Arsenal v West Brom review – Walcott and Wilshere win it!

After Arsenal’s recent frustration and lack of success in front of goal, a fast start was always going to be a big help against a well organised and defensively strong side and we could hardly have asked for more. The Gunners were straight on the front foot and were in front after just five minutes.

The first of Walcott’s first half hat-trick was a magnificently struck screamer from the right side of the box. His next two may have been easier but Theo’s movement and finishing was spot on and he deserved the match ball. Wilshere was also on fire and the Baggies just could not cope with his passing and dribbling and the volley for his goal was sublime.

Our defenders and keeper were largely spectators and with a 4-0 scoreline at the break, Tony Pulis looked like a man who had found a pound and lost a tenner. They would have had the hairdryer treatment at halftime and were better in the second half, while our urgency was understandably less.

Even so we should have had at least one second half goal to celebrate, with Ramsey unlucky to hit the post with a sweet left foot shot and to have one with his right foot tipped onto the post. But the only goal after the break came from a West Brom corner when Mcauley beat our keeper and defenders to a flat and hard cross.

All in all though, a good day for the Gunners and a great way to get back to winning ways ahead of Wembley.

VIDEO – Santi Cazorla’s brilliant FA Cup Final freekick!!

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  1. good game from everyone(barring Ospina maybe)..Theo was MOM for me closely followed by Wilshere…Ramsey too did really well when he came on
    Imagine what would have happened if Wenger had lost 6-1 to stoke!

    1. A great win after a long time.Two players proving their doubters wrong.T’was A win worth waiting.

      1. Cech can come in, but Ospina has done well enough to retain his place in the team. Come on, guys, have you all forgotten how terrible De Gea was in his first season, or the terrible goal Courtois conceded against Stoke???

    2. _____________New movie_________

      The Annihilation of Brendapool
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      1. And some fans wanted him. Is he no longer better than Wenger? Mind what you wish yourself.

    3. Start Walcott instead of Giroud in the FA cup. Giroud seems low on confidence while Walcott will have loads of it after this display.

      We need to start players that are in-form.

      1. Hard to argue about that, but somehow i doubt Walcott will follow up with the same performance at Wembley. I really want to be proven wrong, though! 😀

      2. I agree. Walcott and Wilshire should start next week. Wenger will have to decide between the two keepers and whether to play Cazorla instead of Ramsey. I’d start szczesny and stock with Caz.

    4. Very disappointing second half. We always slow down in the second half when we have a comfortable lead, Wenger needs to fix that.we could have scored 6 or 7 goals at least. I lost 30 dollars betting on arsenal to win both halfs . happy with the win overall and happy for Theo and jack. Jack scored a screamer, goal of the season for me by far

      1. Why did I get thumbs down????cuz I lost money???or cuz I think jacks goal was goal of the season?

        1. Because some people here see a name and regardless of the content of the comment, they thumb it down. It’s been long time since Arsenal went 100% out throughout the whole game.

        2. I think the thumbs down was for complaining about the 2nd half performances in the context of a very good win.

          Many times the coach will want the club to simply play out the 2nd half of such games by slowing the play, controlling the game, and not risking and injuries – especially when the club has its most important game of the season coming up in a week.

          With all that in mind the 2nd half performance was not really surprising or disappointing.

          (Also, most fans care about finishing out games for the win and the 3 points and are thus not concerned whether or not you win your personal bets).

    5. i’m telling u!………if cheLski had a terrible defence….. Cech would be conceeding goals Non-stop ………….Ospina deserve some credits!

