Video: Someone’s done a thread of all 38 games of Arsenal’s unbeaten season – sit back and enjoy

Relive Arsenal’s 2003/04 unbeaten season.

If you feel like treating yourself today, sit back and enjoy this superb thread on Twitter of our entire unbeaten season in the 2003/04 Premier League.

Liverpool’s defeat at Watford over the weekend means they’ve become the latest side to fail to match our incredible achievement, and they also fell short of matching our total of 49 consecutive games without losing.

Some have come out of the woodwork to try and do down our remarkable efforts from that season, but let them argue amongst themselves – meanwhile, you can remind yourself just what a joy this team was to watch, both in their style of football and determination never to be beaten.

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  1. City, Chelsea, and probably Liverpool this season, have all come extremely close, but there’s only one Invincible team!

    What some forget is that our 49 game unbeaten run was spread over 3 seasons. Now we can barely string together 2/3 wins in row! We have fallen so far!

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