Arsenal vs Leicester City Player Ratings – Ozil on top form

Arsenal v Leicester Player Ratings

David Ospina 7
Solid performance, but I was surprised that he failed to stop the goal despite his view being obstructed

Hector Bellerin 6
Made a brilliant tackle that started a goalscoring attack, but perhaps should concentrate a bit more on the defensive side

Per Mertesacker 7
Was given more work than usual but stood up well to the Leicester pressure

Laurent Koscielny 7
His goal was very well taken under pressure, but Mertesacker looked more solid defensively

Nacho Monreal 6
Like the rest of the defence, he looked scared of losing too much. Where has the confidence gone?

Francis Coquelin 7
His usual steady self, but, like the rest of the team, was outclassed by Mahrez

Tomas Rosicky 7
Flashes of form from Mozart, but didn’t show his full orchestra

Theo Walcott 7
Well-taken goal and nearly gave us a lead early on, but was anonymous for most of the game

Santi Cazorla 7
When Santi is not at his best Arsenal always look weaker. Not his best game.

Mesut Ozil 8.5 (MOTM)
Best performance by the German for a while. Assisted both goals and always looked dangerous. We need him to play like this every game from now on if we still expect to get Fourth Place

Alexis 6
Probably needed his enforced rest, and likely to get another one after picking up a knock

Olivier Giroud 5
Rarely saw much of the ball after coming on

Aaron Ramsey N/A
A shadow of the player he was last season, and his latest injury won’t help or hinder our cause

Mathieu Flamini N/A

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  1. What did Walcot do to deserve 7? And what did Ozil do to earn himself all that?And if u are saying the goalie had a good game,u really need to watch more matches and see what good goalies do.Leicester had a better game overall and Arsenal was at home!

  2. Theo a 7!!
    Yes he scored should have had atleast another. Didn’t help bellerin that’s why we where exposed on his side and in the spurs game. No matter how good of a full back you are if you dnt have cover your getting raped!!

    1. For me Belerin is a winger, not a full back, blistering pace but perhaps not there yet defensively.
      Theo should have scored the 1st chance he had saved, he just needed to run an extra 2 meters and he would have had clear sight past the keeper.

      How many times did Belerin cross into the box to find not a single Arsenal player? Saw Giroud moving forward at a leisurely pace and watching the cross get wasted. His concentration levels are so poor, needs to sharpen up!

      When did Ozil get fast? Seen him run away from a few defenders in recent games, he has done well with bigger defenders as well and it’s good to see him taking shots, not the strongest foot but he is scoring on technique and his eye for an opportunity.

  3. Since the Aston Villa game it looks as if the team forgot how to play beautiful attacking football when needed. There minds are confused between defence and attack and it’s messing up the whole structure.

    1. Leicester had everyone and their momma behind the ball though. We exposed Aston Villa defense on our counters, but we really couldn’t do that against the Foxes.

      Give credit to Leicester though, they haven’t conceded more than 3 goals in any of their matches.

  4. Dilusional ratings
    We were poor and rubbish yesterday.. except for the 3 points I got nothing to cheer about

    If the players would have actually earned these ratings, we would have crushed Leicester by 4-0 or something

    I must say I am happy to see Ozil finding his form! One of the rare positives of yesterday

  5. Unconvincing,lacklustre performance. Thought Rosicky was our best player. Ratings far too generous. Lucky to win,played second fiddle at home to bottom team. If we play like this in F.A. cup and C league our season could be over in the next week. Buck up boys!

  6. Don’t get these ratings..
    Did way play and trounce Real Madrid in an alternative reality or something?

    Liked Pers critical contribution yesterday and Ozil played ok but I don’t know what all the adoration is about. I knew he was on the pitch and trying to contribute but it wasn’t WOW.

    3 points 4th place though!

  7. Ozil contributed to both goals. An excellent corner and blistering shot that made the gk fumble the ball. His MOTM was well deserved, even if the team played poorly/average

  8. @Gunnersway

    You have the ONLY sensible comment here and you are spot on.
    It seems that Arsenal fans are so used to “rubbish” they will get exited by “very little” things.

    On Saturday we got beaten by the youngest team in the league (not to mention those motherf*ckers were spurs) and yesterday, we were not brilliant, but managed to win.

    Ramsey seems to have injured himself (in training or against Tottenham) and Sanchez still has problem with his hamstring (why was he playing when not totally fit??) and picked up a knock.

    We have important games coming and the CL (I know some fans are taking Monaco for “suckers”, but again, they are always the most surprised when “reality” check them in the face).

  9. Are the over £66m Arsenal re-enforced squad not worth more than 4th spot finishing in the table this season? I think if all things will become equaled for the Gunners on the field of play, the Gunners are going to be placed above 4th position in the final day in the table.

  10. Our poor display in the past 2 games is due to Cazorla’s poor form. He doesn’t seem to get on the ball enough.

    1. I wonder why people have failed to notice the obvious. The fact that Cazorla appears to be playing poorly is as a result of Ozil coming into the team. Is there no resemblance between the way we play now and the way we played before Ozil got injured? While I don’t doubt the fact that Ozil is a brilliant player, his position in the team as presently constituted destabilizes the team. Drop Ozil, then Cazorla will come to his best and the team will take shape once more

  11. I think Wenger should have rested Cazorla putting Rosicky in his place. Maybe Ozil could have played one of the three central midfielders. I also think Ozil on the wing gives us less balance but i dont think that was the case against leic, if there was one player who totally unbalanced us it was Walcott. Walcott for the most part was our furthest attacking player and i cant remember one time he got back to help bellerin/team out defending. When i say defending i dont mean jogging into your own half and set yourself like a cone, i mean a will to stop them play by attemting to win the ball or at least get touching distance with man and ball.

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