    6. Some moments of briliance frm wilshere…..if he can just play those 1-2 1-2 hes better than ramsey.
      walcot was g8 with his runs behind defenders, movement, spacing, unpredictability and finishing. I thought he was goin 2core 3mo until he (makeshift striker) was taken off n the first choice came on 2successfully complete his 8games with out a score by the way walcot had a good number of shorts on target as well MOTM. He shud stay but we need a striker still

      1. You can’t really compare them, Ramsey likes to create chances and Wilshere like to control the tempo of the game, they’re both great talents

    7. The reason we need a world class striker. An Aguero type who can do what theo did consistently.A tale of two halves. Giroud came and we reverted to type

    8. People ain’t gonna like this, but as someone that has seen both keepers play for club and country in the past, Szczesny is a better keeper than Ospina. If Cech is available, we should sign him imo. Szczesny is error prone and eccentric, while Owpina isn’t good enough. Szczesny may be error prone and may give away the odd goal, however he’s far more convincing at crossing being 6 foot 6 and doesn’t let in easy goals. That said we do need a keeper like Cech. Cech or even Szczesny would have saved the first and last goals we conceded against Monaco for example. The last goal was particularly bad as there was not a lot of pace and Ospina showed a week hand. Ospina has also played for an in form Arsenal team with Koscielny at CB rather than chopping and changing with Chambers, Monreal etc.

        1. What I mean is that when he does concede a goal he shouldn’t, it’s usually rushing out too far or taking the opposition goalkeeper out. He’s much better at claiming crosses than Ospina. One example is the goal against Swansea. Szczesny would have saved that, however he does make more errors than Ospina.

      1. Are you joking me? Your blaming ospina for not saving that deflected strike? Wow just wow

    9. Off topic but Juventus just signed Dybala for £28 million or 40 millio Euros.

      They have carlos Tevez
      Alvaro Morata
      fernando LLorente
      Alexandro matri
      I guess we need another striker even with Theo’s display. Wow the big clubs are not resting. Already looking forward to the summer and next season.
      Great play by the team and classy display from jack and theo.

      Selling jack to city is helping a rival win the league. we shoudn’t even mention that rubbish idea on this forum.We are not a broke club anymore and there is no reason for us selling quality players.

      1. Morata has hardly scored that any in his first Juve season, Llorente is a lamp post and Matri was loaned from Milan (says it all), however Tevez is still top quality. Remember that Juve play with 2 strikers, while we play with only one.

        1. I all about the options they have. That is why they are on the verge of winning the treble. Morata is a top top player with great potential. he is still a kid . Anyways i am just saying that the big clubs are already in the Market. If we sleep we may get up a lil late.
          LVG said they signed DEpay because PSG was all over him. That says alot. the big clubs are already active. Look at chelsea they signed Costa and fabregers aftere the Champions league final. That is how you do business. By the time pre season comes you have your squad in place.

      2. Matri and Llorente won’t be back next year and Tevez probably plays only 1 more year before going back to Argentina.

  2. no “holdup” giroud startinf today

    finally we see toals and attractive football aftwr 3 seasons of waiting

    all bexause we played with pace upfront and this allowed our creative players too excel

    shows that tirouds been stopping our progress all this time hinders our team dramatically

    anasing performace

    1. You can’t play with pace all season, when teams are parking bus you know. What good will it be if there are 10 defenders infront of the goalkeeper.

        1. answer his question Ha559 .. u cant can u bcoz it achieved nothing giroud is not good enuff for this club u just want to impress people hy praising him and bscking jim up and it just shows ur lack of football knowledge .. uv just started watching the game a year or 2 ago clealry

          1. Giroud has nothing to prove after scoring 14 league goals in half a season. Whoever doubts his ability needs to look at his goal record. Some of our best football is with Giroud on the team. Our scoring record is much better with him in the team.

          2. His hold up play lead to 9 games winning streak.
            You haters should atleast back your players for once and to think that many of you here wanted Giroud replace with Balo last summer shows how much you know about football.

            1. Giroud – goals away at Everton, Liverpool, Manchester City. Goals at home vs. Manchester City, Liverpool, Manchester United, Everton.

              Theo – hat trick at home vs. West Brom…suddenly Waclott = hero and Giroud = zero.

