Arsenal v Watford review – Gunners stifled, stung and dumped out by Hornets

Arsenal wanted a good start in this FA cup quarter final against Watford and it looked as if we would get it, with the Gunners passing crisply and dominating the early exchanges. We were getting some joy with Chambers and Campbell down the right.

And if Giroud had waited a fraction of a second before making his move and finishing a brilliant passing move involving Ozil and Alexis, the game would have been much different. As it was he was offside and Watford grew more comfortable and frustrated Arsenal hugely for the rest of the half.

The chances we did get, and there were a couple of very good ones, fell to the wrong man and Elneny wasted them. But towards halftime Ozil was really starting to pull the visitors apart and creat openings. And he nearly produced the opener from a corner straight after the break but Giroud’s header was just over.

Then it all went wrong as Watford scored with their first shot on target thanks to great forward play from Ighalo and shocking defending all round. It came from a simple throw in, headed on and fired in. That lifted Watford and they looked a real threat on the counter, while we still struggled to unlock their defence.

THen with half an hour to go Guediora gave our hopes a real hammer blow, lashing in a shot so hard that Ospina had no chance despite it being almost down his throat. The Gunners rallied and Wenger made a triple change and we gave it a go but the ball would not run for our strikers and there was always a Hornet or two bzzing around to deny us.

It was looking done and dustred but with a couple of minutes on the clock Ozil chipped a lovely pass to Welbeck and he smashed it home to give us a glimmer of hope. A minute later it really should have been level but Iwobi hit the posts, Walcott could only get the rebound to Welbeck and he somehow missed the gaping goal.

Welbeck was nearly in again and could perhaps have gone down for a penalty. But that was that and we are out of the FA cup and the season goes from disappointment to disaster.

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      1. Remove Ozil and Sanchez, the rest of our players are not better than the mid table teams.
        Most of them won the lottery of life playing for arsenal.

        1. Seriously how the hell did welbeck miss that last chance??? I don’t get it, my dog would have scored. Anyways enough is enough. I would sack Wenger now bring in Henry and bergkamp

        2. If that comment is based on current form then you must be having a laugh. As much as anyone, Sanchez has been responsible for our current poor run. He has been absolutely pants since returning from injury.

    1. Yes Wenger ……….. U were very Right!……… They were “very Efficient”

      and u sir, were a complete 90mins of sh**

      1. There’s nothing much Wenger can do when welbeck misses an open God how did that not go in?I still can’t believe it

        1. @seancali…….Listen up…..There’s no way u are saving Wenger in all of this


          Giroud was ineffective for 45mins…. Then started off ineffectively again for an extra 30 something minutes..

          And everyone thinks Welbeck could have saved the world in 10 minutes

          For crying out Loud!

    2. Another’s younger modern manager shows Wenger how to do it on less resources. Another dejavu season!

      1. Agreed , time to dump Wenger, the outdated tactics(if you can call them tactics) that everyone in the Premiership has got the book, the hat and the video of is stagnant and just so, so predictable. Chambers instead of Bellerin ? Giroud who can score amazing goals yet miss a sitter should have not started ahead of Welbeck. I am sick to the back teeth of this crap, it’s every f**king season, we won’t beat Everton because they have a guy that puts the ball in the net whereas we haven’t, sick of it.

        1. If anyone missed a sitter it was Danny when he received a pass from Gibbs and turned and shot high.

          1. @JimA……… Young man…… Listen to me……….. WENGER MISSED A SITTER

            pLay Giroud for 73mins and expect welbeck to turn the tide twice in 10mins..

            weldone sir!

    3. I can wait to hear what Wenger has to say about his team spirit this time around. Fact is Wenger is running out of excuses. Do the honorable thing Wenger and resign before you lose all that is left of your legacy.

    4. Giroud was worLd-class and IghaLo was sh**!


      stick with him all day….


