Arsenal v Wolves Review – I can’t watch any more…

Wolves have won in every match in London this season but no one thought they had a chance against an Arsenal team that hasn’t been beaten for 14 games and haven’t lost to Wolves since 1979, surely we will win this match?

I really don’t understand how Arsenal can be so crap suddenly and I don’t want to talk about it.

I know the game isn’t over and I really don’t care. This is the pits and we are lucky to be 1-0 dowm.
You can argue amongst yourselves, I’m done….

Good night



  1. Perry Ames says:

    Why are you surprised

    1. Rahiman says:

      the wheel of life keeps rotating.. Thia time is rhw down time… Will go up again.. For sure, but GOK when..

  2. Ackshay says:

    Mkhi to the rescue

  3. Admin says:

    Have I been a little premature, or are Arsenal really this bad?

    1. Ackshay says:

      Worse display of emery era

    2. waal2waal says:

      …if our levels and current squad was where we need to be then why on earth would we need recruits? we need quality if we’re to meet the epl top 4 challenge – there’s plenty tweaks to do before we attempt to consider ourselves of the quality of bona fide title contenders.

      *The thumbs up here is that for emery the unbeaten run continues

      1. JJPawn says:

        Maybe fans here think it is Wenger’s fault? This is the reality of not having quality in the team: welcome to being less than top four.

        Now everyone knows how to beat Arsenal: get the ball just behind Emery’s high back line and to let lose the fastest player who has a chance, while others attack the box.

        Once ahead, they can clog the middle and and park the bus.

        Arsenal can have the ball 80% of the time, but it is still possible to lose to a quick counter.

        We are still lucky…

        1. Phil says:

          So-Just running through the starting eleven yesterday and other than Leno and Torreira the other nine starters were all Wenger Signings I believe.So are we now going back to “Please don’t blame Arsene”?Not one other comment to the Headline Article (108 at the time of me writing this) has mentioned “YOU KNOW WHO”.Do you seriously want to drag this out again?If you are implying Emery is to blame then you seriously need to give the guy a break.Up until yesterday he had done very little wrong.A bad performance and YOU want to bring “The Man with the dodgy Zip on his Coat” into it.

  4. waal2waal says:

    …maybe all last weeks Mkhitarian naysayers ought to button-it and hang their heads in humility – the lad hailed as last weeks none-entity is this weeks hero it seems. I’ll be first here to say thanks

    1. Ackshay says:

      No because this is exactly what mkhi critics say, the man Alternate between good and bad more than ozil lol

      1. RSH says:

        exactly. goal was a fluke as well. Miki and Ozil are the same. Do nothing for 10 games, put in one amazing display, then back to doing nothing. Ozil was not good today, and besides for his Leicester game he has been bad for most of this season, yet we can’t talk about that because we’ll get bashed by his fans. But the simple truth is he’s not nearly consistent enough to be out starting No. 10 and as i said earlier this season I’d be happy if we went into the summer market for a new 10. Why is 19 year old Guendouzi picking out better passes than Mesut Ozil?

        1. waal2waal says:

          …so you suggest arsenal replace ozil with who exactly? …certainly not young matteo…

        2. Babasola says:

          Might be hard to swallow
          But for the good of the team, what Ozil offers is not enough
          Guendouzi came in and started controlling play
          Isn’t that why we start Ozil
          I believe we can improve on Ramsey
          But did u see that there was a goal scoring chance we had with even Ramsey?
          When the going gets tough, Ozil won’t be there for u
          And in the EPL, the going gets tough most of the times

          1. waal2waal says:

            …its not only for ozil to show his worth v wolves – realistically the others ought to show their grit and determined to win. so if we’re to follow your suggestion who do you propose replacing ozil with? Our problem isn’t ozil it’s kroenke and whether he intends to support the coach by financing quality additions to improve this arsenal side.

          2. RSH says:

            Yet Kroenke allowed Ozil to be paid 300k per week, so keep calling him stingy even though he has been shown to be lenient with transfer money at times. Lacazette, Auba, Mustafi, Ozil, Sanchez were not cheap buys. Honestly, I’m not a football scout so I’m not going to say who I think can replace Ozil, but clearly it’s not working out. He’s not nearly consistent enough. You can’t seriously believe he is. Of course not everything comes down to Ozil when we do badly, but for the highest paid player at the club, the highest pressure to perform follows.

