Arsenal victory over Newcastle marred by Saka injury

Arsenal have come away as comfortable 2-0 victors against Newcastle, getting right back to winning ways.

There had been worries that there could be some hangover from our 4-0 loss to Liverpool last week, but there was no signs of that at any point in the matchup.

The Gunners started positively but it quickly became apparent that the visitors were set on keeping 10 players behind the ball when out of possession. Nuno Tavares was spending more time in attack than in defence, and he could well have been guilty of being a little trigger-happy with his shooting, none of which worked the goalkeeper.

Martin Odegaard and Sambi Lokonga were the two who kept trying to catch Newcastle off-guard with some clever passing, and the latter did play in Bukayo Saka midway through the half, but the forward could only get a half-touch on in it before it went out of play.

The chance of the half game after 40 minutes, when Bukayo Saka dropped over to the left wing to pick up the ball, before dropping his shoulder to create space for the cross, before Martin Dubravka managed to get across to deny Emile Smith Rowe’s headed effort, and with Pierre-Emerick hitting the rebound off the outside of the post.

Despite our limited clear-cut opportunities, it didn’t feel like we went into the break with any negativity, and thankfully we didn’t have to wait long before we finally broke that deadlock.

It was a neatly worked goal down the left, with Bukayo Saka and Tavares combining to get in behind the defence and finally beat Dubravka.

Unfortunately something went a miss with the goalscorer shortly after, and while he tried to play on, the discomfort wasn’t to go away, and he eventually was replaced by Gabriel Martinelli.

With only the Brazilian’s second touch of the ball he had the ball in the net. Tomiyasu Takehiro’s neatly weighted ball over the top was met by the run of Martinelli, and he placed his volley past the out-rushing goalkeeper to make it 2-0.

Gabi got in behind the defence a couple more times only to lose out at the final moment, and ew had to settle for just the 2-0 win in the end.

While it wasn’t the most flattering score-line, it was a return to winning ways, and the performance was more than strong enough, although the big worry will now be whether Saka will be fit to face Man United come Thursday.


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  1. Howe should’ve instructed his attackers to press our defense from the beginning of the game, but I guess he hasn’t trusted them yet. Our defenders and GK had a great game, particularly White, Tavares and Tomiyasu who showed great passing skills

    Tavares is obviously ahead of Tierney in attacking, despite his wasteful shots and some bad first touches. We’ll need him at Old Trafford, to give Wan-Bissaka a torrid time

    Lacazette seemed reluctant to do high pressing, so maybe he’s already had a new destination or Arsenal might not offer him a new contract at all

    1. yeah though let Newcastle would come pressing arsenal but I guess they were fearful they would get caught out that way. Newcastle look lifeless. it will take lots of money and miracle to keep them up. But on arsenal side totally dominated the game. only thing missing were a couple more goals.

      1. I hope Newcastle get relegated

        We were too cautious in the first half. It’s understandable because of our last defeat and Howe’s reputation, but we need to be more confident at Old Trafford

          1. Reggie I doubt there is a single Gooner anywhere who does NOT wish Newcastle relegated. I do for one and think they will be!

    2. Gai
      Auba inconsistency is becoming worrisome missed good chance.. We really need another striker in January to compete with Auba or we step up Folarin B. Arteta also need Elneny and AMN to step up their game because Thomas Pathey will be leaving for AfCON in January. Considering our December games, if there is no injury we should mentain an unbeaten run. Man U and and Westham seem the only tough game in my opinion.

      1. Yes it’s going to be Balogun’s and Martinelli’s jobs to force Aubameyang work harder, after Lacazette leaves. Because Arsenal would most likely not sign a new player in January

        I agree with you about Man United and West Ham. If we can win against them, I believe we’ll reach top four by the end of this season

      2. @Sylva
        Elneny is leaving for AFCON also. So, it’s up to AMN, Lokongo and possibly Chambers to hold down the midfield…
        Personally, I think Arteta should use White as a DM and bring back Holding in his place during that period. Unless they buy another midfielder… IJS

        1. Hope the midfield won’t be Arsenal biggest problem after Thomas Pathey and Elnenny departure for AFCON. Except we buy a player in January.

    3. Obviously ahead? Sorry but Tierney is great in both attack and defense. He is better at crossing, as good dribbling, maybe a little bit slower, but he is obviously better defending. Tierney should be playing despite a good run from Tavares, especially against big teams.

      1. Tierney has been skinned by Salah, Traore, Zaha and Mahrez. He is also highly predictable in attacking, especially after signing the contract extension

        He needs to train harder if he’d like to be our main attacking LB

        1. A lot of other fullback were skinned by those players you mentioned. Tavares didn’t exactly keep Salah in his pocket either did he?

