Arsenal v West Ham Review – Welbeck seals Emery’s first points

Despite the loads of new players (and the two managers) that have changed from last season’s meeting here, the game panned out pretty much the same in the first half, with Monreal and Arnautovic giving us a 1-1 draw at half-time. The West Ham goal exposed the lack of organisation of our defence again but Arnautovic took his chance admirably with a brilliant shot that eluded Cech.

Monreal went straight down the other end and yet another shot across Fabianski’s goal came luckily to our Left-back who calmly controlled and smashed it into the net.

Arsenal, as usual, had all the possession but could not make it count and Aubameyang kept trying to cut through the Hammers defence but with no luck. But Snodgrass yet again nearly gave West Ham the lead just before the break.

Emery decided to bring on Lacazette in place of Iwobi at half time for more penetration but Mustafi came closest in the next 15 minutes and it was end to end with Arnautovic nearly getting a second.

Lacazette nearly put us ahead on the hour mark, but it was 20 minutes later when he finally contributed to our lead when his wishful shot into the box came off Diop to give us a way past Fabianski at last. 2-1 to the Arsenal and we should be on our way to the three points.

It was definitely exciting stuff and end to end but Aubameyang hjust couldn’t quite get his goal and with 15 minutes to go Emery took him off for Welbeck. With 7 minutes to go Ramsey connected brilliantly and the ball flew towards Fabianski’s corner but the ex-Gunner was equal to it again.

The last ten minutes was very physical with cards going out left right and centre but Arsenal stood firm and when Danny Welbeck put the game to bed in added time after another Bellerin centre, the Gunners got a well-deserved and much needed three points.

Onwards and Upwards!


  1. gotanidea says:

    A hard-earned win, but too many miscommunications and bad passes for a top EPL club. If they consistently have these problems, a top four finish would simply not be possible:

    – Aubameyang: As always, a pure goalpoacher without playmaking skills like him will suffer if there is no enough support. He started ahead of Lacazette because of his height and pace, but I think Emery would swap him with Lacazette at some point

    – Ramsey: Not creative and not skillful enough to make a lot of chances as a no 10, but very mobile and worked hard

    – Iwobi: He is not fast and agile enough to be a winger

    – Mkhitaryan: Worked hard as usual

    – Xhaka: He pressed hard and played very well today

    – Guendouzi: Intercepted a lot of threats, but made many bad passes and made another fatal mistake (luckily Cech was able to protect his goal)

    – Bellerin: Good when attacking, but bad in defending as usual

    – Monreal: It was unlike him, but managed to score an equalizer

    – The CBs: Still unconvincing

    – Cech: Good saves

    1. i was a gooner says:

      But ugly ugly arsenal.!!

      1. i was a gooner says:

        Arsenal- a Back open emery van (week 3) !!

  2. barryglik says:

    3 points phew 🙂

  3. RSH says:

    Many problems that should’ve been addressed to some degree by now. Bellerin’s performances is criminal. Worst player on the pitch. The boy cannot defend! It doesn’t matter how fast he is when he’s always on the wrong side of every winger. Every manager knows to attack on our right side because it’s such an obvious weakness. he needs to be dropped immediately. Even average teams can exploit him. And again, Xhaka, lazy on the West Ham goal and doesn’t add much to the game. Has to be Guendouzi and Torriera starting. positives, Torreira, getting 3 points, and Lacazette looks better upfront lately than Aubameyang. Emery has got to make the necessary changes. It has to start getting better. We can’t afford to drop points in our next several games at all. Still, job done and three points were hard fought. Just so many problems that are very apparent.

    1. gotanidea says:

      I think Bellerin created two assists today. I agree that his defending is bad, but maybe he could be a good right winger, because he was a winger before Bould moulded him into a right back

      Guendouzi made a lot of interceptions, but he made many bad passes and made a fatal error, which fortunately did not lead into a goal. The boy still needs more experience at this level

      I think Xhaka was very good in defending and intercepting

      1. RSH says:

        I also wouldn’t be opposed to using Bellerin as a winger. He just cant continue to remain a reliable defender honestly. Xhaka, I didn’t think he played well. He was lazy on the Arnautovic goal, and he does not protect the back 4. He was better when Torriera came on, but he does nothing that convinces me and I don’t know what his strengths are. He’s simply not a CDM in my opinion and he’s a player that is just makes up a midfield number. This was an average West Ham side and he only looked slightly better than the last two games. Guendouzi and Torriera appear to be superior players. (And yes, Guendouzi did struggle this game, but still had good energy and won the ball back effectively. Maybe i wasn’t watching closely enough, but his ball winning today seemed better than xhaka’s still)

