Arsenal v West Ham Player Ratings – Emery’s Subs make the difference

Despite Arsenal’s massive possession stats, we were actually lucky to beat West Ham on chances created. This sounds familiar doesn’t it, and also the fact that we were creating many chances but our defending was comical at times. We are obviously still a work in progress and the three points were very welcome – but we should have done better against a team that is also in transition and remain pointless at the bottom of the League table…..

So here are my ratings…..

Cech 6
Was blind-sided for the opening goal but made up for it with some good saves to keep us in the game.

Bellerín 6
Was excellent going forward and is an excellent winger, but don’t mention his defending….

Mustafi 5
Jury still out on the German, but it’s a new partnership so can we be hopeful?

Sokratis 5
Still learning to cope with the pace of the EPL but looks keen to make an impression. Not quite working yet.

Monreal 7
Another defender that likes to get forward, but scores goals as opposed to getting crosses in. Please stay fit!

Guendouzi 5
I expected Matteo to be more commanding against a weaker team, but he is still learning as well. He doesn’t lack the confidence..

Xhaka 5
Emery obviously has faith that Xhaka will come good, but I’m not so sure. I can’t wait for Torreira to be starting instead

Mkhitaryan 6
Not as lively as last week, and didn’t get into such promising positions either. Slightly disappointing

Ramsey 7
Not sure if he would have played if Ozil was okay, but was a little better than previous games this season.

Iwobi 5
After last week’s stellar performance against Chelsea, yesterday just proved that Iwobi is as inconsistent as ever..

Aubameyang 6
I think that miss against Chelsea has given Auba a knock to his confidence. Had some promising runs but couldn’t keep hold of the ball


Lacazette 7
A lot more assured and confident than Aubameyang at the moment. On form and should be starting.

Torreira 7
We look better with him on the field, but Emery doesn’t seem to think he’s ready for 90 minutes yet.

Welbeck 7
Great finish and looked lively when given space and time.


  1. Kieron Blandford says:

    So i known this wont be popular but not convinced by emery so far and yes i know it’s early days.
    He wants high pressing which you could tell in Ramseys interview post game wasn’t too popular well i think great as its the modern way and about time our players worked harder on the pitch.
    However we clearly aren’t organised at thw back yet and the full backs seem intent on both pushing forward at the same time leaving 2 older not the most mobile cbs totally exposed. This would be not too bad if the dm was with them but Matteo pushed up yesterday as well. I did think toreeira was an improvement.
    Cant enery see at the early stage the players are not fit enough or fast enough or savvy enough to lose the ball on a high press and reform their shape quickly.
    Whats wrong with one wing back goes the other one stays? And ad for all this passing out from the back rubbish yes its a great tactic but not one to be learnt in full in pl games, lets balance this with just doing it sometimes rather than everytime.
    So basically passing out from the back and high press from the off when he doesnt even know his team yet really.
    On one i admire it and applaud it but n the ither i think he needs to calm it down a bit and implement a bit at a time.
    Also if we must pass out from the bsck get leno in goal or get cech joining in training as an outfield player. His touch under pressure must improve.
    Good work pissing off ozil bloody diva needed a wake up call as did Ramsey.

    1. gotanidea says:

      The next two away matches are supposed to be easier than the Man City and the Chelsea games

      Therefore any results of those matches would be the barometer of Emery’s coaching

  2. Kieron Blandford says:

    2 things i forget i love what guendouzzi brings to the match but he desperately needs to hit the gym and add a little bit of bulk strength if he can.
    Also with this high press we desperately miss the recovery speed of the kikes of walcott or ox, (not saying we miss anything else though).

  3. gotanidea says:

    I think Xhaka deserves at least 7, because he was more mobile than usual and worked very hard to defend

    Guendouzi made a lot of interceptions, but he made many bad passes and has made three fatal mistakes in three consecutive matches. However, Arsenal would need his energy in the next away match

    The same applies to Mkhitaryan and Ramsey as well. Arsenal would need hardworkers like them and the ones that are willing to put extra effort when playing away from home, despite their limitations

  4. Colum Conlan says:

    The score flattered us yesterday. But a win is a win.

  5. Innit says:

    Torreira, Lacazette, Lichtsteiner and Welbeck should start in the next match.

    1. Break-on-through says:

      That was said of Iwobi, next time people should wait til one game becomes two or two games becomes three. I agree with Lichsteiner, he’s a must, the CB’s need him. Welbeck should be kept as an impact sub and if he keeps making a difference then he should start some games. Lacazette can also be good coming off the bench but we need himself and Aubameyang full of confidence so both need the game-time. It was a good thing having quality on the bench yesterday, everyone thought it was bad but how many times did you see a City or a Che finishing teams off after introducing a couple of quality players later in the game.

  6. Eddie says:

    We were lucky to win and could and should have been losing at the break… I’m not convinced so far but again too early to judge. Pretty sure pep was named Fraudiola by some people after losing big while trying his tactics

  7. Phil says:

    First point I would wish to make is -How very ordinary was Jack Wilshere?The decision to allow him to leave on a free transfer was the correct one and he is now at a club that is his true level.We all loved Jack but we move on as a Club as must he.
    Second point I would make is that Alex Iwobi was back to his ineffective best yesterday.He had a huge opportunity and he did not take it.He played reasonably well at Chelski last week and rightly kept his place against WHU.But he will not be starting against Cardiff after that display.Too many were on this site last week talking as though we had just witnessed the second coming of Lionel Messi when in fact all Iwobi produced was a very well taken goal in a hard working display.Emery took him off and immediately we looked better in attack.
    There is no argument with this Iwobi comment surely?Is there?

