Arsenal v Watford review – Perfect win puts pressure on title rivals

Alex Iwobi

Iwobi – MOTM?

Premier League table

You have to say that the Gunners did that very well today with a comfortable and impressive win over Watford. The players would certainly have been feeling some pressure themselves, especially in front of an Emirates crowd that has been showing their anger, especially after we were beaten by the Hornets in the FA Cup just three weeks ago.

So a fast start was always going to help and that was just what we got and it was rewarded after just five minutes when Iwobi found Alexis Sanchez in the box. The Chilean’s header was saved but he was on his toes to slot in the rebound.

Arsenal controlled the game well after that and created chances but it was not until half time was near when we got the second with a great move down the right. The roles were reversed as Sanchez cut the ball back and Iwobi finished well.

Almost straight after the restart a third goal from a deflected Bellerin shot sealed the points and Arsenal rarely looked like conceding although there were a few hairy moments in the last 25 minutes. They were especially hairy for me as I had a great bet by phone this morning on both Chelsea and Arsenal to win by at least three goals for a tenner! With nearly 300 quid winnings I may just reinvest and try to become a casino legend while my lucks in! But I wasn’t too worried as there could have been more Arsenal goals as well, and Walcott finally settled my nerves with a fourth goal in the final minutes from a Campbell cross.

One down seven to go.

Updated: April 2, 2016 — 5:07 pm


  1. A bit annoying performance
    Too much show boating from the lads
    Could have scored 6 or 7 goals (do they realize the title might come down to GD?)
    Alex Iwobi MOTM two games on the bounce
    Congratulations gooners!

    1. hugely exciting seeing iwobis emergence.
      so excited for next week ….west ham away. huge game.
      come on liverpool flatten those spuds.

      we do this every year finish strongly.
      what coulda been lads.
      anyway two wins on the bounce…boom

      1. Too little too late as always!

        1. i’m really happy to see the new team w better attitude & execution.
          ramsey -> elneny
          walcott -> iwobi
          giroud -> welbeck
          arteta/flam -> coq
          mert -> gabriel

        2. i agree.
          when it happens once u have excuses.
          every year means theres fundamentals at play here

    2. wait for next game
      Arsenal weather changes every day sometime it rainy sometime sunshine

    3. That one’s for Ruining our FA cup chances

      *in scorpion’s voice* “GET OVER HERE”

      1. @SA
        We did that to ourselves. Watford were just the team in front of us on the day to capitalize on it…

        1. Juhislihis McLovin

          Hector Bellerin last 3 Premier League matches:

          3 assists, 1 goal.


          1. good to see some players hitting form: sanchez, bellerin, coq.
            welcome back arsenal players.

    4. CazorlaPogba4no.10

      No assist or goal for our no. 10 in our last game and so far none , hope he gets atleast an assist for his loyal followers on here. IWOBI is a superstar , direct and with ambition and love for the TEAM , dats what i want from all our players and Sanchez well he is a bit one sided , but Does his best for the TEAM any day, tym and situation .. And ohh hez got an assist and a goal same as in the last match..

      But we too beerrd babe, am back to being A GUNNER ..

  2. 3 valuable points! Coyg!

  3. Fantastic win.
    Iwobi was great today
    Everyone was ?

    All we can do is WIN and hope

    But the boys were perfect today

    1. We need Liverpool and Southampton to help us now

      1. leicester to drop 8 points in last 8 games an us to win every game.

        i respect ur belief
        i dont share it though

        they deserve that title

        1. Not impossible muff. Our results are in our hands…anyone’s guess, but city and west ham are on paper the biggest challenges. Can we fnd our best form of the season in the run in…if we stick with gab/Koz, elneny/Coquelin, welbz etc then why not.

          Spuds will drop points over the next 3/4 games, guaranteed.

          So we know we’ve got a win all our games …..but the key for me will be whether Utd and Chelsea are still playing for something. Both are capable of beating Leicester. My hope is Chelsea are still in with a shout for the CL at the end of the season. If they’ve got fa to win/lose I wouldn’t trust them tbh. Other than that it’s only a draw in Leicesters other games for us to be able to reach them.

          If we don’t do it, then I agree, no one more deserving than Leicester.

        2. Deludeded until we draw or lose again.

  4. One down, seven more to go.

    1. next week will be a real test.

      1. Juhislihis McLovin

        Kouyate got a straight red so he will not be muscling out our midfield.

        One thing is for sure: we can’t give West Ham free kicks!

  5. Alexis looks like he is returning to his predator best!

    1. u did realize that after he’d been switched over to the RW right?

