Arsenal v Wolfsburg review – A win, a clean sheet and a trophy

Perhaps it was a case of after the Lord Mayor’s show for Arsenal today, although we should also give credit to our German opponents Wolfsburg who made it difficult for the Gunners from the off. Whatever the case, after the stunning six goal showing against Lyon yesterday, Arsenal struggled for the same fluency.

The first 15 minutes were frustrating and were dominated by the visitors who pressed us high and forced us into mistakes. They continued to win corners and get crosses in from both flanks, although Cech and the back four managed to keep them from scoring.

We did grow into the game bit by bit with Jack Wilshere looking the most likely to unlock their defence and Walcott just needing a better finish on a few occasions. Ozil put our best chance of the first half just wide before halftime and was replaced at the break by Akpom.

There was some impressive stuff from young Reine-Adelaide and it was him that provided the assist for Walcott to score a lovely goal five minutes after the restart. It was a better second half from Arsenal with Akpom and Chamberlain having a positive influence after coming on.

We had the better chances and stopped Wolfsburg from creating much but we could not add to our tally. But a win and a clean sheet completes a very good Emirates Cup campaign with a trophy.

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  1. Someone in another article said they wanted a close, difficult game before we played Chelsea next week and we got that without getting too shaken up. Cech looked stellar in his first game at the Emirates. Decent performance from the squad.

    1. Chambers had a solid game, ox looked awsome and Gabriel had a great game. The only thing that I’m concerned about is akpom. Akpom needs more experience, he needs to be loaned out. He is fast but his passing and vision is very bad, he is not ready for first team action. We definitely need a new striker. We can’t count on akpom for sure.

      1. @seancali
        I said it before. Akpom runs with his head down oblivious to whats around him. And people still think he’s better than Afobe…CTFU!!!

    2. Sn we r meeting Chelsea in a week’s time with two silverwares to show for our Pre-Season efforts to show for!

  2. Solid game from most, we were given more of a test than against Lyon. Cech looked composed, Adelaide looks a brilliant prospect, Jack making some crisp passes, Chamberlain making Rodriguez look like Santos, and Bellerin giving Arsene a headache for the RB spot. On to Chelski.

  3. we really look money this season.

    we have young talent, with some proven players. can we keep fit? if so, we’ll ask serious questions of the like of chelsea and city. squad depth is also there.maybe still wenger can find someone, but i haven’t been this confident in my team in a while. we can switch it up by playing with pace, we can play posession, we really are doing something.

    adelaide. wow what a guy, to be thatskilled and confident in your first start at the emirates? amazing. let’s see where wenger can take him. don’t have to be an expert to see that this kid is really , really good

    1. Yes chambers should be our fourth choice defender after boss,Gabriel and per. We look good in the cb department. we actually have four good cb and I’m happy about that. Last year we were having problems in the cb position while this season we look good in that position. The only concern is the striker position, if we are to use Theo as a striker we are going to need a winger. Ox is great but we are going to need a back up for him and Sanchez. Rues would be a great addition, he would take us to the next level!

        1. It could work the other way around, ox backup to rues. Anyways we need someone like rues

  4. Walcott is a good player. My personal worries with Him is inconsistency. Wish He had some consistency week in week out…

    1. We need a prolific Striker. Someone that offers something differently from Giroud and can push Giroud all the way. There is good competition in various departments in the team except the striking position.

    2. We need another DM…Arteta can start against the smaller teams but not against good teams like Arsenal…

    Delighted we won and got another trophy but I hope Wenger is not carried away.


    1. Theo is turning into a great finisher. He is starting to make me believe he can play as a striker. Well taken goal from him…akpom I’m sorry he’s not ready! He can’t be a player we can count on.

  5. We showed mental strength and soaked up the wolfsburg pressure and hit them when the chance came! Great game gunners! Coyg!

  6. Starting XI today with a jaded Ozil didn’t create much but a good run out for everyone.

    Few observations:

    Arteta not suitable back-up / competition for le Coq.

    As for young gooners…

    Adelaide – an unknown for most before this weekend. Great potential!

    Chuba – he has the physical nature to be in premier league but he has to get his head up. Loan him to premier league this season.

    Iwobi – most complete player but too early for a starting spot. Loan him to premier league this season.

    Chelski next…COYG!!!

    1. Arteta gets too much grief. If he was going into this season as our started I’d be kacking it but he still has plenty of life left in him as a back-up.