        1. ozziegunner says:

          gotanidea and RSH , I agree that Bellerin should be converted back to a right winger, because he is good going forward. However he is rubbish defensively and got roasted again by Anderson today. Selecting Lichtsteiner as right back would solidify the defense, by providing experience, tactical nous, discipline and leadership. Lichtsteiner is no nonsense and has captained Switzerland, so he won’t be backward issuing instructions to organize the defense, somehhing that is desperately required.

    2. Goonerboi says:

      Bellerin is being told to attack so much but for every assist he gets (got 3 so far!) He gives away at least 3 opportunities for a clear cut chance. There has got to be a way to make chances without sacrificing a whole defender. Also he can cutback but he couldn’t cross to save his life. Ramsey was EXTREMELY average. He needs to accept his a box to box player or shouldn’t play at all. Xhaka looks like a red card waiting to happen, better performance but more so cause the other team was extremely poor in making us pay for our mistakes. Still think guendouzi and torreria are better footballers. Lacazette looks sharp and doesn’t deserve to be on the bench. Cech great with his hands. Monreal poor defending, good equaliser. Welbz did great but I guess everyone was tired. Overall definitely to get those points and might still need a miracle to finish 4th

      1. RSH says:

        Agree, Welbz was a great sub. Ramsey also needs to not be a No 10. He looks lost when we are on a counter and he has the ball. I don’t know the right decision for midfield b/c Ozil cannot be relied upon so this creates a big problem. If we start Ozil, we all know he’ll just appear when he feels like it or do nothing. I thought today was still better than playing with 10 men.

  4. Innit says:

    Funny. we have two of the best strikers in the premier league and we win from Monreal and Welbeck goals lol
    Anyway, I don’t care who scores as long as we WIN.

    So excellent result
    Very happy
    Good job boys

  5. Innit says:

    Next match start Lichtsteiner over Bellerin and Torreira over Xhaka. To start Xhaka and Bellerin again would be madness. They have performed poorly all 3 matches

    1. gotanidea says:

      In my opinion, Xhaka was fine in this match

      Bellerin should only start ahead of Lichtsteiner in home games like this. Lichtsteiner should start against Cardiff

      1. ozziegunner says:

        Xhaka did play better when moved forward once Torriera came on.

        1. RSH says:

          I’m of the opinion Xhaka is not a CDM. Torreira/Xhaka/Guendouzi midfield may be worth a shot.

          1. Angus says:

            Guendouzi was clearly the worst midfield player today. The bias of some people is unreal. Xhaka had a decent game.

  6. Xxnofx says:

    A few points from today
    Xhaka is absolutely f4cking dogshit
    Ramsey is absolutely f4cking dogshit
    Bellerin is f4cking absolutely dogshit
    A few honourable mentions

    1. kev says:

      What??Mkhitaryan was good?He was so poor on the ball and barely had an effect on the match.He seems to lack real cutting edge on the wings.
      I mean anytime he goes there he doesn’t even take on his man and then passes it poorly just like in this match.He was so so bad.I was expecting him to be our creative force in the match but he barely did anything.If this was a good Mkhitaryan performance to you then we are in for trouble.

      1. Xxnofx says:

        No ,Kev honourable mentions for being absolute dogsh1t

      2. Nine says:

        Kev watch the game again… Miki was the best player on the pitch. Ramsey was the worest, along with bellerin par the assists….

    2. Goonerboi says:

      Bellerin assisted both goals (nacho and welbz). He can’t defend for s36t but attacking wise he was impeccable. Agree about Ramsey tho was horrible. Xhaka was average not poor but average. Myki was good missing the final ball a bit but was definitely on the good side. Lacazette changed the game when he came on. He’s too good to be on the bench.

      1. kev says:

        Mkhitaryan was not good.His passing was average and lost the ball several times.Which match were you watching?He doesn’t even take on his man to open space but tries to pass it through a crowd of bodies like Bellerin which overcomplicates things for himself.Hes lacking confidence really.He just can’t seem to be reliable for now.

