Arsenal very close to completing their first summer transfer

It is being reported that Arsenal is on the verge of completing their first piece of summer transfer business after tabling an offer for the services of Leganes striker Youssef En-Nesyri.

This story originated in En-Nesyri homeland of Morroco and has since been picked up by the media in Western Europe.

The 21-year-old joined Leganes just last year for a fee of £5.2 million and has had a decent debut season for the La Liga outfit knocking in nine goals.

He has already featured in 22 matches for Morroco with six goals to his name including an impressive headed goal against Spain in last years world cup finals.

Arsenal are not the only club interested in the youngsters signature, Borussia Dortmund and Schalke are also said to be keen as well as Real Betis, who En-Nesyri memorably scored a hattrick against and so impressed was Betis that they have reportedly offered £9 Million for the young man.

As things stand today, if the reports are true, Arsenal are the clear front runners and now that they have tabled an offer for the player the ball is in Leganes and En-Nesyri court.

No figure has been mentioned but one can assume it is not too much more than what Betis have already offered and that makes En-Nesyri very affordable and based on what he has done in his first season in Spain, worth the risk.


  1. S says:

    If this signing goes through, it officially makes us the new Brentford

    1. Drew says:

      That’s how sad we are right now, Arsenal is a joke! The office is not a nice place to be when you are hung over and there are Arsenal jokes flying everywhere coming from the mouths of bloody SPUDS! Lord, take me now.

      1. ThirdManJW says:

        Shall will get another big name like Ozil instead then? Arsenal fans are always so snooty with these type of signings. Have you forgotten that Wenger isn’t here anymore? We now have a manager who can develop young players. Just look at this season. Holding, and Bellerin were finished, but Emery saw something, and massively improved them. Holding was then our best CB at the time of his injury, and we have badly missed Bellerin. Iwobi has made big improvements as well. Guendouzi was a big success also.

        We need more youth, energy, work ethic, players who have a point to prove, and less of the lazy overpaid, so called big names we have at the moment.

        1. Diogenes says:

          More retarded Wenger bashing. This shit just won’t end.

          How much did Torreira improve in the course of the season?
          How much did Maitland Niles improve?
          Was Guendouzi really better in the second half of the season than in the beginning?
          What happened to Mavropanos who showed such promise last year right from his first appearance?
          Did Kolasinac’s defending improve as the season went on?
          Did Iwobi really become better the longer he was coached by Emery or was he in fact better in the first part of the season?

      2. Mobella says:

        How often do a big priced player translate to a big performer for Arsenal. It is not about the price but about the quality and hunger in the players. Pongs, Lukaku, Sanchez, Mahrez, Babayoko,Ozil Mustafi etc these are big price players who are not performing to their price tag.

        1. RSH says:

          And our bargain players just aren’t good enough in general to be here. I agree price tag only means so much. You need good scouts, and a club with a vision. One of my problems with Emery this season is I don’t even know the style of football he wants to play. No captain, no footballing identity, and his failure to use youth are some of the things I am not happy about with him this season.

          1. enagic says:

            There is no way when he came in and took over he was going to do a whole change we should judge him this season since he will have total control when you come to transfers.

            1. RSH says:

              After a season we should at least have an idea of where we are heading in terms of our style of play. I cannot tell you what Emery wants to do with this side honestly. I realize he does not have the players he wants, but it’s very worrying that we lack an identity nonetheless.

          2. Mobella says:

            That exactly what I was saying all season about Emery unfortunately some fan think I and other who had the same opinion are criticizing early. Obviously, every new manager needs time to get his team to play the way he wants but they, the players and the fans which direction he is taken them. This is what is lacking with Emery. I don’t know what his football ideology is, the players some actually didn’t seem to understand either. PEA said something that I can’t recall. Ozil, according to some news said he is not a coach. That I completely agreed with the way we were walloped by Chelsea. I don’t want to talk about the tinkering. When we were supposed to get stronger with our early season form we got weaker. We got out played by a lesser team in 4 consecutive matches and the coach had know idea how to fix the problem. Played 7 defensive players and still conceded ridiculously. He still has my support as always I just hope and pray he gets it right with with 1 pound player or 100m ones

            1. ozziegunner says:

              Does this mean if Emery isn’t a coach, Ozil isn’t a footballer?