    2. I love all these loan him to an EPL team comments. How many EPL teams are lining up for our players. So far Jenks to West ham only. Heard of Gnabry to West Bromwich rumour but that is it. I would loan 10 players if we could.

      Kane did poor on loan spells. I think Akpom needs the Arsenal system around him and the encouragement.

  7. Good competition.
    Good game from the boys.
    It’s still very obvious that we need a striker though. Too many chances went begging.

  8. Cech
    2 games, 2 trophys
    next week 3 games, 3 trophys?
    even he didnt expect this much trophys lol

  9. Def the biggest test of this pre-season is next week against Chelsea. Can’t even remember the last time we beat them…

  10. Three trophies in a row, we’re dominating football once again! Can we make four against Chelsea? COYG!!

    I’m liking the look of Adelaide, definitely not another Sanogo, phew!

  11. Two words to describe hector bellerin’s performance today “solid” & “awesome”! Coyg!

  12. Interesting that all youngsters used in LW position. However, not sure they make the grade.

    With Sanchez out for start of season and also Welbeck who has been used in that role, is it worth buying a mobile LW / CF?

    Reus would be class but on Sanchez return, does he have a starting position up top? With Dortmund lacking Champions League, I don’t think he’ll stay.

    If Real Madrid snap him up and move Ronaldo up top, Benzema could be on. If they don’t, we should take him.

    WIN WIN!

    As for DM, I would take Krychowiak (Sevilla). Absoloutely class when I’ve seen him play. Can push Le Coq.

    1. If we don’t buy a striker then we definitely need to buy a proper goal scoring winger.

    2. As much as I’d love kchryowiak, I don’t see wenger dropping that much coin for a (potential) back up.

  13. Our youngsters have proved to be really good over these 2 games. Especially Adelaide.
    Chamberlain has so much of potential. Ricardo Rodriguez is by no means an average full book, yet chambo made him look so. Hope he stays injury free because when on song he is a beast.
    Cech brings composure between the sticks. Great signing. Hoping a couple more would follow.
    Also do you guys think de bruyne is worth 50 million. Didn’t look to be so. Or maybe we were too good. 😀

    1. Depends, if you are going by Sterling I would say yes he is worth it. But if you are going by Adelaide I would say no way is he worth it. Would say the little money spent on Adelaide has to be the best deal. Reminds me a little of Henry before the Arsenal, the height, mobility, nice touch and the speed, also the confidence.

  14. It wasn’t until this weekend that I realized how much addicted I am to The Arsenal. Apparently Obama’s trip to Kenya had them shut out some feed even here in Uganda.
    I missed 7 Arsenal goals. Still crying.

  15. Personally Arteta showed that he is just too old and slow for this team. Everyone else I have seen looks ready to go. The kids have to go out on loan, it really will be good for them, Chuba, Alex, Jeff and Isaac can all become a part of The team in 2 – 3 years some maybe even earlier but they need competitive games to get to that level and they are not going to get too many at Arsenal this year. It would be good to have a young alternative to Le Coq. Someone like Semper for 8.5M is a fantastic alternative. As far as Striker, I really think we would be great with a winger/striker like Aubomeyang. Still more than 30days left.

    1. Ah yes especially when he had Ramsey wide open at the end of the match….

      nonetheless, he’s still young and will improve. Interesting to see who from the academy solidifies a first team spot.

  16. Does my swede in How people think analysing a game is just to pick the weak link in the team and say there not good enough. So predictable fingertips at the ready, ready to slag of Arteta before the game had even started.

    The guys not played for almost a year. He played alright and his level will improve. Still far better than Flamini and at the end of the day he’s now behind Coquelin.

    Although I’m preaching to people who were saying Walcott isn’t prolific enough because he hadn’t scored after 30 minutes. I think in people’s heads some players never miss a shot and score 2 – 3 goals in every game in reality only 2 players in the world get close to that most even top strikers score goals every 1 1/4 to 1 1/2 games. Options is key.

    1. Bang on AF but plenty on here who can’t hear or who won’t listen. Remove Messi and Ronaldo and the reality is that nearly every top striker you can name is either side of a league goal every other game. Aguero’s career league goal/game rate is almost exactly 0.5 – enough said really. And last year he had a shot conversion rate of 16% – so misses 6 for every one scored. Suarez a touch over 0.6 and not much better conversion. People then say well “they were all important goals against big teams” again a boll**ks myth – if they were they must be under performing against the lesser teams.