  7. Goonerboy says:

    Very poor performance, we were all over the place, whats really happening?
    Whats with Aubameyang?
    We wil concede in every match this season, Emery work has a long long way to go…

    1. kev says:

      I was telling people this the last time but they wouldn’t listen.Aubameyang is all about intelligent use of pace to position himself 1v1 with the keeper or using his pace to set him free in the box.He’s not a “build up” kind of guy.He just can’t do that.The problem is that he’s just not been provided with the required services that his qualities require.
      I also hope those who want Auba at RW so that Laca plays CF face reality that it won’t work.Any decent RB will handle Auba at RW easily as shown in this match.

      1. Midkemma says:

        I think Auba could do a good job as a RW or LW, he didn’t go to BvB as a CF, he was on the right and he was banging in goals, he just banged them in harder as a CF for them XD

        I agree with your assessment of Auba and I would add that Auba has the confidence to use his quickness to run past a player, something Mkhi didn’t do enough off and Iwobi was missing (after such a good Chavski performance, disappointing).

        I was someone who said that Auba could play out wide when we first signed him, admittingly I did say the right and didn’t think about the left which he then proved he could be a threat from. He has played on the right before not always been a CF, he didn’t suddenly start scoring as a CF either.. He was scoring from the right.

        I now think of him as our ‘real Alexis replacement’ as he has proven to score from the left while building up a good on pitch relationship with Laca.

        1. kev says:

          Well that’s your opinion and I respect it.I watched him at Dortmund at RW and even though he banged in goals I never felt he was good enough for a top team like Arsenal until he was moved to a position(CF) where his quality and talent was well and fully utilized.He really couldn’t beat his marker very well at Dortmund and lacked some creativity at RW.You might look at the stats(goals) but there was more to it than that.As a winger I rate him as 5/10 but as a striker 8/10.

    2. We are in for a very long season. Lots of talk about new methods, pressing and so. But all we can see is a suicide high defensive line, no control, misplaced passes and lots of big chances conceded per game to the opposition. I am not joking; l miss Wenger already: even the latter version of Wenger to this pressing rubbish

  8. kev says:

    Our midfield pairings are really overrated.Their mistakes are always overlooked when we win or they do some one time fantastic things in the match.
    The worst player for me today is Mkhitaryan.What a poor all round game from him.He looks so lost anytime he’s with the ball.Also the backline seems to be disorganised.They’re all over the pitch.
    Monreal was poor again defensively and barely offered much attacking wise but will be overlooked because of his goals or goal in this match to be specific.
    We were awful for eight percent of the match and West Ham are so bad it’s unbelievable.

    1. RSH says:

      we give the ball away far too cheaply. Chelsea punished that last week and this week we are just lucky West Ham’s only decent outfield player was Arnautovic who didnt even complete 90 minutes.

      1. kev says:

        West Ham are so so bad.I mean we looked so lost and so bad I the first half.Couldve been a very bad scoreline if only West Ham were decent.

        1. ozziegunner says:

          Shows what you can buy with £100 million; money doesn’t necessarily buy a successful TEAM.

    2. gotanidea says:

      Good observation

      Mkhitaryan made plenty of bad first touches. He should feel the competition from Nelson for the right wing position

      1. kev says:

        I just hope Auba and Laca aren’t shoehorned into the team just because it’s claimed they want to play with each other.That to me will be another mistake by Emery.Why?It’s because none of Laca or Auba are good enough as “wingers”.Their 1v1 decision making on the wing is poor from what I’ve seen from both before they came to Arsenal and they also lack creativity at the wing.We must not force both into one team just because they are top players.Its not sustainable and won’t work.

    3. Eddie Hoyte says:

      Kev, nice observation, the winning isn’t convincing enough, Emery still has Lot’s of jobs to do

      1. ozziegunner says:

        Eddie, a win is a win, but you’re right; still a work in progress with a long way to go.

  9. Dudu says:

    With this high pressing which I’m not convinced that we are playing lacazette should be starting head of Aubameyang …..

  10. Godswill says:

    Still much work to be done. Happy with the three points.

  11. gotanidea says:

    I think Bellerin created two assists today. I agree that his defending is bad, but maybe he could be a good right winger, because he was a winger before Bould moulded him into a right back

    Guendouzi made a lot of interceptions, but he made many bad passes and made a fatal error, which fortunately did not lead into a goal. The boy still needs more experience at this level

    I think Xhaka was good in defending

    1. ozziegunner says:

      ? Xhaka improved pressing higher up the pitch when Torreira came on; Xhaka will not be a DM while his backside points to the dround.