        2. Benard says:

          I would like to give arsenal board the players to buy and lineup for next season it can stand. Leno, Belarin, Holding, ake,kolasonic, Niles, pate of A.Madrid ,xhaka,Zaha ,lacazate, Amboma yang, Fraser

        3. Tatek Girma says:

          You are right quality, energy and passion are the most important points while signing players with an affordable price.

  2. ForeverGooner says:

    I guess he must be someone for the future and for League and FA Cups maybe to replace Welbeck

    1. Sabs says:

      What does this then mean for Eddie Nketiah?

  3. Break-on-through says:

    This is what we needed to do last season to get Pepe, he looks a seriously dangerous player. Hopefully that is what we’re doing, thinking that if this lad gets another season or so then he could be a 40 to 50 plus million player. We also got that S American by the sounds of it, Martinelli, he plays left wing I think but he’s capable to play a few positions. This one here sounds like Welbeck replacement, but I hope it’s more than that, I hope he has some serious upside, Dortmund always seem to rival us.

    1. gotanidea says:

      His forms are not good in this season and Dortmund have had four excellent wingers

      Probably we can get one of Dortmund wingers. If they plan to sell, perhaps it would be the old and injury-prone Marco Reus

    2. sanmi.marvellous says:

      Dortmund don’t rival us in Thursday football

    3. AY75 says:

      In response to your reply in a previous article: I wouldn’t have been hurt to see Tottenham win, as long as we won….. winning the champions league doesn’t make them a bigger club than us….. and if the owner was the serious type, players could be easily persuaded to pick us over them…… and being in the champions league would have greatly helped, but now if not with crazy amounts of money, how do we convince players to join…… I believe that with the right signings, we’re going to have better odds of winning the champions league than spuds next season, even if they had won it this year……. all in all, given our performances this year, and our penchance for ignoring obvious problems in the squad… there’s nothing to be excited about with regards to next season…… I think Chelsea is going to have a bad season next year, and if our problems remain unfixed, we might as well go down with them.

    4. Sabs says:

      Why buy a Welbeck replacement when we already have Eddie Nketiah waiting to get game time?

  4. Sue says:

    Oh pardon me if I don’t get excited by this ?

    1. Kev82 says:

      Why not Sue ??? ?

      1. Sue says:

        Haha Kev, do I have to spell it out (in clouds?!) ??

        1. Kev82 says:

          It depends what flavour it is Sue ? It’s proving that Kroenke is just as passionate about the club as Venkatesham said he was ?

          1. Sue says:

            ? what a transfer window we’re in for, Kev! ?

            1. Sue says:

              Yes strawberry will do ?

              1. Kev82 says:

                What a nightmare trying to pay that VM ridiculous automated services is there actually any real people who work there ? oh it’s gonna be good Sue 3 million and 4 million pound signings throw a few loan deals in there we’re good to go ? strawberry ?

                1. Sue says:

                  Virgin by any chance?? ????
                  Yep, with broken backs – sorted!!
                  See Perez has left West Ham- just didn’t work out for him in the PL!!
                  So I renewed my membership earlier ?? glutton for punishment ?

                  1. Kev82 says:

                    Membership? Haha we’ll probably try and sign him along with Andy Carroll ? deary me Sue they have to be the worst service ever ?

                    1. Sue says:

                      My Arsenal membership ?? just knew I would ?
                      Yes any old, out of contract, past it player, who no one else is interested in – they’re ours!! ? you’ll be on there ☎️ all night, I bet!!

                    2. Kev82 says:

                      No Sue I managed to get through in the end couldn’t understand a word he was saying he barely spoke any English I need to find a new service. Arsenal membership god Sue you must love stress ? haha bottom of the barrel signings ??