            1. @AYZAY…….. Hahaha…….. U’d cry ur eyes out……..infact prepare to cry out blood

    5. Just when u needed two goals so badly and all u do is “pass the ball”

      gueidiora (or what’s his name) did what a hungry player could have done at a critical moment… “shoot”

    6. at 80mins ………we were still two goals down

      Yet the stadium was still filled to the brim…….. Sitting deludedly…..hoping things will change for the Love of wenger

      but i’m glad they’d all go home with a lesson to learn : “Nothing’s ever guaranteed in Life” …..not even the FA cup (with chelski or mancity out)

      1. @_liam_ …….. Say what u like……call me whatever

        But no matter how flavoured or sugar coated mediocrity is, i would not fall for it

        if 19yrs aren’t enough to Learn Lessons, then u might never Learn in Life!

    7. Why dread it? We’re gonna get pasted there whether we won this game or not so why fear anything.

    8. 1 Start Giroud,Ramsey ,Wilshere or your favourites regardless of how shittt they are✅

      2 Restrict Sanchez to the wing to rot away like arsharvin ✅

      3 refuse to make in play tactical changes before damage is done✅

      4 wait till the 70th min when we are already down, to make substitutions✅

      5 Remove the players who are most likely to make things happen. Leave favourites on the pitch✅

      6 make 3 rash substitutions in one go instead of gradually ✅

      7 bring on a clueless kid (albeit promosing) to rescue ✅

      8 Lose the match ✅

      9 moan about consistency ,togetherness , solidarity , mental strength ,efficiency ✅

      10 the next day, Gazidis announces that arsenal has 100 trillion to spend. ✅

      11 rinse and repeat year in , year out. ✅

      1. Spot on.
        10 the next day, Gazidis announces that arsenal has 100 trillion to spend.
        This line right here, is the reason why fans forget whatever that as happened for the last 11 yrs.

  1. Arsene Wenger, thanks for the great times, the good times and memories and good bye!

    Rebuilding will be tough and painful but you cannot get great results on tired soil.

    1. If you’re an opposition manager you must be gutted to lose to Arsenal. Says it all about Wenger’s capabilities. You can see the next two results a spirited 1-1 draw with Barcelona playing in second gear, going out and 2-0 loss to Everton ending our season. Wenger calls on his players to respond and safe 4th place.

      Same S””t different year.

      1. A draw against Barca at camp nou ??? Are you deluded ? Who the hell is going to score for us ?

    1. I really think that he won’t be sacked. He wasn’t sacked so many times before, I just don’t know the sort of collapse required for him to leave. Exposed, beaten, humiliated – Arsene for you. The best team won today.

    1. Exactly my tot, no more FA Cup to cover the real picture.
      I officially apologize for expecting us to achieve what real teams like barca and bayern are achieving.

    1. Let’s face it, we need something to put a smile on our faces, coz watching our team is painful of late !

    1. To walk away from 8m a year? when you are untouchable? And AKBs worship you, pretty hard , unles all us fans are on the same side, the reality side

  2. Is he the one shooting? Trust me i’m mad but you can’t blame Wenger only when it’s the players missing chance after chance!

  3. absolutely pathetic and spineless bunch. only person worth anything is ozil. my favorite player by 17 miles but he deserves better. everybody else can see a firing squad.
    how is it that our CBs have no strength? Per… go up for the header with some meaning. Gab… you’re more pathetic by the day. That 2nd goal… we have 6 in the box vs 3 watford players. Guedioura runs in unmarked of course and fires in a wonder strike that even the best of them wouldn’t make the majority of the time. Why can’t we have a commanding CB? Even Kos isn’t in that category IMO.
    It’s just pathetic how we operate. We can never go straight to goal… we allow teams to bring all their players back to defend. Watford had like a back 5 there.
    Whatever… let’s go Villa and West Ham in those respective matches.

      1. Oh believe me, I don’t rate Giroud either he’s a lucky goal scorer there is no finesse to his game, we should go all out for Lakaku.

        1. sorry, was asking nygunner, og has 2 goals in 11 matches, those goals are against hull city,

  4. The turn round in our performances does not appear to be happening. Its not just this game but the missed opportunities in PL plus recent form. Fourth place is in jeapordy.