  12. Eddie Hoyte says:

    The 3 points are important, but to be honest the we’re still far from our best. Lacazette and Torreria changed the game, and still Emery will always find a way to keep both of them on the bench.
    Our attack is still misfiring, Ramsey did nothing special in that no 10 position, all the passes and attacks were flowing through Bellerin and Mhiki.. In ad much as it’s annoying to say, We don’t have a better no 10 apart from Ozil..Except we’ll have to get a new one in.
    Great saves from Cech, but I still wanna see Leno in action, I know I will.
    Guendozi, a good first half game.
    Welbeck okay.
    Lacazette very sharp, should never be on the bench

    1. RSH says:

      we’d be better off without trying to play a No. 10. Ozil will not get us to top 4, and Ramsey is not good enough in that position. Had some good moments later in the game but can’t control a game. That’s not something he was ever really capable of. A 4-3-3 with Guendouzi a bit more advanced and Torriera holding may be a better option. Ozil has to stay dropped though. It’s clear he’s just not committed to this side and that’s worse than an average Ramsey. I didn’t miss him today.

      1. gotanidea says:

        They had better drop any no 10 tactic in next away game, because we don’t have a good no 10

        Arsenal need extra CM if they keep playing like this

        1. zTOM says:

          Ozil on his favoured #10 position is one of the very best. He’s wasted anywhere else though…

  13. avenger says:

    A easy win? no….West Ham gave up after the 2nd goal.. Arsenal made the 3 points but didn’t convince me defense and attack with deficiencies
    third goal terrible defense from West ham an average team …
    Arsenal needs a lots of work if they want to be in the table top four

    1. ozziegunner says:

      avenger, no one said it was an easy win; I was nervous until Welbeck scored!

  14. Tatgooner says:

    sorry but xhakas critics either did not watch the game or simply hate him.
    he was better today but guendouzi bellerin mkhitarian sokratis were shockingly awful really really awful .

    1. gotanidea says:

      Agree, most fans just hate some players because of the players’ lack of contributions in the last season

      Xhaka intercepted many threats and pressed hard today

      On the other hand, Guendouzi made another fatal mistake and Mkhitaryan made many bad first touches

    2. RSH says:

      please rewatch Arnautovic goal

    3. zTOM says:

      Xhaka is a dodgy DM, that’s just playing him on his weaknesses. With Torreira doing that job however, he can show his excellent passing skill.
      I hope we’ll see both of them start soon and Guendouzi can be given more time to adapt to the league. I do love the Frenchman’s energy!

  15. Bellerin was splendid today, created 2 goals and even assisted 1. He’s normally rubbish but he put in the work and definitely shut me up. Caused a lot of trouble on his flank and I must say I was impressed. Good job Bellerin!!!

    1. RSH says:

      when you read off a stat sheet he can look good. His defending is abysmal. He’s only lucky West Ham aren’t very good.

  16. Rkw says:

    Three lessons for me from a shambolic performance … And of course points are welcome but it’s not enough otherwise we are just like everton Leicester etc ..
    1Torreira lichsteiner and lacazette must start .. Managers job to recognize best 11
    2 Ozil despite all his issues adds quality that likes of Iwobi Ramsey and miki simply don’t have … Managers job to get consistency
    3 Need to spend 150m if we are to get back to being contenders … Managers job to tell the greedy yank what is needed

  17. Sarmmie says:

    Nothing to get excited on apart from the result. Lacazette needs to be starting, at least that was shown today
    Even if you don’t want to bench aubameyang, start him next to lacazette, very simple. If you’ll pick just one of them, it should be lacazette
    And I’ll want to see a midfield trio of torreira, Dhaka and guendouzi

  18. ade says:

    Xhaka + Torriera at second time is better a paring . we used ball well n attack well

    1. RSH says:

      Dropping Guendouzi based on 20 minutes of play I think is a bad idea. He is still just 19 and is bound to make mistakes, and he did struggle today, but he’s for sure our future and even in a game he struggled he still did well defensively. Him and Xhaka are unbalanced, but I’d for sure start Guen. over Xhaka. Guendouzi has more to his game, and is far more alert. Ive had Liverpool and Chelsea friends saying how impressed they are with him. Don’t write him off so soon. I’d even be okay with a Torreira/Guendouzi/Xhaka midfield honestly. I’m fine with ditching a No. 10 b/c I dont think there is anyone good enough in squad to warrant playing one.