      And seriousLy, Campbell needs an intensive training on how to make good use of his right foot……..He’s doing fine and developing but he’s so one Legged most times

  6. Great win guys nice to see sanchez back to form and glad also scored four goals without ozil scoring or assisting them.
    Sotons please do us a favor tomorrow and the title is still within reach

    1. Yes. Unfortunate though as it seems he’s picked up an injury 🙁

      1. twiglet is that a joke?

      2. Juhislihis McLovin

        Just like Elneny got injured during the international break…?

  7. Very happy for alex iwobi with another good goal to his credit!

  8. The fight continues with seven more to go!

  9. Great play by Iwobi, Sanchez, Ozil, El Neny, Bellerin, Ospina and solid play from others. At the risk of being overly critical, I got the sense by the 60th minute that Arsenal were satisfied in spite of being way behind of the top 4 on goal difference.

    Good call on subs by Arsene but Walcott and Giroud seem so lazy and uninterested to me. They’ve been rightfully benched yet showed no grit or energy to bang more goals in despite being the freshest legs on the pitch. Contrast them with Campbell, whose enthusiasm and hustle laid a goal on a plate for Walcott.

    1. walcott from that one goal.
      will talk smack now.
      about how hes this hes that.

      hope by some miracle we get offer for him that cant be ignored

      1. AAAAAAAAAAW!!! Theo is back!
        You just leave him alone now do you hear Muffy!

        1. Wally better than donkey anytime!

      2. of all the players to have let wenger down this season, walcott was the biggest. with giroud, ox and ramsey i never got the idea they werent trying 100%; but with walcott i get that sense. we must sell him.

        1. wenger said hes not for sale recently

          stuck with that douche it seems

  10. I see no reason why Ramsey should just get back and become a starter…….. Coq and EL-neny is working same as Iwobi and welbeck!

    1. absolutely. but we’ve seen before that w/o injuries, wenger starts his favorites. only when they get injured to the better ones get to play . so injuries help us get better bec of the suck selection of le prof.
      i do think he’s gone off giroud and walcott now but worried that when ramsey comes back he’ll start again.

      1. @almostawinner. You better change your name to Mr Negativity. Miserable git

  11. Good shift today from Hector “speedy Gonzales ” bellerin with a nice goal to top it off!

  12. A very good overall game from the boys! The defense was solid with Ospina making to make a good diving save there. Bellerin and Monreal made good overlapping runs. Ozil ran the show with his tricks and flicks. The front three was amazing today – Welbeck, Sanchez and Iwobi. These three must not be changed until someone is forced to! Iwobi proves why he’s getting the nod in the first team and Sanchez is looking sharper by the day. Welbeck’s pace pointed out what we lacked in Giroud!

    Credits to Elneny for playing tons better than Ramsey and is it just me or does Coquelin have good vision? He played some real good long balls today and made some nice dribbles, with his left foot too!

    The team is getting stronger and confidence is growing. Feels like a luxury for bringing on Giroud, Walcott and Campbell from the bench. Wilshere, Rosicky and Cazorla to come back from injury too! 7 more games to go. Let’s keep this performance up! #COYG

    1. CazorlaPogba4no.10

      Ozil didn’t run any show , why u always lying lyk the america media. Iwobi & Sanchez run the show..

    2. REALLY hoping this spells the end of arsenal’s “YEARS OF GIROUD”. yay: the “era of giroud” comes to a close.

  13. Another good shift from nacho monreal today!

  14. I really enjoyed that top class save from ospina in the 70th to deny Troy deeney great effort from him! Coyg!

  15. what a perfect gift for my birthday, love u arsenal. COYG

    1. Happy birthday Koss!

  16. seeing rafa benitez loose to norwich in the 93rd minute, priceless…. coyg!

  17. Noldo....Durban Gunner

    I’m still waiting for Elneny to unleash 1 from outside the box….I think he should try more often….He had 1 blocked today which looked venomous. …..good win though

  18. This is the first time we’ve dominated a game since Santi got injured…we were relentless, an absolutely flawless perfomance!…Elneny showed ramsey how to play box box, watford never countered us for once, never!

  19. Great win today. Lets wait and see if the midfield duo of Elneny and COquelin can handle West Ham next weekend in the lunchtime kick off.

    Sanchez is so unpredictable if he plays on the right. On the left side he is always cutting in. He is giving an assist one per game now playing on the right side.

    We took the pedal of the gas otherwise it could’ve been 5 or 6. But you can’t argue with a 4-0 win.

  20. I will say it again and again. Liverpool, Chelsea, Everton, Southampton and ManU will all do us a huge favor. Wake me when its all said and done.