  5. If this is not a disasterous season I don’t know what it is.All lost,all…The cherry on top will be a humiliation on Camp Nou and not making top four(what for anyway)-which is very probable.Gibbs and Chambers-disasters.The arrogant Wenger is coming,again,with more excuses.The truth is he lost it all,he is past.Just go old man,it is already embarrasing.

  6. if time wenger doesn’t go then i think he will stay here forever….
    ozil i feel sorry for you no wonder ronaldo was sad whn u left
    and wenger plz for ur sake leave

  7. We have to be leading the charge with the most “HOME” losses of any so called big team. It’s now official, we can now consider every team a boogie team for us lol.

  8. Arsenal had their chances but didn’t take them. First half Elneny had two good chances but hit them wide, Chambers had many chances to do a decent cross but failed to do so.
    Second half we started slow and Watford took the two chances they had with their second goal being unstoppable.
    Didnt wake up till the three subs, Welbeck scored a great goal, Iwobi hit the post and if Welbeck realised he had more time he would have scored another a minute later.
    Many people will try and blame Wenger for this but the team he picked was right but again they bought an attitude of thinking Watford would be a walkover, too many times this season Arsenal have done this and it has cost Arsenal in all the home competitions.

    1. whose fault is that. Barcelona has won everything, but still respect every single opponents, great management skills are lacking in wenger

      1. The difference between a team like Barcelona and Arsenal is that Barcelona have more players that grew up wanting to play football to win trophies and if they end up buying a player who plays for the money there are so many players that have a mentality of winning trophies that majority rules and can make that player think differently, whereas Arsenal (and many other teams, especially in England) now have more players that grew up to play football for the money and see trophies as a bonus, so again majority rules and it affects the winning players mentalities too.

        You can say “well its Wengers fault because he bought these players” … but nobody knows if a player has that winning desire until they have bought them, or even until a few seasons have passed.
        You can sit there and think that Wenger tells his players “it doesn’t matter, you don’t have to win” (which sounds crazy) but are you also going to sit there and believe that the players are so weak minded that they will listen and act like drones and agree that they don’t need to care and don’t need to win trophies?!

        Most players today play for the money and that is a fact and most players today go online and believe their own hype and the hype that the online fans give them, they won’t listen to the “haters” or the people that give them a reality check and in fact they block them too (as evident of me asking Walcott a few weeks back “why do you not do anything in most games?” … which somehow warranted a block)
        A reality check is needed for them and the online fans that think the same also and if the players can do this then they will play their best and take all teams seriously which will then give them the mentality to win but until then (if that ever happens) expect the same.

        1. It’s Wenger’s fault because he buys them young and should be able to change their mentality or notice their lack of desire for the game.

    2. also to add the online fans also have this silly attitude of thinking teams like Watford should be a walkover too hence why their are so many butthurt fans online.
      Just like the players, It’s time the online fans woke up to reality and accept that every game will be hard too.

      1. Yes it hurts and I’m pissed off but seeing Carly Baker on the Coral adverts always cheers me up ?

    3. The reality is that Arsenal were predictably outworked and Wenger outclassed by a stud of a manager that is able of MOTIVATING a group of players that our senile fool of a captain would never consider Gunners quality. Arsenal only started playing 80 minutes into a fixture that realistically held there only chance @ silverware. That sums up the current state of the club, a collection of overrated, overpaid players that offer the bare minimum return on Wenger’s club message.

      Ponder this for a seemingly BIG club

      OG…not good enough
      Coquelin..had his moment in the sun last year but consistently a squad player @ best
      BFG…..years past his prime, NEVER should be starting for Arsenal.
      Walcott… $140K a week for a bit player that goes missing the majority of matches. Even when in form, not worth the weekly rate
      Gibbs…Plays with no passion and grit for a player with a wonderful skill set.
      Ramsey…headless chicken who brings nothing to the pitch sans a goal here or there.
      Wilshere… LOL
      Chambers…A CB who can’t develop appropriately being toasted @ RB. $16M?
      Gabriel….Red card waiting to happen who still can’t communicate because of language deficiencies.