  19. Sol says:

    let’s celebrate all things will be alright….celebration…

  20. Eddie Hoyte says:

    RSH it seems you haven’t noticed that we don’t have skillful wingers..Playing without a no 10 would be boring and tiring, today would be a good example, Ramsey ain’t a no 10, ain’t a disciplined B2B, bad CMidfielder… Hell, covert him to a striker then since all he thinks of is his useless flicks and chasing goals.. We don’t have the players to play without a 10.. Mhiki had to be dropping to the midfield to get the ball upfront, Ramsey useless there, Ozil ain’t impressive, so we need to sign a new no 10 else Ozil will be our best option there

    1. gotanidea says:

      It might be better to play with a no 10 in home games

      But not good in away games, because Arsenal do not have a good no 10 and they are still not organized enough

  21. Tongabull says:

    I’m glad many people can see why Dortmund played Auba on the right wing. He’s too weak to keep the ball at his feet

  22. Alldwayfromafrika says:

    First win of the season. .. y’all should just enjoy the win buy no…you guys just want to criticize like your opinions even count….your team wind a game and the first thing you do is point out the players who didn’t do so well.. we obviously have a long way to go and a lot of work but I don’t expect them all to be done by the third game….just enjoy the win people

    1. mobella says:

      Please let the realist do their thing… It is always gloom and doom in justarsenal. Reading all comments you would think we lose again.

  23. Red and white says:

    Congrats Emery for the win but this performance will take you nowhere againts the top six, but for today a win is a win.good that welbeck got a goal proove your haters wrong, something that a 100 million pair could not achieve in 3 games. We can survive without sick note ozil, next get rid of Ramsey and xhaka.

  24. mikki says:

    arsenal were lucky today if westham as converted their chances the story would have been different… Ramsey as no 10 is a waste of time,am still scared of our defensive line up…I hope they improve for the better

  25. Midkemma says:

    So much hate on Bellerin still.
    How about remembering that his end product was a persistent moan? That side of his game has improved. Why not SUPPORT him and encourage his development?

    I am not saying he should start and he is perfect, I know he has faults but I do think he is doing the right thing in putting effort in and making progress, Emery needs time to get Bellerin back to what he was like when he kept Debuchy on the bench.

    3 games into the season and he is providing us a very good attacking outlet, modern fullbacks need to act like wingers to provide the extra width, esp if we are not playing natural wingers who provide that width.

    What will he be like in 6 months time? Bellerin is still only 23, most players hit their prime at a later age… If Bellerin can work on his def side like he has for his end product then he could become a top RB before he hits his prime.

    We are The Arsenal! We shouldn’t have a player with no comp for his spot like last season for Bellerin, we have Lich and it isn’t Bellerin who picks the team.

    I haven’t forgotten the promise he shown and I am not quick to forget that Wengers coaching was… Not ideal to develop defenders who defend. I am not writing Bellerin off because Emery didn’t click his fingers and magically produce instant results. They both need some time, not 22 years but more than a few games into the EPL!

    1. ozziegunner says:

      Midkemma, Emery should convert Bellerin to a right winger and play Lichtsteiner as right back to get the best out of both players for the team, in my opinion.

      1. Midkemma says:

        I can see benefits of playing Bellerin as a RW ahead of Lich but that is more for holding a lead, while Bellerin has done well as a RB, he is no Sane…

        Playing ahead of Lich though will make use of his development in defending (def winger kinda thing) and the 1st team not as exposed from developing a prospect.

        I do not think we should give up on him as a RB.

  26. barryglik says:

    Earlier this week I postulated
    that team selection and tactics
    were of little or no consequence
    but that luck and taking chances was the key.
    I feel vindicated today because all 3 Arsenal goals came from speculative crosses.
    One deflected in of a defender. one fell to the left back
    while the third fell fortuitously to our weakest striker.
    What does this mean?
    433/442/343 is all bull, defending from the front
    or playing out from the back is all gobbly gook.
    Just get the ball into the 18 yd box as often as possible.