          Tierney clearly a better defender than Tavares, more experienced, and has leadership qualities we need in the back.

          Tavares has more pace and creativity I’ll agree with you on that.

          Tierney was one of the best LB in PL since he arrived, so you shouldn’t be so quick to dismiss him.

          1. Please don’t get me wrong

            Tierney can still improve his abilities, as he is still young and he is currently one of the most likeable Gunners. But he should put more effort in training and in the games, if he’d like to start again

            1. gai, “More effort”? Tierney?

              Are you sure you weren’t talking about Ozil, or Walcott or even Aubameyang?
              Tierney puts in great effort every time!
              You speak nonsense!

    4. Why would laca need to high press? We were 2-0 up, maintaining shape was more important. He came on as ST this game too and not deeper like previously. It wouldn’t make sense for him to press at that point especially since he’s slower too. He did a good job and was part of some good counters towards the end

      1. He was supposed to press Newcastle’s GK and CBs, since he was close to them. Luckily Newcastle didn’t dare to play from the back

  2. This was our most composed match all season in the league. We were the better side over the 90 minutes and deserved the win thoroughly. thought newcastle would have put up a far better fight than what they displayed today. happy for the win. just hope Saka is not out for any long period. Happy for the win. that finish by Martinelli was top class. shows alAuba how to go about his central striking role. love the win. COYG

  3. Pros:
    – Tavares engine, looks to be the fittest player at AFC
    – Clean sheet, another great performance for Keeps
    – Gabriel bashing Wilson the whole game, great to have a CB that stops us being bullied
    – Tomi, keeps it simple and effective + great assist

    – Saka injury, our bench has been underused and this is the cause
    – Auba a passenger again, not sure how he starts
    – Tavares shooting 😂
    – Ode, just not suited to the EPL in my opinion

    1. He is a great player for us and Tierney has to work very hard to get back in the starting team but his shooting is comical I wonder why does he even try 😂😂😂. Hopefully he work very hard to improve that.

    2. I agrre of auba. Because arteta put tierney on the bench. He also ended up putting leno on the bench and even willian (took a lot of time). So, if based on level now, he should probably bench aubameyang for martinelli which is the future and fits the project. Martinelli came on Because of saka injury. That was not a coaching masterstroke. While he might/ould/should have replaced auba sooner.

    3. Agree with most of that PJ SA. Odergaard for me is weak and a passenger, doesn’t fill me with confidence.

  4. The team came out in the second half with more urgency. Saka was certainly at the fore but most players had a bit more snap to them. That’s the first game in awhile that I could see the boys responding to whatever Arteta laid out at halftime. Bodes well.

    Definitely a game of two halves. Especially for Tavares.

    Gabriel MOTM for me, closely followed by White, quite a partnership forming there.

    1. I love that we just never have to worry about our CBS turning up. I’m so comfortable with those two and they are our best players this season along with Ramsdale

  5. Awful first half ,much improved second half against the basement boys
    Tavares MOTM for me despite a poorer first half ,fantastic engine and speed down that left flank and a great assist ,Tierney as a job on his hands to get his starting berth back .
    Martinellis goal was a thing of beauty and he showed why Arteta needs to give him More game time ,he only got on because of sakas injury.
    Overall a good win but that was expected anything less would have been a disaster .

    1. Hopefully this will be a break for Gaby the Marty. He goes back to rot on the bench and he won’t be here next season. If that happens it will be a massive gain for any club that will get him and an astronomical loss for us.

      Someone said that he won’t leave because he signed a new contract but he failed to see that Martinelli has a future to be concerned for. Him and his people knows his talent and they won’t accept for it to be wasted on the bench.

      1. Agreed, rather see Martinelli on LW and ESR as the 10 instead of Odegaard.

        Martinelli is a threat and his intensity and runs behind are something we need up top.

    2. Nuno’s a hell of a unit!!
      Agree about Gabi’s goal – really pleased for him, Dan. Hopefully we’ll see a lot more of him now.. MA needs to trust him more!
      A relief to get back to winning ways!

    3. It’s really hard to look good against a team that has their striker (joelinton) positioned where a defensive midfielder usually roams…I thought they played really well considering how castle lined up..ode will always start against teams who park the bus and it’s the right thing to do…Tierney needs to start the next game I’m worried nuno only knows one speed and I’m afraid a injury may be coming due to overuse…arteta has really got the team playing with great togetherness..another transfer window like the last one and we will be in business…as I said at the end of last year, missing out on Europe was the best thing to happen to this team and I believe we will nick 4th because of it

  6. A great win. Next is Manchester United.
    I would love Man United to beat Chelsea this weekend while we spank them on Thursday.

