Arsenal v WBA review – Good win calms top four fears

Hopefully this win for Arsenal against West Bromwich Albion will settle the nerves of the Arsenal players and allow us to play to our usual level for the rest of the season. If we do that then we should have no problem finishing in the top four and hopefully in the top three to avoid a Champions League play-off at the start of the new season.

Alexis Sanchez was on it tonight and his early goal was just what Arsene Wenger and the Emirates crowd needed. It was a fantastic piece of individual skill from the striker, riding a challenge and spinning towards goal before unleashing a fierce shot past Foster.

But after Arsenal had only managed to draw the two previous games against West Ham and Crystal Palace despite leading both, there was still an air of tension around the ground. So for the Chile international to get a second before the break was just what we needed and no more than Arsenal and Alexis deserved and it was another piece of great skill, bamboozling the Baggies keeper with a slick free kick.

West Brom had hit the bar inb the first half anf Pulis sent another forward on to seek a way back but they never really troubled us too much and Arsenal should have scored more goals ourselves. But a comfortable win takes us above Man City and out of reach of Man United.

So are the top four wobbles over for Arsenal?

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    1. kroenke sets wenger an objective: make the top4. its only when we’re in jeopardy of doing that that wenger really gets worried. he’ll probably not get his bonus if we miss out on top4.

      AW: “I always see out my contract”: PLEASE! that’s a threat , not a reassurance to us.

  1. Wow! Couldn’t believe all the “Wenger out” signs tonight at the emirates! One even said “all good things must come to an end Wenger out”!

    1. Most of fans can’t throw away their expensive season ticket, so the capacity crowd not reduced by many. The silent majority have spoken by numbers. They are lies somewhere between AKB and AOB, the neutral side.
      Alexis found his scoring boots very late to help us compete for the title, but a good win after all.
      Gosh, that 3rd spot is the top thing we should defend on now. Damned, I felt like happy for 15 minutes and grumble all day remain by opportunity that we’ve been throwing away this season. It’s very hard to be gooner. Anyway, COYG!!!!

  2. Good goals alexis, but come…on west brom.

    Pressure is off to win the title but we played with a little more urgency because the wenger trophy is in danger.. Thats all. In fact made me laugh as some of our boys thought they were brazilian being 2-0 up.

    Nothing changes, but I guess its enough to pull the wool over mosts eyes.

  3. Wenger will now blame fans negativity is the reason we have not won the league this season. He will attack fans again watch out.

    1. yeah, poor players ; they’re very sensitive you know. especially that crystalline giroud.
      still hasnt sscored.
      will never be good enough to win us the PL>

  4. Thank u alexis not only for your two goals tonight, but for the commitment and passion you show!

  5. Maybe Arsenal fans are now confortable in being losers. Old habits die hard they say.

    As far as know my self, i never was into glory at any cost. But the problem of favorisem, disrespect, indefferance towards our needs is brutal.

    Joel, i am srry man. I knwo that with the right atittude and believe in him, he would turn into a player any team in the world would like to have. When i think of the ox, how many game time he had, and how much we wasted with him, and then joel doing everything right, but still not finding the room to play disguste me.

    Then Sanchez playing in the same team with Giroud. Mama mia. I hope Bayern leaves us alone.

    Sanchez is Barcelona matrial, not arsenal.

    Crazy frog. Go away-

  6. Wenger will sign a Cm and left back next season and will say we don’t need any striker or cb.

  7. Good things comes to an end. #Wenger Out… That was a poster from a fan after the game. Then I saw another poster saying something like One wenger. Not so sure but it seems like some fans wants him out and some wants him to stay.

    Anyway, good win.. I’m a huge Wenger fan. He has done a lot for us but I’ll join the fan(s) that says thanks for the memories, its time for a change….

    Arsenal All The Way!

  8. any one notice after ozil came out of the game how penetrating. we were just saying.two goals from sanchez then what not good enough.look how much space was given to us

  9. Yes a good win because we
    needed to show a positive
    response after our draw
    against Crystal Palace.
    Yes we had a good start today and we wanted to show
    the true supporters that we fight for the Championship till the end.
    I am happy today because we played with pace and created many chances.
    Of course we were unlucky earlier in the season with many
    injuries and some decisions did not go our way but now
    you can see this team is now fit and playing with confidence.
    Sanchez is very happy here and Ozil is very important for us
    and we are very close now to competing for the title again.
    Iwobi and Bellerin are only two of the many promising
    youngsters we believe have a great future here.
    No I do not want to talk about transfers because
    we are just concentrating on the next game.
    There is only one way to answer our critics and we did so tonight
    and I believe the fans can see we are on the right track.