              Walcott isn’t a world class striker…he’s streaky, and invincible vs. high level competition.
              Arsenal need a world class striker to help Giroud.

    2. Giroud has been one of our best players since his return from injury and his goals one of the main reasons we’ve been able to climb back to third.

      What Walcott has done is shut some idiots up and show that he deserves chances to play up top and why we need to keep him.

      I still think we need one more “goal scorer” in the team this summer. Not necessarily a out and out striker as both Walcott and welbeck get goals playing as a striker a goal scoring wide forward would do.

      1. You didn’t mention Alexis there Alan. I keep getting surprised when people talk about our “striker crisis” and we need world class this and world class that – Alexis has scored more goals this season as wide second striker than Chelsea’s main man Costa. Giroud, Alexis and Walcott have all proved they can score 20+ goals a season. Santi and Rambo can easily amass another 20 between them. If Wenger can get Welbeck and/or Akpom scoring we are laughing.

  3. I swear, the only league better than the English Premier League is the one that does not exist.

  4. Fantastic first half, some real quality goals and play in general. Took our foot off the pedal in the second half, but still could’ve added a few more. This is an inform West Brom side that put 3 past Chelsea the other week, so I’m happy with that result. Let’s take it to the FA cup final!

    1. Villa lost again and this time at home to Burnley… They are low on confidence. Time to defend our trophy. Can’t wait for the final. Time to win our third trophy in a space of one year. Coyg

  5. I hope this shows everyone what both of them are capable of. Also, it suits Wilshere not play a holding role, and he’s a Vidal-esque player, for those claiming his signing. He’s not Vidal for sure but he has the talent to be even better. And Walcott just shows the kind of variety we need up front.

    Now onto Wembley!

      1. I’d say he’s a mix of different players, a bit of Pirlo’s passing, a bit of Iniesta’s control, some of Gazza’s urgency and Xavi’s vision. He needs to learn how to use those qualities together

    1. Wilshere has one good game (although he played well in last couple of games), you start comparing him to Xavi, Vidal, etc. This I think is a problem in English football. After his breakthrough season the pundits and the media called him the savior of Arsenal and England and he was only 19 at that time. This puts enormous pressure on the shoulders of a young boy. Why cant he be just Wilshere and play like Wilshere!!!!
      For me Wilshere has got great talent and I would love for him to have an injury free season next time around and play like the way he did today!!!
      In the mean time Wembley here we come!!!

  6. Have to say everyone played well today.. Bar from Ospina. Hopefully this display highlighted the need for a box commanding goalkeeper!

    MOTM Walcott. What a display. Where’s that tit who argued about buying true-to-his-name-Sterling? He has never even taken a shot like Walcott did on his second.

  7. Great game, we moved the ball quicker and Theo’s runs mad a huge difference. Wish we played with the same kind of urgency at the start of our last 3 previous matches to get 2nd, but that’s in the past. Time to prepare for the FA Cup.

  8. Why on earth did we slow down?
    Why did we have to let in a goal?

    A good win anyway.

    1. why? because we are 4 goals up. that’s totally acceptable. you think they are machines? you saw when we had 3 subs we were back attacking em

      1. I’m still baffled at everyone expecting Arsenal to win 8-0 every home game as if PL teams never offered any form of competition. In England players don’t care about the name behind the shirt, if you’re good they’ll do as much as they can to make life a living hell. Did you ever see Ronaldo score more than one hat trick in a season for United ?

    2. I hope we see clearly that we need atleast 3 players to compete next season. Theo offers more upfront than Giroud because he can come short or run behind thus we need a great forward. Secondly I am again worried about our goal keeper am not sure if they are good enough and that needs to be address. Thirdly we need a defensive midfielder yes we have Coq but we need another option to take us to another level. I believe Gabriel and Kos will be our defensive pair next season but we need 3 players to win the epl.

  9. Great performance today.

    For the FA cup final please start Walcott atleast on the wing. We know Giroud will start upfront anyway.

