Arsenal vs Crystal Palace Preview, Line up and Predicted score

It’s great to have proper football back now and there seems to be a lot of promise this season. Arsenal have just won a major trophy in May, we’ve made a major signing on and off the pitch and we seem to be raring to go after our win in the Community Shield.

I was expecting this to be an extremely difficult game with Pulis at the helm but he’s just left Palace by mutual consent and now they’ll face us without a proper manager. This usually means two things: They either struggle to stick to a game plan and are easy pickings or they work together and play above their normal level so they impress their new manager. Either way, we can’t take this game lightly because of Pulis’ departure.

I expect us to dominate this game throughout and with the pace and midfield options we have now, we should find it fairly easy to open up Palace regardless of their approach. They will counter us with pace and if Koscielny doesn’t play, they may exploit Monreal and Chambers during set pieces or with crosses.

Predicted Line-up:
Debuchy – Chambers – Koscielny/Monreal – Gibbs
Arteta – Ramsey
Sanchez – Wilshere – Cazorla

It’s a fairly strong line-up regardless of certain injury and fitness issues. I expect Wilshere to play in attacking midfield over Rosicky as he was particularly impressive against City and Wenger is probably expecting Jack to build upon that.

Giroud will probably get the nod over Sanogo. He’s had an extra week to get fit now and should be able to perform at a far better level than he did at the Emirates cup. But we could see Sanogo start as he seems to be fairly strong in home games whilst Giroud could be deployed against Besiktas as he’ll hold up play better when we are building up play and will also provide more height from set pieces.

This will be a fairly cagey affair with neither team wanting to lose but I expect our quality to win us this game 2 – 1.


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    1. Sanchez to score twice and 1 for Ramsey!

      And I can’t wait to wear my new Alexis jersey and watch the lads play! Let’s take the prem by storm!

      1. So long as we get 3 points and Sanchez scores on his debut I’ll be very pleased. Hopefully we’ll top the table by the end of the day, but I think United will hammer Swansea, they’ll start strong, but a wobble in October/November will see the nervousness return and they’ll fall away from the title race.

        1. I agree all I truly care about is the 3 points tomorrow. We HAVE to start off on the right foot by winning.

    2. just wished we had Khedira or Cravalho in the lineup today…when I take a look at the line up the only part that bothers me is Arteta as our holding midfielder…Plus wished we had a new cb on the bench too…I am way too nervous regarding our defence, one small injury and we are in deep shiiit

  1. OT. Why do arsenal fans pick on Sagna, Nasri and RVP and they spare Fabrigas and yet he went to strengthen the most notorious manager in the EPL? It doesn’t matter which rout to take from Emirates to the bridge. He took the long rout through Nou camp before arriving the bridge instead of taking a cab.

      1. hhaha for me too, but well, after all he had that coming…didnt he say something like if one ever saw him in a Chelsea shirt one could end his life or something like that? LOL

    1. Well we turned down the offer to re-sign him. Sagna, Nasri and RVP all had the chance of staying at Arsenal but decided to leave to a direct rival. Fabregas left for Barca and didn’t get the option of coming back.

      Going to Chelsea really annoyed me though, coupled with they way he left to go to Barca in the first place by refusing to play and paying out of his own pocket to leave Arsenal, I’m not so sure about him anymore.. He said he loves Arsenal, but no one that loves Arsenal would sign for Chelsea. Maybe he was bitter about Wenger not taking him back.

    2. Have you heard sagnas recent and disrespectful comments.
      I didn’t want him to get booed but now he can f*ck off.

      1. And i have no idea why players like cashri, Sagna, and adebawhore complain about getting abuse from our fans, if you leave to go to a rival you’ll get abused its that f*cking simple, are we supposed to applaud you???
        And why sagnas complaining is beyond me he hasn’t even got any abuse and like when clichy left no1s even bothered, but if he keeps running his mouth to the media then he’ll get it.