      No wonder Ozil, and Sanchez(poor form lately) have few feet out the door.

      Depressing times to be a Gunner, glad I didn’t hop the pond this year, Kroenke and company don’t deserve my hard earned money.

      1. You’re harsh on Chambers he never gets enough game time, most of the time he’s being benched for the German past his prime

  9. Every excuse has been used, every scenario has happened to us, evey failaure has been exposed till now. What more are you waiting for to realise that enough is enough.

    The main problem is that the board and Wenger will try to bribe fans trust by spending a little bit of cach ( escape investment), just like we did with Ozil back then, to ease fans down, but dont take the bait.

    I am telling you people. Even if we would buy messi and ronaldo, we still would find a way to fail. And you all know it.\

    The priorites are not right at arsenal. with stan, board and wenger. usmanov, new manaer, and dain in. ( i wish).

    1. Truth KS

      Sadly will fall on deaf ears to the collection of crooks destroying our beloved club

  10. Only positive is the headline of this article. Wenger honestly it’s time for you to move on. FA was the most realistic silverware we were going to get.

  11. I cant believe it.
    Watford played like a prime barcelona.
    Players like chambers gabriel mertz gibbs el neny giroud and walcott should not even at the slightest moment be considered arsenal quality.
    Shame on the team and the deluded manager.
    If barcelona dont hit 12 past arsenal then they must be sick or merciful.
    Go home old man plz plz plz.

  12. I am now expecting to see where was Bellerin and what kind of injury news has the manager planned for him. People are going to rip into this and by the way most of the squad has poor finishing and the team i mean what Stan said this week on spending, it will be a long hard week for the club again. Watford came here to play counter attack with 2 defensive midfielder Arsenal managed to lose. Ozil won’t be here for long i assure you that. So disappointed.

    1. Ozil and Sanchez are both wasted in this club. I wouldn’t blame either of them for seeking employment elsewhere.

      1. When RM, Juve, Barca, or Bayern come calling with big offers old Silent Stan and his jolly board of years will sell.

        The Arsenal way

    2. “People are going to rip into this… i mean what Stan said this week on spending, it will be a long hard week for the club again.”

      Absolutely true!

      Both Stan (saying he is more concerned about building a brand than winning championships) and Wenger (saying that fans are never happy) picked the worst possible time to come out with statements like those.


      Our line-up for this game showed that our priority had shifted to winning the FA cup. We really wanted to save our season… but it looks like we’ve failed on that front.

      Can someone explain to me how a manager, a club that was arrogant enough to go into the season with no single outfield player addition, is now struggling to save it’s season, and even failing at that too?

  13. This season is over. I hope that Arsene does the right thing and retires at the end of the season.

      1. Get it right, he cares about his pay cheque. It’s getting to the point where I can’t bear to look at his pokey, long nosed, French boat.

  14. The only way to save the club is for Wenger to not look next time he crosses the road, because guys, he ain’t leaving (that 8 million a year for 4th place will see to that) and he ain’t getting the sack. This is what the club is, mediocre. Kid yourselves all you want, we’re not a big club, we just hang about with big clubs.

  15. We are out of the FA CUP
    Near Enough out of the UCL – away to barca ?
    League is too much…
    Ozil is too good for Arsenal and will leave if this continues mark my words, Sanchez well he needs to take a look in the mirror hes been dreadful tbh but cant play with average forwards in Giroud and Walcott… we didnt get in behind once until subs came on says it all about Giroud.


  16. ”listen i manage arseanal for 20 years, dont tell me if i am good enough”. 1 year later after failing again.

    ”listen, dont tell me if i am a good manager bec i manage this team for 21 years”. hahaha


  17. Y’all go to the Emirates always to watch the same thing every season. You deserve this till you get serious about The Wenger out campaign. London fans are letting us down. Get damn serious!!