    1. The front attack always gas been Sanchez Giroud and Walcott. Too bad we didn’t have that all year.

  10. For those who are Team Wilshere or Team Ramsey, appreciate what they both can offer our squad. Great performance from both today.

      1. Most probably Wenger will play them together in the final and bench Coq and it will be disaster.

        1. No I think Coq was the missing link, Ramsey and Wilshere needed someone to balance their attacking style of play

  11. 3rd place 🙂
    End of season
    knock about.
    Wilshere and Walcott
    in form for the off season 🙁

  12. good that we found our shooting boots again, injected some energy into the team. now to wembley. the lineup for that will be interesting to see

  13. Staring line up of the FA Cup final:

    Chesny (he will start anyway)

    Bellerin Per Kos Monreal

    Coq Ramsey/Jack/Cazorla (not all together)

    Walcott Ozil Alexis

    Giroud (just to defend set pieces)

    1. Giroud had a good season, he could have scored more if wasn’t injured, he does more than defending set peices… He has list his scoring touch recently but so has Sanchez, Sanchez had an awful game again today, sorry to say that but we need him to up his game for the final.we need him and ozil to be at their best, giroud will score in the final,have my words

      1. Yes giroud would have scored mo just has he has done in the last 8games…..if u dont know t sanchez is tired needed a rest.

      2. Yes. If you calculate total goal production (goals and assists in all competitions) Giroud actually scored more goals per appearance than Costa. Now you know the rest of that story.

        And although Alexis did not shine today compared to players like Walcott and Wilshere, he is clearly Arsenal’s quality player and workhorse of the season – let us not forget that. He has been everything for Arsenal this season.

    2. In order for Walcott to start either Giroud or Ramsey will need to sit. I don’t see that happening.

  14. Delighted we won….We needed the win to boost the players morale. Walcott has earned his place in the starting lineup against Aston Villa. We will need his pace in Wembley… I want an easy win against Aston Villa. Wish this would be the scoreline (4-1) next weekend. However, Arsenal might do it the hard way but a win all the same is what we want…COYG.

  15. Great performance all around. Wilshere MOTM for me, he was really the spark today. Walcott offers something different upfront which we have needed these past few games. i still start Giroud for finals though just because thats what that team is comfortable with. It’ll be interesting to see if Ramsey or Wilshere gets in the team next week as well. Thinking it might be Ramsey still, with a Wilshere sub apperance. One more game, COYG!

  16. A good game but Ospina is giving me concern. Don’t tell me that he wasn’t at fault for the goal. He might not be the top keeper I thought. He has had a better defence than the Pole- Szch. If Giroud can be slated, let’s say it, we need a goal keeper that can win us matches. Bring in Cech so that they can sit up at least for one or two years. Real could not win anything because their goal keeper is sh*t. One chance, one goal conceded.

    1. I don’t think people realize how much of a difference having a top class GK makes. De Gea, Courtois have saved so many points for their teams. Not that Ospina hasn’t either but he’s just not on their level and still lets in soft goals, same as Szczesny. If we want EPL title or UCL, we need an upgrade, simple as that. Cech available for 10mill and wants to stay in London.

      1. @RHS, you mean Cech is on the level of Cuurtois? Then why is Cech over taken? If Arsenal wants to make statement then lets go for De Gea himself. If Cech is not good enough to become number one at Chelsea, then how will he be good enough for us? Or we will always be in the shadow of Chelsea!

        1. Cech is good enough for Chelsea. Only reason he doesnt play is because Chelsea ha dto think about their long term future. Courtois was going to leave if he didnt get No1. this season.

    2. Ospina had his first really weak game – he has been quite solid otherwise.

      That said, Ospina is more likely a 2nd choice GK for a big club like Arsenal.

      Ospina is normally solid and reliable but limited physically. While Sczesny is much more physically capable but makes mistakes constantly.

      All this means AFC need to either pick up a new GK or find a way to fix Sczesny’s problems quickly.