  7. Great second half performance. Tavares is definitely making himself unplayable. I feel for Tierney. And please enough of Aubameyang. He should start from the bench. Also Hope Saka’s injury is nothing serious. Odegaard doesn’t add anything to the team. Would start martinelli over him and not just because he scored. Assists from our fullbacks. Goals from our wingers. Hope we play like this second half against Utd. Hopefully they won’t be on form and Gabriel will handle Ronaldo just fine.

    1. @Kstyx
      Apparently, MU’s new manager is the Godfather of “gegenpressing”. The style used by Klopp and Tuchel. The very same style also used by City and Brentford, which we’re very effective against us. And which we still have not learned to counter.
      Should be very interesting to see if Mikel has learned a thing or four from those losses…IJS

      1. NY_Gunner. I saw klopp’s interview recently labelling him as the best German coach. But a week seems a really short time to instill his pattern on man Utd. It will take a while to get them ticking and see if he’s the real deal.

    1. The man gives me very confusing emotions. One second he does something amazing, next I’m wondering why he took a random shit lol. Loads of talent for sure, let’s see if arteta can make him a bit wiser in some aspects.

        1. @RSH
          You had it right the first time. It’s exactly what I was thinking during the match…😂😂😂😂

  8. Good performance, no Dramas, I would take a draw at utd now. We are one good striker from being a decent side( not a premier league title contender yet). but the good thing with a young team is there potential to get better….

  9. Important win glad we bounced back. Not the best game but Saka was the spark that got us over time line today. Odegaard can come off as quite ozilesque with his passing, which is a good and bad thing. Felt today it made is very complacent i the first 35 minutes of the game. Possession without purpose. Zero movement and content with just passing it around. Laca when he starts plays with more intention. Very happy for martinelli, his pace was very useful today and took his goal great. Auba becoming a bit of a tragic figure unfortunately, and it will be quite the feat if we can get 4th or 5th with him starting. Saka injury means others will need to step up in coming weeks, let’s do it!

  10. Still a great comeback win for the New Young Arsenal Gunners.
    Everyone no matter who you are and how little or short 4 yard misses contributed to the win.

    Great win. Keep going and enjoy football. 2-0 yes.

    Next Man U. Draw.

  11. I just hope Saka’s injury wasn’t that severe 😩, as I witnessed him smiling while on the bench having been subbed.

  12. We are now a strong 4th place contender,
    Building slowly, winning games we should win, am sure we can be 4th or 5th come may.
    How can coach drop Taveres ?
    Am not sure how KT will get back

  13. Saka is so dangerous when he operates from his natural side on the left and the right footed Martinelli appears more effective on the RW.Hopefully Arteta will recognise this and play them in these areas at Manchester.I would also expect our Manager to recognise the limited contribution of our Captain and Odegaard, neither of whom should be starting imo.

    1. Odegaaed and Aubamayang were the two disappointments for me as well although thought Odegaard grew into the game (and will cut him some slack because his recent game time has been limited).

      Auba though must be running out of chips with Arteta. He had those couple of games where he led the line well but now seems a luxury we can ill afford. The rub is the closer we get to that 4th place I suspect the more reluctant Arteta will be to give Balogun ot Martinelli enough prime time to prove themselves. Is Aubamayang at the AfCON?

    2. Not sure why all the Negative comments about Odegaard. He was off his game for the first10 min or so and then was fine. I had him as a solid 6 performance. I haven’t rewatched yet so my opinion might change. One thing I am certain about is that Auba was awful.

      1. Weeble, i also thought Odergaard was ineffective, he just gathers the ball and flicks it about, never runs with it, never wins back possession and is very slow and deliberate. I dont like players that are drifters.

  14. The new boys are really oustanding….For the first Time in a while we’r seeing new faces who makes the team better…Ramsdale oh my dear !!!Tomiyasu same, B White Gabriel Sambi …..This summer transfert window has been a masterclass….

  15. I like Tierney but versus Tavares he is so one footed and Tavares is equally good with both feet. Yes, his shooting was way off at times but at least he shoots from distance. I don’t think Ødegaard was as bad as some of the comments but Auba was noticeably absent. Saka on either side is fine by me but yes Martinelli needs a run now. Shaky first half but good second half and as for Ramsdale, what a star he is! Also, White is pur class.