  5. RSH says:

    Worst game of the season. Wolves should’ve had several goals. Miki goal was a fluke but better than nothing. Hard to imagine us in top 4 if we keep up with horrendous first half displays and being overall inconsistent. Leno and Torreira are the only players who can leave with their heads held high. Pretty abysmal from everybody else.

    1. kev says:

      Quite frankly Torreira was normal today.Leno was the real deal.Oue midfield was easily penetrated and defence as as usual a shambles.
      This match should open the eyes of those who think any of our CB’s van be world class.I can’t believe Iwobi was put on RW and even substituted when he is the only one in the team with the ability to beat players well.

      1. RSH says:

        Agree Torreira was nothing special today, but the bar was so low that “normal” was good. Everybody else just gave the ball away. Leno obviously MOTM. And agree, Iwobi sub was stupid. He needs to be on the left in place of Auba.

        1. kev says:

          All in all Emery’s tactic a were nullified.That 2v1 on the flanks thing didn’t work.I expected him to have seen that from the first half but at least he can learn from his mistakes.

          1. RSH says:

            agree. Teams have caught onto the fact that is our initial attacking pattern now. Entire first half was just them stifling us on the wings, so we either lose the ball or backpass. Basically what AW did with us going through the middle every time.

  6. Uzi Ozil says:

    Poor game… Yes we scored but we could have conceded more.

    Leno Man of the match.

    1. Gunman says:

      At least we did not lose…that on its own is very important

  7. kev says:

    It’s in many of these kind of close matches that you’re able to tell how good a player.This is because quality players will usually prove themselves in these matches even if the team does not win.Thus why for e.g players like Sanchez when he was good and Cazorla were hardly ever criticized for their performances.
    Our CB’s are decent at best and none should be expected to become world or you only set yourself up for disappointment.Xhaka is a player who’s qualities are overhyped and I really do hope Unai does not plan on conquering Europe with such a midfield.A box to box player for e.g AMN,Ndombele etc. should be paired with Torreira to release our teams full potential.Ozil is Ozil and has been poor as usual.
    Unai Emery’s 2v1 tactic on the flank was neutralized by Wolves’ formation and tactic.All in all a good match for Unai to learn from his mistakes.The only shame will be seeing him play the starting eleven again with some of the bad players in it.

  8. You start badly you pay the price.
    Today s game reminded me the old arsenal

  9. Marcus says:

    Aubemeyang is so overrated. Over nothing but tap ins.

    1. Goonerboi says:

      Literally scores the most irrelevant goals and misses the vital ones even though they are tap ins. Vs Chelsea, Vs wolves, Vs crystal palace. All those misses cost us points. We definitely have a potential Ozil 2.0. Situation. Lacazette scores more vital goals

  10. Eddie Hoyte says:

    Our best player on the pitch today?? Leno. The rest of the players were absolutely shiit, we applaud them when they play well but this game is complete rubbish. Aubameyang on the wings really is useless, hr brings nothing to the team if he doesn’t score tap-ins. We need to sign a winger come January

    1. kev says:

      I remember saying this even before Auba’s first game at LW and I was told that “Auba and Laca play together when both of them are on the pitch”.I wa called an idiot for a clear observation I made during hia time at Dortmund.If he wants to play Auba why not play him at RW where he can still run in behind and give Iwobi LW?

      1. Babasola says:

        U starting him so we can score more
        Who says he can’t score from the RW
        We create via Iwobi
        Auba has 7 goals
        If Iwobi’s not creating how will he then score
        Give Iwobi his best position
        Once the team is playing well like they were, Auba will score – no matter where he’s playing from
        Now u’ve added another Striker to the starting lineup and our gameplay, our seamless attacking, our mojo, our goals, have all stifled.
        Auba back to the bench or to the RW

  11. Darthballz says:

    Wolves were set up perfectly to slow us down

    1. Eddie Hoyte says:

      No bro, Wolves sat back and let us play, all their attempts were counter attacks, we could’ve eon this game but we were very poor. This has nothing to do with Wolves matching our game, we brought no game to the pitch, we were pissful poor