  27. Alldwayfromafrika says:

    Complain complain complain….that’s all we seem to do here…. everyone feels entitled to air an opinion…..and instead of being constructive…we just write stuff to get a reaction…your team wins and the first thing you do is slate the players who didn’t perform too well instead of just celebrating the flash: your opinions don’t even count .
    We obviously got a long way to go and a long of work to put in….but we can’t all this after just 3 games.. enjoy the win…make constructive argument and not just throw ignorant insults. …have a good week people

    1. RSH says:

      oh enough. You aren’t even reading the threads are you? All of them are civil discussions on how to improve the team. It includes positive and negative points and many suggestions. Your post is probably the least insightful one actually.

      1. Admin says:

        All he has done is complain complain complain about people complaining!

      2. zTOM says:

        Far from all of them. Quite a few purely negative posts.

  28. AndersS says:

    It seems many here missed the game.
    Xhaka had a very good game.
    Most of our chances and 2 of our goals came from Bellerin’s work down the right side.
    Mkhitaryan played well, but the idea of him and Guendouzi covering for each other defensively, doesn’t work, and our CB’s get too exposed.

    1. RSH says:

      Bellerin was no doubt helpful offensively, but it’s hard to ignore how much he struggled against Antonio. And how much he does against any winger honestly. If the goal is getting top 4 this season we can’t just look at games in a vacuum. Bellerin has struggled defensively for ages now and we already in a position where we can’t drop anymore points for a long time if we want to reach top 4. He had to improve yesterday. Lichtsteiner is easily a better defender than him, and for many people, being a secure defender trumps attacking contribution, especially when the rest of our back line is already not very good. Arsenal has struggled for ages on defense and having another defender that cannot defend in our lineup, I honestly and just expecting more calamity. How many times last season did we see Arsenal give away terrible goals down Bellerin’s side? It’s a major issue and can’t be ignored just because he assisted.

      1. AndersS says:

        I agree, that our problems are defensively. But it is not just the defenders’ fault.

        Our midfielders, Ramsey, Guendouzi, Mkhitaryan (+ Özil in the first 2 games) aren’t quick enough to press or to get back and help defending.

        This leaves our defenders in 1/1 situations much too often, and that is a big problem. Emery is clearly addressing this problem, but it takes time to either learn the midfielders to defend also or to exchange them for new players.

        1. RSH says:

          that’s fair. And Bellerin does get left alone a lot to defend by himself. If we are going to use him in such an offensive way, we should probably not having Miki being the one who has to cover. still, his 1v1 skills have to improve immensely if he wants to be starting. It’s really any winger with pace of dribbling skills that Bellerin struggles with. Somebody as experienced as Licht would do much better. Emery will have to keep tinkering I guess, but I hope he at least gives Lichtsteiner a real chance to start. I also thought Licht got in some good advanced positions in the City game as well.

  29. AndersS says:

    Oh – by the way.
    Emery’s substitutions won us the game

  30. Alldwayfromafrka says:

    Finally…someone who watched the game. @anders

  31. Shinoda says:

    Thank God we don’t have to play the likes of ManCity every weekend, otherwise today would have been another embarrassment. Bellerin needs to be dropped, the guy has no idea of how to defend. We still give our opponents so many chances. If Emery wants to implement his philosophy of pressing, he needs to get the right players for that. Many of our players are just lazy & always static. It’s gonna take quite some time before we get better. Onwards & upwards.

  32. Alldwayfromafrika says:

    It’s rich coming from you@RSH.. all you have actually posted today has been negative and frankly biased and pessimistic to say the least …like you feel the need to portray you insecurities and low level of understanding on others…I mean you spent 90 minutes watching the game and all you saw was the shortcomings of the team….man don’t come at me except d shoe size.

    1. RSH says:

      This is waste of time so I won’t even bother responding after this. HT, I posted positive and negatives I saw from the side. I said we didn’t miss Ozil. I said Torreira made an instant impact. Those are the only posts I made during the game. You are the only person today who is trying to cause arguments my friend.

      1. RSH says:

        and i said iwobi made some smart passes 1st half. so negative.

  33. Innit says:

    Emery’s starting line-up was far from perfect BUT his substitutions won us the match.
    Welbeck, Torreira and Lacazette were good substitutions

    Big difference between Emery and Wenger. right substitutions at the right time.

    1. Sue says:

      So he should start them next week!

  34. Alldwayfromafrika says:

    The bellerin argument will always be a constant one..atleast for the nearest future….I for one won’t mind him being benched for the Swiss guy…but his actually trying and didn’t play as bad as you guys projected….did he struggle in patches through the game? Obviously he did…so did the entire defence….but we so quick to point out the mistakes and slate this guys….say what ever you want but we need a change of mentality as fans ….the negativity in this forum is crippling

    1. Midkemma says:

      Nice to read someone else who isn’t writing Bellerin off.