    3. chelsea are a team who want to win and fabregas is a winner. just look at their summer signings…..COSTA,LUISE,FABREGAS and soon BENATIA….Why cant we spend big just for one fking summer..WE HAVE ONLY SPENT 27MIL OR SO…ridiculous, we wont be able to compete with chelsea and maybe not even city…if we dont buy a world class CB and DM we should just go on and boooo wenger for being such a loser on the transfer market once again while this time we are full of cash…Fuuk this

      1. funny, Fábregas is a winner, yet he never won anything with us and when he leaves we lift the FA cup.
        Wait, he never even won anything with Barza last year…
        yeah…some winner that Cesc LOL

      2. calling Fabregas a winner? I am not sure that is the best description. he is a top quality player – that is a better way to put it.

  2. On account of so much strength in the attack and ongoing momentum but taking into account the tough defensive approach of CP i expect 2 goals to be scored from our side. At the same time, we are not 100% in our defense at the start of the season. So i expect conceding one probably to set piece.

    FT : 2-1 to Arsenal.

  3. 4-0 to the gunners
    Sanchez to get a debut goal at the emirates
    Can’t wait until kick off 😀

  4. @Matt you are stil wondering as to why Wenger isnt getting Kheidira…. Ineptitudeness is the problem he suffers from. Parthetically slow

    1. Or maybe because hes stated khedira is an injury prone attacking box to box midfielder and doesnt want him.

      1. Personally think wenger is playing the khedira thing spot on. He is a deadline day signing or a bosman next year.

        Why do people say he is injury prone? Ok last season he had a bad injury yet still made 18 appearances for his club and played all but 1 of Germany matches in the world cup. His 3 previous seasons at madrid saw him make 40, 42 and 44 appearances. In fact in the last 8 seasons he has made 255 appearances for his club and 51 for his country.

        He must have been injured during the close season!!

        As for box to box that is also a myth. He is a deep.lying playmaker very much in the arteta mould but a damn site better. Considering we could now get him (a current world champion, a current champions league winner, a winner of no less than 9 major trophies) for just £8m I would sign him today. He is a truly world class player, who could play pretty much any position on the pitch however he was asked. Only a fool would say we don’t need him, when our current midfield options include arteta flamini Coquelin and diaby.

        The no.5 shirt awaits you sami come and join the arsenal revolution.

        Then we simply delist diaby, ryo and coquelin and sign cavani reus and mangolas then bring the epl and CL to the emirates next may. EiE

        1. lol who in the right state of mind would let a player of that quality for just 8 mil? you guys should smell the suspicion here..

  5. Am I the only person worried that Real are willing to sell Khedira for such a low fee of £8m. We all know that Real buy big and sell big. So Khedira’s injury must be worse then we think if they are willing to sell for a small price considering they sold Higuain for £37m and Ozil for £42m.

    1. But they weren’t in the last year of their contracts and it might not even be as low as 8 million it’s probably just b*llocks journo bullshit…

    1. This is the kind of game giroud is usefull in, teams sitting back deep and defending from set pieces.
      Id rather he start today and sanogo on tuesday.

  6. i say 6-1 if we are 2 nil up by 25 mins in the 1st half 2goals for player starting from left wing 1 for giroud 1 for ramsey 1 for sub 1 owngoal..

  7. Here is an interesting fact. Alexis sanchez has won more trophies with arsenal than nasri and adebayor combined and has won the same as sagna. He is 1 behind rvp and cesc.

  8. I really hope this season we are consistent over 90mins rather than just turn up in the second half like we’ve done alot in the past two seasons. We’ll win alot more convincingly scoring alot more goals if we do.

  9. Just watched premier league top 10 goals of the season 2013/14. 9 individual goals and one team goal. Hope this season we could distinct ourselves even more with team flair and produce more beautiful team goals. Ahhh, the pride to be a gunner. #beautifulgame #gunnerspride #epltrophythisseason

  10. After nine painful years trying to heal the financial wound, let the world know that ARSENAL IS BACK!!!

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