      1. Eddie Hoyte says:

        And this one touch Lacazette always plays hoping for Auba every time needs to stop, it’s totally crap and he was also poor. The only positives in this game are Torreria and Leno. Iwobi on RW is never gon work, why has Emery failed to see that all his best performance were from LW? Auba up top or Lacazette alone, this rubbish of playing Auba as a winger us fraud, Auba can’t do anything with the ball, he’s useless when he doesn’t get tap-ins

        1. Babasola says:

          Thank u, this is so obvious
          I hate this Unai stubborn persistence on Auba from the left
          The momentum we were on was too much for Crystal P, Liverpool & Wolves to draw us, only if he’d forgone this Auba from the left idea
          I watch Chelsea – they have so many Proactive Ball Drivers – Hazard, Willian, Kovacic, Barkley
          Presently our’s is only Iwobi, he’s the only one that wants to receive the ball and move with it to create something
          Ozil doesn’t, his own play style is different, he stays in pockets to seeks out through passes
          Meaning even with Ozil, we would still need another Playmaker Sort-Of – the one willing to call for the ball and drive it to the other attackers, Ozil never does that, so we at the moment need Iwobi and need him in his best position

  12. Invisible says:

    What did I just watched?

  13. Scraped a pathetic, last-minute draw at HOME to 11th placed Wolves? Got to be kidding me! Most embarrassing performance I’ve seen this season we could have easily been behind by 3 or 4 goals. We won’t make top 4 if we can’t beat a midtable team at home.

  14. Ebere says:

    Xhaka is going back to his default settings. Emery is not Wenger, hence I believe he will do the needful and that is giving game time to those that merits it

  15. Invisible says:

    No urgency at all. Were they conserving their energy for the international break?

  16. John Wick says:

    Shocking! Terrible terrible performance! Actually embarrassment! Absolute terrible in almost every first half.. today just terrible.. the keeper saved us from a comfortable Wolves win.. some of these players need to go, they have inherited a passive nature from our previous manager that doesn’t look like they can shake off! And Aubameyang is absolutely rubbish out wide and that miss ? 3 PL draws on the bounce now, dropping point at will! Tbh I just think this team is not top 4 quality.. love the coach but the team isn’t good enough! Need Kos back ASAP

  17. McLovin says:

    4 matches without a win. 3 points behind 4th. Its safe to say we will be lucky to finish even 5th.

  18. Grandad says:

    In the midst of mediocrity we can draw some comfort from the fact that we now have a very good goalkeeper.

  19. GanjaMan says:

    Today showed me that we are loaded with Europa League players. Poor! Also Mr Tap-in missed a tap-in.

    1. waal2waal says:

      …look at it another way – today showed this team as passionate about maintaining unai emery’s unbeaten run too. Are we a cup side? well the answer to that is YES, so what’s the shame in that?

      1. GanjaMan says:

        Let’s be honest here, quite a few of those wins was down to pure luck. Nothing convincing about us so far. Still unbeaten yes but the table doesn’t lie. We are Europa League level as it stands.

        1. waal2waal says:

          ..Agreed. To argue we are anything other than eurpean also-rans is laughable. Although our unbeaten stretch is noteworthy for our new manager as well for the fans. What we don’t want is people baying for a managers head when the truth is he’s the beneficiary of a mediocre side. He needs time to put to work his own ideas and his own blueprint.

  20. 100% rubbish performance. Nearly creamed by Wolves at HOME? UNACCEPTABLE Emery!!!

  21. P. Mulundu says:

    This first half crap business – is it an order from the coach ?

  22. Innit says:

    The majority of our players are average. What do you expect?
    Emery has improved the performances of players but they are still avearge
    Emery isnt a miracle worker
    Weve actually done surprisingly well this season with average players

    City, Chelsea, Pool, Spurs and even United are better than us
    Unless we sign some players in January, dont be surprised by another 6th place

    bellerin, sokratis, mustafi, holding, Xhaka, Ramsey, Ozil, Iwobi aren’t good enough to start for a top team
    How many of these players would walk straight into starting line up of City, Chelsea, Pool, spurs and United???

