Arsenal v West Ham review – First day Flops!

Well I don’t know why I am so surprised because Arsenal have a habit of doing this sort of thing to us. But the way we tok on a briliant second half of last season all the way through pre-season had given us every reason to expect a strong start against West Ham.

But almost everything that could go wrong for the Gunners did go wrong. Not only did we look nervous and struggle to get our usual passing game going amid some hard work and high pressing from the visitors, but the two goals we conceded were soft and seriously avoidable.

First Petr Cech made an error in running out and getting nowhere near the ball to allow Kouyate a free header from a free kick that probably should not have been. Then some sloppy defending gave Zarate the chance of a shot, which caught Cech out of position and put us in a real bind.

THe fact that they were 2-0 up after two attempts on target shows that it was just not our day but the inability to get even one back ourselves tells you that this was not the Gunners we are used to. Even Alexis Sanchez spurned a couple of good chances late on.

Back to square one Arsenal.

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  1. Dan.M says:

    Giroud is a VERY POOR striker .. nowhere near good enough to win us the league .. need a striker asap

    Why do we play this SLOW POESSESION football letting the other team park the bus and try carve through small places .. it leads to f—ck all chances

    We got a team suited for COUNTER ATTACK .. that’s how you score goals and look threatning .. let west ham have majority of the mall press them and hit them hard on the counter and that creates chances

    BARCA have PROVEN this is the style to play scoring 150 goals last season with counter attack

    They scrapped that boring slow possessiol football after they never won trophies

    OX only threat today


    1. vince says:

      ox gave away the second goal. he made the same mistake in pre-season vs everton

      1. GOONSTER says:

        That’s the problem with THE OX, he has that careless lack of concentration. He will try to dribble in our area or in and around our penalty box.

        He did the same against Monaco for their second goal, he loses concentration.

        1. muffdiver says:

          dont care bout today

          we have the : ASIA TROPHY!!


          1. k-ool says:

            lol…we already won enough trophies for the season. Its only classy from us to be generous and let others win.

            1. muffdiver says:




      2. seancali says:

        Ox did the same thing against Monaco. He always fukss up.giroud was in fact the most dangerous player today.ozil can’t play on the wing.Ramsey is not good enough. Santi is getting old and useless.Theo is not the player we think he is.overall we need lots of changes.I cried today!!!!that’s how sad I am. The little hope I had for winning the title is all gone. I’m speechless

        1. seancali says:

          Fukk Ramsey… Fukk his father Wenger…fukkk this life

          1. Bigvalbowski says:

            Hey bro, I get the emotional investment that is required to be an Arsenal fan but take a step back from the ledge and relax. Personal attacks are just bush league in any context and terribly uneccessary. I hope your better than that

            1. seancali says:

              We are going down. It has begun…everyone say hello to uefa cup.and good bye to players like Sanchez and ozil

              1. muffdiver says:

                going down?!

                to china town??

                hold pack my favourite chopsticks

                1. seancali says:

                  Yes going down .hope we don’t get relegated

          2. YingYang69 says:

            2 shots and two goals, this reeks of last season. Everything shot going in except our own efforts. It is only one game but to lose so early is weak. Arsene has said that WHam had better fitness levels and played more competitive games than we did ..whos fault is that. Excuses already, and now he has used the accident description. And said the players put too much pressure on themselves ..pressure in an opening fixture at home. Whats going to happen when the pressure is really on. Wenger should stop pandering to these players, he said now mentally they are hurt ..well they should be, they should also be much tougher mentally than they are. When they get backing to do well they should give everything out there instead of folding like cheap tents because they put added pressure on themselves.

            How can we not have prepared ourselves better than hammers. They should not be in better physical condition. Looks like our players have been enjoying themselves all too well, instead of taking things more serious than ever. We should have been concentrating on our main core of players instead making everyone happy by playing them whether your a starter or an academy first timer.

            1. disgusted1 says:

              So a couple days ago we were title contenders now everyone is saying something else all the fans that were with the team is now saying something else Lol. I will say this again arsenal is not good enough. Arsene we need you to let go and go home.

              1. seancali says:

                Yes Wenger needs to leave. We will never win the title with him. We need a new manager.

                1. muffdiver says:

                  on the first day really lol
                  wenger out on the first day….ahaha

                  GUYS THIS HAS TO BE A RECORD

                2. YingYang69 says:

                  Disgusted1, we are all upset but I am able to tell the difference between the Knee jerk reactors and the ones who hate all the time. No one is happy with what they saw today but if we can hit form straight after this defeat we know we can roll over any PL team. We need this to be a rare showing from P Cech. We need to build our attack on top of solid defending in every encounter. We know we can be that way and now we need to see if we will be from here on. This league a Wham a Stoke or a Palace can shock any, we know this. Defeat surprised us all all the same.

                  Still, I know this setback doesn’t bode well for the rest of the season. However, I am still not going to write a team or a manager off after the first game of the season. I still believe that we have closed the gap with regards to facing top teams. And if I believe we can match top teams well then I can still stay optimistic despite loss to an inferior side.

          3. seancali says:

            Hello uefa cup….goodbye Sanchez and ozil…the fall of arsenal…. It has begun..we will never recover

            1. fullmetalalc says:

              Ozil can leave if he wants to play like that. Shambolic performance from him and the whole midfield.

              1. seancali says:

                Ozil plays best when players around him play football. Not a bunch of sorry arse players who sukkkkk big time. We never wanted to score today. We were clueless.

                1. fullmetalalc says:

                  I think people underestimated the fact that West Ham were better prepared having being playing competitive football with the Europa League qualifiers. It was clear they had much more intensity. This shows again why pre-season results are so meaningless. Matches never have the required intensity in pre-season. Very poor day for all the fans.The team needs to step up. We have fallen on our face on the first hurdle. The talk of championship contenders and blah blah needs to stop and players need to step up and show their quality on the pitch. Shambolic display.

          4. seancali says:

            Time to sign some real footballers! And let a bunch of retards leave the club..bunch of useless players who don’t deserve to wear our beloved teams shirt.

        2. galaxygooner says:

          This is what happens when mythical hold up play becomes more important than scoring goals .
          I can not count the number of times when the ball came into the dangerous area.
          No decisive movement from giroud to make the passer’s mind up for him .
          Wilshere and Ramsey are just squad players for me .

          1. seancali says:

            Ramsey is not even good enough to be a squad player.same goes to lecoq

            1. Tidan2 says:

              you’re like a little child having a tantrum…

              1. seancali says:

                Yes I’m like a child. I’m tired of this crap. What happened to us winning to bpl this year? What happened to us winning???why???why this kind of performance??? Wenger needs to leave.same crap every season.enough is enough

          2. k-ool says:


      3. Champagne Charlie says:

        Coquelin created the danger by sliding in and trying to play the ball while on the floor….he turned a harmless ball that was headed to Per’s feet into something Ox had to deal with.

        Start at the source of problems don’t cherry pick faults because you’d rather blame an individual. There was no danger and Coquelin created some, Ox then got caught dealing with it and Cech made a bad error.

        1. Goonsquad8 says:

          But blame coquelin for making a challenge right @charlie?

          1. seancali says:

            Yes blame lecoq for having a nightmare

    2. Jimbeam says:

      This is Wenger, Wenger, Wenger!! His team, his style of play, his fault.
      Playing that narrow football sh*t is never going to work.
      If Sanchez is not ready his alternative is not moving Cazorla to the left and narrowing the field.
      Play Theo and Ox on the wings and attack with speed. If you need more creativity in midfield then you take Coq out and move Ramsey in.
      No matter what happens next, this game is on Cech and Wenger.

      1. seancali says:

        Wenger is responsible for this disaster. He should leave.Wenger out

        1. muffdiver says:

          24 of you have thumbed up wenger out, after one game?!!!

          WTF- lads come on

          1. k-ool says:

            I doubt its because of 1 game. More like 11 seasons.

            1. Tidan2 says:

              Really? If people said Wenger out yesterday it would have gotten 90% thumb downs and you know it.

              1. seancali says:

                We dropped 3 points today..we could have beaten them and went top of the damn table.but now we are bottom and trailing from the beginning. This is crap.we have been facing the same problem for ten years.Wenger had the sources to improve our team and he didn’t cuz he believes in his sorry arse players. Players like Ramsey and coqeulin will never take us to the next level.this is all Wenger’s fault.he needs to just leave before the window shuts.we need new players

              2. ArseOverTit says:

                It may of. Because people resolutely and unconditionally support the man.

                They would have said, but we are magnificent and unbeatable because we had a good preseason and beat Chelski in the ‘charity’ shield.

                I amongst many others have known for several seasons (even discounting the no-money tears argument’ that AW is no longer a competent manager/tactician/stategist.

                Billic in his 1st game in the PL trumps Wenger. He may have beat JM for the first time in a friendly but he is certainly (in my eyes anyway) not a professor of football.

                Perhaps as an eonomist/accountant but certainly not as a football manager.

          2. @Muffdiver one game is all you need to know that this season will be more of the same, we needed DM to back up Le Coq when he is not up to his game we needed a CF that can score goals and not gravitate around the area like a ghost none of that happen, what the old Rooster did the whole summer, bought a GK that was the least of our needs and that today made more mistakes than Zcezny in his worse day…..WENGER OUT

    3. SoOpa AeoN says:


      1. Fatboy Gooney says:

        Let the panic buying commence lol
        Cech is a secret agent ?
        We had all our best attacking players on the pitch and we still couldn’t score one goal against a mickey mouse team.