  35. Alldwayfromafrika says:

    First of all am not your friend….and you entitled to your opinions same with you admin….same with everyone else….I never named drop another. …I only pointed out how depressing this place is three games into the season…and how our opinion don’t actually count….by feel free to be a man behind the keys

  36. Kenny Rolfe says:

    Just back from the game, absolute shambles, West Ham at home should have been comfortable but with them looking more like squaring it up, we ended up nicking a late goal.I thought Auba and laca should have started, Licht has got to come in for Bellerin, he’s completely gone, can’t defend at all, surely Unai can see this and as for Cech, the defence sh*t themselves every time the ball’s at his feet and I do as well. If Unai continues to play from the back then Leno must start. Torriera also in for Xhaka, another absolute must.

    1. Sue says:

      Totally agree Kenny. I don’t know about the defense sh**ing themselves when Cech has the ball…. I was sh**ing myself!! I was watching through my fingers!!
      Torreira & Laca make an instant impact when they come on yet they’re still benched for the next game! I thought Ramsey was awful in the first half… Bellerin would rather attack than defend ? oh my word what a game. My blood pressure has finally gone down now I’ve got home ?

      1. Phil says:

        Kenny and Sue-yet again we did not play well at the Emirates but won.That is not a bad problem to have.We had an excellent home record last season losing only to both Manc sides and drawing with the Chavs and Scousers.So If Emery can keep winning at home and improve on the Away form of last season while improving the teams performances then all just might not turn out too badly this season

        1. Sue says:

          ? I’m liking the optimism Phil ?

        2. Kenny Rolfe says:

          Phil, with respect to West Ham, can you imagine if we’d have played a decent side today. It looked like Wenger had picked the side. I would liked to have played Leno for Cech, Lichtsteiner for Bellerin, Torreira for Xhaka Laca for Iwobi and Smith-Rowe for the sick Ozil instead of Ramsey. We’ve bought all these new players plus youngsters coming through but there not being played, lets blood ’em now.

  37. Innit says:

    Rumours has it that Ozil wasn’t i’ll or injured after all.
    He may have been dropped as punishment because of a possible bust-up (verbal) with Emery and leaving training early.

    Wait and see if this is true

  38. Phil says:

    We had a lot of decent possession today especially in and around the West Ham box.Does anyone believe like I do that an on form Mesut Ozil would have created mayhem on that WHU team today?Arsenal are a far better team with Ozil than without him.The defence needs sorting and the Lacazette/Aubamayang conundrum must be decided (I say play them both) But the biggest issue Emery has is getting Ozil performing.He is simply too good a player to have in your squad and not in the team

    1. Sue says:

      We do lack creativity when Ozil doesn’t play! I’d rather have him in the team than not. Hopefully he won’t be out for too long!
      Laca must start, he’s too good to be on the bench.. I’m glad we won though… Hopefully we’ll push on from here.. the drag queen (Warnock) is up next… COYG

      1. Kenny Rolfe says:

        I don’t mind Warnock Sue, He says what he feels and doesn’t mind telling the FA where to stick their complaints. He’s also said some decent things about us in the past.

    2. arsenal#7 says:


      agreed. most fans are riding the Oil bandwagon hard because of his wages and maybe body
      language. But if you are the manager and not playing one of the best #10 in the modern game
      then no one can help you. Ramsey or MIk do not posses the level of quality that Oil has.
      Oil can play forward in one touch and his vision and positioning is superb when we counter or win the ball back. Go back to the days of Alexis and you can look at video. When Oil has at least a couple players that he can combine with he is deadly.
      this today was a slop fest. We had more misplaced passes and tried to thread the needle in places
      where no self respecting footballer should go. Hence the defensive gaps. If West Ham had a better
      day finishing chances this also would have been a loss.
      Scoring a second goal by accident and a 3rd at garbage time should no distort the clear picture.
      Emery may be trying his system but if he falls in the Wenger bullshit of not picking the best players in the club his time could be very short
      Taking into consideration that Bellerin and Monreal are not exceptional FBs maybe a back 3
      Socratis/Mustafi/Lich with Belerin and Monreal as Was could work better.
      It will offer security in the middle and drop int a back five when defending
      Work around finding a midfield combination that could provide cover (TOREIRA)
      and a box to box CM (Ramsey?-MIK) and stick Ozil at CAM
      push Auba and Laca to the 2 striker spots.
      This almost puts everyone at their strengths and gets the best players on the field.