  23. Babasola says:

    This team is an attacking team that creates goal scoring opportunities freely
    In the last 3 matches, this has not been so
    And these are the matches Auba started from the wing
    The team’s game has become flat since the starting of Auba from the left wing
    I reiterate, Crystal P, Liverpool & Wolves we should have won easily if he’d continued with what was working
    Auba has 7 goals, largely from coming from the bench
    Lleave it that way for now till we can figure out something else that works instead of forcing what isn’t
    Only our Liverpool goal is the goal the team crafted in these last 3 matches (Crystal P was a freekick & a Hassled Goal, Wolves was a cross finding the net) this same goal came after he removed Auba on the left for Iwobi
    Unai is killing the team’s mojo
    Leave Iwobi on the left where he’s comfortable and where the rest of his team mates resonates seamlessly with him at
    His lack of experience is a downside, cos he should be effective from either sides but since u can evidently see a drop in the whole team’s creativity when u shift him – then just make do with playing him from the left
    Auba offers nothing from the wing, therefore a minus 1
    And to me Ozil is always a minus 1
    Guendouzi came in today to do what he was meant to be doing
    So why was he still on the pitch?

  24. GanjaMan says:

    Big name players continuously let us down. If we truly are trying to rebuild we need to start identifying unknown gems between the ages of 18-23 that suit the positions which the play in and are hungry. Torreira and Guendouzi are a good start and that Nicolas Pepe from Lille we’ve been heavily linked with looks like he could be another for the RW were we are lacking. Also enough of Auba on left, I think Iwobi should start there until a dip in form or GOD forbid injury.

  25. AB says:

    This was our worst performance of the season. Real test for Emery. Looking to see if he can make some tough decisions.

  26. Perry Ames says:

    We are not a big club anymore big clubs don’t lose good/great players for nothing as we will do with Ramsey. So sad to see what arsenal have become and that would be a team battling for 5/6th in the league. It will take at least 3 years to change the crap at the moment

  27. Break-on-through says:

    It’s ridiculous people saying Auba is no good out wide. You write up all the best performing wide players this season you can bet your life Auba is named. He has the best scoring rate from the league out of players quickness to over ten goals. Is every performance going to blow you away, of course not, is every performance going to be even reaching above half decent, no, of course not. But he came close to getting us back in it at a good time, one of the few times that he shook his marker, unfortunate. Too many today had bad games, no intensity, and for all the time on the ball Guendouzi receives, he takes too long deciding and making the move. Watford also done a good job marking, they read our diagonal play up the one side, you need more than one style. But we went long at the end, more direct, if we were going to do that we should’ve sent a CB up. Auba is last months player stand out, but supposedly by wingers standards, he is useless/ineffective when he starts this position. The interchanging up top today was poor, by all of them, we were more predictable today and too slow at moving the ball. Emery got some tactics wrong for today, but what was more worrying is losing that intensity, he usually bollocks them from the side line, today was flat. I already read what everyone has had to say, so I’m not looking for a back and forth with these remarks. Like Admin, I am pissed off, had enough for now, so I’m going to go and try to gather my thoughts for a later date. Adios amigos, f**k me this hurt.

  28. Sue says:

    Awful first half… much better in the 2nd.. thanks to Iwobi (he was pants) going off… Guendouzi was so much better. Torreria was Mr Reliable once again… Xhaka was really poor…. I just knew it was going to be one of those days…. I must say the ref & linesman had an absolute shocker… hadn’t got a Scooby doo all day long! And 5 minutes added on at the end… are you serious?? After all their theatrics & time wasting!!! Pfft!!! ??
    One other thing… that Adama Traore has to be on steroids…. I thought Aguero had huge thighs, but he takes the biscuit! What a unit!! I feared for Holding when he was racing towards him!!
    Not as happy on the train home as I would have liked, 2 points dropped (again) sigh…. but we didn’t lose & we so easily could have!!
    Get in there City!!! ?

  29. ger burke says:

    wenger out !!!.

    1. John Wick says:

      Haha definitely ?

  30. Phil says:

    So gentlemen-Just got on the train on the way home from the gameI have scrolled through the previous articles and NOT ONE COMMENT about how absolute rubbish Iwobi played.Appatantly it was the Managets fault for playing him on the right and not the left.For ALL you who believed Iwobi has morphed himself into Lionel Messi this season today’s performance shows you just how badly you have misjudged this player.Today was the Iwobi of last season.Anybody who argues with this is totally wrong.I was surprised he was not pulled off after 20 minutes he was THAT BAD.
    A terrible performance all round.Leno was superb and I thought Holding and Torreira were solid but other than that the rest were as bad as each other.This unbeaten run has disguised the fact that we are still miles away from a title challenging side.I would state Wolves defended superbly and Could/Should have won the game.But I would still credit the team for not giving up and still fighting to the end.
    Let’s remember this is still a transitional season for us and anywhere above 6th place is an improvement on last season.
    I will finish by simply saying to ALL you IWOBI lovers who were very quick to sound off this morning that I was totally correct in my assessment of him and today shows just why he will never be considered good enough.