        Hey…We won the two bob treble before the season started..
        I’m not surprised by today’s result , but still..
        I’m absolutely gutted.

        1. YingYang69 says:

          The only thing that can make Arsene Wenger panic buy is if we are down to the bare bones of our team with long injury lay offs, not just that but then he needs to see whether the youngsters coming in can hold their own. And once he has a full picture of things then he will enter the market, even then Im not sure if he would panic or not.

    4. ranger says:

      thank god Wenger did not tell before the season that this year we will be invincible.
      Giroud world class striker.Case has been solve now.

    5. PrincePrince says:

      This is embarrassing. West Ham have been dismal this pre-season and yet kept us at arm’s length for most of the game and opened us up whenever they moved forward. The worst part was how the players lost in almost every one-one. It’s like they have no ball-winning abilities at all.

      I don’t care if it was pre-season, but Chelsea played a strong side and we defeated them. There is no need to change the team so soon after it worked against a better team. Taking out Bellerin and Walcott left only Chamberlain as only player who can actually get past a player.

      Ramsey can’t control a game to save his life and is only useful when we play against unorganized opposition who leave the centre of the pitch open. I honestly can’t remember the last he dominated against an organized midfield and defence. Cazorla is wasted on the left, while the fact that neither he nor Ozil ever shoot takes away a lot from us. Ozil is pretty useless unless he is threading passes in between the defenders for a forward to run into. With Giroud there, he cant, so its like playing with 10 men. And Oxlade needs to understand that he cant just run with the ball from defence every single time.

      And Coquelin is not what we need. He wins the ball back like the best in the world but is virtually useless other than that. There are so many players out there who can do the jobs of Cazorla and Coquelin combined.
      Everyone thinks that signing Cech has made us favourites but he makes very little defence. In games against Swansea and Sunderland last season it wan’t poor goalkeeping that left us with no bite in attack and many squandered chances as we continuously shuffle the ball from left to right and back infront of the defence.

      The fact that we had to throw in a player who has been in training for five days, speaks volumes of our other options. I really don’t care if Benzema’s stats are average or similar to Girouds. Benzema is twice the player that Giroud will ever be.

      The difference between Mourinho and Wenger is that Mourinho is decisive. He experiments but when he comes across and effective system he sticks to it, making slight tweaks to match the opposition. Coquelin and Cazorla worked so well, but Wenger just had to change it, to put in one more of his precious midfielders.

      Being at the bottom of the table is the last think I expected when I woke up this morning.

      1. Bigvalbowski says:

        POTD, well said

      2. Gigi2 says:


        1. k-ool says:

          Exactly???…I am surprised at this. So you truly, genuinely agree with every single sentence and word he said? Are you sure you READ the 5th and 6th paragraphs? You’re sure? Maybe you didn’t. Take a look again.
          If you did and still say exactly…then CONGRATULATIONS. You have graduated from being delusional to very logical.
          Welcome to the league of logical Arsenal fans!

          1. Gigi2 says:

            Difference between what you a lays say and he said is huge dude.
            He actually makes sentences.
            I said it a hundred times maybe you haven’t read my posts….I am all for Benzema coming.
            And he also comments o OTHER THINGS than just Guroud suck. ..

            But yeah I am delusional….
            Get a grip buddy…

            And for the sake of it…


            1. k-ool says:

              I know. That’s why I was asking. I agree with everything he said.
              But I have read posts from you here that suggest you would not be in agreement with paragraph’s 5 and 6.
              I know that is not the kind of thing you would say. Hence my surprise to your concurrence. I am not saying you’re a delusional person just when it comes to specific subjects.

              Cheer up

      3. ritblitz says:

        Who can shoot in arsenal team?
        Sanchez ,giroud (header or has to be falling backwards while kicking the ball), carzola
        and ox.
        the rest cant shoot. Wilshere/Theo/Ramsey are too overrated. Wilshere/Theo have not done anything in the last few years. Theo can only score if he does not have time to think, else will goof up. Not much to say about wilshere..should have sold him this time-keeps running into defenders like a headless chicken..and will always get injured
        Early kick-off always seem to bring out the worse …

        1. Mesut O-chill says:

          This makes no sense

          1. ritblitz says:

            will not make sense to u… let me repeat theo/wilshere are useless…sorry forgot ozil..ozil is not going click in epl.
            just like di maria – AW should cut his losses..

            1. Mesut O-chill says:

              You can’t argue that no one bar 4 players can shoot. Ox had what 2-3 goals last season yet you had him on your list while Ramsey had 10 I believe.

              Everyone on our team knows how to score goals it’s a requirement. The probably only occurs when we don’t

        2. Ks-Gunner says:

          They didnt even play, and you dare to critisem them. What a moron. Wilsher can actually beat players, a so called Ramsey can not, and Walcott can score goals, a so called Giroud can not. Bonehead.

          1. ritblitz says:

            till we have dickheads like u supporting arsenal there is not much hope….theo/wilshere are useless they will not even make the squad of 2002-07.
            theo/ozil/wilshere are all useless and senseless just like u

      4. BigWilli says:


    6. Gigi2 says:

      Here we go again….ok he didn’t score but no one did and we lost be cuz of a very very bad defense display

      I am shocked on cech honestly

      1. inapropriatetelletubbie says:

        I love the fact now people are seeing sense…. just because you can make a chant up for a guy doesn’t mean the guy is a good striker. This is now the official mandate for people to keep sh$t talking Giroud… because he can’t prove us wrong. Hold up play my arse #BulliedByA16Yo

        1. seancali says:

          Giroud was our best player today…I think Ramsey is pure shiiiiiiit… Santi is getting useless

          1. josh37 says:

            Getting useless?? he was our second best player last season and it’s the first game of the season… knee-jerk much??

            1. seancali says:

              Fukkk santi…I hope he goes to hell!!!he didn’t play for crap today. He needs to leave now.. Sell him before its too late

              1. YingYang69 says:

                Is that you @leo

        2. Gigi2 says:

          Dude if it was for giroud we would have drawn. The loss sDly is in defense…..again

          1. seancali says:

            This is shiiiiit…shiiiiiiit… Shiiiiiiit. I hate Wenger.he always let’s us down. The season just started and we got beaten at home by west ham. Great job Wenger…great job…now go and use the cash we have. We fans want a new DM,winger and striker

            1. muffdiver says:

              well ur certainly rallying the troops today…

              all that anger, such little time

              1. seancali says:

                Muffdiver look at all the thumb downs ur getting. Stop defending wenger

    7. Mallu_Gooner says:

      We should not blame one or two players. Everybody at the club is responsible including Wenger.

      We bought only one player so far. A new striker was more important than a goalkeeper.

      Playing OX as right back ? He was the only good player on the pitch. What was Wenger thinking ?

      1. seancali says:

        I blame Ramsey for being shiiiiit…plus ox gave away the ball which led to the second goal. .

        1. seancali says:

          Ramsey should be signed by hull city.he’s championship material

          1. muffdiver says:

            you again?!

            fancy meetin here like this….what are the odds!!!

            1. k-ool says:

              Aww, you two are always flirting. So cute this back and forth….hahaha.

              1. seancali says:

                I’m not in the mood to argue. All I know is that Wenger needs to go. Enough is enough. He’s a retarded manager.he needs to say bye to football for good and retire

    8. Jim A says:

      Yup,whenever we don’t score its OG’s fault. It’s not Ramsey or Ozil or Sant’s fault for not penetrating the box to create opportunities. It’s OG fault because he didn’t create something out of nothing.
      Another side note are we not wasting a creative player to play Coq against a team that got 2 shots on goal?

      1. GOONSTER says:

        Welcome.. You will be called a hater on any Arsenal Fans Forum if you try to blame anyone other than Giroud.

        1. Ks-Gunner says:

          oh the fans girls you are all so sweet

    9. SoOpa AeoN says:

      Arsenal keeps Lifting the “possession and passing” Trophy!

      1. muffdiver says:

        *drops asia trophy , wipes teary eyes, drags feet home

    10. SoOpa AeoN says:

      Do you hate the transfer window now Wenger?

    11. SoOpa AeoN says:

      that Look on your face wenger……….. You don’t trust Ospina now …….do u?

      1. seancali says:

        Cech made one mistake.. This kind of mistake happens to every WC keeper…I trust in cech…its Wenger I don’t trust. .his tactics are lame and Ramsey is a disaster

    12. sevenitti says:

      Stop blaming giroud for doing what hes being instructed to do by wenger. And if giroud is the one you blame for the result today, i suggest u take off your antigiroud glasses and watch the game all over again and focus on everyone else but oxlade chamberlain

      1. seancali says:

        Giroud was the most lively player today

    13. Champagne Charlie says:

      Possession football is what Barca and Bayern play. All good teams dominate possession, today we simply lacked urgency and tempo in our transitions. We were at home we should’ve stamped more authority on the game.

      Reinforces my statement about us not being up to the mark in terms of goalscoring to be champions, homegame where we barely created a chance. Poorest element of the day.

      Cech gets a pass, poor debut but that’s out the ordinary for him. His legacy more than ensures he’s a brilliant acquisition.

      Coquelin still isn’t for me, can do the dirty stuff but spends all day spraying it out of play. Caused havok for the second goal when there was no danger. Would prefer a better footballe who’s equally defensive in that role.