  10. Got a win, seats were empty, Wenger out banners were up. One of those rares times AKbs and AOBs win

  11. If wenger doesn’t sign a wc striker and cb which I know will happen what would you people do to Wenger?

  12. So they won!! Congrats to them…
    Just imagine Sanchez is not on the pitch tonight…
    It will be passes and passes without penetration…

    The first goal he scored, many of our players will not even get up to take that shot,they will roll over and complain to the ref…
    Sanchez is back to his first season form on the right wing..

    We still can’t score goals..should have been 4-0 at least…

    Lastly,can’t believe some fans are still supporting Wenger..I saw a banner..”Coyg,there is only one Arsene”..anyway, such is life..No matter how worst you maybe you will surely have some people blindly following you…as for me..#wengerout!

  13. happy we won but lets not kid ourselves leaving this guy incharge another year or we will be hear once again for sure.happy we won ,well played sanchez and wow for a player not in wengers favorite joel was remarkable and shows wenger as a manager is donedone how do u drop such a player its shame.anything less than third then this season is awfull .its about time wenger goes

  14. Thanx 4 the goals & banners not to mention the uncountable empty seats.may this spirit continue till change is achieved.

  15. I will tell you the spoiler for next season.
    We will sign a young left and cm early in the season. Arsenal fans will renew season tickets. Wenger will promise arsenal are still looking to strengthen the sqaud and will buy at least 2 world class players. Deadline day comes arsenal sign no one. Wenger will say money doesn’t buy success and cohesion is more important than spending money. Arsenal will be top of the league until January. February comes alexis and ozil injured. Arsenal start to slip in title race, barca or Bayern knock out us of Ucl round of 16 again. Arsenal will finish 4th again and go on to win fa cup. Kronke gives wenger new 3 year contract.

  16. Some shots of the empty seats:


  17. I don’t want this stupid top 4. This top 4 finish is a curse on us. And u know what will break this curse? Not top 4. With the apt climax of Wenger sacking.

  18. haha am shocked with the optimism in here.frankly nxt year if wenger remains incharge we r not gona make it at top four for many teams are emerging with passion and desire while us are happy to keep a manager because he gives us top four.mark this comment if wenger remains we will be back here crying why we didn’t change guard and finally all those akbs will know its a little late .

  19. today felt weird i was pleased we won but the buzz of a win wasnt there
    maybe cos i didnt go to the stadium

    feels unfufilling
    which is silly we won after all but i didnt at any point feel excited

    worrying …am i losing the feeling for football?

    1. You are not alone, its
      1. continually getting in to good positions and then throwing it away.
      2. finishing below tottenham and leicester.
      3. Knowing we could have won the PL this season if we had taken most of the opportunities we had
      4. The owner saying he is not “involved” to win championships
      5. Realisation that having paid off the expensive loans on the stadium the anticipated improvement is not going to happen.

    2. No you have Arsenilamania 🙂
      Stand outside your front
      door in your undies and wearing
      a Wenger mask and shout “cohesion mental strength
      and a bit unlucky” in a French accent
      until the police arrest you or you are selected
      as the UKIP candidate for your area.

  20. Good win for the Gunners, I’m happy Alexis Sanchez is getting back to his best with 2 well taken goals.

    But, even happier that Arsenal fans in the UK are starting to make a strong statement to the board with empty seats and banners.

    Hopefully this will make things better for us

  21. I feel sorry for Arsenal being
    on a shoe string budget.
    Theo jogs round for 6 minutes
    and gets paid only 110,000 pound.
    55,000 per shoe lace per game.
    If only we had more money.
    Remember Jack Wheelchair?
    Well he got paid 90,000 pound for his contribution tonight.
    Rosicky 80,000 pound, he hung up the shirts.
    Arteta 80,000 pound, he did the haircuts.
    Flamini 80,000 pound, he parked the cars.
    Gabriel 50,000 pound, he looked after the watches.
    Gibbs 60,000 pound, he filled the water bottles.
    Debuchy 70,000 pound he said “bonne chance mes amis”
    Wellbeck 75,000 pound, he looked after the phones
    Ospina 40,000 pound he brought the tortillas
    Chamberlain 60,000 pound, he sent out the tweets
    Sanogo 30,000 pound he said” can’t believe I’m still getting paid” 🙂
    If it was not for these severe financial restrictions
    Arsenal would top the league every season.

  22. COYG!!! I’m happy with the win and Sanchez getting back to scoring. Not happy that Ozil didn’t get an assist though!! COYG let’s catch the spuds and shut a bunch of people up!

  23. The reason why nobody takes us ARSENAL fans seriously is because there are a few here that had the balls of calling on Sanchez to be sold, underperformer, rubbish, when reality is him and Ozil are the only reasons why we are still relevant, then of course when we call on the real underperformer Le Fraud they call us cry babies, ungrateful and all kind of nonsense……
    Two (2) things were left clear from today’s game OG is no striker and Campbell should ask his agent to start looking for another team where he will be valued for his worth

  24. It’s very sad to have trolls on this site thumbing down just because they can’t help being foolish!

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