    1. Phil says:

      And just to finish-safe journey home to Ken1945 and his family all the way back to Scotland.That is a true dedicated Arsenal supporting family.

    2. Sue says:

      I said he was pants! You missed it Phil ?

      1. Phil says:

        Saw it Sue-hope you enjoyed the day if not the result .Keep the faith.It WILL get better

    3. Th14 says:

      Iwobi had a bad first half, ok….so? It wasn’t his mistake that led to Arsenal conceding, it was Xhaka, so why are you bashing him instead of the culprit?
      See how desperate you are, but I understand. Iwobi has been on fleek so far with today being the exception so you had to make something of it. Stop hating Phil, it’s for your own good.

      1. Phil says:

        Proved right AGAIN though wasn’t I?No consistency.
        Honestly it gives me no pleasure being proved correct.Iwobi has obviously worked hard at his game and has shown improvement in his game this season.But do you seriously believe he was anything less than total rubbish today?He was even worse than he was against Sporting on Thursday evening and that performance wasn’t exactly good was it?
        No arguments about Xhaka.He continually costs is with his mistakes and will NEVER be good enough in my opinion.But Lets temember Emery is having to play with the cards he was dealt with at the moment so he will need time to move players on.I would honestly go with a midfield three of Torreira AMN and Guendouzi from now on.At least we would have something different from Xhaka.

        1. Rkw says:

          Iwobi has improved but he doesn’t have a football brain and can’t finish so much of his effort is wasted … enough said about xhaka … The kid is just a much more positive force despite youthful indiscretions now and again … Bellerin and kolasinac were both poor … Would like to see two new full backs in in January … Rest can wait til summer … I had to watch on computer as tv showing the derby … The difference in intensity between us an city is pretty unbelievable … Will take time to get the wenger years out of system sadly

        2. Lance says:

          Phil, Ozil hasn’t been consistent either yet you hardly criticise him. I recall your back and forth argument with Babasola on Ozil on one of the threads. So what do you have to say about Ozil’s performance versus Wolves?

          1. Phil says:

            As I said-the rest were as bad as each other.Ozil could not get himself on the ball and was ineffective.Just a poor performance all round from all the team.But let’s put anyone thinking of having a shot at me in perspective shall we?
            Sunday morning I agreed with another who suggested Iwobi was not that much of an improvement if any from last season.Many replied to a small number who disagreed with a few of us who felt the same.Iwobi proved is few right.He was worst than he was on Thursday evening and for anyone who saw that performance will surely agree that is saying something.I have stated the player has improved from last season but that still in my mind does not make him good enough to be a first team starter.So he is now back to last seasons form and some on here feel that is good enough for them.I have far higher standards than Iwobi and expect more than just effort from my players otherwise we may as well have kept Flamini and signed Milner.

    4. RSH says:

      so one bad performance proves you right? Iwobi has made a lot of progress and to say otherwise is false. It seems you were just waiting for him to fail so you could go on about how right you were. Doesn’t change the fact he’s been one of our best attackers thus far.

      1. Phil says:

        Seriously?One of our “best attackers so far”? How on earth do you come up with this statement?I would just ask for some stats to back this up.Good luck with that Pal

        1. Babasola says:

          This season, YES, Lacazette, Iwobi our best attackers
          Aubameyang our worst every single matches he started
          All of his good performances are from the bench (reminds me of Giroud, who we else didn’t like as a starter, no-matter how many he scores from coming from the bench)
          Ozil has had only 2 or 3 good games, that’s too bad too
          You say Iwobi played bad yday
          It’s easy to see that cos he’s proactive
          What of Ozil?
          Did he do well?
          Did he try to do things?
          Auba, Ozil are way to reactive, cos Ozil will remain in the shadows – u won’t mention him as part of those that did nothing
          Maybe if we start proactive creators like Iwobi and Guendouzi – then we can allow Ramsey’s proactive bumping forward – cos that at least creates goal scoring chances for us
          Ozil’s impacts are few and way too far btw