      Ozil. Unplayable on his day, but Alexis provides evidence of what truly elite players give in terms of consistent performance. Another one of those games where some fans will argue ‘if you don’t appreciate ozil today you don’t know the game’. Bottom line is you shouldn’t have to be rainman to see ozils influence, we created nothing of note.

      Poor start, little more needs saying. Hope we finalise a deal or two that spark some optimism, we play Liverpool soon so don’t want to lose too many points early. Onwards and upwards. Well played West Ham.

      1. ArseOverTit says:

        Ozil was AWOL. Aaron and santi average at best.

        Too many cooks in midfield. When will Wenger learn that you can’t play all your midfielders at the same time. No wingers, ineffective strikers, shite defender and poor selection and management (during game).

    14. seancali says:

      We played like a bunch of losers. Never recovered from the first goal.silly mistake from cech.a player who was supposed to turn us into champions. Haha…Ramsey is pure crap. He’s to worst player in the world…I hate him and Wenger. I hope Wenger dies. I hate him. .I hate his tactics I hate how he has to play Ramsey…

      1. seancali says:

        Ramsey should be sold to watford

    15. SoOpa AeoN says:

      DammiT!……. I Love HoLd-up pLays……… We score Loads of goals…….we just have to pass around easily…..we don’t need our shooting boots L()L

      1. k-ool says:

        How dare you? Holdup play won us the Asia and Emirates cup.

        1. Gigi2 says:

          And community shield vs chelsea…ending some sort of record…
          Jeez with goober like youwe dont need rivals

          1. k-ool says:

            I thought you would be happy with my comment.
            Let me remind you that have won a treble already and its just August 9. How can you not like that?

    16. JStarrr says:

      Reality check anyone? Smh

    17. SoOpa AeoN says:

      with debuchy and coquelin off………….. Pls remind me what formation we were playing!………… Plus what i don’t understand is why pay big money for a player like gabriel…..when he can’t get the start of his life for the Love of Mertesacker…..all other Teams are signing and playing them instantly……. Must we only be serious with big money Record signings????????

    18. seancali says:

      It’s too late already and don’t give me the we have 37 more games to recover crap.we lost at home…we lost…all our hopes are gone…we are pure shiiiiiiit. We are lucky if we can finish fourth.

    19. jaydicksy says:

      I blame Wenger for this result. Yes Cech had a bad day at the office and the team didnt play as well. But Wenger’s teams selection and tactics were very poor. Debuchy is still rusty and Mert will lose his place this season. Its a shame Alexis had to play today.Using Santi at LW is like playing with a man down and currently Santi is better at CM than Wilshire/Ramsey. Ramsey should have started from the bench coming on to replace Ozil since he was poor today and allowing Santi to play AM. Coq, Santi and Ozil is our best midfield. Theo and Ox shouldve started on the wings giving us width with Giroud at CF. Alexis couldve come on for Giroud(who was also poor) allowing Theo to play CF.

    20. Grim Bligh says:

      Calm down my men,we only lost because of two defensive mistakes.
      First one was bad defending and mistake from Cech plus good move by west Ham.It should have been avoided.
      Second one was pure Cech,come this weak shot did beat him.Shit happen,He will get back stronger.
      Arsenal played well but West Ham looks like a Chelsea team,strong,physical players who defend well and score on free kick.They had a good game and their Keeper was the opposite of Cech,he did save them in numerous occasion.
      Ox is really good,our complete team was good,even Giroud.It was not our day it was West Ham day they defended better and got fortunate break(2 stoppable goals).
      We reset and start again,no death of people.
      We need another striker(finisher) and a tall ,strong DM to help Lecoq and that it.
      This league is a hard league,anyone can win on his day.

    21. Bigvalbowski says:

      I agree with general sentiment of your point but the Barca comparison is a fruitless one. Arsenal would win the EPL every year if they had three of the top 10 attacking players in the world leading the line, regardless of what style they implemented.

    22. JamaicaTopGunner says:

      Wenger have to be blamed for today’s loss..last year we played our best football with Coq n Santi playing in the middle together now he has changed that and playing Santi on the wing n Ramsay in the middle. Ox is doing good on the wing so Wenger have to be more ruthless n stop being loyal to players especially Ramsey. Santi is now winger so why not play him is his preferred position n play Walcott n Ox on the wings n drop Ramsey. We had no widht today. Also bellerin should start at Rb.

    23. jaweant says:

      Can someone explain what Ozil does on the pitch. I hear threading passes. Great service, assists, but in tight games he accomplishes nothing. He needs wide open games against lesser teams to do anything. I know the whole team sucked today, but Ozils pass accuracy doesn’t mean jack if he can’t take a shot or help us win a game.

      1. Mesut O-chill says:

        Tight games. Half of our season will be filled with tight games. Everton at the Emirates was a tight game, Ozil’s two assists got us out of that. Reading at Wembley was a tight game, Ozil’s assists got us out of that. Lesser teams only you say. A lot of those lesser teams were tight games too. But let’s go back to the Liverpool game and recognize Ozil’s involvement there. Let’s go back to the Man U FA Cup game where he was involved with the first goal. Let’s go back to Community Shield last week where Ozil was involved in Ox’s set up to the goal.

        Say Ozil had a bad game today because he did. But don’t question what he can offer on the pitch.

        1. jaweant says:

          Kudos for remembering all those assists and games Ozil made a contribution. Im not making up how lackadaisical he looks on the field, low tempo, in creative. Maybe it’s unfair to pick on Ozil, but I want consistency out of players. I don’t think I’m lying when I say he needs a lot of space to play, maybe it’s against the lesser teams AND when the team is playing well. Besides Ozil would’ve started belle run and Gabriel. Possibly Walcott too.

      2. Mesut O-chill says:

        agree though, Ozil should shoot more

  2. Dee@ease says:

    Harsh reality CECH!!all the cocky justarsenal fans will now realise this squad is not good enough!

    1. vince says:

      squad is good enough. mentally not focussed today. seriously not good enough? ot beat west ham? don’t be irrational mate

      1. Mallu_Gooner says:

        Squad is not good enough. We are utter shite without Alexis. Even he couldn’t make a difference today. At least we need world class striker or any other striker just to replace the donkey.

        1. seancali says:

          Giroud had no fault. It was Wenger’s useless tactics and poor showing from Ramsey, santi and again Ramsey. I fkin hate Ramsey. I hate him.I hate Wenger

          1. GOONSTER says:

            Did Ozil do anything today?

            1. seancali says:

              Yes ozil was lively..ozil,giroud and Monreal were our best players today.

        2. Mesut O-chill says:

          Well our utter shite squad got past decent teams like Lyon, Wolfsburg, Everton, and Chelsea without him which prob caused our circustmance today.

      2. rkw says:

        Good enough for what ? Basically mert Ramsey coq giroud Walcott should be second string but in most games 4 of these players start …that makes us a second level team … Mert has to be one of the worst central defenders in any top team in Europe …. Clueless player…Ramsey works hard but lacks the first touch anf finesse to be top quality midfielder and doesn’t create enough as he thinks he’s a striker … Coq is work in progress …. Playing for charlton 8 months ago ….. Giroud a hold up guy which is ok if u r in bank robbing business but not if u want to win shit …the whippet is the most overpaid footballer on the planet bar none … And on top of it all our existential accountant who has not realized that the football world has moved on from 2003 …

    2. GOONSTER says:

      We are good enough, the mentality and manager tactics are the ones still with a question mark..

      I know we will come good, but to win the title is another thing if our mentality is still fragile..

    3. seancali says:

      Everyone knew we were never good enough to win the bpl.but nobody expected us to lose to west ham. I was thinking the worst result could be a draw. It was a disaster. How are we ever going to get over it?how? We lost our first will damage our will drop our moral to zero

  3. jackieboy says:

    Every player should be ashamed of themselves today, not worthy of wearing the shirt, disgraceful performance all round. Before the game they were saying that they expect the title. Well done, you’ve just taken your first step to ultimately failing. Never expect anything, prepare for the for every outcome.

    1. Dee@ease says:

      Only OX showed the rest were poor,the squad is poor,the tactics are poor this not a title winning squad

      1. vince says:

        ox gave away a goal. everyone was shit

      2. jackieboy says:

        This was never a title winning squad, bar Cech what is different from last year? Expect the same as always, slow start, pick up up nicely in a month, have a run of form through Xmas, flop during mid January and early February, then finish strong in the top four. That is all this squad is built for.

        1. Gigi2 says:

          Well exactly ….bar cech…who actually committed a big mistake …..

          1. jackieboy says:

            The whole line of defence in regards to the first goal getting wrong side of every man, as well as Cech. Ox for the second as well as the surrounding players not closing down on zarate and giving him an opportunity to get his shot off. As far as going forward, to slow, looking for the perfect pass, balls into the box with know one there and no accuracy (20 shots only 4 on target). All round, poor from everybody.

  4. NIKK says:

    Same old crap!

  5. John Legend says:

    Can someone restrict our players from talking? I hate it when they talk, they get overconfident and follow up with bad performances/results.

    Arsene should just do us a favour by getting a better goal scorer than what we have.

    Let’s hope they bounce back next game.

  6. Justsoccerfan says:

    Look out for WH, they are the title contender, just like us.

    Wenger: let start the invincible from the next game (repeat go on)

  7. Mick The Gooner says:

    Everything was wrong what can I say. I dont think I should single out anyone. Not one player had a good performance. Cazorla was ok, that was it. Everyone else was poor.

