze top 4
    not this year hombre

    this season we come back when its too late
    thats good imo
    was tired of same bollox every year anyway


    1. sol says:

      toooooooooooooooo late

  5. RSH says:

    actually a good game. Arsenal matched Watford physically and created some good chances. And finally Cech saves a penalty. And seeing Aubameyang get some goals makes me hopeful this wont go the lacazette route. Watford win won’t be enough to turn the season around tho. Mr. Wenger knows he needs Europa League or bust.

  6. Sony says:

    Happy for Cech now he can rest in peace. I hope he can keep up like this. Also Ozil ,Auba and Mustafi were good today.
    How the hell that was not a penalty is a mistery for me.
    So frustrating to watch Iwobi and Mikhy today, but Mikhy can atleast produce something. Iwobi on the other hand….. AMN look promising good energy, but he needs to be more careful. Also did you guys notice that our LB/RB can not cross ?
    Rest was above avarage, but shake at times. Still very happy with the WIN.

    1. Adega Olatunji says:

      Forget, is not about crossing it’s about competition in the team. Some players need to be told they are not indispensable in the team by dropping them when ever they lose form. But the guy in the wright back must be told he is playing for Arsenal fc not school game, he should be serious all the time

      1. Sony says:

        I agree with bellerin, but Kola seems he can not cross too. Only one who can cross is Monreal, but i can not remember when was the last time he did. I just remember all his goals weird.

  7. Sims says:

    More tactical coaches will be licking thier lips, what they will do with the combo of Mhki, Mesut and Auba. The way Auba rounded the keeper instantly reminded me of king Henry. With forward-thinking midfield ( Not silly tap tap) Auba is going to ship in goals. He just reminds me of Filipo Inzagi, boy was born in the 18 yard box. Last time arsenal had a forward that knows his way in the box like this was Eduado da silva. Wenger I think its time you step aside, these arsenal players most of them are good they just need a coach who will fix the chain properly, then add some new bloods here and there.

    1. Midkemma says:

      Dudu, what a player, shame about what happened 🙁
      He made me sit on the edge of my seat in a good way.

      1. Sims says:

        Man what happened to him and altimately ruined his career was so heart wrenching. That day he scored against arsenal for shakhtar donetsk, I couldn’t hold back the tears thinking of what a great striker he would ve become with the kind of ruthlessness he usually exbibit in the 18 yard box. So so so sad. Dudu, we still love you.

  8. Break-on-through says:

    Some promising signs. Auba and Mkhit look great together with how well they know the other. We fought for everything (and won good 50/50s v a strong set of ball winners) and left something on them for the Watford players to think twice on it next time. I’m liking Mkhit, very good passing but also makes dangerous runs to get on the end of. He can scrap too, looks a team player in this short time. Might even be more suited to Arsenal than Alexis. Alexis was deadly but an individually crafted player, he fought well for utd yesterday. Mkhit would suit Arsenal when Arsenal were at their best, when it was full of free flowing passers that can also play receiver. Aubameyang hasn’t even hit top gear yet, in that sense he reminds me of the great Thierry Henry. Henry could destroy teams without ever leaving third gear, Batman looks like he can do that too. I love that the ex Dortmund players teed up one another. League position will end badly no matter how well we play, but am thankful that we’re seeing that not everything we done in latest few windows is looking suspect. Both Auba and Mkhit look Arsenal players though, don’t they?

    1. Sony says:

      I like Auba too and it is good to see them together.
      I feel like Alexis is like unforgetable ex. We had very great time, but it did not end well for us. He will still be remembered for some time and i miss his telepathic reading with Ozil. They just suited each other. I hope ozil will find it with Auba and others too.

  9. adi says:

    We need proper full backs, Miles was exploited allday. Kolasinac is weak in the final third. Ozil is useless, but dangerous in the final third. Miki needs a dangerous LW to enhance his game (cuts inside often), Iwobi needs to be loaned out.

    On the positives, Our defence was solid, but needs to work on counter attack and repossesions need alot of work.

    1. Sony says:

      For AMN that was not his natural position nor position he usually play. So considering that he played “okay”. For Ozil well that is his job to be dangerous there. I do not except from him to much defending. I agree with the rest.

  10. jon fox says:

    What I saw today was a deal of talent but mostly wasted because our esteemed”manager” has no coaching ability and doesn’t know how to set up a team to maximise its talents. Despite Cech’s odd MotM award, I was pleased he got his 200th clean sheet but this does not disguise the fact we do not have even ONE quality , reliable, defender at the club , bar Monreal. Once the new manager takes over ,very soon now, he will be able to organise the undoubted talent the squad has(going forward) and then “all” he needs to do is buy around 8 quality defenders and begin shipping out all the ones here now. Talk about Mother Hubbard Wenger!

    1. muffdiver says:

      disagree kolasinac is unreal
      just needs right coach
      holding when he first got here was great no nonsense defender
      chambers has alot to his game- was great at middlesborough
      just need right coach- they have been handled poorly

      we need cb’s tho 2 at a push

      dm is major though

      1. Midkemma says:

        Well said Muff.

        1. Ozziegunner@Newcastle upon Hunter says:

          Agree! Arsenal do need to strengthen CB’s and particularly DM; however we do have the players in the squad. What is lacking is coaching in defending as a team, techniques, tactics and discipline. Bring back man marking and discard zonal defending!

  11. Break-on-through says:

    Come on Bournemouth.

  12. antonioro says:

    Iwobi-catastrophic!Wilshere?Mediocre at best and slow as a snail.A break for team.Let him go ASAP,the most overrated player in Arsenal history.