  18. Had a good run and if we had fit players we would have gone on but it’s not to be this year. Why did AW put that French gay boy on and not TW A S And DW to start and why was HB and our first choice left back left on the bench? We won’t win in Spain so why do this mr AW

  19. The bright side is that the more we keep losing the fans will keep drifting apart from wenger
    Gibbs gabriel and chambers you guys have absolutely no future here.
    wenger is absolutely being displayed as a mockery by a watford manager.
    It seemed as though watford a recently upgraded team is the one teaching the so called big team how to play football.
    and shame on to all those arsenal fans who did not see ighalo as an upgrade.
    The guy is a 100 times better than giroud welbeck and walcott combined

  20. I respect Wenger as a man but I’ve lost respect for him as a manager. How can you say no matter what you do fans are never happy and then do this in the following game? Fans have had enough and I don’t blame them for walking out of the stadium before the game even ended. When you spend top dollar on a product you want a quality product in return. People pay money to be entertained but Arsenal provides the opposite. If this isn’t the clearest sign for a change I don’t know what is. My wife saved me from smashing my iPhone today. Had enough!!!

  21. A team that cannot do anything reasonable for eighty five minutes doesn’t deserves any win, still same story, A manager of an invisible runs has turned to a manager that any team can just tear apart any day anywhere, May be Wenger is suffering from dementia, its painful that all Welbeck goals in every matches Arsenal is trying to come back is to no avail.

  22. Arsene Wenger is not going to retire and when your wife has already left you he fcuk in your dreams and i hate that AMERICAN owner for buying arsenal shares and saying “i am here for the profits”. My question why play Chambers in RB instead of Bellerin and the answer is that Bellerin can keep the score down for Arsenal in Nou Camp and can give some respite.

  23. You guys don’t get it, this is GOOD NEWS!

    If we had lost the FA Cup in 2014 he (wenger) would’ve quit the club. Now we just lost the FA Cup, we’ll crash out of the CL and if we lose to Everton on Saturday we’re out of title contention.

    1. You are right, if we even draw or win one of the barca or Everton next weekend, some AKBs here will come back running, licking their master’s a** even deeper

  24. I don’t like it when fans single out ozil n Sanchez, I don’t see any sign of being special in dem. Ozil tried in d beginning but this period of d season nothing special, all our players play below average including duo.

    1. Did you watch the game today mate?

      Ozil is miles and miles ahead of ANY other Arsenal player on the pitch and it isn’t even close.

      Neither are beyond criticism, but when you surround MO specificalky with a collection of average @ best players his taleblnts are wasted.

      Imagine if Ozil had Lukaku and Mahrez @ his disposal, guy would have 30 assists on the year and Arsenal would probably be head of the table.

      1. Sure mate, from assisting Ronaldo, Benzema and co, to come assist OG, Sanogo and othr average players, what do u think he is? A machine? He has feelings like a human being

    2. Put on your glass and watch arsenal play next time.
      The two are the only players who want theball and make thingshappen . The rest hide.
      Have you seen a wilshere first touch?
      Have you seen Ramsey’s 10 yard passes and positioning?
      Have you seen girouds finishing?
      Walcott holdon play
      Ox brainless play
      Metersacker panicking under pressure

  25. Its officiaL

    Wenger, NYGunner, and all the other AKBs in the fellowship are now “AOBs”


  26. We had chances to go top in the league’, but we blew it…

    We had the chance to sign some real talent, but we choose not to sign. We feel ‘Cech’ alone is good.

    We had chances to beat barca @ the Emirates but as usual, we bottled so many chances as we didn’t have the players to carry us through. Then Wenger substituted Coquelin for Flamini. The rest is history…

    We had another chance to redeem ourselves today and try and win the FA for the third time in a row but we bottle chances again (half chances) and lost again at the Emirate.

    We have been here before and this things keep repeating itself for years..