    It was the first game of the season however. It’s important but there’s 37 games to go.

    1. rd_gunner says:

      everytime I see Giroud and Walcott, I shudder..they will at best be second and third choices…never ever looked like scoring… Ozil, when will he start bossing the game..Payet bossed him all game..just not good enough.. I just hope we get this game out of our system soon and start all over !

      1. ArseOverTit says:

        Ozil cannot boss a game.

        Pretty player with some moments of beauty but he has never bossed a game. Guy never shows up against big teams.

        I like him but he ain’t a match winner.

        1. muffdiver says:

          he was in the pocket of a 16 year old debutant today

          this will knock his frail self

          1. ArseOverTit says:

            Tis incredible but true!

        2. seancali says:

          I like ozil, i m just scared we lose him because our team are a bunch of losers who don’t know how to win.every time a team parks a bus we are dead.I’m so sorry for myself and sorry to be an arsenal fan.I feel ashamed

  8. Ks-Gunner says:

    There have been to much pain, to much shame. Wenger. Just Walk away. The money, Giroud and Ramsey, take em all with you and we will spare your legacy. Just walk away and there will be and end to all the horror. Loool.

    1. Ks-Gunner says:

      Lord Humongous

  9. greekgunner says:

    I think i saw Benzema at the Emirates . Giroud hit him with his shot many times

    1. seancali says:

      I am ashamed to be an arsenal fan I feel sorry for myself. I feel sorry for you guys I feel sorry for for being an arsenal fan. How will he ever recover now????how???how??????????how??????how???????I’m going crazy….I’m mentally damaged…

  10. fred cowardly says:

    Man of the Match????

    1. RSH says:

      Koscielny I guess? Did well with his 1v1s. Sad thats the only positive and its not anything new or impressive.

  11. zelalem says:

    Wenger lost us the match! he should put one of ramsey or cazorla and play with proper wingers! looks like injuries sometimes help wenger cause he got no b*lls

    1. vince says:

      how is that wenger s fault? we were overconfident. we will bounce back. don t be over the top mate

      1. RSH says:

        never instructed the team to play any differently the who 90 minutes even when players with width were brought on. Also started Ramsey over Santi in midfield, worst, he never substituted Ramsey or Ozil at all who both had absolutely horrible games.

        1. seancali says:

          Just sign a DM a winger and a striker.. Or else we have no chance

  12. Demwan Jones says:

    Akbs have hibernated, don’t worry we don’t need a striker our midfield can score, giroud has good hold up play. In arsene we rust

    1. Mesut O-chill says:

      just like you have hibernated the whole summer.

      I thought we were done with this AKB and WOB nonsense. Annoying af last year and still annoying

      1. ArseOverTit says:

        Agreed. No need to cause factions.

        AFC WERE POOR. The team and manager (especially).

        Poor selection/system (belief and structural).

  13. truegunner12 says:

    I’d like for those of you who slated myself and Champaign Charlie over the summer despite our genuine criticism to stand up and be counted. I said Arsenal currently were not good enough to win the title and oh how we were basehed. Ozil was completely anonymous, Chamberlain did the EXACT SAME MISTAKE he did against Monaco, Giroud was poor and Coquelin was woeful, h didn’t win a SINGLE TACKLE and misplaced so many passes under zero pressure.

    The current team IS NOT GOOD ENOUGH but as usual we get carried away with preseason.

    1. k-ool says:

      Me too.
      I am disgusted. But I am not surprised at the result. Just pissed off at some fans on this site that just pluck out some derived optimism from the sky for no reason.

      1. seancali says:

        Me too, I was always given thumbs down for saying we need 3 signings. Fuk this crap, I’m pissed off. This is rubbish. Wenger out

        1. luvdaguns says:

          dude, chill out, you’re vile

    2. rkw says:

      Would like to be added to list!!! But for me mert and Ramsey were also woeful … But willing to recant on Monreal … Thought he was our best player overall

    3. gooner100 says:

      Yeah I’m happy to comment. Our squad is better than this performance. No one delivered today. It wasn’t about having Benzema (or anyone else that has been mentioned) as I doubt the result would have been any different. Our defenders fckued up with a high line and standing like statues for a free kick that was dubious at best (but that’s no excuse our defending was the issue) and then Cech got it totally wrong with the shot from outside the box. Two crazy moments. All your criticisms today are excessive the Coq is a player, chamberlain is getting better and better, Ozil is wc, Giroud laboured over half chances. It was a bad day for the team but everyone with a shred of intelligence knows we are capable of much better. It was simply a very bad first day of the season. Whether we will buy is to be seen, this result may encourage Wenger, who knows, but whatever, this squad has much more ability than we showed today. Unlike many on this site, I don’t seek to set one AFC fan against another…unlike the divisive tossers who actually seem to revel in our losses to try to make their points (not fans, just self obsessed idiots) but rather be honest about what we need to do to improve and compete for the title. Today given the collective poor performance I am no clearer tbh.

      1. sonix says:

        Gooner100, I think you were not listening to your parents when they told you that you have no right to call anyone “idiot” over their opinion..
        I suggest you meet them to learn more manners.

        1. gooner100 says:

          Really, I referred to those that revel in our losses as idiots…you would presumably congratulate them? No apology required on my part. Wasn’t even referring to the poster, but others who immediately start with ‘so where are all the akbs now’, ‘Wenger out’, ‘told you we should bought x, y or z’ as if there would be any certainty in any of that changing today’s result. As I say self obsessed or divisive idiots, who simply fail to support the team or recognise it was a collectively bad performance, that clearly will not be a reflection of our season or this teams ability. The only conclusion you could draw from today is that 8 or more players need replacing. Reasonable or rational? I don’t think so.

          1. rkw says:

            Yawn … you should become a debate manager for Donald trump mate …. No one revels in our losing no one and to suggest it is just stupid beyond belief … It’s been 12 f****** years without a sniff at the title thats getting close to the worst run in the modern era … I.e. Post 1966 … The point is wenger refuses to address longstanding gaps and weaknesses in squad by suggesting the spirit is good or cohesion is right or youngsters about to come good or his bargain basement purchases from ligue I are hidden gems …it’s become tiring and time he should join the pensioner ranks and leave this job to someone with a bit of ambition .. Some of us have been saying for last z5 yrs that he can’t win titles for this club …. We were right just admit it and ask why rather than making dumb accusations

  14. Eddy Hoyte says:

    and they made it look like Ospina wasn’t good enough last season…we do need a striker please.. I was ashamed to see sanchez come on. is that how desperate we look without him?? what bout his rest?? rubbish, absolute rubbish from all of them in the club

  15. kanaka says:

    Welcome back to reality

  16. k-ool says:

    Do I need to go on a long rant again?…
    All you Wenger and Giroud fans (YOU KNOW YOURSELVES, YOU ARE THE PROBLEM WITH THIS CLUB) are supremely F*cked for thumbing me down when I speak the truth every time.
    Don’t even DARE dream and think we can win the title!!
    So long as the team stays the same, we are 3rd at best but realistically I we are ordained to take our rightful 4th place.
    Title contenders my A$$.

    1. Gigi2 says:

      Dude…really…reality pls.
      Giroud didn’t score….but none did!!!
      And the goals against were surely giroud fault????

    2. Gigi2 says:

      Do yourswlf a favor and go read ALL the rstihgs on objective sites.
      Guroud actually comes good sorry for you.
      Defense was and shame and cech was the lowest.

      I know it hurts ….poor u…

  17. RSH says:

    So we’re going to ignore how poor Ozil was today and just attack Ramsey and Giroud… Because that’s easier to do, right?

    1. k-ool says:

      Ozil was poor as well, you’re right. Giroud (as USUAL) and Coquelin were also horrendous. These are 2 very critical positions in the team and people were passing off Schneiderlin like we didn’t really need him. Schneiderlin is a very good passer of the ball (long range or short range) and he is also better defensively than Coquelin and more experienced in the league.
      The best player for us today was Chamberlain.
      The best player for me on the pitch today was Payet. He was class and much better than I imagined.

      1. RSH says:

        Payet was one of the most creative players in Europe last season so i wasn’t too surprised but yeah by far the best on the pitch. Chamberlain was good but again he always has that one dumb moment when he dribbles in a dangerous space and gives the ball away. Not the first time we’ve seen this. I still dont think Coquelin was bad today (he did make the mistake of playing everyone onside for the opening goal I think), average, but dont see how a CDM would’ve helped us today when Ozil and Ramsey play so horribly like that.

    2. RSH says:

      And of course I get a bunch of thumbs down for ever insulting precious Ozil. Be blind if you want to he was bad today and didn’t show up. Not the first time either. Ozil needs to find some consistency. He either has a good first half of season, bad 2nd half, or the opposite.

      1. TH14atl says:

        He wasn’t great, but compare his normal partner to whom he was partnered with today. Take out the “head” and the body falls. Cazorla, Ozil, and LeCoq link up well and have a great understanding, and the team went on a run last season as a result. The moment we move Santi or Mesut out wide to accommodate Ramsey, Mesut/Santi don’t perform up to their standards as a result. The 4 man midfield in the middle was too congested to have Ramsey in the middle and expect to keep the ball. We also end up sacrificing true width by moving a midfielder wide. We end up sacrificing the pure class of Santi and Mesut so that Ramsey can run around like a headless chicken.
        At present Ramsey is not in our best 11.
        Ramsey and Jack represent an Arsenal that never finishes above 4th. When they are both not in the lineup for long stretches, we end up 3rd. Not surprising.