  13. AB says:

    Well played team and deserved win. Got to this more consistently.

    Wenger should still be sacked.

  14. ks-gunner says:

    Todays win makes me think that this team of ours surely has much potential. I know we like to jk about cohession and mentality but its a factor of matter in football.

    I wish Wenger would be ruthless and not so loyal to the wrongs he did before. Just see how competition can bring the best out of players. Niles i must say very impressed him. Xhaka is also playing fine, due of him being linked up with a partner in the center. Get us a strong dm and Xhaka will play good alongside him.

    Cant single out any player who was not good today. Very pleased and do hope that we can win the uefa leauge.

    As for Wenger. Good job. But i wish he could just win the uefea leauge and retire as a champion and be remembered for the good and not with ill feelings.

    1. Adega Olatunji says:

      Iwobi was not good today sir. Did Welbek enter the field at all? Am not sure

      1. Sue says:

        Iwobi’s never good. I was worried when I saw him in the line up!

        1. ks-gunner says:

          He is like Gervinhio. When it matters the most, he screws things up, therefore the critisem is a step greater. But in the future we need to make sure to get our self a proper winger. That malcom guy or who knows who else. I wonder what happened to that lemar guy, he sure was overhyped by the media not long time ago.

          1. Sue says:

            Minus the forehead ?

  15. AlexLaca9 says:

    Must say I was very impressed with El Neny today, he looked very good on the ball. Made some very good passes (forwards and offensive for once) and was linking up well with the forwards. He obviously has more to offer as a cm rather than a dm. Hope to see more of him in that role

  16. Sue says:

    On the train back from the match. Sat behind the goal watching Cech save Deeney’s penalty… absolutely priceless ?
    All is forgiven Cech, you are no longer a donkey! Deeney you’ll always be a bell end!
    Buzzing, we were brilliant! Well done boys COYG

    1. GB says:

      Well said Sue and glad you enjoyed it.

  17. raymondo says:

    I’m tired of those on this site wanting us to lose. I want to see the manager replaced and inadequate players moved on. However I’ve supported this club since 1950 and never ever want the team to lose, however bad the situation.

    Get behind the team no matter what!

  18. Trudeau says:

    Apart from a few wayward passes near the end I was very impressed with Holding. Good in the air and with the ball. Delivered a few killer long through balls. Also impressed with Elneny today. He has some lovely incisive passes. Agree with those above, Iwobi seems to be regressing.

  19. Grandad says:

    Elneny had a very good game and was superior to Xhaka and Wilshere.Sadly for him Wenger will probably leave him out for the next match.

  20. jon fox says:

    I would welcome Gooners opinions on what was the ACTUAL crowd attending and also how many were still there at very end. These wholesale boycotts are our best weapon to get the fossil sacked ASAP.

    1. Sue says:

      Looked pretty full from where I was sitting…

      1. John0711 says:

        ONly watched the second half, but seemed like loads of seats were empty

        1. GB says:

          Yes, though obviously they sold 59,000 not that many went today. Yes a lot of apathy but I don’t think it will make much difference unless sponsors start kicking off or they don’t sell season tickets. As there is a huge waiting list, that won’t happen. Cech MOM not a bad shout as he made some really good saves including pen and clean sheet. A better performance all round, well done lads.
          Wenger out.

      2. jon fox says:

        Where were you sitting then Sue? On the moon perhaps! I would estimate around 30000 and the Watford end was full and was the only part of ground anywhere near remotely full. What is vital now is that its as empty as possible every game til Wenger is sacked

        1. Sue says:

          Down low… so looks deceiving…. no not on the moon

    2. AndersS says:

      TV commentators said just above half full during the game. Don’t know about the finish

  21. Robin Vanpayslip V2 ( now with cojones) says:

    It takes cojones to take a penalty

  22. Sue says:


  23. Phil says:

    A very average mid table(at best) side still caused us too many problems.Yes the 3 points were deserved and the team played ok but let’s not get too carried away here.It was Watford.

    1. GB says:

      For a minute it sounded like a very goodbye description of Arsenal ?

  24. Hayzed says:

    I didn’t watch the match.
    I couldn’t believe it when I heard that Cech actually save a penalty and got his 200th PL clean sheet.

  25. Phil says:

    Also as a completely separate post to all those who say they do not ever wish to see Arsenal lose even if it means Wenger staying till his contract runs out next year.BE VERY VERY CAREFULL WHAT YOU WISH FOR.

    1. Trudeau says:

      Hmmmm. Lets see if I follow you correctly. If my wish that Arsenal wins every game comes true then Wenger will see out his contract.

      I think I’m okay with that.

  26. Adega Olatunji says:

    For me this is the best game of the season so far not because we won, but did any body notice that there Were not too much back pass? This is why i like to watch Real Madrid play, every player is so confident on the ball so reason to pass ball back to keeper at all. That was how Arsenal played today for the for the first time since the likes of Fabriga, Nasri, Hleb, Roscki and Van Parsie left Arsenal.

    I hate it a team pass ball back to goal keeper from midfield it simply shows that the team lack creative players. Eleny kept passing the ball forward to attack that’s quite impressive. I was happy Arsenal can still play like this again.

  27. Avenger says:

    Why do you say Cojones why you dont say balls
    anyway now that Wenger is almost on the way Out
    everybody behind de team cheers

  28. Lexynal says:

    Two straight wins and two straight clean sheets coming up on the heels of four straigt looses….this NEW coach must be a genius for borrowing players from Man City and coming with ingenuous playing styles. Perhaps some of those Arsenal fans get the message. Stop being negative…support your team.

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