    Arsene’ thanks for everything. You’re a great coach and I appreciate all you have done but please step down ASAP

  27. As i have always being saying DENIAL is our biggest problem and though it isn’t a river most of us swim their quit often…before the game some were telling us to stick with wenger because we can never find a replacement!!!..funny how in europe with a thriving democracy that most of us believe in strongmen with dictatorship tendencies to rule our club for life with a stupid notion that there is no replacement.change in any society and in any democracy is needed to bring in new blood and ideas.SHAME ON US FOR EMBRASSING A DICTATOR AND A SRONGMAN!!!

  28. As long as Kroenke is major shareholder wenger will never leave because he is making the greedy yank money. If we want change it needs to start from the top and for that to happen kroenke needs to feel it in his pocket.
    Time for action gooners

  29. Now this makes the Barca fixture something of a “must win” game. It is not that our chances of winning the UCL will become any much higher if we go through.. but to salvage a bit of our rapidly declining confidence and morale, we need to beat Barca at the Nou Camp (LOL!).

  30. Arsenal is being run as a business, not a football club – that is the whole problem. It is well and good to make the books balance, but Kroenke is always aiming for top place in the stock market rather than the premier league

  31. We need a striker with good feet to match the play of our midfielders,did any one see Lakaku’s 1st goal against Chelsea? Sanchez needs to be played on the right ,he becomes world class there on the left he is predictable and wasteful iwobi should get more minutes ,he can play anywhere in midfield aside from dm effectively, ,ohya WENGER OUT!!! Tired of being the butt of jokes in my circle of friends,we need better quality mobile,strong,skifull players…….I liked Campel and Ozil in bursts,a skifull striker and sanchez operating from the right and we would have won 4-0

  32. Awfully quiet in the pro wenger lobby that dominates this site .. Let me guess we are still in with a shout for the league so get behind the players …come on u gunners … Would have thought after 5 years the penny would drop .. Even your average baboon has a steeper learning curve

  33. Arsenal fans MUST take some responsibility for all this nonsense….iv said this for the past 10 yeas now…just boycott!!!….iv been an arsenal fan for 25 years but have not spent a penny on Arsenal merchandise in 10 years!!…at the end of the end of the day majority of Arsenal fans are soft as wet tissue…as long as wenger is at this club I will NEVER spend a penny on anything arsenal….and b4 a few idiots spring up n start talking all that “u must support the club” nonsense….if u really really want to support arsenal then boycott because until wenger is gone Arsenal can NEVER amount to nothing….Arsenal Fans MUST crank up the pressure this man has had a free ride for far too long and we need our club back and boycott is the only way to wake Stan and his greedy pals up to the reality that wenger is a conference level manager…it’s just embarrassing and a huge chunk of Arsenal fans are still aiding and abetting with this wenger farce

  34. Even if we finished 2nd (which isn’t guaranteed) this will still be the worst season I can remember:
    1. We would finish above City, United, Chelsea and Liverpool for the first time and still not win the PL
    2. Lose to Leicester who are in their first season in the PL so our greatest chance to win over a decade
    3. Wenger had 12 seasons to win a pl trophy, Ranieiri wins it 1 season into the PL
    4. Could have made FA Cup history but lose in qf at HOME to Watford (city and Chelsea out too)
    5. Next season will be much tougher

  35. So far the team is now playing well but only one half of the puzzle has been solved in the physically demanding games. With Ramsey not in the midfield, one-half of the puzzle solved. The other half is to play only our fighters to wear and tire the opposition then Ozil comes in the second half to finish the job by picking more holes in the opposition defense for more scoring opportunities. Don’t be surprise to see Ozil coming in the second half to create 2 or 3 assist or even getting on the score sheet himself. How could this happen? Because our fighters have done the hard job for Ozil already. This is purely tactical and has nothing to do with whether Ozil is our most creative player or not. Without Ozil starting these players are fighters and will fight the opposition and tire them out and even take up creative roles and scoring could come faster.

    Bell – Mert\Gab – Kos – Monreal

    Coquelin – El Neny


    Campbell – Giroud – Welbeck

    I suggest we try this formation against Barcelona and let’s see how it goes. Reason it first before thumb down. Would these fighters actually do something together?

