Arsenal v West Brom Build-up & Predicted Score for PL clash

West Bromwich Albion will be making the trip down to London today for their clash with Arsenal at the Emirates.

The visitors come into this clash with their Premier League life on the line. A loss will finally seal their fate as dropping back down to the Championship, and will end Sam Allardyce’s record of never having failed to save a club he has managed.

Today’s clash could well depend on which Arsenal side turns up however, like many of the results have this season.

The Gunners have been wholly consistent throughout the current campaign, but their devastating loss to Villarreal on Thursday has left a bitter taste in the mouth, and it would be anybody’s guess to assume which mentality players will arrive with.

I struggle to believe that the team will be completely motivated in the preparation for today’s test, despite the slim hope of climbing into the top seven.

Our side actually has the worse form on paper of the two. We have just one win in our last five in all competitions, having beaten Newcastle 2-0 last weekend, while WBA have eight points from their last five matches, including a massive 5-2 win over Chelsea at Stamford Bridge.

I can’t help but expect there to be further protests on matchday again on Sunday, possibly even with an increased number of participants after Thursday’s painful result.

With the fact that no home team has won with protesters outside of late, including Chelsea failing to beat Brighton, paired with the distraction of Thursday, I’m not even confident that we will win today.

I can see us ending up with a disappointing 1-1 scoreline, and I dare say that we could even leave feeling lucky to have got a point.

Does anyone believe the players will find the motivation out of anger?


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  1. We don’t need this game. Arteta should feature upcoming home grown players to get their first team appearance against west brom.

    The game we needed most was played last week against Villarreal and we failed to turn up for it.

    1. Fully agree. Need the youngsters. If we lose we probably go from 9th to 10th. Mind you wouldn’t like to lose to that slug. Always remember when he had Bolton kick us off the park and laugh about it!!

  2. Arteta has said he wants his players to show how much they care today.
    So anything less than an emphatic victory will be construed as not caring, not playing for the manager or that he has lost the dressing room.
    WBA has to win so will attack and should leave holes in their defense.
    The Arsenal team are playing for their contracts also so I expect a big win today.
    Arsenal 7 WBA 0

    1. Immaterial match.
      The season ended on Thursday. Thank God we are not relegated.
      This is the first time Arsenal have not fought for a place in Europe at this time of the season.
      Arteta has reduced us to mid table team.

  3. Teams around us are all faltering.
    7th place and Europe remains a real possibility
    So this game Is huge for Arsenal.

    1. Admire your optimism, but it will not happen, no European football for us, and tonight he will probably start Eleney,Willian and Nkeitah, this shows the level of Arteta’s coaching, as long as the clown remains in charge with Edu handling transfers we can forget about European football

  4. Ryan
    Cedric Chambers Gabriel Lopez
    Elneny Cebollos
    Nelson Odegaard Martinelli

    Bring on Laca Partey Tierney


  5. I am looking forward to a transformation in the team. Everything has got to change from the methods they have been applying and the format they implement.

  6. Every game is important and a true Gooner would want to win it. Really are some sad so called fans who want us to lose!

    1. I understand u declan and We all love the club dearly…. But its time to face the truth…arteta needs to leave, if losses can speed up that process ,so be it…

      No other loss can equate the Thursday one, where other English teams excelled, and we failed when we had more to lose…

      Chelsea might win the FAcup,man city UCL, man utd Europa,Tottenham losing finalists….arsenal???

      We need change and its now…a victory today would mask these issues again then we lose to Chelsea next and cries,complains return…

      These guys can’t raise our hopes on slim chances of making 7th and dash it again…with arteta making up flimsy excuses just to keep his job and paycheck

      We really have to wake up and face reality, with arteta we going nowhere…period

  7. Never want my team to lose especially to that slug but I think today calls for some new youngsters. No Willian, Auba etc. Like to see Balogoun, Azeez etc. They cannot be worse than what we saw on Thurs.

  8. Ryan should feature for the remaining games as we try to wean ourselves off Leno. He might be good enough for the no. 1 spot next season.

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