        1. RSH says:

          Agree, i hate the 4 man midfield as well. Disagree about Ozil having to be paired with Cazorla. Ozil’s 1st season here him and Ramsey bossed the midfield. Its not good enough that Ozil only plays well when the rest of the team is playing well. He’s supposed to be one of the best members of our team and needs to show that consistenly.

          1. gunnerman8701 says:

            I still don’t think Ozil is good for the premier league. 42mil is too much to be telling tales about. He should be a game changer always.

  18. inapropriatetelletubbie says:

    22 attempts and 8 on target… Oh please, please someone enlighten me as to why we dont need another CF and how Giroud is a good one when he got bullied by a 16 year old debutant who forced him to go out wide as a lone striker, That defence too my god people were talking about how Koscielny and Metersacker were the best pairing at Cb no were not… and today proved why there were a few times metersacker overcommited when payet was dribblng left a gaping hole in that defence and if westhams strikers were on the ball this would have been a much larger margin. And to those who wanna say its only the first game . as alex fergurson said ‘the days are gone where yoj can be 11 points behind catch up and win the title, if you dont hut the ground running, you should stop thinking title and start playing catch up!!!

  19. Kay123 says:

    Why didn’t WENGER put THE OX on the left against Tomkins who is a CB and was on a yellow card?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?! POOR TACTICS

    1. RWRW says:

      Because that would be a logical decision and Wenger doesn’t do logic!!

  20. Hafiz Rahman says:

    We need the spine….striker, Dm, cb and a new gk

  21. Just_Trolling says:

    Bunch of flops, this wont stop till Wenger leaves, he can take akb’s with

  22. GOONSTER says:

    Absolutely pathetic.. Cech looked like a retired stop gap keeper..

    Giroud tried but poor guy is not the one to take us to the level we need..

    Ozil, nothing to add to that.

    Mertesacker was nowhere, Kossy was doing all the defending, what the hell does Mertesacker give us in defense? smh

    Cazorla anonymous..

    I can go on..

    And why the hell was Bellerin benched for Debuchy?

    We are so embarrassing season after season..

    1. RSH says:

      Cazorla was better when he got put back in midfield. AW was dumb to throw him on wings for first half. Again shows he’s tactically inept. So many bad performances today its shocking. And I cant even get mad at Giroud anymore. Those are the limits of his abilities. What more can we ask from him? He’s just not good enough despite what people try to say on this site.

    2. truegunner12 says:

      Bellerin is injured

  23. Visibles says:

    Haha, and there’s an actual article just below here on how wenger wants the “The transfer window shut”? .. haha! I’m not even gonna read that at this point!
    but anyway, argument for another day, for now, just wanted us to point out something…
    Let’s all take a moment to appreciate the fact that for atleast 20 minutes in that game, we had pretty much all our attackers in the pitch and still couldn’t get a goal!!!!!! .. against WEST HAM should I mention. WEST HAM!!!!!!!

  24. Izuchukwu says:

    My take:
    Before some fans begin screaming competition, let me say first that our players played out their heart, but TODAY IS NOT OUR DAY. In soccer, when it is not your day everything works against you, including the grass on the pitch. And sure, do anything you can, you will not succeed.
    Second, I give credit to West Ham for putting up a gritty performance. This is one of the most underrated team in the premiership. But from the way they played today, everyone must have taken note that if anyone takes them less serious, they will surely regret it.
    Third is that we must learn to appreciate our own. Today, I appreciate Scezsny and Ospina. Had it been any of these two who manned the post today, we fans would have screamed on end. But IT WAS CECH, the GREATEST. Who could believe that Cech would make such terrible errors? Meanwhile, Ospina never made such. It only tells you that all these noise about big players are not always true. I am not it taking out on Cech, I’m only pointing out that when a player is in Emirates, we need to be less critical. Cech’s error today is a lesson.
    Finally, Sanchez is back, and its time Wenger restores our team set-up the way it used to be. Cazorla must be in the middle. Ramsay is a great player, but when you play a team who have capacity to retain the ball, then you equally need a middle which could hold the ball much more. Finding a balance, especially how to play a team set up like West Ham is something Wenger must figure out. But whatever it is Cazorla must come to the middle to run it.
    Credit to West Ham coach. He nearly beat Arsenal with Besiktas, and you always feel the man knows his onion in football. But nothing is wrong with us. It is a setback. Gunners will bounce back. It is a marathon, not a dash #COYG

  25. infumous08 says:

    Benzema…Benzema….Benzema…..We need him Guriod and Walcot just won’t cut it upfront….

    Cech had a really poor day but it happens.

    The team as a while liked tired and lack luster but if we had a better striker we could have drawn…

    We also need a CDM cause Le Coq can’t play every single game.

    (last 2 season we started off poor and ended up wining trophies and champions league…we have a long way to go before the season us over)

  26. Kay123 says:

    Why didn’t WENGER put THE OX on the left against Tomkins who is a CB and was on a yellow card?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?! POOR TACTICS!

  27. HA559 says:

    Last place.

  28. Hafiz Rahman says:

    Wenger out!

    Klopp in

  29. JAmerican says:

    That pre-season treble doesn’t look so great now does it? Thank GOD I’m on vacation and wasn’t able to actual watch the game and see the result with my own eyes.

    1. sonix says:

      Lucky you…wished i didn’t watch todays match.
      I’ve watched Arsena play well and lose but was ok with it…but a performance like this makes you unhappy.

  30. kenyanfan says:

    whether we win or not,its all the same
    old story..we play for top four…now
    that our number four is not threatened
    we will loose the first league games as
    usual and as the seasons nears to end
    we will wake up and finish number
    have given up on arsenal signing any
    one including benzema(sung his name
    since the transfer widow began-what’s
    a disappointment if we don’t get him)
    Transfer windows should shut in
    england before the season begins.they
    no good for arsenal.same story same
    lets prepare our selves to support our
    beloved arsenal team in which we have
    been loyal to with or without world
    class strikers.
    winning or without winning
    and the board are comfortable as their
    pockets are ever fattening. what else
    do they care about? As for the players,
    they get their pay regardless of the
    results.if they need trophies,they
    eventually ask for transfer to
    barca,manc ,manu and all of a sudden
    they lift trophies the next season…
    i have seen one fan getting frustrated to an extent of posting a comment in the previous article that reads”i wish Giroud breaks his leg” its a bit too far but he thinks that at least if Giroud breaks his leg then maybe that’s when Wenger will see a need of a new striker…alot of suffering for us fans.

  31. FFFanatic says:

    Honestly, I don’t think this reflects our squad at all. Cech had an absolute nightmare and cost us the game and some sloppy defending from Koscielny and Monreal gave them those oppurtunities. It was diabolical but in an attacking sense West Ham did not do enough to win that game.

    Up top Giroud looked sluggish and not able to make an impact. I’d have preferred Theo anyway, but Giroud spurned 3 good oppurtunities and it reflected badly on us. It was one of those games we SHOULD have drawn or nicked a goal in the second half but thanks to 2 howlers we’ve lost it. VERY disappointed but everyone has off days.

    It did once again highlight that the best positions to improve upon in our starting line up are LW, CF and CB. Coquelin was fine today again, did alot of good. LW we had no option BUT Alexis. Depth issue. CF…well we should have finished one of our 22 chances and did not. CB I highlight because it COULD be improved, but Mert wasn’t really at fault for our goals. Kos played poorly today and he didn’t make a block for the second or track his man properly for the first.

    No signings would have really changed matters today I fear. This was a situation where your keeper lets you down and you have an off day. You can’t really plan for those days.

  32. Justsoccerfan says:

    Fans got nothing this week but the manager and players still got £140k, fans always the looooòoser!!!! At least we still can come here and blast the M F cker.

    1. k-ool says:

      That’s what some deluded fans who are satisfied with the squad and say Sh*t like “we don’t need Benzema we have Giroud” or “we don’t need another DM” or “its hard to improve this squad” don’t understand.

      1. Gigi2 says:

        From what I read.
        A reality cech is of the day….

  33. V.uren says:

    All this ‘genuine contenders’ talk has gone to their heads !

    It all looked too rushed today !

    You could tell they looked too confident today by the way coquelin was too far up the field too often … We don’t just need a centre forward , we need a holding mid as well for me !

    There’s money in the bank , no more excuses , challenge or get out !

  34. Cathyman says:

    You still don’t buy? All those Giroud lovers….hahaha

  35. Uzi Ozil says:

    First Games, Not our favourite. I don’t understand! Bad Bad Bad!!! Emirates. Too early to complain but I’m very Sad.

  36. Wayne Barker says:

    Pathetic display. Not going to act like season is over but this was shambolic and comical. This is why I hate when our fans and staff and players are so arrogant each time they get some win under their belt. 10 years and this shit is still going on. We were laughing at United , how crap they were etc. , you know what I would have taken an ugly win.