  5. gotanidea says:

    His goal and assist stats are not good in this season. But Arsenal could profit a lot from his height and young age, if he really costs 9 M only

    However, I hope Arsenal don’t sign a new striker, unless Aubameyang or Lacazette leaves. They had better invest in a talented young winger that has not been messed up by severe injuries

    I believe there is a young and good left-footed RW available under 40 M in the market, especially the ones with expiring contracts

    1. ahmad says:

      Suggests to me that one of Lacazette or Auba is off to generate money! We were supposed to compete with Bayern with the move to the Emirates!

  6. ForeverGooner says:

    We have Nketiah, Iwobi, Amaechi
    So this doesn’t sound like a priority signing in my opinion, unless Emery wants to play him as a Winger

    1. enagic says:

      Those kids are not ready to play for Arsenal 1st team, and will you put kids vs Liverpool or ManCity or Barcelona and expect to win a game?? maybe I am missing something here!!!

      1. RSH says:

        And a La Liga striker with 9 goals is? You don’t find players like Rashford, Winks, TAA etc. if you don’t give them a chance, and only give chances to average foreign players. We have highly rated academy players I would much rather see. Why waste money on a striker anyways? That is the last position we need. For every time Elneny put on an Arsenal shirt, a very talented youth player could’ve taken his place.

        1. enagic says:

          Talented is just an easy word to say, we tried the so-called “Talented” with Wenger and it didn’t work! just lets Emery call the shot and bring in whoever he thinks will improve Arsenal – even Mahrez when he came to England he didn’t have a name but he has quality and knows how to play football and guess how much City paid for! and what do you think the so-called ‘talented’ will do in Spanish league??

          1. RSH says:

            There’s just as much of chance we are buying another piece of deadwood. Which we obviously cannot afford to do. I agree that not every “talented” youth player makes it obviously, but when was the last time we’ve even bought a cheap player that turned out to be amazing? Cazorla? Who was at least a Spanish National Team player. If we are buying this guy it is clearly to be a squad player. We don’t need to go to a Spanish mid-table side to get an extra striker when we have strikers in our academy who German clubs are without a doubt keeping an eye out on ready to pounce once they get fed up.

        2. enagic says:

          And forget Elneny this is Emery/Raul era. just get ready for good stuffs

        3. Declan says:

          Excellent post RSH?

        4. enagic says:

          Barcelona has the best academy in Europe and how many of their kids play in their 1st team? probably one or two like we did with Ashley Cole and Fabregas, and don’t get me wrong I am not against kids get a chance but most of them are not ready and that’s a fact to bring one like pool did with Trent-Arnold no problem but not throw more than 2

      2. ForeverGooner says:

        I understand what you’re saying

        I was thinking about League Cup/FA Cup for Youseff, because we have Aubameyang and Lacazette. Obviously against the Top teams we will use Aubameyang and Lacazette. Iwobi is already on the first team. So I would expect him to be higher on the pecking order than Youseff.

        Again, unless Emery wants to play him as a Winger which we desperately need to fill (both RW and LW)

      3. Xcuse me against Barcelona??? Whr in Europa lg lol. Ya I agree what’s this nonsense about playing kids they’re not ready to play in the epl you’ve seen every time they’ve come on they struggle you can see that something is missing, they can play in the fa cup etc..

  7. joe momah says:

    just sell all the rubbish defenders and us good defenders from championship side.
    This is the reason Ozil is not playing well. Our goal post is leaking

  8. Grandad says:

    Young,tall,fast, great left foot, powerful in the air, can play central striker or on the wing.For £10m could be a bargain.As for the disparaging comments concerning Brentford, from what I saw of them last season, Brentford play a better brand of football than Arsenal.

    1. Gizzle says:

      Always spot on with your comments .
      I have a feeling one of our main strikers will be leaving.
      I will not be mad if it is Aubameyang and replaced with this young man .
      this player looks really similar to Rodrigo who plays for Valencia .

  9. Martin says:

    We should be going for first team players. We have so many squad players already

  10. Le Coq Monster says:

    Could be the new Chamakh !……… as greased lightning or…………………. greased hair gel !
    Unless it comes out of Ornstein`s mouth then I`m not interested.

