Arsenal v Wolves Preview, Team News, Line-Up and Score Prediction

Although Arsenal managed a very long winning run, three draws out of our last four games suggests that tiredness is creeping in, but with the amount of games we have been playing lately it is hardly surprising. But we will have to be alert against A wolves team that has been the surprise package this season after winning promotion last season. They have won a few games against lowly sides but have seemed to raise themselves for big games, drawing against both Manchester clubs and only losing narrowly to the Spuds last week.

But that was their third defeat in a row and maybe their bubble has burst, but they certainly have talent in the side and could hurt us if we are not on the top of our game. The Wolves manager, like Unai Emery, is trying to get his players to play to their best, even if the results don’t come straight away. “You cannot get results if you don’t perform well,” he said. “We work to perform better, to play the way we want to play. Then we try to achieve the result, but we don’t think about the result first.

“No matter what, you must perform well, do your tasks, play good football and try to win. The best way is to achieve a result is with a good performance.

“We have to focus on performing well, your quality and talent. First, we think of how we want to play and achieve, and the result comes after.”

That sounds like our boss talking, except that we have managed to play badly and still get results! But now we are playing his team at Fortress Emirates and should have more than enough firepower to get another win under our belts. Although everyone is praising Wolves form this season, let’s look at their their six home games this season…..

So they have beaten Burnley and Southampton, but to put it in perspective those are their only two home wins in their last 18 League games at Molineaux, hardly intimidating stats!

And as for their away form it is not much better……

Their only two wins were away at West Ham and Palace, again not so inspiring, and before that they had only won 1 away in the previous 20 games. Strangely enough that was also in London, at QPR last season.

So onto the team news. We have already posted our Arsenal injury update earlier, and I also believe that Ramsey and Mhkitaryan will be dropped to the bench, so this is the team I predict Emery will use today….

Bellerin Sokratis  Holding Kolasinac
Xhaka Torreira Guendouzi
Ozil  Aubameyang

Emery also hinted that Eddie Nketiah will be the immediate replacement for Danny Welbeck, so I’m hoping he starts bringing him on when he has the chance so we can see if he can perform consistently. Emery said: “The first [choice] is to look inside, and we have one striker also who is working well with the under-23s and is improving also, Eddie Nketiah, and he could have chances.

“But I think it’s early for speaking about the possibility [of making signings] in January.”

I’m expecting Eddie, Cech, Mustafi, Ramsey, Iwobi, Mhki and Maitland-Niles to be our subs, and that team is more than enough to give Wolves their fourth defeat in a row.

Scoe Prediction… 4-1



  1. Twig says:

    I hope Auba gets to play the whole 90 minutes this time around…


    I wish to see mustaphi and Holding at the centre.

  3. Eddie Hoyte says:

    Not much to say, I’m predicting a 3-1, we’ll win this one by 3 goals, if we keep a clean sheet then lovely!!
    BTW Phil you said in your comment in the last article that ESR and Nelson are pushing behind Iwobi and seems to be hungry than he is, on that point I’ll say no to it, ESR is still nothing close to Iwobi, he dhows signs and good techniques for someone his age but he still has a long way to go before he’ll get into the first eleven. Nelson? don’t even get me started on him, I follow his games closely and I’m sure I’m not the only one that do, he’s still not matured enough for the game, other than his stats over there, he’s still struggling on the pitch when playing, that’s why he’s yet to get into the first eleven over there, even Nagelsman once said it that yes he’s getting the goals but he still has a lot of improvement to do. In happy for Nelson to be honest, and that’s why I want him to finish the season there and find his feet because if he comes back to us during the winter, y’all gon be disappointed and will probably go back to calling names, (It’s one thing Arsenal fans are consistent at. Labelling our youngsters all sorts of names).
    He might be getting the goals but his game is nothing close to Iwobi’s, Iwobi just need the goals.
    That’s why the most valuable player on the planet now is Mbappe. Hell that boy can ball, he’s on another level from these kids, he’s got the techniques and abilities, and he’s a killer in front of goal.
    What Nelson and Iwobi lacks, Mbappe has it all..
    Nelson still has a lot to learn to step up his game, it’s not a coincidence when Ozil was asked who’s the best youngster at the club and he said it’s unarguably Guendozi. That boy is too matured with his game.
    That maturity and confidence alongside decision making is what Nelson lacks, goals is what Iwobi lacks.