  37. Sacrificial_Pizza says:

    Came here to see the knee jerk reactions. Didn’t disappoint. Awful game. One game. Calm down crybabies and plastics. You glory hunters can still possibly brag about something this season. We’re only one point behind Chelsea. It’s 90 minutes

    Should be a nice wake up call. Rather this happen in the first 90 minutes then get cocky and start folding on a month or so. If we crack against palace I’ll start to panic a bit

    1. YuukiShindouGoArsenal says:

      well just like some wise man said nothing is imposible…

      maybe we can get double strike from palace… My crystal ball look cloudly this week…
      as for CP looks exciting today, bad time could happening anytime.. Don’t want to be overconfident, it’s kind of worrying coz we lose againts mid-table team…


      we highly praising our attacker last season but now we can’t even pass 1 goal on WH at home…

  38. Shubhashish Bhattacharjee says:

    This was bound to happen one day or the other we looked hopelessly out of shape and the lack of a world class goalscorer really looked evident………..Guys buckle up to see more frustrating performances if wenger does not sign a striker.To be frank people out here are talking about lack of focus otherwise our squad is good enough see for yourselves we lost against an inexperienced west ham side and if u talk about chelsea dropping points I think with a bit of luck they could have won that game even with 10 men that is the sort of mentality we all are hoping to see from our side………..Lets hope we get a proven goalscorer and let this result ring the alarm bells in wenger’s head because this season is a do or die season for us!!!!!!!!

  39. Bolly from Bollywood says:

    Not won an opening game since 2009 so let’s regroup and move on to the next game. A good wake up call but I can’t believe how shite they were!

  40. Bosco says:

    same bullshit every season that kind of performance will win wenger another 4th place trophy not epl title.

  41. JAmerican says:

    The moment you realize you’ve now become completely numb to results like this at “HOME” at that too. I’m sorry but the players and manager gets paid more in a week than the average citizens do in a lifetime. I refuse to accept mediocrity until the day I die, it is such a loser and negative mentality. For Christ sake Arsenal get it together, as if we weren’t a laughing stock before this. Game 1 at the Emirates – failed to score, away team goes away with win and clean sheet. Enough said

  42. GOONSTER says:

    I keep saying give Cazorla his No10 position and we will look more dangerous, Ozil is just getting away with it season in season out, we are missing out on a goal scoring attacking midfielder because Ozil just can’t support the striker and he is the one further up, he just floats around the penalty area with no goal threat.

    1. TH14atl says:

      Wrong. Take out the “head” and the body falls. Cazorla, Ozil, and LeCoq link up well and have a great understanding, and the team went on a run last season as a result. The moment we move Santi or Mesut out wide to accommodate Ramsey, we look pure poo. The 4 man midfield in the middle was too congested to have Ramsey in the middle and expect to keep the ball. We also end up sacrificing true width by moving a midfielder wide.
      At present Ramsey is not in our best 11.
      Ramsey and Jack represent an Arsenal that never finishes above 4th. When they are both not in the lineup for long stretches, we end up 3rd. Not surprising.

      1. ArseOverTit says:

        The point is ‘who is at fault’ for this.

        Play players out of position, don’t sign players who will fit into your system if you have one (1 or two). Try to play all your CMs or CAMs in the same team, tinker/tinker/tinker with your team and over complicate a basic game.

        Non inspiring, inept strategically during a game, unable to identify glaring holes in the team and consequently to procure the needed talent.

        Wenger is not the man to take the team forward. Some presenter (mAybe shearer) on MOTD said that he backed Chelski to win the PL and that if any of the top four regulars had Maureenho then he would back that club.

        I have to agree.

        I (if it was possible) would trade Wenger for at least 5-7 other managers any day of the week.

        Billic has one over on Wenger in his ‘1st’ yes 1st game against him. What does that say?

    2. ritblitz says:

      you and i can understand but the AW cant. Mour keeps praising him ..we should sell him to chelsea…

  43. morfin443 says:

    lol!!! I feel like crap and am not even on the field… next time I vexed my anger that arsenal need a player or 2 anyone doubt it am going to curse ur generation. . I was booed on like am wenger or I get 140k a month

  44. optimisticgooner says:

    The first match of every season is a real eye opener. Bad result and a bad performance. Time to buy now.
    Wenger says transfer windows should be shut down before season starts but I really wonder how we would cope wid the season if it happens, since we buy most of our players on d last day of d window.

    1. optimisticgooner says:

      However , it was really the players at fault today and Wenger.
      And I wouldn’t hav risked Sánchez today.

    2. optimisticgooner says:

      However , it was really the players at fault today and not Wenger.
      And I wouldn’t hav risked Sánchez today.

  45. Hafiz Rahman says:

    Coq, ramsay, giroud, cech they are all not good enough…

    We need to sign quality players before the window shut

  46. Andrew AFC says:

    Arsenal 22 shots on goal 6 on target
    West Ham 8 shots on goal 4 on target

    You know what I am going to say and have been saying since RVP left.

  47. Justsoccerfan says:

    No worry we still can win the remaining 37, 36 , 25, 13, 3, 2 1… we finally retain our trophy (4th).

    Don’t be so ambitious, we already got treble. The rest give it to others.

  48. sam-afc says:

    Playing özil out on the left is always a mistake. He’s not a true winger. Why we didn’t put Walcott on the left instead of him from the start, I’ll never know. So now we are already chasing other teams already.
    Panic buy time. Or bring back Akpom and give him a chance up front sod it!

    1. RSH says:

      ozil was never on the left, that was Santi. Then again, I couldn’t even find Ozil for over half the game, put on his invisibility cloak again.

  49. mark says:

    I know football is an emotive game, but what with fans walking out of the game and people crying our season is over…?? WTF?

    Cast your minds back 2 seasons – Villa beat us, and we went on to have a great season, only spoiled by injuries in the end.

    We will do the same this year. Nowt wrong with a wake up call at the first game, gives us chance to change things about and get some of that grit and winning mentality back.

    All teams can have a poor first game….if you think about it, the mid table teams all have a point to prove with their influx of players etc, and we the top teams have to soak it up a bit…

    Cech had a mare though…looked sluggish and as if he had been out on the town…! 😉

    We’ll be fine, don’t worry. 🙂

    1. YuukiShindouGoArsenal says:

      that meaningless argument, say like 2 season before we’re bound back but where were we ended again..?

      We need to be serious title contender mentality as for season began..
      Arsenal is bigger club need to set higher goal than FA Cup & CL participant…

      1. mark says:

        Reality check required.

        1. ArseOverTit says:

          Yeh for you

        2. mark says:

          Go and play some more FIFA. When you have grown up, come back and comment..

          1. ArseOverTit says:

            I’m 44 mate! Never played FIFA in all the time (from a boy) I supported them.

            You my friend are obviously new to football as you find fans walking out early after a disappointing viewing of their teams match bizarre.


  50. Bolly from Bollywood says:

    Have disliked WH since the 70s mainly because of their thug supporters and even more so now they are funded by our government, sorry the British government I should have said.

  51. indiangooner says:

    its good that our bubble busted soon enough !!!!
    same thing happened against aston villa two seasons ago and we remained at top of league for max days that year only to finish 4th
    remember my words, we will finish 3rd or 4th even if we sign benzema or bender or anyone cause our manager is still the same
    20th season for wenger, 1st season (1st game)for bilic and BOOM !!!!

  52. goonerretic says:

    Strange.But I feel disappointment nothing..To me its just another match where one team lost and the other won.Arsenal is just an ordinary team among many

  53. Fatboy Gooney says:

    Let the panic buying commence lol
    Cech is a secret agent ?
    We had all our best attacking players on the pitch and we still couldn’t score one goal against a mickey mouse team.

    Hey…We won the two bob treble before the season started..
    I’m not surprised by today’s result , but still..
    I’m absolutely gutted.

    1. RSH says:

      spot on. Anybody who lives in reality is not surprised by this result, nonetheless I’m still thoroughly disappointed. Really didn’t expect cech to have a shocker either.

  54. alugunner says:

    deluded Arsenal fans!!! let’s brace ourselves for more of these in the coming weeks! hahaha

  55. LoCkAy says:

    First game, first loss… Nothing new, nothing shocking about it…
    We will easily recover and go on finish in the top four because this is what we do…
    Are we going to win the league? NOT A CHANCE!!
    Are we going to win the CL? NOT A F*CKING CHANCE, no f*cking way!

    We are what we are…
    We do not have the manager to achieve such aim.

    Wenger is still making gambles based on his real limited tactical aptitudes…
    Giroud is good but not top and Walcott is not the new Thierry Henry. If Coquelin gets injured Arteta becomes the alternative which will be shocking!!

    Like I said, fans can dream, but they also need to keep it real and be realistic.

    We just don’t have the “tools” to even pretend to be amongst top Europe elite (Barcelona striking partnership is worth £200 millions or more… Wenger said buying is not the solution, but he is not rethinking is £8 millions/year wages for no league or CL for more than year and he is talking about a top club… Yes, a high class wh*re charging the highest rate and not f*cking!!!)… Simple as that!

  56. LoCkAy says:

    First game, first loss… Nothing new, nothing shocking about it…
    We will easily recover and go on finish in the top four because this is what we do…
    Are we going to win the league? No chance!
    Are we going to win the CL? No f*cking way!

    We are what we are…
    We do not have the manager to achieve such aim.

    Wenger is still making gambles based on his real limited tactical aptitudes…
    Giroud is good but not top and Walcott is not the new Thierry Henry. If Coquelin gets injured Arteta becomes the alternative which will be shocking!!

    Like I said, fans can dream, but they also need to keep it real and be realistic.

    We just don’t have the “tools” to even pretend to be amongst top Europe elite (Barcelona striking partnership is worth £200 millions or more… Wenger said buying is not the solution, but he is not rethinking is £8 millions/year wages for no league or CL for more than year and he is talking about a top club… Yes, a high class wh*re charging the highest rate and not f*cking!!!)… Simple as that!