      1. Phil says:

        Arsenal#7 I was saying at half time that we ought to be playing a back 3/5 simply because when both fullbacks are attacking we leave ourselves hopelessly exposed at the cask.This has just been highlighted on Match of the Day by Alan Shearer.I love the fact that both fullbacks attack (first goal made by Bellerin and scored by Monreal) But the number of times WHU broke on us showed how vulnerable we are when caught on the break.
        Surely Emery can see this-it will be interesting to see what he does as better finishers than today could have scored a hatful against us

    3. Kenny Rolfe says:

      I agree Phil.

      1. Kenny Rolfe says:

        About Ozil

  39. Dudu says:

    If Emery refuse to take corrections he should go on time am tired of stubborn coach…auba and bellerin should be benched…… time for experiment we are not playing like a team

    1. zTOM says:

      It is time for experiments and will be at the very minimum for this entire first season in charge?
      You cannot underestimate the challenge to be take over a team that mostly followed a certain way of playing for 22 years (with minimal variations).
      It will take time and, quite certainly, trial and errors to find who works the best under the new system.
      Gotta give Unai time and suck it up until efforts pay off.

  40. ruelando says:

    Coming off 2 losses, a team in shambles, no confidence, new tactics and we all seem to have expected a show piece.

    I will not even comment on our players today, just happy for the 3 POINTS

  41. Naija Gunner says:

    Ozil is really an enigma. He plays, he gets slated. He doesn’t play, he gets missed. How do we solve this conundrum known as Ozil.

  42. Innit says:

    Emery was asked about a rift with Ozil.
    He has denied it.
    Emery said Ozil did leave training early because he was ill. Emery told him to come if he is better. He did come today but they decided he should not play today.
    So it’s not true that they had an argument

  43. Naija Gunner says:

    Ozil is really an enigma. He plays, he gets slated. He doesn’t play, he gets missed. How do we solve this conundrum known as Ozil.

    1. Phil says:

      Simple-play to his strengths

  44. JW says:

    one of the things that was obvious to me today was our fitness level is really poor. That may have something to do with why we don’t press high as effectively as the coach wants. Also, without Ozil there was little creativity, and players were not making dangerous runs as much as when he is in. Also, several players were taking too long to make decisions and paid for it. They have got to work on getting the fitness level up. But we got the win so gratefull for that, but all teams won’t be this poor.

  45. ade says:

    I am watching d game again now , our second half is a nice game, ramsey, xhaka n bellerin ur most cristisised players did well.

    1. Boluwatife says:

      God bless you bro. Ramsey was terrible in the first half but somehow no one seem to remember how well he played in the 2nd half. Winning the header for our second goal, the drive into the 18 yard to cut the ball back to auba. Xhaka imporoved in the 2nd half as well when toreira came in. We played shitty but we can all see the team lacks balance.
      The coach is still experimenting honestly, for example, Ramsey is not the guy that creates chances, he’s someone who actually create space for someone else to make the chances. Wether we like it or not, the manager needs to find a way to accommodate Ramsey and ozil cos somehow they do get the best out of each other

  46. JADON SPIRIT says:

    I have total confidence in Emery, I know that with time he can turn things around. But we’ve got to be aware that this team has been under Wenger for several seasons, it is not going to take Emery a month or 2 to turn things around and to get the players to play exactly how he wants/expects them to play. The players will continue to make mistakes week in week out, and he’s got to try and correct them week in week out in training. It’s a process. we should not expect that the defensive problems was going to be solved/fixed few weeks into the season just because Emery is in charge. Have patience, we all wish for the likes of Xhaka, Belerin, Ramsey and co to be dropped to the bench, I strongly believe that the likes of Torreira, Stephan and Laca deserves a starting line-up. But lets try to keep our cool and support the team, we had to play two tough matches, we lost, we all knew we had to win against West Ham, no matter the mistakes we made and the team selection and how difficult it was, we got the win we wanted so badly. Slowly the manager will get to know the team better, he will know which players he has to pick for ceratin positions. Lets remember it’s a very long season ahead, lets get behind the team. Lets support the team, we will get better with time.


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