Arsenal vow to sort out pay per view problem for their fans

A good number of Arsenal’s fans are unhappy that the club is part of the teams that accepted a new pay per view proposal from the Premier League.

The plan allowed fans to watch the Premier League games that haven’t been selected for TV viewing at a cost of almost £15 per match.

This plan has been slammed by fans who are being forced to stay at home and watch their team games on TV because of the coronavirus pandemic.

Standard Sports revealed that the Arsenal Supporters’ Trust has expressed their displeasure to their club about the decision.

It claims that they see the decision as blatant disrespect for their fans and they have asked for an explanation from the Gunners, with the club’s game against Aston Villa next week set to be on the PPV plan.

The club has reportedly responded with a statement to their fans stating that they have heard their concerns.

They added that they are working together with other teams to get a better arrangement in place.

An Arsenal spokesperson told Standard Sport: “We recognise the concerns of Arsenal and other supporters regarding the pricing of pay-per-view matches.

“We are working actively alongside clubs and with the Premier League, and in turn our broadcast partners, to find a solution for the matches after the November international break.”

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  1. Perhaps the club will ask the players to take a pay cut?
    Better still, what about asking the fans to do what the Newcastle fans did, via AST and donate the money to feeding the kids at this present time, as some of our players are doing?

    I certainly won’t be paying it, but would gladly donate the money.

    1. Totally agree on that.
      It is heartening to think that the money is going to help relieve hunger(which should not be happening in the UK). I was much taken with Ozil’s commitment to this cause

  2. Comes to something when a Sky/BT subscription isn’t even enough to watch them nowadays… and what really made me laugh was how they’re worried about it damaging their reputation for being labelled ‘greedy’

    A lot of money has been donated to local food banks – excellent!!

    1. Sue, notice that nothing has appeared regarding a certain player and children’s free meals?

      I have to say though Sue, there is another side of our club and it might be worth putting together an article about that.

      I know Phil has a few examples of the way the club has looked after its fans and I have some instances as well.

      It would make a change from the normal topics, but not sure if it would be of interest to many fans.

      1. I’m not at all surprised, Ken… like I said to you earlier though, it’d just be labelled as a ‘stunt’…

        I think you and Phil should go for it! It’d be nice to read about that side of the club – not all of us are familiar with it, plus it’d probably be one of the few articles that wouldn’t turn into a slanging match!!! 🙏

    2. Here’s a good one
      I have sky sports through talk
      Had parents visiting ( step dad a Bournemouth fan ) wanted to watch midweek games which sky sports allow you to do with red button
      Red button on talk talk not working
      Phone talk talk who say I have to go through now tv
      As my step dad had worked so hard putting flooring down I thought I’ll treat get now tv sport pass for him. ( says has to be monthly pass to get bonus features )
      Pay for that – guess what ?
      Doesn’t work on now tv box

      1. It’s unbelievable, Dan, what a joke!
        We shell out more than enough!!
        I’ll admit It wasn’t great streaming the game on my phone, but I’m not paying any more out of principle… would rather give it to something worthwhile!!

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