    3. If u said one chance one goal, that means u r referring to szeceny, bcos if u look at the beginning of d season ,whenever our opposition has d first chance, they always scored…. That’s d problem with szeceny… Since ospina came in ,that problem has been solve…. Still u don’t appreciate him….u r talking as if all this world class goalkeepers doesn’t make mistake… Plz appreciate what u have.…coyg

  17. OH NO! this most likely means no new expensive world class c/f coming in the summer what have you done walcott.
    apart from that awesome result and well done walcott, arsene get him on board for 4 more years and keep him fit for all next season, hopefully he might hit a purple patch and hit the ground running.

  18. Yeah we need a goal keeper to replace the one we bought last season that is just getting use to the league?
    And who the fu*k told you all that chelsea will sell cech to us?

  19. I’m really happy that the physio got some love! It’s the people behind the scenes that make the club great as well. Both Jack and Theo have spent hours and hours with him.
    Not sure his name but Well Done!

  20. the air is quiet…….. What!…… They don’t want walcott sold anymore?………. The Sterling syndrome is indeed a terrible disease #Team WaLcott#

  21. The same people who wanted wilshire and walcott gone are lavishing praise upon them.
    make your minds u p

    Central defender
    Holding midfielder
    25 goal striker
    young left back

    and Walcot and wilshire should sign up for life

    1. Not to worry. The next time Walcott or Wilshere has a bad game some fans will again demand their immediate departure.

    1. I have no idea what that means really. Are you suggesting that AFC are better off without their TOP SCORER, TIRELESS WORKHORSE, AND QUALITY PLAYER OF THE SEASON?????

      1. I’m saying arsenal are better off without their HEADLESS CHICKEN, SELFISH, AND OVERRATED PLAYER OF THE SEASON.

    1. I don’t know how many fans really gave up on Walcott but you are right about Wilshere. Many fans had him already shipped out long ago (in their minds).

  22. Ospina is not good enough
    Szc is much better than ospina. He is just going through a rough patch.

    1. First weak game for Ospina and he is now total sh#t? Sczesny was having struggling in half his performances.

      How soon we forget.

      1. No
        Ospina has always been ordinary. Its the fans that were overrating him. He can’t hold onto weak shots and always concedes unnecessary corners. He is short too

        And how soon have u forgotten about the number of times szc saved our asses!

        1. I have NOT forgotten Sczesny’s many great saves. Nor have I forgotten his many ridiculous blunders – yes those count also.

          Arsenal really need a quality #1 keeper. Both Ospina and Sczesny are more likely #2 quality for a big club.

        2. Oh, and I almost forgot. Sczesny’s distribution skills have ALWAYS been terrible. A #1 keeper should be proficient in ALL GK skills.


          Shot stopping and physicality: Excellent
          Reliability/Dependability: Very Suspect
          Distributiion: Often terrible.

          1 out of 3 is not great.

    1. Balotelli must be considered the top choice for worst acquisition of the season.

      Falcao was disappointing but he was never going to improve ManU much anyway. With Rooney and RVP on the team Falcao could have only made ManU deeper, not really better.

      But I will admit that I NEVER imagined that Di Maria would struggle in the EPL and finish up the season warming the bench. That one still boggles my mind.

  23. Selecting the squad for FA Cup will not be easy. Normally I know EXACTLY which players to select for each game – not this next one. There are a few good lineups.

    1. Not really we need them
      to be fit and in form
      for nine months v Chelsea
      Man City + in the ECL not
      v WBA in a pointless end
      of season knock about

      1. lol exactly. they played well today but as usual its when nothing matters anymore, but lets keep them and not sell them for 50mill total because West Brom…

  24. What is this I hear about Vidal????? Not a bad player, but where do we play him…..?

    1. If you don’t know where to play Vidal you have a lack of so called a football brain, do you think what the Coq is better than him? yes he did it very well this season but still he need to learn the game with his age, Vidal is a proven WC DM plus arsenal have been consistently hit by injuries why do you chicken like question the signing of Vidal? that why you think Giroud is a WC ST

  25. Big decisions coming for RB.

    Normally Debuchy might be considered absolutely critical to the team but Bellerin has proven to be Arsenal’s best RB and Jenks had a fine season for W.Ham so……….. who knows?