  21. The COCK was a powerhouse today, his so underrated when he plays well the whole team plays well because he bosses the midfield, pharoah el nenny keeps things so sweet and simple , pass run into space pass, he recycles the ball well great player, great day for my Arsenal………..COYG

  22. My predictions…
    Leicester City 1-1 Southampton
    Liverpool 3-1 Spurs

  23. Elneny’s passing accuracy is insane. In todays match his accuracy was 96.1% the highest in the team.

  24. Ain’t singing Arsenal are a small team now are you Gomez! Go dip you mouth guard in some disinfectant you X-Spud reject b***h. I’m happy you actually played today, 4-0 to the Arsenal.

  25. High tempo game at Anfield. Might just come down to who gets tired first.

  26. Ffs Sturridge….idiot.

  27. Iwobi. We have a very good coach whose name is Mr INJURY. Without it, we did be dead. Thank you injury for selecting the right team for us.

    1. Iwobi is playing because Wenger wants him to. Campbell or Walcott could start ahead of him but Wenger decided otherwise. Same for Gabriel over Mert. Stop fighting too had to discredit Wenger. It makes no sense.

    2. Per was fit and on the bench.
      Giroud was fit and on the bench.
      Theo was fit and on the bench.

      Keep talking BS.

    3. You obviously don’t enjoy an Arsenal win much do you?

  28. Juhislihis McLovin

    Coutinho get in there!

  29. Come on Liverpool
    Score more

  30. sorry TH: many many times over last years, wenger persisted with giroud,ramsey (his favorites) when would have been better playing welbeck in CF. using mert when he shouldve used gabriel over last season. using ramsey when he should have used elneny earlier this season. subbing on flam for arteta. the man sucks.

    1. Are you serious?
      In case you hadn’t noticed Welbeck was injured for over a year but Wenger played him as soon as he returned.
      Using Mert instead of Gabriel last year? Gabs arrived in January and didn’t speak English!
      Should have used Elneny earlier this season? Again he only arrived in January.
      Wenger sucks? At least he knows what he is doing and talking about. Unlike you!

  31. Great win and Liverpool have just scored 🙂 Let’s stick with this sqaud for now, No starting for Per, Giroud, Ramsey and Walcott makes me happy 🙂
    To me the biggest loss still remains Santi.
    Let’s be shouting for the Saints tomorrow, COYG!!

  32. Bloody Harry Kane! 🙁

  33. Also what does todays win and performance say about the mentality of the players now not playing, (Giroud, Ramsey, Walcott, Per).
    #3 wins in 10 🙁

  34. I enjoyed the game, I had predicted either 3-0 to us or 3-1, glad to be wrong and won 4-0 ^.^

    Another clean sheet for Ospina and the CB seemed more than happy with him behind them again, glad that his dip in form seems to be just a dip and he has done himself only good with performances like this.

    I was impressed by Monreal again, this guy has been brilliant for us consistently that it is easy to forget he has put in another great performance.

    Gab/Kos partnership improving, not quite there yet but they looked solid today.

    Bellerin was his usual impressive self, rarely do I get nerves when he is on the ball and in the mood. So good at going forward that he can out do wingers ^.^

    Coq/Elneny partnership was great again today, really giving us a CM partnership to build for the future, they’re both still relatively young as CM go. Looking forward to see how they develop together ^.^

    Iwobi was Iwobi, not quite the finished product which we can see BUT he is mature beyond his years, able to read the game and as he gets use to starting more he is putting in better shifts. Linking up with players better as games go by as well. Seems like a very intelligent player and today he shown another mature display. I stood up to applaud him even though I was watching at home ^.^

    Alexis found the back of the net again and also set up Iwobi, is this Alexis getting back to his best for the final run in? I hope so.

    Ozil done what he done best, pulled the strings while seeming very quiet in the game, good movement and was a big part in our attack dominating like they did.

    Welbz didn’t score but his runs was a joy to watch, was disappointed to see Giroud come on for him but I am glad Welbz should be fit for our next game and we didn’t risk him needlessly after we secured the points. He shown some good strength to hold up players at times while looking to run in behind other times, it was hard for Watford to deal with him when he had such quality around him. The attack worked as a unit and wow, I hope to see more performances like this, wasn’t perfect but it was very very good.

    Giroud was disappointing when he came on, had a good header but the attack lost it’s zip when he came on for Welbz.

    Campbell put hard work into his play, shown quick feet around the box and was unlucky to not test the keeper, great assist when he got into the box again. Was dangerous and it is nice to know we can call upon that quality from the bench, hassled when we didn’t have ball and moved when we did, impressive.

    Theo done very well when he came on, he moved well and his goal came from his movement, the guy just needs to keep putting in 110% when he does play. If he can keep up his efforts then he can easily make it at Arsenal, losing his spot might be just the thing he needs to work on his issue.

  35. Finished 1-1 spurs drop valuable points! Yes!!!!!!

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