Arsenal v West Ham Build-up & Predicted Score in battle for fourth

Arsenal have the chance to move into fourth place in the division when they take on West Ham at the Emirates this evening, but will have to find a way to win despite their distractions at present.

Much of the onus has been taken away from today’s encounter, with much of the conversation surrounding the situation with Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang being dropped as captain instead.

The club was able to find a convincing 3-0 win at the weekend in the absence of Auba however, with Alexandre Lacazette scoring the opening goal to send them onto victory.

Our overall form has been strong since a rocky opening month in August, winning eight of our last 13 league outings, but we have lost three of our last five in the division, although the overall feeling is confident.

West Ham’s form is rather similar, winning just two of their six in the PL, but those wins came against Liverpool and Chelsea, proving that nobody can take then for granted by any means.

As much as I’m a little worried about our distractions off the field, we have won our last five played at the Emirates, and our win over Southampton was impressive for the most part.

I’m going with a nice 2-1 win this evening, with Lacazette getting himself on the scoresheet once again.

What are your early predictions for tonight’s battle for fourth?


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  1. It was only a couple of weeks ago you were all slagging Lacazette Now you all want him I cannot understand you people sell you shout now you all say come on Lacca Call yourself supporters

    1. That’s Pretty much the same for every player that plays football mate .
      I like Pepe others call him useless ,
      It’s all about opinions,some fans on here can not stand others having a different opinion but hey that’s life .

  2. Sir Michael what you on about ! Its human nature to call for heads and pretty sure its come out of your mouth too. Yes when players play well supporters love them and when there not supporters are on there backs. They have a right to that as they are earning stupid money a week! No different to a normal job your bad at it people are on your back. Now if players cannot take criticism when there on 100k plus a week they should hang up there boots! Think about things before you make flippant comments !

  3. It was heartbreaking against Everton not because of the loss but how the team played, it was like a deliberate act,

    Southampton were below average, the hammers are the real test, they strong and fast,

    I expect to see Tavares and Tierney, how possible this is, I don’t know but we need every muscle we can get,

    Here’s to a night of victory 🍾🎉🎊🥂

  4. They have had better results this year then us, but with their injuries and absences I feel today we have the better healthier team.

    We need intensity to start, and go for the throat of West Ham with their injuries and dip in form.

    Now is not the time to focus on sitting back defensively and let them dictate the tempo. Make them chase the game, force them to play our game.

    Hope we are direct in attacking not possession for the sake of possession. Play for 3 points, and not be satisfied with a draw.

  5. This would be a pretty big win for us. Have watched a few of the West Ham games of late and they are good. Yup there are some injuries but we will need one of our better efforts to win. If we start the same way we did against Southhampton before the jets got turned on, we could be in a lot of trouble early – they won’t miss good chances. Win would be awesome but I would be pretty happy with a tie.

    1. I watched them against Chelsea ,a real team win after being 2-1 down
      I expect a really hard game tonight against a proper manager who I gave my vote for manager of the year last season .
      Looks like he’s carrying it on this time round .
      We have the players but do we have the manager time will tell .

  6. If we start as slowly as against the Saints(about 20 MNS), it’s game over for sure.for us to win,we need to play the perfect game and for the decisions to go our way,that or for the Hammers to have a nightmare of a game.what are the chances of it happening??

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