      People don’t like a Arsenal player – and they look for a solitary lapse and seize on it. Pathetic really. Problem is whilst they will have watched every minute of every Arsenal game they won’t be doing the same for other players/teams. They just get suckered in to believing the hype and form an opinion from the highlight reels and FIFA stats.

  17. If we think these young prospects who have given a good impression of themselves so far in pre-season are good enough to win us the EPL or UCL then obviously we and Wenger have learnt nothing. Yes the youngsters have shown great prospects but believe me they are not good enough yet to give us the EPL. Please Wenger go out and get us a worldclass striker and a solid DM.

  18. agree with the comments about Akpom.
    Also what’s his issue ? be nice to see him smile and enjoy the game like Iwobi and Reine Adelaide.
    Akpom walks around like he is in a bad mood.
    He’s not what we want for our 3rd striker this year.

    1. He is hungry!!! If giroud was half that mean at putting the ball on the net… Our history would be different…

  19. yo not the only ugandan bro. it seems these guys of supersport have problems, they advertised the match but never broadcasted it. anyway nice win for us and nice skill from jeff, he is really good

    1. Haha It makes me smile and proud to be a gooner wen I see fans from around the world live the same blood as me COYG

    2. Ya me too, gunner from india, i’ve just logged on to the internet everyday, and 90% of the tym have typed arsenal in d google search hahaha , this whole week, now a week more of desperation

  20. HEY…

  21. The overal performance of the team were gud but the notably problem of this team is when wilshere play together with ozil our flowing game got stacked and we only tip tap the ball around the box and we lack directiness

  22. On one or two occasions Akpom looked a bit selfish…….no harm in being selfish, but when other players are in a better position to score, pass it to them.

    For what I believe he needs to learn assisting first, untill then he doesn’t deserve to be there.

    Tbh, I hate such type of players, because it shows that team doesn’t matter to you.

  23. I really like the way we have gone about our transfers so far.
    Got rid of miyaichi,podolski (a good deal imo)
    Szczesny and sanogo and jenko (loaned out for good)
    retained ospina and added cech
    and I think Flamini is off as well otherwise he woul have been involved in these two matches
    i would like us to get rid of campbell and wellington and add some money.
    Now our defensive is looking solid very solid and this defense will last for a couple of more years and even with a few injuries we will be OK
    I really wish wenger gets Kyrochowiak and he is in the perfect age(25) and he can also play alongside coq if need be.
    Then we have got 5 position to be filled with 8 top quality players which will give wenger a lot of combination to choose from.
    we got 200m to spend. I know this amount might cross the line but we surely have about 80-90 million free.
    So even if we spend 25 million on DM then we still have 60-70 million to be spent on a forward/winger. I wish wenger for once loosens his tight-held purse and spends on REUS or Lewandowski and I thing luring them is possible though difficult it might be.

  24. akpom is too selfish or he is just trying too hard to impress wenger… i liked Hayden at coq posn… if we don’t buy ne1 i think dis kid shud get a start as backup… he tackles well nd is strong… rest i still hope we buy a st/lw and a dm… but it seems dm odds are low…
    cech will solidify def 4 sure… really aminh 4 epl dis yr… cl will be tough though…

  25. lets just sign a winger hu can score 16 goals a ssn.
    walcot …25
    new winger..16
    total…..102 goals

  26. On to Chelsea without Sanchez. Fast versatile defence is the order of the day. Bellerin, Gabriel, Koscenly , Monreal and Coquelin. Up front. Walcott move back to the wing making room for Giroud, at least until half time . Ox on the left wing. That leaves Carzola (a must) and Ramsey or Wilshere. I`d start with Ramsey but if the game gets physical then bring on Jack. “When the going gets tough the tough get going” should be Jack`s motto.

  27. sanchez..20
    walcot …20
    new winger..10
    Gabriel …1

    1. What friggin planet are you on?

      120 goals in a season, 10 of which come from a mystery winger! You do realise that’s 17 more goals than the current record for a season.

      Come back when you have something useful to contribute, rather than your deranged ramblings.

  28. i have serious worries about Arteta. He is just back from injury but i felt he was quite bad in protecting the back four. Arsenal defending is definitely not the same without Coquelin.

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