    1. @Franko….pLease don’t get me on another LeveL of anger

      Thinking of how to get rid of a mediocre/shmbolic manager and greedy a** board… then u come on and draw a map of below average players all over the pitch!

      U need a wake up call

  36. any fool knows how Watford defend in the middle of park
    playing Chambers instead of Bellerin was suicide and that cost us the match

  37. The fans can make Wenger resign. Wenger is an Arsenal Employee, he is not bigger than the club. He has continuously made us a laughing stock. Let us make our voices heard. We want Wenger out of the club. He should be told to step down. Enough is Enough. Look guys, We have some young managers who can do a better job. Bilic should take over from Wenger. He is doing a great job at Westham. Arsenal should sack Wenger and replace him with Bilic. Wenger is past it. He has nothing else to offer. You don’t lose at home to Swansea if you want to win the league. That is unacceptable. Wenger out Bilic in.

    1. Not ready to hand the keys to Billic just yet but he and West Ham have been incredibly impressive this year. Not sure who the football director is but he should replace Ivan the Twat and Wenger as talent and transfer evaluators.


      ALL would feature in this Arsenal side

      1. You are right. But we should consider a younger Manager who can take us forward. If Only Arsene had bought Wanyama and a top Striker in the Summer. We could have been close to winning the league. I just think Billic is an interesting prospect. Have a team playing metal football with extremely fit players with pace and ruthlessness. We don’t have to spend 150m to win the League. Summer signing of Chicarito and Wanyama would have been OK. We dropped many points when Coq was injured. Wenger should have also signed Cahill from Bolton. The guy went to Chelsea for 10m. Wenger is ruining the club. No Champions league trophy in 20 years. 3 EPL titles in 20 years. Wenger has seen better days. He is past it.

  38. I had wanted Willock to lead the line for Arsenal against Watford and Iwobi as the playmaker flanked by Campbell to his right and flanked to his left by Adelaide with Elneny & Flamini taking charge of our base with Elneny as deep lying while Flamini as DM ofcourse. The defenders that started the games are also my starts. But I’ve preferred Macey to start instead of Ospina.

    My starts and my reasons I’ve posted in my comments on and Untold Arsenal website on Thursday – early today Saturday. Those mids and striker Willock would have beaten Watford had the Boss started them and also started my entire starts. That my starts have some Rashford in them who would have destroyed Watford.

    The worst thing is my 1st tweet I twetted on my twitter handle @SamuelAA was blocked by only God knew who, as used my usual twitter portal to send my twetts. When I noticed my 1st tweet was intentionally blocked, I decided not to tweet on the #AFC v WFC game today.

    I normally use the twitter to advice the Boss live, as the game the Gunners are playing progresses. And I couldn’t do that today because of the early blocking of 1st tweet in which I commented on the Boss’ starts for the Watford game.

    All hopes are not lost. We are still playing for honours in the Premier League and the Ucl. Miracles can still happen in to favour us at Camp Nou and in our remaining 9 games in the Premier League. Let’s pray for our beloved Arsenal to win the Premier League title and the Ucl this season.

  39. We all say AW to go but is he just taking the blame for the yank saying don’t spend? There must be a reason why AW won’t buy players because we all no what’s needed so he must do

    1. As things have turned out this year with chelsea,manu and manc poor performance, the team we have should be good enough to win PL. There is something wrong at Arsenal other than not spending more.

    2. Ultimately Arsenal won’t progress with Kroenke in charge. I do believe that getting rid of Wenger could well make matters worse, unless Kroenke manages to find a genius on the cheap, who also does not spend, because he won’t spend on the high profile managers, as they will demand that money is spent on the team. I have to agree with Aussie Jack, Kroenke has to go first.

      1. Even Wenger should go, the board don’t outline tactics for him, coz he seem clueless in tht too

        1. You have to ask yourself who they will get in to replace him. No one will toe the cheap line like Wenger, so they won’t replace him. Even if they do replace him, it will be with someone who won’t spend any money, so we will be unlikely to progress. Kroenke has to be got rid of, then the manager must be looked at.

