Arsenal v West Ham – KJ’s Player Ratings

Arsenal 3 – 0 West Ham Player Ratings by KJ (Sorry they are late!)

Ospina – 6
A solid goalkeeping performance. Didn’t really have many saves to make but showed good distribution.

Chambers – 6
Struggled defensively against Jarvis. Seemed to completely lose his marker a few times giving West Ham free crosses. His attacking play was brilliant though, especially his crossing.

Mertesacker – 7
An overall solid performance. Wasn’t really tested by West Ham as they were largely awful in attack.

Koscielny – 7.5
Was arguably our best defender today. Had to man mark Sakho for the majority of the game and kept him quiet throughout. His distribution forward was also fantastic.

Monreal – 7
Didn’t do anything special offensively or defensively but was solid.

Coquelin – 7
He started poorly but grew into the game and made some nice tackles near the end.

Ramsey – 8.5 (MOTM)
He was our best player for me. He completely controlled the game from midfield and made some lovely passes into forward positions bypassing West Ham’s defence. His dribbling was on point and his overall attacking contribution won us the game.

Walcott – 5.5
Very poor in front of goal. Missed 3 very good chances and even though he’s still lacking sharpness, he has to be putting at least one of them away. I wouldn’t be surprised if he’s sold in the summer.

Özil – 8
Great performance today that will be marred by his lack of guts in front of goal. He had a great opportunity at capping off his performance with a goal but opted to pass when one on one with the keeper. He needs to be more ruthless mentally.

Alexis – 6
Not a good performance at all. He did the defensive side but offensively, he was very predictable. He seems mentally fatigued and could’ve done with a rest today.

Giroud – 8.5
Just narrowly misses out on the MOTM but was great all round. His work off the ball was strong with good pressing and movement. His passing on the ball was crisp overall and he managed to net a goal and an assist.

Welbeck – 7
Came on and added that extra bit of zip to our attack. Ensured West Ham couldn’t do much when they were chasing the game.

Cazorla – 7
Helped to crowd the midfield which stifled West Ham. They couldn’t break quickly enough with too many bodies in the way. He was great on the ball as well and managed to get an assist.

Flamini – 6
Came on fairly late but managed to score the third which well and truly put West Ham out of the game.

VIDEO – Wayne Rooney getting knocked out cold at home!

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  1. Oh KJ, I thought you ain’t doing the ratings since we already have one from Mr Bob.

    Fair ratings apart from Kos and Coq.

    1. Ramsey just can’t b the MOTM, no way! apart from the goal he was continuously giving away the ball by trying 2do flicks he can’t.
      Giroud (MOTM) closely competing with Koscielny and Coqueline

  2. Sorry but Walcott gets low because he missed 2 chances? The first was a blatant foul. One of the two other chances the ball is passed him before he can get his foot to it – had he been making less effort to get onto the rebound he probably would have scored it. He missed 1 real chance because he had Collins make a brilliant defensive run to stop him having time on the ball. The fact is Walcott’s movement in the first half consistently shifted West Ham and kept them pegged back. He had a solid game and deserved far more then a 5.5

    Not to mention you’ve given Mertesacker a decent score…sorry but the guy was disrupting the defence constantly and every decent West Ham move bar one Chambers cock up was directly down to Mertesacker being out of position or missing an easy interception. Switch Mert and Theo and I’ll agree with your rankings. Also, Alexis was not that poor. Predictable and frustrating maybe, but he was making powerful runs and making sure West Ham had to do their job. He was keeping them honest. Not a great game, but he certainly wasn’t poor offensively. His passing was not great today though – left a fair bit to be desired.

    1. I agree with FFFanatic about Mert and his stifling, painful’, negative effect on our team. What does amaze me is how many supporters he seems to have. Of course we are all entitled to our own opinion, but I wonder how many are actually watching his game. Perhaps I am being over critical but all I want is what I feel is best for our team and I believe surely we can find a better partner for Kos, who was awesome against West Ham…

  3. whats this hype about Dybala, i mean press is so sure we placed bid for him, why would we want him? we are full of strikers, and why this guy, unproven, young, need years to develope, nothing we are searching atm !!!

    1. Dybala is world class he guarantee goals….he has already won many top scoring awards….

      when the media and fans say hes good means hes good

      the fans know best

      1. Another overhyped Italian based player that will get kicked and the EPL and cry like a little girl

    2. Agüero was unproven when City bought him

      So was Ronaldo when Manu bought him

      And Zlatan when Juventus bought him

      Hell, even Henry was rather unproven when Arsene bought him.

      1. besides Henry, how much time did they need to develope? we need instant quality, we have good prospects, last thing we need is another prospect, as i recall we are aiming epl not 4th place!!!

        1. Zlatan before he went to Juventus – had only played for the best team in a minor league. Unproven.

          Aguero before he came to City, played for a team with variable results in the league, even though he won Europa League with them, he was nothing more than an exceptional talent, like Hazard (Hence why Ferguson was not willing to pay £34M for the belgian)

          Both were well known people with exceptional and known talent, but they were unproven in such a way that one could not know if they would have the same impact for their new club – just like Dybala is today.

  4. Ramsey-Ozil-Giroud tied for MOTM for me.

    Note: Mertsacker didn’t have much to deal with from West Ham’s attack and Koscielny dealt with sakho but Mertsacker will have to work hard against Monaco. He had a shocking night against Monaco in first match. So I’m quite worried about Tuesday night.

    I think Monreal should start at LB.

    you mentioned that Coquelin started poorly but got better. Every player needs to start at their best if we want a chance to beat Monaco by three goals. Start poorly and we are screwed

  5. Giroud, Ramsey and Kossy were MOTM.. Very good yesterday and contributed so much in their respective positions.

  6. Watched Almeria play today, and this Wellington kid looks like he could be a special winger. With potentially his South American flair on one side and Sanchez on the other, we could be scary unbalancing defenders. He of course will have to adjust his game to our league, but he looks extremely dynamic. If you can watch Almeria play do so, and form your own opinion.

    Sanchez, ox, Welbz, Wellington, theo, Campbell, Podolski, gnabry – somebody’s gonna have to go.

    Giroud, new 9?, Welbz, Sa1gol, Akpom – is that goodbye for sanogo?

  7. I think you’re a bit harsh on Walcott. It’s not like he’s been getting a lot of play time lately and yes, goals mean points and prizes, but at least he was in the right position at the right time, and was leaving players for dust. He will get his scoring boots on, and I wouldn’t like to be playing against him in another team.

  8. Ozil – 8? I don’t think so…7 would be fair if Kos is 7.5.
    Chambers is a 6 because Wallcott really ought to be a 4.
    if Sanchez had an ordinary day – what kind of day did Theo have? and he doesn’t put in a shift defensively – he needs to up his game.

  9. “I wouldn’t be surprised if Walcott is sold in the summer”… I stopped reading after that…

  10. I assume KJ watches the games that he comments on !

    As I’ve yet to see one of his player reports that are anything close to resembling objective opinion.

    The World, His Wife and their dog has never seen a decent performance from Ozil yet. Although KJ seems to extol his virtues as if he carries the Arsenal team no matter how bad he plays.

    Ramsey as everyone else can see, has been piss poor for a while. Always looking to do things the hard way i.e running into players, holding the ball way too long, looking for the million dollar pass when the fifty cent one is a dead cert.

    Yet again, KJ seems to marvel at both Ozil and Ramsey’s mediocracy !

    Is there any way of getting him banned ?

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