Alex Iwobi makes unconvincing claim ahead of Arsenal return

Alex Iwobi’s sale looks fully justified.

Alex Iwobi is heading back to the Emirates Stadium for the first time since leaving Arsenal for Everton in the summer transfer window.

While the Nigeria international was something of a fan-favourite during his time with Arsenal, it’s continuing to look like the right decision to let him go when we did.

Now 23 years old, Iwobi has not progressed as many would have hoped after his initially exciting first-team breakthrough in 2016.

Speaking ahead of his return to the Emirates, Iwobi says he’s hoping to show us what we’re missing after letting him go, but the truth is, it’s an unconvincing claim when he’s had as poor a season as he’s had.

In an interview with Everton’s official site, he said:”Arsenal is where I grew up and I want to show them what they produced was good and what they are missing.

“I would like to go and prove a point – but I want to prove a point whoever I am playing.”

However, Iwobi has just one Premier League goal and zero assists in 17 games this season. His lack of impact means he’s started just 12 PL matches.

The BBC claim his transfer fee could rise to as much as £34million, and at the moment that looks like some superb business from our end.


  1. lol to the iwobi fans that kept overrating his talent either because they are his fans or he is nigerian. We mugged Everton

      1. There were “fans” who rated and furiously defended him because he was the same nationality as them. NOT saying all nigerian were biased only some.

      1. I wouldn’t say “Ackshay” is a racist because am afraid of Admin.
        Am a Nigerian fan of Arsenal to the core. I always ( just like any other Nigerian fan of Arsenal) wish and pray for anybody in Arsenal shirt (even Mustafi, Sokratis and Xhaka) to do well and raise their standard because my happiness can depend on them irrespective of stock.
        Today I wish anyone put forward by Arteta to do well.

        1. Godswill, I merely wonder why you needed to twice mention, in a brief post, that you are Nigerian and also why you mentioned that Nigerian fans “wish and pray for anybody in an Arsenal shirt to do well, etc”, the clear implication being that non Nigerians do not also do the same.
          I also wonder if you agree with me that, in general, MOST Nigerian fans are very nationalistic towards their own countrymen, in a manner that most other fans are not? CARE TO ANSWER PLEASE?

          1. Yes we are Nigerians. We don’t say it unless it’s prompted. We are Arsenal fans. The largest fan base and still growing. The richest man in Africa is an Arsenal fan. We are nationalistic. Ask DT of USA and you’ll know. We transfer same to our clubs in good times and in bad times. Same as Brazilians. Cheers. 3-0 to the Arsenal.

          2. @jon fox, for a self-acclaimed ‘REALIST’ that uses CAPITAL LETTERS because only your opinion is worth airing, I think you need to check the dictionary for the definition of the word ‘MOST’ because I can bet you have never met up to 500 Nigerians, we’re over 200m.

            To use the word ‘most’ just to WIN an argument is pretty naive coming from an old supporter like you.

            Have a nice day.

          3. Absolutely untrue! Lord Jon, I’m sure you can find that such notion or belief is not peculiar to Nigerian fans. Rather, it’s rampant everywhere else in the world…speaking from experience Sir.

        2. Godswill Well I note with some disappointment that you admit, without ANY shame, to being a nationalist and you think that to be fine. That being so, I THINK IT BEST NOT TO DISCUSS FURTHER WITH YOU.

      2. Adebayo, I’ll gladly answer that question. Nigerian fans are extremely nationalistic towards their own countrymen , by and large , though there are exceptions. Witness the overhyped comments, esp from Nigerians about the good dribbler but modest (at real top level) talent of KANU. Many Nigerians on here hyped the distinctly modest talent of Iwobi when he played for us and as the article correctly says, his talent is modest, at best and he is a mere journeyman at Prem level. This is not a criticism of him or of Kanu , who are both good humans, but it IS a criticism of warped and unpleasant nationalism which shows obvious bias towards ones own countrymen. As someone who considers all humans equal in value , as people, though not as players, I find that dangerous nationalism harmful and to be retrograde thinking.

        In stark contrast, English players are rarely, if ever, bigged up by English fans Hope that explains to your satisfaction!

        1. @jon fox, it’s amazing how you lie through your teeth.

          “English players are rarely, if ever, bigged up by English fans Hope that explains to your satisfaction!”