  40. Last 14 games
    Won – 4
    Drawn – 5
    Lost – 5
    Goals for – 19
    Goals against – 17
    Of the four wins, two were against championship sides and accounted for six of the goals.

    This is pathetic. How we are third in PL I suppose is a reflection of how poor the PL is this year and this is reflected in performance in Champions League.

  41. giroud just issued a statement “if arsenal dont start scoring he is going to leave the club”

  42. AW has lost it! When you take Campball off but leave Mertz on??? He is a giant waste of space…like playing a man down when he’s on the pitch!

  43. It took one greedy American and one French traitor to execute the demise one of finest football cubs in the world. Replacing Wenger is not the answer we have to get rid of Kroenke. ( then Wenger).

  44. SAF has taken a little troll at our specialist in ### by stating that the foxes will win it with 3games to go..

  45. I think we are stuck in a very bad phase in the evolution of the club, I believe that Ozil will leave this summer and Wenger will stay on because if we finish in the top 4, everyone at Arsenal will be content with competing another year at the highest level.

    Our style of play is becoming a problem, far too often we over play with no cutting edge, every game we play the same formation with the exact same approach. Who do I blame? well, Wenger, his philosophy has now gone a step too far, we keeps faith in players that are in consistent and only deliver when it doesn’t count. There have many times over the past few years that we were in excellent positions to win big honors but choke, then finish with a flurry and come out 4th, everyone is happy because next year will be our year…REALLY!

    Well its another year that I believe 4th place is our destiny, players are frustrated, Ozil looks as if hes had enough, someone’s gonna come in for him and he will go. Looking at the way Watford played 4-4-2, that was the formation we played when we won titles. Where would Bergkamp fit in the current formation? NOWHERE!

    I think its time Wenger leaves, love the man to bits but i believe the club needs to take a different direction. We need a new manager that will improve the squad with tactics and not just buy players aimlessly to shut the fans up. Look at Man United. If Leicester win the league, its a real wake up call to all the big clubs sending ridiculous amounts of money.

    We need change, I love the club and will remain a fan through it all. I just want us to evolve and fight harder.

    1. Overplay ! What an understatement, it seems as though we always want to walk it into the net. I love the Arsenal and have supported them all my life, I’m afraid that the club has gone downhill ever since leaving Highbury, yes I know it was a postage stamp of a ground but we were great on it and some of the greatest players played for us there, Rocastle (God rest his soul) Brady, Supermac, George, Bergkamp and Henry to mention a few. I remember when we signed Walcott from S/Hampton and everyone was saying how good he was and what he’ll be like when he’s 25, well he’s past that and he still looks like a kid, his physique is still that of a boy, he shys away from battles and refuses to get stuck in. Those words there sum up our beloved Arsenal of late. Mertesacker whose philosophy must be “slowly, slowly catchey monkey, the guy makes Tony Adams look like a greyhound on speed ! I could go on and on but life’s too short and I could do without breaking something. R.I.P. Arsenal.

  46. todays subs were just a sign of what AFC need i.e 3 fresh heads at the same time to replace AW,Satan and Kasidi.

  47. I can’t believe how delusional some of the supporters are on this site, embracing the foolishness that Wenger does! God help us!

  48. Tottenham 2-0 up at aston villa. I suppose it does not matter, we are in a scrap for third/fourth place. Its manc, west ham and manu results we need to be concerned about.

    The only way we can win the PL is if Leicester, Tottenham and Arsenal all have a complete turn around of form.

  49. Agreed Hector bellerin should have started as well as Danny welbeck! Would have been a different game!

  50. And Steve Bruce called us idiots for asking Wenger to leave. He reminded us that we would suffer when Wenger finally leaves and we would wish he never left. okay steve but you are very wrong, I am suffering more now and would even prefer Arsenal without a manager than having Wenger at the helm.

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