    Anyway we have some great youngsters chomping at the bit who will give more than 100%

    1. Sue says:

      Hi Le Coq! I listened to the funniest clip earlier (thanks to chas) about Michael Ball, on Radio 2, laughing at the spuds & their supposed “victory parade” have you heard it? Oh I cried with laughter!!!

      1. Le Coq Monster says:

        Hi Sue…………………..yes I`ve heard it and it`s pure gold imo………………… Spursy….. 😆
        I did put it on an earlier post on here, the post…………“Bundesliga club denial adds credibility to Arsenal transfer rumour”

        1. Le Coq Monster says:

          Shame really that they told the woman who reported the “victory parade” that she was wrong as the thought and image of 1000`s of Spud fans turning up and waiting and waiting and waiting for the bus to turn up would have been the greatest moment in my life……………………the idiots would have been waiting 58 years for it to turn up ! 😆

          1. Sue says:

            Oh soz, I must have missed that! D’oh!!! ?
            It was bloody brilliant!! ????
            Haha 58 years?! Surely more!! ?

          2. Kenya001 says:

            We really lack identity in our play.. Liverpool have gegen pressing Man City possession Chelsea even have sarri ball we need Emery to show us which brand of fooball we gonna play going forward

  11. Break-on-through says:

    I can already see the change in philosophy by our targets, which two of them look very likely. Martinelli, tall, fast, strong, athletic player. En Nesyri, again he’s tall strong, very strong, fast, athletic player, he also looks to have aerial ability and some defensive strengths. Meunier, crap name, but he’s a tall, strong, quick fullback who can fill in in a back three I’d imagine. Look at Fraser, not tall but he’s a grafter. Zaha too, I think Emery would take him he could easily spend. You can see the direction Emery is taking, I think when he gets his more ideal team, we’ll be one of the tallest and most physical sides in this league.

    I just hope we get the ones we want, he needs to be backed, rather than us settling for similar mold.

    1. enagic says:

      Arsenal now do not have a good heading striker probably this guy from Leganes will take care of that and like I said before as long as we have Raul in charge expect good players to come in and He will run Arsenal the Barcelona way – you are not good you are out the door not like keeping Jenkinson in good wage and not playing him unless quota was a reason behind it I get it

  12. Ba Elkhirsawy says:

    Seems like a good prospect player. He is young, have the physique, international, capable of playing in all three forward positions. 11 goals all competition(9 in la liga) in a mid-table team, where he is not playing full matches.
    If they would loan Eddie N. Or sell one of our pair strikers as per the rumours(I hope we keep Kaca if true). The guy seems to be able to fill in as a second choice.

  13. ForeverGooner says:

    There are so many positions that we need filling with higher quality players
    It’s almost a case of creating a whole new team

    Bellerin won’t be back until November (last I heard)
    I don’t expect Jenkinson and Lichtsteiner to stay so we need A RB.

    LW and RW
    Ozil, Mkhitaryan, Iwobi, Aubameyang, Niles aren’t good enough Wingers. I’d actually prefer Bellerin over them. Reiss-nelson could be an answer to one wing.

    Koscielny is arguably still our best but age and injuries could limit him. We need ideally two quality
    Centre Backs. Mustafi needs to go. He was horrible
    I would prefer us having 4 at the back instead of 3 plus to wide backs

    CM box to box
    CM to team with Torreira. We were lucky for years having Viera, Rosicky, Cazorla and Ramsey. Now that we finally have a quality DM we now need a creative CM. I think we especially need one because Ozil and Mkhitaryan are hopeless at getting the ball back and defending. They need someone to give them the ball. I wish we could get rid of them and get a better CAM

    1. Declan says:

      Lichsteiner has already gone, earlier today.

      1. Sue says:

        Hurrah hurrah ?

    2. Gold says:

      Heard we submitted a double bid for Andersen and Praet. That’s Defense and CM/AM sorted if true, knowing we can’t really do so much.

  14. Calling my crib and I ain't even give you my numbers says:

    To be fair – all areas of the squad need an overhaul, including the youngsters in and around the squad. Sure, he’s probably got the odds stacked against him but right now so much is needed that the club doesn’t have the luxury of handpicking the best in every category.