          1. Phil says:

            Iwobi a “Proactive Creator”.Ok so he had a full game on Thursday against Sporting and half a game against a mid-table Premiership team on Sunday afternoon.Can you tell me EXACTLY what he created in 135 minutes of football?
            And now Guendouzi is a playmaker as well is he.Ok-Same as Iwobi then.What did Guendouzi “Create” on Thursday and Sunday.Same number of minutes in Same games.Guendouzi is NOT creative.He played well Thursday and played many through balls into space.That is all.The boy certainly has potential and looks very promising for his age.But please don’t believe he is a creative midfielder because that does not seem to be his game.

  31. mickmematethemasterfarter says:

    this nelson guy playing 4 hoffenheim would b a gr8 signing..

  32. Bobby says:

    We obviously need a lb, rb, rw, lw, mobile CM, CB, A new CAM who scores, seven new top players that’s what these team needs all top teams have amazing 1v1 wide players we have zero, we have a Cm who is slower than a snail and a cam who is afraid to shoot and turns up 1 in 10 games
    Rb who can’t cross a ball to save his life, I thought bellerin used to be one of the fastest guys in the EPL??

    NewRB. Sokratis. New CB. New LB
    Torreira New CM
    New CAm
    New RW New LW

    If we don’t replace this position with better quality we will continue to suffer, c’mon helda Costa was causing us so much problems

  33. Bobby says:

    We will not go anywhere with average and inconsistent players like
    Ozil, mustafi, iwobi, bellerin, xhaka, mhkitaryan and the rest y’all need to stop hyping AMN kid is never gonna cut it, 22 still has no known position 19 year old guendouzi already miles better than him, need to boot xhaka and get a ndombele, Thomas or cavalioh to partner torreira

  34. John Ibrahim says:

    the boys are alittle tired….a good result

    1. Bobby says:

      We tested 9 players against sporting how the hell are dey tired

  35. sol says:

    Che 0 ever 0 the only positive

    1. Sue says:

      United getting stuffed is a positive for me

      1. Andrew E says:

        And me. The chosen one is going to get the bullet soon!!

        1. sol says:

          Isnt he bulletproof monk ???

      2. sol says:

        Sue…I can take that too

  36. Banks says:

    Its just funny how a bad perfomance flips people into an overdrive negetive mode,we played bad yes but all these comments about how most of our players are avarage are just crazy to me,its funny that no one was saying that last week when we played well against liverpool we should differntiate between a poor perfomance and our players being poor generally

  37. Arsenal#7 says:

    Xhaka has to go along with Ramsey/Bellerin and Mustafi
    Xhaka and Bellerinn can’t take a ball and pass forward to “transition”
    I have never seen Xhaka turn and pass up even with the closet opponent miles away.
    That alone is a trait that kills any class midfield player. No wonder he is prone to mistake after mistake. In addition no recognition of danger only comes after the ball is in the back of our net.
    Youth players have better tactical save than this.
    We need and entire world class back 4 to compete. Lucky to be where we are.
    Really poor all around this looked like to low performances of the AW era.
    Tough to watch.

  38. John Ibrahim says:

    the boys are humans and 2 games in 3days are little hard on them…this is not fifa19

    1. Sue says:

      Xhaka didn’t play on Thursday though & his mistake led to their goal!
      Just amazes me how good we were against Liverpool & then this today… Were we really that bad or were Wolves really good?

  39. Hayzed says:

    I’m surprised none of these comments mentioned how poor kolasinac is. He is so much abysmal.
    No positional awareness
    Can’t defend
    Can’t tackle and win possession

    The only thing he can do is just to go forward and won’t even make good use of it.
    He Is utter rubbish. Don’t argue with me.

    1. John Wick says:

      Absolutely he’s useless ?

      1. GunnerJack says:

        He’s taken over from Elneny as the pass backwards specialist – absolutely hopeless today.

  40. Hayzed says:

    I’ve said it before and I will still continue to say it.
    We are going nowhere with Xhaka in that midfield
    Bloke is just too poor to cut it in a big team. Don’t argue with me

    1. Phil says:

      Nobody is arguing with you-a liability and has been since he arrived.

      1. John Wick says:

        Agreed id sell him tomorrow.. simply not good enough, half of the team isn’t good enough!