  57. alugunner says:

    @ LoCkAy, you’ve said it all. But how many people will come into the reality of that? Very sad!

  58. LoCkAy says:

    First game, first loss… Nothing new, nothing shocking about it…
    We will easily recover and go on finish in the top four because this is what we do…
    Are we going to win the league? No chance!

    We are what we are…
    We do not have the manager to achieve such aim.

    Wenger is still making gambles based on his real limited tactical aptitudes…
    Giroud is good but not top and Walcott is not the new Thierry Henry. If Coquelin gets injured Arteta becomes the alternative which will be shocking!!

    Like I said, fans can dream, but they also need to keep it real and be realistic.

    We just don’t have the “tools” to even pretend to be amongst top Europe elite (Barcelona striking partnership is worth £200 millions or more… Wenger said buying is not the solution, but he is not rethinking is £8 millions/year wages for no league or CL for more than year and he is talking about a top club… Yes, a high class wh*re charging the highest rate and not f*cking!!!)… Simple as that!

  59. gmv8 says:

    West Ham looked a very poor team, both goals coming from set piece free kicks, which really didn’t look like they should’ve been given by the ref, and looked like they should’ve been both better defended and saved by Cech, but would have to see the replay.

    That was no excuse for our poor play, which I think was mainly Wenger’s fault, with his team setup. What was he thinking playing Cazorla on the wing? How many times – the man NEEDS TO BE IN THE MIDDLE, then we win games. Giroud did not look comfortable up front from the start, and we should’ve either been playing two strikers, or not Giroud. His height was not a lot of help as West Ham are all tall anyway. Hardly saw Coq in the game. If Wenger really thinks that we don’t need a strong DM to organise and a clinical striker, then he needs his brain examined.

    It was a complete embarrassment to be beaten by such a poor team at home, but after the Monaco debacle, I guess we should be used to it.

    1. RSH says:

      West Ham looked poor? Think that was us, you’re having a laugh. Payet was the best player on the pitch and their CB absolutely owned us. We looked clueless the whole game until Sanchez came on.

  60. hardy says:

    expected they have already won the treble
    nothing else to play for

    on serious note such s s##t performance bar 2-3 players
    need to get better for the next match

  61. k-ool says:

    Lets not take anything away from West ham, they played very very well. Very organized in defence and attack. They also had the most creative player on the pitch.
    We didn’t have a bad day, they were just the better side.
    West ham, Palace and teams of this sort are more dangerous this season with the quality of players they added.
    If Wenger is so stubborn about adding top class players to this team and think this team should not be improved…a rude awakening awaits this season.
    The ONLY THING to be optimistic about is that there are still 23 days left in the window…

    1. gmv8 says:

      I don’t agree. It was smash and grab by West Ham from two free kick set pieces that should’ve been defended better and / or saved by Cech, and at least one of which did not look like a free kick to begin with. We were not clinical enough in front of goal, had the wrong team setup. The only thing I can say about West Ham were that they were set up well defensively.

  62. GunningSoulman says:

    Whole team was terrible… can we single a player out? Signings or no signings, we should beat West Ham at home any day.

  63. Bartender says:

    If I managed a team in England Ozil is the last number 10 I’d invest in…why?

    1)He is slow.
    2)He is sluggish
    3)He can’t score to save his life
    4) He’s not a great passer
    5)He disappears for large parts of the game
    6) Did I mention he can’t score?
    7)Well just in case…He can’t score.

    Because we already have a shit striker in Giroud, we should atleast have a number 10 he possess some goal scoring attributes…if Giroud drifts wide like he did a couple of times today then there is no chance for us to score…Ozil doesn’t even make a decent run into the box.

    We have a lot of things to fix as a team abd I’d start by benching Ozil.

    Oh and Cech deserves to lose his place as number 1 after today…

    Yusss but ozil irritates me!!!!

    1. josh37 says:

      dude, whatever. you don’t like ozil that’s fine. but passing?? even on an off day today he created chances!!

    2. GoonAR says:

      Number 4 is not true. Ozil not a great passer?

    3. Rationalist says:

      It wasn’t just Ozil not getting into the box when Giroud drifted wide though. Ozil was late into the box but the rest of them were still on holiday :/

      Ozil is fantastic when he has players running ahead of him making intelligent runs that enable Ozil to utilise his intelligent passing. But we played tippy-tappy nonsense after the first goal and even more so after the second goal.

      This is a tactical goof-up similar to that against Swansea 3 months ago. AW always has these in him and until he addresses them he’s always going to have to answer questions he doesn’t like on days like today, and against Swansea, Monaco, etc.

    4. gunnerman8701 says:

      Other than number 4, you are spot on. He is not suited for the epl. Apart from Carzola and Sanchez, y does it always seem like we buy players that never really cut it? It’s a least a case of injury, fatigue or more excuses. Why can’t we buy the best players from smaller teams before they go to another big team? Why do we have to wait until they become 3rd choice before we get them?

    5. Wayne Barker says:

      ATleast he wont take his irritating selfie.

  64. kudoroyinka says:

    I don’t really blame any of those players at all, first mistake from Wenger was his team selection and secondly wrong players in a wrong position,, its quite sad with all their mouths and boasting of starting the season strongly and aiming for the league just a waste of energy and wishful thinking, am putting the whole blame on Wenger, where is Belerin, why Ozil, Cazorla played out of positions, you should know their weaknesses and strength as a coach, why must we pass and pass to score a goal, many opportunities came from shooting distance but the players will always be looking for the next person to pass the ball to, its quite unfortunate that a big club like arsenal is relying on a scrappy Giroud to lead an attack of a team aiming to win the league. Its still very early to judge though but the signs are always there for everyone to see that this team is a big joke.

  65. kenyanfan says:

    Wenger playing players out of position to accommodate his favourite fact injuries do save us a great deal.otherwise we would have seen Wilshire playing left back and rosicky playing as a striker.
    so look at the table fans..we at the best position we can ever be.if no change in Wenger’s altitude,this is just the beginning

  66. dotash says:

    Arsenal did not score. Football is all about goal, try to outscore your opponent. CF is a must or Arsenal will finish 3rd or 4th. Wenger to take the blame. All the players tried.

  67. GOONSTER says:

    We looked like we had only 1 CB all game, Kossy was doing all the defending, making tackles, running all game. But where was Mertesacker? What did he do all game? I never even noticed that he was playing..

  68. Gigi2 says:

    Just chcked some ratings over the Internet. Cech is really the lowest rate I Ve seen in a very long time…..really below par.
    So shocked. ….
    So many comments on if it was that at chelsea he was protected…or if he is out of shape…or too old….
    Now time to prove who u r cech…don’t let us down and don’t make Mourinho be right pls

  69. Justsoccerfan says:

    Arsenal really show the cohesion, today game they all suck together. Good sign of title contender.

  70. fullmetalalc says:

    Way to go for a good start! Bottom of the league after week 1. Shambolic performances from the whole team. Cech had a real shocker, midfield had no creativity, forwards no bite. Very very poor from the whole team. Really gutted after looking forward to this match so much to finally start on a positive note.

  71. GoonAR says:

    Flat performance… I can’t even think of our POTM… Boss maybe?

  72. Arsenal Fan says:

    Arsenal vs West Ham, this Fixutre…same teams Arsenal win 9 out of 10 times. When results go against, a million and one reasons on why appear to be the topic of discussion. Lots of flawed narrow minded opinions linger on this post.

    How do you avoid a result like this? Some might say a Title Winning team in a season won’t see such a result at any point in a season, so I think that’s fair, and for Arsenal to avoid such results, they either expect everyone to be 100% 100% of the time (unlikely) or they get themselves a 20 a season scorer who will send shiver down the spine of opponents and offer a solution to his colleagues every time they want to attack.

    Today, too many attacks lack that edge, because the ‘edge’ isn’t cut it to be a top predator. Address the problem, and you have solution that will give the Emirates that lil symbol of a trophy to add to its stands ring that circles the stadium.

  73. Justsoccerfan says:

    Here is my five cents analysis :-

    According to the match game stated Ramsey are supposed to be on the wind but Wenger want them to inter change during the game. BUT one player just want to be in the middle so one of them have to push to the wind so carzola become the scapegoat or nobody want the wind so our players just f uk up the play in the middle.

    1. ArseOverTit says:

      Exactly! Musical f@cking chairs football.

      Unnecessarily complex ideology and system that doesn’t work.

  74. GOONER NO.9 says:

    Fcuk wenger ,he is so stupid ,his tactics f*cked up the game for us like always ,stop playing 3 CAMs all at once ,drop Ozil n play Carzola at Cam and Wallcot n Ox on da wings ,and I promise u der will be goals ,Giroud aint shit his a good foward we need better but Giroud is not to blame ,fcuk Arsene

  75. Gigi2 says:

    Truth be told all players were low in ratings…just sayin tha cech was even lower.

    If we were waiting for a super be performance to convince Benzema to join…….failed!

  76. kev says:

    I remember someone saying something funny that if Benzema does not come then he does not currently see anyone better than Giroud.Listen i can give you a long list of strikers who are better than Giroud and also average strikers who are better than Giroud.What if Giroud was a Chinese will he be getting these many chances and before you call me ignorant should we begin to mention some of the very average french players who have been given chances how are they are continually.

  77. Gigi2 says:

    I did post here before the game that we had to be aware that bilic was tricky.and witty.