  15. NONNY says:

    Am ok with the players this regime brings in let’s give them a chance
    Last term we hard too MANY changes this term we will see more of
    The direction the club wants to take

  16. Adega Olatunji says:

    Please can Stan Kroenke be transferred away from Arsenal? That would be the greatest transfer news

  17. Gold says:

    I think if we are buying him then one of our strikers will be sold (Lacazette comes to mind).

    1. Kenya 001 says:

      @ Adega ??? That’s my wish too the sooner we wake up and unite for the kroenke out the lesser stress on us gooner supporters . Kroenke will give in if he is making no profit as it stands he has no champions league money will he stand loosing more money from us fans?

  18. Enagic says:

    I hope rumors are true Chinese club wants Auba and willing to pay him £300,000 a week and is almost 30yrs old in two years we can’t afford to sell and recoup some money also sell Özil, Micky and Laca we should have a good size of transfer money and without forgetting Mustafi

  19. Another chamakh? No thank you!

  20. Rkw says:

    Need to focus on building a best 11 who play most of EPL games … I do not care about cups when we need to rebuild they r a distraction…. Problem with wenger in the end and continued by emery is constant rotation ostensibly to compete in them but at expense of any sense of a lead team …. So just want to see 3 quality signings … 2 defenders and a CM … And if aubemayang leaves a pacey winger … Adding more yuuff with potential won’t work in this era … Not optimistic given the greedy yank and a years worth of Emery which is enough to see he doesn’t have the qualities to move us forward ….what is happening to Suarez ? One of the most expensive signings we have made on a minutes played basis

  21. Tommogun58 says:

    Emery has no choice now than to use youngsters, there is not enough finances to buy top quality so a leader will be top priority and a creative midfielder, Maitland Niles looks to me to be a promising midfielder not a wingback or any other type of defensive player, Holding is good enough to claim a starting place along with Bellerin, Terreira and Guendouzi will get better we have quality attackers so Emery just needs to fill in the gaps but a leader must be top of the list.

  22. young Tyson says:

    It makes perfect sense he looks like giroud but with pace
    It also means that emery is planning to play Aruba and lava together
    If we can buy gotze and emery helps him to rediscover his Dortmund form under klopp (watch him on youtube) which is a similar style to Emery’s and we fix our defense playing a 3 4 1 2 with gotze(still only 27) behind the 2 strikers willing to press and withppace creativity equals TITLE CONTENDERS

  23. jomki says:

    I honestly don’t think he is better than welbeck.

  24. JustJoy says:

    We need defenders and midfielders Goalkeepers from the academy can back up

  25. Sean Williams says:

    Thanks for replying on the main site

    Admin Martin

    “Sean Williams – I would respectfully suggest you use the search option and you will soon see the amount of Kroenke articles we have done, but regardless, surely this is the exact sort of topic to bring up in a forum where a healthy debate can take place. Additionally, we are not wimps, dishonest or an American based site, I doubt you could get more North London than me.”

    Thanks for responding Martin. Like you then, I am a true gooner. I have lived around the corner or within short walking distance of both Highbury and the Emirates nearly all of my life, and like most supporters my daily equilibrium is very connected to the welfare and status of Arsenal. It shouldn’t be like that, but it factually is. It’s always nice to see allegedly reasoned articles with good arguments. Trouble is that most supporters are almost conjoined to Arsenal like Siamese Twins. Their feelings and emotions are bound up with the club and………rightly so. That’s just reality. So we need to be like the French and European resistance during the second world war war. We need to be emotional with Kroenke. In 90% of situations we need reason, calmness, clarity. With a bad, greedy man such as Kroenke, reason does not work. So we have to fight the man or we will be a nothing team for many, many years. Kroenke is starving our club, hurting our club, hurting us by his delusions and greed and has no right to own our club. Please be stronger in your condemnation of Kroenke.

  26. Gizzle says:

    Admin the layout of the new site is nice .
    Change is constant and as nice as this is ,i hope our team will adapt the same surgery required to move on with the times .While others may question and complain it is a step taken in the right direction.

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