        1. John Ibrahim says:


          free transfer the entire 25 man squad and sign another 25 players?

          just like Fifa19?

  41. Aubamezzette says:

    We lack proper wingers n the poor performance of our CAMs only emphasize that weakness..
    Taking of the closest we have to a winger, iwobi n retaining ozil in the game for that long only emphasized that deficiency.
    Iwobi has to be played in Leftwing
    Ozil has to be benched for an xtended period like ramsey currently is… he has had just one impressive game this season, against leicester.
    On a final note, there are some players that u can work with to improve like xhaka,bellerin,holding,kolasinac,cech,welbeck,iwobi but there are some you just have to let go cos they wont change no matter what you do… players like mustafi,ozil,mkhi,ramsey,elneny.
    Sell the latter ASAP

    1. Babasola says:

      Thank u
      Ozil cannot offer more than spot a good pass “when there is space”
      In the EPL there will mostly not be space
      “Pace, Strength, Tenacity, Midfield Dominating, Enforcing, Marking(or Tackling)”
      These are other things a player in his role should offer also
      He brings none of the rest
      He a waste in disguise

  42. Grandad says:

    It is easy to overreact after witnessing such a poor performance but I think we have to give Wolves a lot of credit for a very good performance They do not of course have the distractions of the Europa League to contend with and they look a very fit and able team.The match showed up the defensive weaknesses of a number of players most notably ,Xhaka and Kolasinac who seem totally unable to spot danger when it stares them in the face.I really feel the time has come to give AMN a run in central midfield and I hope Monreal returns soon.

  43. ThirdManJW says:

    You can hardly call this a ‘review’, when the game hadn’t even finished! We didn’t lose by way. I understand it was a poor performance, but we didn’t lose, and we’re ahead of schedule already!

    If you had told me, that by mid November: we’d have less defeats than Utd, and Spurs, be only 6pts off 2nd, 8pts off 1st, be unbeaten since mid August, a run of 16 games without defeat over three competitions, and our only defeats would have been to Chelsea, and City…then I would have snapped your hand off!

    Emery has made unbelievable progress when you consider just how bad things were when he came in (which some fans seem to have forgotten), and he is having to work with an unbalanced side every week. We badly need a winger, so we should bring Nelson back in January, or sign someone that can give us some balance.

    Cheer up folks, we were rubbish today, but we didn’t lose. Sign of a good team.

    1. Sal says:

      i’m all about being positive but not today, it was dreadful harsh words to these players and a reminder of what is at stake, the coaches should drill them this week on the training pitch!! back to square 1 with that display!! we are on the up but that was just complacent, i’m ok with mistakes being made like the goal they scored or auba’s miss oh my god that miss!!

      i get it players have an off day, but the whole team bar leno who got lucky with some saves due to bad finishing ….not acceptable especially at home what was that?

      1. ozziegunner says:

        Emery and his assistants should batter the players over this performance.

  44. Sal says:

    no tempo no passion only iwobi looked lively in the first half and he was dreadful where did the passing go may i ask? we looked like we where playing with our mates in the park with that laid back approach, we are lucky to get the draw, painful to watch, they deserved 3 points and we robbed them!! not happy with riding our luck like that 🙁

    1. Babasola says:

      Where is Phil ?
      U say Iwobi was bad
      He was the one trying to do something in the first half
      He was making mistakes
      But he was the only one trying to open up the opposition defensive
      Auba nothing
      Ozil nothing
      Laca had to leave the striking role to help out
      Guendouzi very good
      But isn’t that replicating Ozil’s duty with Ozil still on the freaking pitch ?
      If Guendouzi is on the pitch calling on all the defenders to give him the ball and moving forward proactively to open up something for the attackers (i.e BEING A 10)
      Then Ramsey’s bumping upwards would be what is necessary to compliment that in the midfield not Ozil’s … (Doing What Please??? Somebody Help Me)
      The Guy does little to nothing
      WHAT !!!