  26. Very much an end of season
    junk day. Stoke beat
    Liverpool 6-1.!!!
    Crystal Palace beat Swansea and make the top 10
    and Chamakh scored the winner!!!
    Villa our FA cup opponents lose at home
    to relegated Burnley and finish 4th last.
    Tottenham win at Everton and finish 5th.
    Utd draw at Hull and go to the qualifiers.
    Leicester put 5 past QPR.
    End of season rubbish.
    The last month has been a complete
    waste of time for the top 7 teams.
    Pointless nonsense.

    1. Clearly Brendon Rogers has lost the confidence of his players. Liverpool have recently looked like a relegation squad.

        1. Prefer it if he stayed to be honest. If Rodgers leaves, Liverpool most likely get Klopp.

      1. We lost our minds at being 3-0 down to Stoke at half time, and rightly so. But can you imagine being 5-0 down? Especially with the importance of it being Gerrard’s last game. Couldn’t describe how I’d feel if I was a Liverpool fan. But I’m not, so it’s fine. At least Arsenal showed a tiny bit of Brendan Rodgers favourite ‘character’, and came back into the game. In the second half, not that it made me feel any better about it…

  27. See the diff to what Wilsher offers the game. His ball controll and link up play is worldclass. You dont see many player nowdays who can take players on and create chances out of nowhere. It doesnt matter if they lose the ball during the process. While trying it takes few times to succed, and if the player does so, sooner or later you will end up with a goal.

    The thing about Arsenal losing his style is bec we have lost to many players with such abilities. Rosicky can do it awell.

    Wilshers only problem are injuries. Keep him away from that and he can be our best player. Walcott was also good, he should sign for us and accept his role at Arsenal and try his luck as a striker and not demand to much.

    1. Great post KS! I think he and Tom R have the in past years put so many under pressure because of their ability to drive the ball.

  28. We all know Arsenal would be better with a top quality striker but AFC can still win the title with Giroud.

    Giroud had a better goal production ratio than Costa. (goals and assists in all comps per games played). And Somehow Chelsea was able to win the title.

    1. No we cant. Arsenal can make players like Adebayor look like worldclass strikers or the likes of Betdner do hattricks for fun, but winning something big, with these players we cant.

      the sooner you realise it we closer we will end up becoming champions

  29. 37th minute…Walcott scores hat-trick then the camera cuts to an image of Giroud (look-alike) waving white Arsenal flag

    lovin the cinematography hehehe

    1. There was another similar occurrence when, after showing the great play from Wilshere and Walcott, the camera shot went to Ramsey sitting on the bench who did not look happy about it all.

  30. Well its the end of the season, a lot of what ifs and we should have, but i think we have improved in so many ways, beating some of the top teams, finishing third, the injury room has a lot less beds, finding a DM that actually plays like a DM, better team defense, in team competition for place and Wenger seems to have found back his MOJO.

    All left now is to get back our FA cup, most naturally we are the owners

  31. Walcott’s pace seemed to upset parking the bus – not surprising, but maybe something to remember in the future against Swansea, Sunderland et al?

    Hopefully the goals will improve his confidence when striking on goal.

  32. 98% of arsenal fans round the world make up for the most frustrsted and insecure humans in the planet.shez is poor.give us ospina.oohhh sopina is not good,give us shez back.sell walcott,sell wilshere,oohh walcott is gr8,wilshere is awesome,afetr one game-sell walcott,hes shit give us lacazette,blah,blah blah.always moaning and murmuring.made urselves a laughing stock.get a grip asswipes

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