    1. Xxnofx says:

      No agreed Phil ,iwobi is not arsenal standard (well maybe he his going on the last 10 years )he didn’t even play that well against Chelsea tbh .
      Regarding jack wilshere you are right about him going but still would have keeped him instead of Ramsey ,I have no explanation for why he his position Ben in the squad let alone starting ,and for the poster to give him a 7 is a joke ,did you not see how many misplaced passes came from him .he was awful and the quicker he f4ks off the better .200 grand a week ,give me a f4cking break

    2. Sue says:

      Agreed Phil…. he did look very ordinary. So good decision to get rid & of Perez. And this goes without saying but totally agree about Iwobi! He was hopeless yesterday

  8. ks-gunner says:

    How can you who ever made the ratings even think about giving Ramsey an 7 alongside Monreal. Your bias is showing to much and its far from being realistic.

    Arsenal played awful:

    Ramsey is a 5 as well and so was Aubuma.

    Guendouzi was a 3 or 4 and not up to being a 5 with Xhaka and Iwobi.

    And Miki was also not good therefore him as well a 5.

    Bellerin a 5 too as he was one of the weakest in the pitch besides assisting two times.

    And giving our subs 7 is ridiculous. Laca a 6 and Welbeck and Torreira 5.5

    1. Break-on-through says:

      I thought Lacazette was man of the match, he made the biggest impact on that scoreline. When we got the second goal allot of our players were playing at about a 7 or there about’s, so that’s maybe why some people gave them.

  9. Reports from the Mirror are that Ramsey has shelved contract talks and will now follow Ozil’s example and make a decision in January.

  10. ks-gunner says:

    The reason we won is due of West ham being very bad and not bec of us playing good.

  11. Innit says:


    1. Levi says:

      Lichtsteiner Mustafi Sokratis Monreal
      Torreira Ramsey
      Welbeck Ozil Aubameyang

      This is the team against Cardiff, we should be attacking

  12. Runner says:

    Maybe we should play Lichtsteiner an RB and bellerin at RM instead of Mhiki. Would give us more width and more defensive stabillity

    1. ozziegunner says:


  13. John Ibrahim says:

    Chelsea is up for sale

    one competitor potentially gone without heavy spending

  14. Grandad says:

    Spot on Runner. Bellerin would bring real energy and pace to the midfield area.Time to give young Guendouzi a well deserved rest?

  15. David Rusa says:

    I give the one who did the ratings a 2. How can you rate our players so low in a game which they won and even dominated possession? How would you have rated them if it was a loss? You should be ashamed of yourself! Even other media gave them much higher ratings. It is your unrealistic expectations and bias which is driving your to do this. Please get real and style up.

  16. Tatgooner says:

    what is your problem with xhaka?
    was our best midfielder yesterday.
    cannot be a 5 when you have given auba 6

    1. Sarmmie says:

      I agree with you, players should be based on how much they do what they’re supposed to do, not what we expect them to do
      Xhaka did more of his CM job yesterday more than auba did his CF work or Ramsey his AM work
      Even whoscored gave xhaka a 7.3

  17. ozziegunner says:

    Ramsey should be sold at the earliest opportunity. The Arsenal Board made a major miscalculation in resigning Ozil at over £300,000; they should not make the mistake second time with Ramsey.
    Arsenal have looked after Ramsey through his many injury periods where other clubs would have sold him; yet Ramsey and his agent want to hold Arsenal for ransom. If a buyer cannot be found he should be relegated to the reserves to see out the rest of his contract.
    Even on a free transfer, given his over inflated opinion of himself and his lack of playing time it will be interesting to see where he ends up.

  18. Grandad says:

    I suspect he may end up at Old Trafford .

    1. ozziegunner says:

      Grandad, sitting on the bench?

  19. Kenny Rolfe says:

    Can’t see how you gave Ramsey top marks, mind boggling. 5 for the whole team.

  20. Andrew E says:

    Monreal was the only Arsenal player who deserved an above 5 rating. The rest were equally as bad as each other. Difficult to rate Torreira over the short period he was on, I just wish he would start because we badly need a ‘sitter’ in midfield when both wing backs take off at the same time.

    I’m still not convinced we have the players to adapt to Emery’s, high pressing and playing out from the back, game.

    1. Kenny Rolfe says:

      Agree with that Andrew. Monreal ‘s been our best player for quite some time. As a previous post said, just hope we don’t lose him to injury.

  21. Rkw says:

    If miki was 5 then bellerin and xhaka were 4 and Ramsey 3 and Iwobi 3 … Need to be honest here

    1. Kenny Rolfe says:

      Rkw: Wouldn’t argue with that either.

  22. Durand says:

    Xhaka was the 7 and Ramsey a polite 5. Bias showing through big time. I agree with Bellerin rating if he was playing as a winger. As a RB and defending i give him a 4. He gets beat by every attacker he’s matched against. Opponents targeting him big time; Emery has to fix it or bench him.

    1. ozziegunner says:


  23. TR07_hide says:

    First win in three matches. That should be enough to make me feel good, but somehow, I don’t feel too exicited.

    I have been expecting some drastic changes under the new manager, but the starting eleven was what Wenger would have picked up, except for sick Ozil. Cech, Bellerin, Xhaka, Iwobi and Ramsey.

    Pace, quality, motivation and communication, we lacked all of those and it was a game against West Ham, who looks like they are in a big trouble.

    I don’t rate Xhaka, but he played better on Saturday. Ramsey is too slow and his passing is not accurate enough to play as No. 10. Mhkitaryan was good, but he carelessly lost the ball too many times.

    All I want to see is fair competition among the players so that they are motivated enough to fight at the top level in every single game.

    Finally, I am glad to see Lucas Perez in action. He missed one opportunity, but he looked lively when he came on from bench.

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