      1. Phil says:

        Where am I?I was asleep Pal.Its something we do in the UK especially at 4am in the morning.So I’m not too sure what it is you are actually saying but if you believe Iwobi is now or will be a better player than Mesut Ozil then you need to start watching International Showjumping (Horses And Fences If you didn’t know) or Syncronised Swimming (lots of young ladies swimming in a pool – I prefer this to Show Jumping quote obviously but you most likely will prefer watching the horses),as you obviously know NOTHING about football.Do not embarrass yourself any more please.
        Mesut Ozil is no doubt having a very inconsistent season and seems to find it difficult to adapt to the system Emery wants to play.I am up there with all the other biggest fans of Ozil who is Simple a sublime and talented footballer.But I won’t try to defend the indefensible.Ozil needs to find a way to get himself into the games and dictate the tempo more.I can feel his frustration because nobody can say it’s not because he isn’t trying.But comments like you write suggesting Ramsey and Guendouzi are the playmaking masterclass we are missing are not only completely wrong but laughable.Did you not watch them on Thursday evening against Sporting?They BOTH had 90 minutes on the pitch to be the “Creative” genius you feel they are.What did they create exactly?Did you even watch the game?Or were you watching the horses jumping over fences?

  45. J c walker says:

    The most sensible person on this board is ThirdMan.

  46. C L * says:

    The whole left flank was really the source of the problem today. Auba not a winger and didn’t create any chance from the left! And Kolasinac was really awful and must be blamed for losing the Wolves’ goal along with Xaka. The whole game, Kolasinac forgot he was the left back, instead he played like a winger and fxxking didn’t track back at all! FOr Wolves goal, he should have tracked back and covered the left side after losing the ball. But he remained as a spectator and that provided acre of space for the Wolves’ pair that score their goal! And that goal wasn’t the only mistake he made. Times and times again throughout the match, he left the left side open, and had Holding cover for him!
    We need MOREAL back at the LB, and a proper LEFT WING!

  47. Jeremy says:

    Maybe the guys are still abit shaken by the injuries.

    On a bad day, it’s inportant not to lose.

    Do not forget this is only the first season after a good 20 years’ reign. Things don’t change overnight, we cannot change all the players at one go.

  48. JJPawn says:


    Everyone is beginning to figure out how to beat Unai Emery’s high-line on the counter… even the lessor teams.

    We have been lucky so far, it should have been 3-1… or worse.

  49. dotash says:

    Our players was slow and tired, no proactive passes, no intensity, all the players should take the bash and turn a new leaf in our next match after the international break, on a positive note, we didn’t lose the match, this wolves played the leader to draw also, my conclusion, not a bad result but a bad performance.

  50. dragunov762mm says:

    If this was the bottom of the curve, than it was fine. Old Arsenal can be more wrecked.
    Well, to say the good from the bad, Leno surely a real deal. He is a damn good goalie!

  51. Adepholly says:

    Suddenly! Torrera is no longer good, Auba is now a rubbish, Laca is now a misfit. Xhaka has gone back to default settings. Emery is now stubborn. Oh!!! Arsenal Fans. The performance was not the best agreed, but we should not now, rubbish our players and remember that this is still work in progress. If predicted at the beginning of the season that this team will go 11 matches unbeaten this season, we will not stake our money. Let us chill, they will bounce back.

  52. Sue says:

    A Wolves fan said to me on the train that Guendouzi & Leno were our best players… Guendouzi only played the 2nd half!! Says it all really….
    Oh well the boring international break is upon us (yawn) then Bournemouth away…. hopefully that game will be much better than Palace away was!!

  53. ruelando says:

    OK some points to note

    Leno was great

    It was left to Holding to deal with the attacks from the right and center, he is not the fastest but I think he did well.

    Xhaka at fault for the first goal, but I felt contributed far more to the game than others, the only problem his error caused a goal.

    Iwobi of note two of his passes to Bellerin was intercepted but apart from that was our driving force going forwards, I was quite upset when he was the one removed in the first half.

    My complaints

    Emery removing Iwobi and saying Guendouzi was on to cover the LB and RB when itthey pushed forward when basically, when in fact Guendouzi was trying to be a creative influence and did not cover Bellerin or Kola when they went forward. I felt it was a cowardice at in not taking off AUb or Ozil who were not in the game instead of Iwobi.

    Our slow approach to the game, as if we expected wolves to hand us victory, not only in the first but second half also, it just seem like everyone was saving themselves for an important match, I actually wondered if Danny’s injury also caused this mental affect on the players, but there was just no I tensity from the players.

    Our aim is top four not to win the Le, but we have to take every seriously, some players for now just need to come off the bench and give the extra push in the second half

Comments are closed

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