  2. OT.Celebrating the complete demolition of the motormouth Deontay Wilder by the the Gypsy king haha.Next should be fury vs Joshua at Wembley and fury will wipe the the floor with Joshua ending his career. If Wilder would be interested in a rematch it would be for a pay day.All the heavyweight titles now reside in Britain.

    1. It was brilliant!! And then singing ‘American Pie’ afterwards…. he’s crazy!!! 😂
      Fury & Joshua – what a fight that’ll be!

    2. Fury will not last three rounds against AJ. He is head and shoulders above any boxer on the planet and will prove that by handing Fury his ass

        1. PHIL, Such a shame that when such as you and I , who hardly ever fence sit, are called out for having strong opinions, there is one law for us and another for Admin Martin , who constantly replies to any comments he does not agree. I would have thought stating in such forceful terms that AJ would beat Fury within three rounds is a VERY strong opinion and I have offered him a substantial bet to the contrary. We wait to see what happens if and when those two boxers meet, as they surely will.

          1. There you and Phil go again moaning about what I do and what I do not do. Of course, I have an opinion, I write opinion pieces on here daily, why would I fence sit when it comes to comments, makes zero sense. I never ever call you out for strong opinions, ever, I call you out for rudeness and berating people. I welcome strong opinions and I defy you to find a single comment of mine where I have said differently. As I have stated previously, I abide by the rules and when I do not I get a warning like anyone else, however, as an admin that works bloody hard on this site and faces more criticism then every single user on here combined then I am allowed more leeway than others. You may not like that but there it is.

      1. Admin Martin, I am willing to strike a substantial bet between us that your are mistaken , if and when that almost certain match occurs. You are saying that AJ wins in three rounds and only a biased person would take that daft position. I will say however that you will get far better odds on that, at the time, from any bookmaker than I would give. I wonder what faulty thought process made you write this remark. CARE TO ENLIGHTEN US?

        1. Pls can you people (including Admin Martin) go somewhere else to talk about your favourite boxers? I came here to read about Arsenal and people’s view on issues concerning Arsenal.
          You can exchange contacts.

        2. Of course, I will take you up on that as long as you give me one point above the very best odds available from the bookies when they price it up. The reason I feel that AJ will win is simply that he is better on every level. Better with his feet, faster, stronger, smarter.


            1. You also said this to Phil, obviously bigging yourself up ” I have offered him a substantial bet to the contrary. We wait to see what happens if and when those two boxers meet, as they surely will.” I then said fine, I take you up on your offer, you then come back with your huge capitals as if you never said such a thing. Not my fault you make contradictory statements but only highlight the one that you wanted Phil to read in an attempt to undermine me. Again, I accept your challenge at one point above the best bookies odds.

          2. Martin , Exactly why you oddly think that using capitals means I am going back on the offered bet, I have no idea. They are two completely unconnected and separate entities. You said that AJ would win inside treee rounds; your words , not mine. I replied, saying that was daft and I would gladly opppose it in a bet. I also said, that as I am not a financial fool I would never offer the long odds you will certainly be offered on your bet from any bookie. That is plain financial sense and I never offer or accept odds that I do not favour. THAT is why I win , overall. I am always being totally realistic in percentages and odds and have been so most of my long life. Yet, a second time you ask for better than bookies odds from me. That is scarcely the action of a man who thoroughly understands how odds work and how pro bettors win money, I’D SUGGEST TO YOU, IN ALL SERIOUSNESS.

            As to bigging myself up, that is a strange interpretationof a normal comment to Phil where I NOTE THAT ONE LAW APPLIES TO YOU AND ANOTHER TO SOME OTHERS , PHIL AND I INCLUDED.

  3. We’ve been also robbed by other clubs also when buying players who have not lived up to expectations the likes of Ozil,Chambers,Mustafi,Xhaka,pepe etc.The sale of Walcott and Iwobi with the amount we got from Everton I couldn’t believe it.Iwobi costed us champions league qualifications since he broke through to the first team a winger given game time despite having almost Zero goals contribution.He wouldn’t prove me wrong even if he scored two hatricks today.

    1. I don’t know where Ozil and Chambers come into your equation..they both quality players..well Chambers is. Can’t wait till he is back.

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