  16. Good win, not as easy as it should have been, Newcastle are a very poor team but a win is THE most important thing. From my perspective, i thought (especially first half) Odergaard changed the whole dynamics of how we were playing before and slowed the pace of our attacks down. Luckily second half he was not in the game at all and the pace of the attacks was better, i dont think he brings anything to the team and i dont get him at all. Tavares came back from last weeks game to show his strengths and drove us forwards again, a real beast of a player. Saka as well as ESR were influential, made things happen and Partey and Lakonga stableized midfield and gave us a presence. Auba was yet again disappointing and Lacca should feel really aggrieved at his treatment for this game after what he has been bringing to to team lately. So first half was slow and deliberate but a bit brighter second half. Two tough away games to test us again, personally i think we need Lacca back in the team to give us a focal point to play off.

        1. Sorry forget my last post, sorry Pires, i disagree, even though Auba is looking a shadow. Odergaard does not improve us, in fact he takes something away. Swap Odergaard with Lacca and maybe look to replace Auba as well but not sure who with.

  17. It is a good win, that first and most important thing. but just aremark… Martinelli only came on and had some decent playing time because of saka injury…. Why ? In the same time so bad game from auba, but he still has his place in the XI no matter what…. This prove arteta eye and player selection can be wrong… And why maitland niles stayed on the bench ? He had a fantastic game and now sambi (under 5years contract, younger) stays ahead ?? What will arteta expect then ? He will never sign again imo if treated like this. So we might loose him for very few while a player his quality, homegrown, will cost 2, 3 times what we might get. (Remember that if holding, nketiah or chambers are out, and if AMN follow, we will be short on holegrown players, really short) Not only sambi started ahead but why the hell did eleneny came on ? An aged player, with no future here, no contract beyond this season and soon to be at AFCON… I hope it is some coup to show him on a pitch and get some fee in return for a january sale.

  18. another scared performance against a toothless and largely ineffectual bottom of the table side…always pleasing to get 3 points but we can’t keep expecting to get results in spite of the manager…it’s clear that Ode isn’t the answer, ESR needs to be playing more centrally and Saka needs to be on the left with Nuno, who provides him with the requisite protection against the usual double-teams he faces out on the right…we won this game today based on two moments of invention that surely can’t be counted on game in and game out, especially considering our predominantly negative tactics…for the love of god, can we please devote considerably more time on shooting in and around the box on the training pitch, as we might be the worst shooting team in the PL…big ups to Marts for making it incredibly more difficult on our manager when it comes to team selection

    1. I have to say our artacks were blunt in the first half even compared to Newcastle and our shooting was way off, even Newcastle were pepering our goal, when we were missing theirs. I agree, i cant see what Arteta sees in Odergaard, he actually reminds me of Ozil in his final two years, nothing happens.

      1. Real Madrid made a good business selling him for 35 while they never rrally played him. Like we could have done some business too on mavropanos or guendouzi but we wont.

      2. At least it is not as bad as willian (that falsely labelled “free transfer” or pepe) Odegaard is still young and at we might still get, at worse, 15 or 20 in a resale.

        1. agree. he can still come good as well. I never really understood why he was our no 1. CAM target during the summer and still dont is all. Maybe something I’m just not seeing. Even if things dont work out he’s still a decent player and can do basic things right and can add to our squad depth. I just dont see him as starter and on the level of some of our other young players.

          1. I guess he was young thats the main thing and had good qualities of a teamate plus probably very obeying/receptive to arteta message, opposite of an ozil. Had that hype of being real madrid player. And also the price was ok. For a top quality CAM (like madison, whe had to pay at least 15,20 extra million)

  19. Loads of comments/opinions on here, some I would agree with others not so much, it’s funny that we can all watch the same game but see a different one to each other

    A lot of the comments seem to be big picture but in my opinion following a dicking last week, at home to the team bottom of the table on a cold and windy day the only thing that mattered was that we got the three points

    Truly fantastic goal from Martinelli and I am pleased for him and us, he is some player in the making with a great future

    Just as pleased for Tavares in many ways

  20. Surely by now, it is already long past the right and proper time to give MARTINELLI A REGULAR PLACE and put idle and ineffective Auba out to grass!

    1. Many will say auba is out talisman lol… Because of these few goals he scored for that FA cup win… That also earned him that huge contract (some say 250k but it is 55m/3years which is closer to 355k). So at this price now, i guess arteta does not want to have to deal with a new crisis (as Nobody, amongst good european teams, will want to pay for auba at his age and given his production). Plus given Lacazette probably not resigning, leno leaving next summer too, i guess arteta feels short of senior figures to ease the transition…

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