    I guess wenger didn’t read my post lol cry lol cry

  78. Andrew AFC says:

    Part of Wengers comments after the game. I think our performance was not convincing. On the two aspects of our game, going forward and defending. If you don’t buy a CF for christ sake buy a LW, DM and a CB.

  79. Rockylegendliveson says:

    New season but Arsenal still don’t have the right pieces of the jigsaw. A lot of us were celebrating Petr Cech’s signing, whilst I am sure he will redeem himself over the season, the goalkeeping position was not one of the positions to fix.

    In a 4-2-3-1 system, you need two deep ball winning midfielders to provide protection (Xavi, Busquets) and control possession. We only have Coquelin. Ramsey was running all over the pitch as normal leaving us unprotected but importantly forcing us to make longer passes. I don’t understand why we have not strengthened in this position.

    The second and most obvious problem is the 9 position. Movement, holding the ball, pace and goal scoing ability are key for the lone striker position. We don’t have forwards (Walcott, Giroud) who can play this position. Again, we have failed to strengthen in this area.

  80. GOONER NO.9 says:

    A 16 year old sklw boi debutant played better than Ozil in midfield ,da fcuk does all his class go to ?I really want it 2be Ozil’s year but damn he can really suck in matches where we need him and he needs 2 beat a man and take a shot,how does a reject like zarate get a goal at de emirates an ozil can’t ? Paaatthhheeetic ozil

  81. reddb10 says:

    I swear some people on here must have started supporting arsenal a few months ago.
    why is everyone surprised when it the same thing every year?
    Wenger gets this massive hype going that we are the best thing since sliced bread until the game plan and players go to S##T.
    losing at home to villa, losing 8-2 to manure, today againt WH all in august.
    By the way WH were excellent today and chased the ball from start to finish with oerfect tactics from their manager.
    when you are playing at home and still turn up the same for the second half its not one or two players fault.

    1. gmv8 says:

      Yeah, but stupidly most of think he may learn from his mistakes. It’s like ground hog day at the Emirates, only more predictable.

  82. lalitsyal says:

    And please don’t post an article with players rating….. We were poor..!!

  83. Bolly from Bollywood says:

    Effing hell guys and girls, yes we lost to a team that will be fighting relegation but shite happens sometimes. Stupidly hyped up by the press and our fans after a good preseason. Even the team thought we would walk it! This will be a massive kick up the Arse(nal) for the team and we should now look forward to some fight and some wins. I think they are more pi$$ed off than us fans. Peace and Love.

  84. Dreadedgunner says:

    Giroud aka giroooo-wtf..ive caught myself yelling this to many times. He get in good position but all stricker do. He get ready to shoot and 9-10 times where you should be yelling girouuuuddd you left yelling girrooWTF Just not world class simple as that. Give any top 6 team star stricker all the chance he got today we would of had atleast one goal. Good bench player that all dzeko,gomis,Lambert hes in that mold for me. Not world class why can we all see it.. Hard times gunners. Straight gutted.

  85. ArseOverTit says:

    Wenger 0 – billic 1
    Le prof v le noobie.

    I think AWs qualifications and performance should be examined.

  86. muffdiver says:

    this site has gone mental….lol its hilarious

    one loss an we are apparently fooked

    anyone care for some tacos…

    1. Gigi2 says:

      Heavy mental hahaha
      Muff like your objective comments…desperately needed here jahahaha

  87. GunningSoulman says:

    Even Benzema wouldnt have helped today.
    The midfield had the wrong balance. Use real wingers on the wings wenger! Play sant, le coq and ozil in the middle.
    Oh my…..

  88. Nokia810 says:

    The biggest scam pulled in recent history is making ever1 believe that ramsey is a good footballer….scratch that…it should be ramsey is a ‘footballer’

    My biggest concern is that ramsey’s overconfidence is spreading across the team -_-

    OHH and thanks for ruining my weekend CECH!

  89. lalitsyal says:

    Chill guys, just one of those bad days…….I know we all want to bombard players for their poor performance but I know they would be the most disheartened today…….!!

  90. k-ool says:

    WOW….Coutinho again.

  91. lalitsyal says:

    I don’t know why Wenger went with this line up today, Ramsey and Jack(I know he’s injured) can’t play on left or right other than central……and its a fact.
    Poor selection of players today

  92. Enigmaticben says:

    What more can one say that’s not already said? That performance was utter DISGRACE judging from all the promise and pre-season…BACK TO SQUARE ONE

  93. fred cowardly says:

    Relax. One bad match doesn’t ruin the season

    Hopefully, Wenger will see the light and sign a TOP striker and Top DM. Also he must play players in correct positions and have the courage to rotate

    Also, all top keepers have a nightmare match once in a while. Courtois had one yesterday.

    1. ArseOverTit says:

      Yes Fred,

      Wenger should sign players,
      He should rotate (and not try to play everyone at once).

      He should also get a clue as to how to setup a team capable of beating the opponent. He should also be more effective in terms of changing the system when things aren’t going right (I.e loosing).
      He should be able to identify the obvious holes in our team/squad and procure the necessary talent to make us contenders.

      I could go on…


  94. luvdaguns says:

    OG averaged 13 goals per match in his 3 seasons at AFC in Prem matches, thats a pretty established number since over 3 yrs now, thats a goal every 3 matches on average, of course he doesnt play all the time, but this is over 3 yrs. point is, if he is the feature striker, then that will not win a league, when this team won the league, thierry henri scored 30 goals in the prem alone, and averaged 26 per year over 5 straight years, we need that kind of production,

  95. Bartender says:

    Have you noticed how Ozil and Ramsey make it a habit to pass the ball behind the runner? I could forgive Ramsey at times in difficult situations because he’s main attribute isn’t passing…But Ozil!!!! Yusss thats the only thing we bought him for cause thats the only thing he can kinda do…but ever since he’s been at Arsenal I haven’t seen the level of passing that warrants 42M…we should have bought Schneiderlin and built the team around Cazorla,atleast he can pass and shoot at goal,oh and he can dribble…perfect for no10.

  96. Andrew AFC says:

    I feel sorry for the fans that paid their hard earned money to watch the game. I don’t feel sorry for the players or the manager. I would give them all a big kick up the arse.

  97. Raoh says:

    What a bad way to kick off the season…Honestly the team played bad; from the strikers to the goalkeeper really nobody deserve a pass. Giroud was wasteful, Ozil was quite, Ramsey was not in it wasting too many passes, Coquelin did not display is usual defensive strength, Debuchy didn’t stake his claim and the list could go on and on. Only maybe Chamberlain shone showing his speed, dribbling skills and almost came close. But Cech even thought at fault on both goals wasn’t helped by our defensive display!
    There’s a lot of football to be played; last week he was hailed as the missing piece to the jigsaw now we’re pointing fingers: let’s simply not jump to conclusions. One thing is for sure and it was to be expected Cech by himself can’t fix every single issues we had and still have.
    I’m not going to cry out that we should break the bank and bring in X amount of world class players but I’m expecting something different for the next game whoever is on the pitch;because one thing is for sure it was really poor today!!

  98. mark says:

    Are there any boards where people have proper conversations about Arsenal, and not all this reactionary rubbish that has the whiff of doom surrounding it?

    Or where people don’t rely on FIFA 15 to back up their comments??

    Thanks. Not.

  99. LoCkAy says:


    Have you seen any worse than Cech today??
    Funny, especially from a guy supposed to bring us 10 to 12 points… lol
    Motherf*cker just gave 3 points to West Ham.

    I hope everybody has calm down now with all the hype about winning the league… Let’s not forget Wenger still at the helm and he is a proven manager with limited tactical abilities… Proven time after time!

    Let’s not forget Wenger has recruited no one (well apart from Cech)… We still need a DM and another striker (a top one preferably).

    Fans are dreaming if they think they will see something different from last season. We are going for top four and NOTHING ELSE… Because we can do nothing else… We do not have the squad nor the manager to win the EPL.

    What the f*ck is Chamberlain doing in the first team???
    Chamberlain, Wilshere, Gibbs and most of the “young” players in this club will have “flashes” of brilliance, but we’ll all clearly know they are not first team material (well may be expect Arsenal were major trophies is no near a priority).

    No need to panic, unless you think we can win the league (then you might want to check yourself out)… Some of us know that we are “fighting” for a top four space and “small” stroll in CL (can’t win it, that is just a fact!).

    We are ok, Cech will recover and hopefully get it right (because that was just shocking), otherwise we have Ospina.
    Will Wenger bring more top players (because let’s not make any mistakes about it, we need some) only him knows since he is the ONLY ONE in charge and %80 of the fans (pole run after the preseason) support him (wonder who they are!!)…

    Anyway, let’s not forget it was only the first game?

    1. k-ool says:

      I am not slating Cech but I was not excited by his signature. Ospina was brilliant last season and goalkeeping was of the least priority. But still it was welcome. What is not welcome is that the same urgency is not used to strengthen the forward line.
      I do also find it puzzling when fans see virtually the same squad from last season who didn’t win the EPL and haven’t won it for 11 years, brand us as title contenders when he haven’t once again bought our most urgent needs (ST and DM). Some even casually dismissing Man City who have won it 2 times in the past 4 years. Its laughable.

      Reality Cech is a bitch. New season, same old Arsenal.

  100. kev says:

    Reece Oxford is the real deal.Arsenal wanted him but i still think we should get him quickly before his price tag becomes so high.

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