Arsenal very close to Tierney deal if they just make some small changes

Arsenal are closer to a deal for Kieran Tierney than first thought if they can just make a few small changes to their last offer, according to the latest reports.

The Independent claims that just a couple of million and some tweaks to the add ons will be enough to secure a deal.

One of the biggest issue with the add-ons is that part of it is dependent on Arsenal making the Champions League in the future, something that Celtic are not keen on including and to be brutally honest, who can blame them?

It would be outrageous if Arsenal fails to sign the 22-year-old because of this, it cannot take a lot to remove that part, add on a couple of million and get the deal done.

Strengthening the defence in all areas is absolutely critical, if we do not then the chances of us being competitive next season will be severely restricted and the club must know this.

It is unknown if Tierney can transfer his Scottish Premiership form to the English game but hopes are high that he can. The young defender has Champions League and International football experience and that alone puts him in a good place.

Arsenal does need to stop messing around now, time is running out, Tierney would be a good buy and he really is within reach.

I know the club has a restricted transfer budget but to lose out on a quality defender because of a few million does not make sense, not when you consider the state of our defence.


  1. I think Celtic might do “Arsenals” like we did with Gibbs. First refuse big money offer, asking for more. Then when the window is closing, accepts a lower offer. I read Napoli didn’t rate Tierney any higher than £19m, therefore backed off.

    And didn’t Celtic already sign a LB to replace him?

    1. 18 M in cash + 7 M in add-ons is a very good offer for an injury-prone LB. Celtic’s demand is ridiculous, because no club would be able to use Tierney in the first half of this season due to his previous surgery

      There are healthier LBs with better attacking/ defending stats, so I don’t believe Celtic can play hard to get for a longer time

      I urged Arsenal to keep their stance till the last transfer day, to get the best deal, as what they did in Ozil’s transfer

    2. Thank you for that observation. Another club might eventually reap the harvest of that transfer. Celtic is becoming unreasonable and amarteur with the way they handle the transfer.
      I guess celtic already view every english club as rich and then having regret for selling past players (eg Van Dyek) cheap so they are transfering the aggresion.
      Its not as if they are selling us new R. Carlos or marcelo and just as the writer said ‘It is unknown if Tierney can transfer his Scottish Premiership form to the English game but hopes are high that he can’
      Every transfer is like a gamble, we might buy him today and he get injured or flop, any1 remember Mustaphi first 6games in arsenal shirt?
      Besides, celtic coach has publicly claim the deal is off and the player wouldnt move this summer, so who is fooling who, arsenal better shift attention to some1 else who is ready to do business, same applicable to Zaha, i dont think CP want to do business with us

    3. No Celtic signed a Left back to replace Izaguirre.
      Tierney has mor experience than Wan Basaka,is a better defender than Robertson and you couldn’t buy either for less than £50m.
      What Napolivalue him at is irrelevant it is what Celtic and the current Market say what he is worth that is important.
      If he was at Everton or Newcastle he’d be costing you over £40m that is the reality of the situation.
      Before anyone starts papping their gums about Pub League etc he’s layed 41 games in Europe and NEVER been taken to the cleaners in any of those games.
      He’s on a Long term Contract,our Club has £40m sat in the Bank and we are operating with Zero Debt with 55,000 ST holders with Champions League on the horizon hopefully.
      If Arsenal cannot reach the price set (which is more than reasonable given all of the above) then it will be because your Club attempted to get him on the cheap.

      1. Well said Duncan.When you get the current Manager of Rangers, Steven Gerrard,singing the praises of Tierney you know just how good he is.We have to get this deal done as a priority.

  2. Off topic but West Ham sold Obiang. Maybe they are after Elneny like it was reported? I rate Chambers over Elneny in the CDM position anyhow.

  3. Trust Arsenal won’t get zaha or Everton Soares .. And UE will come out and they could not get a quality player to improve the squard.. Same old Wenger stories…

  4. Tierney is rated at 19 mill. by Napoli, a similar amount by Arsenal and MUCH LESS by everbody else in the football business.
    But any club should pay whatever Celtic ask – 25 mill. – because, they are Celtic – the treble treble masters. LOL

    But seriously my idea for a compromise:

    1. add-ons depending on at least 30 appearances in consecutive seasons
    — if he is very injury prone then the basic fee is more than enough, but if not, then pay the remainder of the 25 after a second consecutive season with more than 30 app.

    2. Lower fee – say 20 mill., but percentage of future sale to Celtic.
    Let’s be honest: at 25 mill. for a Scottish league fullback Celtic are betting he will be among top 10 fullbacks in the world within a year, and if he is, the boy ain’t staying with The Arsenal for too long. If he doesn’t have that potential, then 20 mil. is more than suitable.

    I just hope we never have to deal with that shitty arrogant club again. Looking forward to them losing 12-1 to PSG on aggregate again. 😀

    1. Shitty arrogant club?
      Well, I think we are rather being arrogant towards them. And I don’t think they are shitty.
      On your point 1…Why would they they want to accept that? Knowing that a club can intentionally limit his appearances to avoid paying more. Remember Napoli nearly did that with Ospina…..they actually did

  5. Its insane. Everton bid 70m for Zaha, after they have allready bought Gomes for 20m. Yet we can only spend 45m.

        1. Usmanov is now putting the money he got from selling his Arsenal shares to Kroenke into Everton. Arsenal’s lost opportunities again, with Everton having owners who invest in the team to chase success.

  6. Everton is out bidding us.

    Atletico Madrid got a new stadium last year and still buying top players.

    Spurs have a 1 billion stadium and still bought a 65 million player.

    We can’t sell a player to save water. We don’t have a active owner.

    We have ZERO debt!!!!!! Stadium is paid off.

    One of the biggest fan and football brand in the world.

    Yet here we are…….. loses…..

  7. I as a Celtic fan do not want him to go – this is the view of all CELTIC fans So KT and the club know that celtic need to sell for the right price at the moment that is £25m anything less and there will be a revolution in Glasgow
    So the number is £25m
    Is he worth it ???
    Celtic released Andy Robertson (a mistake) because he was not as good as KT
    Today both have matured into top players
    There is not much in it as to who is better
    So Arsenal ask yourself would you pay £25m for the Liverpool left back ??
    KT is better – ask V Van Dyke

  8. Again with the injury prone comments, to try and shut that up please compare

    ….. Sok.. Kos.. Mus.. Mon.. Bel
    16/17: 48…50….43….46….46
    17/18: 49…36….39….39….47
    18/19: 49…30….40….36….19

    …… AMN.. Kol………KT
    16/17: 7… 41…….. 43
    17/18: 28…. 40…….. 60
    18/19: 30…. 37…….. 43
    Total: 65….118……..146

    So last 3 seasons he has made the same amount of appearances as Sokratis in total and more than anyone else in our backline.

    1. @MadHater, I see you #gotanidea unlike someone repeatedly throwing the KT being injury prone in our faces. Fact do not lie. The joke is actually on Arsenal Management/Owners, KT should have been an Arsenal player by now. The continued failings caused the unending discussion and resultant negativity.

    2. Stats like these are misleading as if a player doesn’t play it doesn’t mean he’s not fit. Could be tactical or rested or whatever.

      1. Agreed players can miss games for a wide variety of reasons but in my humble opinion it would be very hard to be both missing games because your injured all the time whilst still racking up those number of appearances.
        Unless of course people think Sokratis is particularly injury prone too? ?

        1. Tierney can also play RB, that makes him an “inverted fullback” we should definitely get him now.

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