    1. Phil says:

      As I said -they are both 4 years younger than Iwobi and both have to now push on.But Nelson needs to stay in Germany the rest of this season and the decision will be if the club send ESR out on loan to develop.
      For the umpteenth time I will say-Iwobi has no doubt improved this season but I just don’t see him as a first choice starter either now or in the future.How many on this site are screaming for the club to buy a winger?Why if Iwobi is as good as you all feel?And please don’t say he is a No10.Never in a million years.He may prove to be a good squad player but I just don’t see any more from him

      1. waal2waal says:

        i had my doubts all along about iwobi – that was until he found his mojo against a seasoned title contending l’pool side. I think he will go from strength to strength if he expresses himself without fear – the problem in the past has been players who lacked belief in their own ability to see out the full ninety with a view to impact games. Young players should dare to dream, stand up and be counted and of our batch of young guns AMN stands out as most promising.

        1. Break-on-through says:

          I said similar Eddie. I said Iwobi better watch out because Smith R., looks like he might just overtake him soon enough, both play or can play in similar positions. I was going on last seasons Iwobi and maybe only two or three games into the PL season, it was probably after a Europa tie. Fair play to Iwobi, he’s really trying and that’s great to see, rather than him shy away from the ball he keeps looking for it even when he’s heavily marked. It’s good to have competition though, they can play together but because they both came up together I’d be very surprised if these two aren’t competitive with one another.

  4. jon fox says:

    Certainly , for my money, Guendouzi is the best youngster at the club and his clear ability to both change the direction of play and be very involved in every game he plays is ahead of ALL our other youngsters at present. Matteo just needs to bulk up, fill out his tall, skinny frame and we will have a real quality player on our hands. And for a steal, thanks to Diamond Eye. It could also be argued that Torreira is also still a youngster at his age, but he plays like the devil in boots and is so good that we overlook his youthful age. I don’t count him, though, as a youngster as he is the very first name on the teamsheet for me. The youngsters I think who will ALL make real players, apart from Guendouzi, are Holding, Iwobi, Holding , E S-M, AM-N and Nelson. I have not seen nearly enough of Nketiah to give an informed opinion either way. But , whether or not ANY of those young players, again barring Guendouzi, will be good enough to be regulars in an Arsenal TITLE challenging team these next few years remains to be seen. But hope beats eternal and we must have hope, as it is a lifeline to cling to. Reality!

    1. Break-on-through says:

      Some fans are raving about the youngster Saka I think is his name. Smith R. said he believes that Saka will be the next youngster to make a path into Emery’s first team plans.

  5. waal2waal says:

    kinda difficult to imagine how wanderers can put a stop to either ozil or the momentum of auba and laca when playing at home. so… as long as 11 ARS players are maintained for the full 90 then we should return to winning ways. Arsenal got too much for today’s opponent, i predict ozil scores and could even weigh-in with a brace. COYG

  6. Declan says:

    Well done admin confirmed team out and yours nearly right just Mustafi for Sokratis and Iwobi for Guendouzi.

    1. Declan says:

      Bit optomistic with your score though, I think it’ll be 2-1 at best.

  7. Adajim says:

    Based on current form and our formation, d real team selection is our best, iwobi over Mikhi, both iwobi and AUBA should be swapping wing. I wish us luck

  8. Eat Pie says:

    Up Gunners


  9. Break-on-through says:

    Wolves got some very good results there, on the road too. The lads will need to be up for this, I hope they don’t take them lightly because I’ve been enjoying all the positive signs.

  10. Declan says:

    1 nil down !

  11. RSH says:

    always a slow start. Can’t keep expecting to win only playing 45 minutes of a game.

  12. Eat Pie says:

    Granit *#!t

  13. Kedar says:

    What a sloppy goal… What a shame by Xhaka..

  14. avenger says:

    what?? what a sloopy and slow game for Arsenall at home loosing already> just them to blame a disgrace the coach and the players
    the same old at the first half

    1. RSH says:

      dont understand how a team mentally goes into EPL games with such a mentality every single week. This has been a very poor performance so far.

      1. avenger says:

        has something to do with mentality and motivation

  15. Eat Pie says:

    Take Xhaka off for Ramsey or Guendouzi

  16. Eat Pie says:

    Making Wolves look like City

    1. avenger says:

      and no reaction yet at 35′

  17. Perry Ames says:

    So so far behind man city, Chelsea and Liverpool and a win will always paper over the cracks. So little heart by the team

  18. Eat Pie says:


  19. avenger says:

    end of the first half and I hope for the better
    after they will pass by the motivation injection

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