Arsenal vs Manchester United match preview and predicted score

Arsenal vs Manchester United – The Gunners will be looking to earn Mikel Arteta his first win as their manager.

The Gunners have improved slightly morale-wise, but a win is necessary to show that things have gotten better.

Arsenal did very well in their game against Chelsea. A blunder by Bernd Leno which gifted Chelsea the equalizing goal seemed to have affected their momentum which allowed the Blues to get the win.

Manchester United have done well against the big teams this season. They remain the only team to have taken points from Liverpool, they have also beaten Tottenham, Chelsea and Manchester City before this game so they will provide a proper test for Arsenal.

Arteta’s team are more aggressive and they are making better decisions when they are with the ball. In fact, the first half against Chelsea was as good a performance I have seen from the lads in a very long team.

Pierre Emerick Aubameyang is leading the line very well and I very confident that he will get his name on the score sheet yet again.

The defence has been Arsenal’s Achilles heel this season and the fact that Shkodran Mustafi may likely start this game doesn’t make for good reading.

That said, it is clear this is a reinvigorated Arsenal team since Arteta came on board, they are more organised and dare I say, more solid in defence and midfield.

United may have been getting big results against the so-called elite teams but they have also lost to some of the lesser teams and that makes them definitely beatable.

I am certainly more confident than I have been in a while and I am positive Arsenal will win this evening.


Arsenal 2-1 Manchester United.


  1. I don’t expect a win or a draw. So there is only upside for me in terms of results.

    However, I pray we play as we did against Chelsea in the first half.

    If we see more signs of improvement under Arteta I will be happy. However, I am worried about how we will respond after the disappointment of losing to Chelsea. Will the lads bring the same kind of energy?

    1. Hopefully they’ll do their best to impress again. Otherwise we really do have a bunch of overrated, overpampered folk at this club. None of them should be on over 100kpw until they prove they can win something

    2. We can’t beat Chelsea, Man U is much better team today.

      Today we are 5 points away from 19th spot! We are 13th today but same points as 15th position.

      Get real!

  2. My line-up prediction:

    …………… Leno
    Niles . Mustafi . Luiz . Saka
    …… Torreira …. Xhaka
    Pepe ………. Ozil ……. Martinelli
    ………….. Aubameyang

  3. We will win.
    But i dont think its going to be a comfortable one.
    Chelsea vs brighton ending in a draw makes the top 4 still possible but we definitely have to keep on winning.

    And i see some keep saying that without auba and leno we will be in relegation,thats only half true.Auba needs service,we saw how he struggles if there is no service so many making that statement dont see the contribution from the players around him but i have to say his convertion rate is good,he takes his chances.
    And leno has made some oustanding saves this season but sometimes his distribution causes problems for his team mates,his decision making needs to be better and i think some of his faults had lead to goals this season.
    This is just my opinion,i am not taking anything away from these 2 oustanding players, their contribution is immense but we need to understand the wider picture,football is a team game after all…

    1. At the moment, I am far from thinking we can make the top 4. If anything I am more concerned that Brighton drew, Villa won, Watford and Southampton are currently winning and anything less than a win tonight we will be in a spot of bother, especially with our defensive injuries.

      I really want to have my cup half full but I am getting nervous.

    1. Expecting 4-1 win for Arsenal.
      Top 4 in the league remains possible as every one else
      going for 4th place have lost or will lose today.

  4. 1-3 to United. We’ll get hit on the counter as always, and they’ll be at least one horrific defensive blunder from us, that leads to a goal. Should finish the day nearer the relegation zone.

      1. Definitely the club should consider Ings, he works tirelessly and is a menace to defenders all game! Sell Auba for £70m and Laca for £50m and pay £35m for Ings who can bang 20 goals for you! Good business that!

    1. Ings now have 13goals this season. Have always knew the guy is a special footballer, he has just been unlucky with injuries.

    2. I was slated by some for recently suggesting we should look to sign Ings if we offload a striker this month.

  5. I’m worried we won’t be strong enough in defence. It may be a case of simply trying to score more than them. I’m going for a high scoring draw

  6. 2-1 or 3-1 to United. We cannot cope with the pace of Rashford/Martial/James/Greenwood! They will tear us apart on the counter and we will make mistakes towards latter stages of the game.
    After this game we will be in a dog fight to stay up in which we will need to win 8 out of the last 17 games which will be a mean feat to achieve! Good luck Arteta, I hope you know what you are doing and it doesn’t ruin your career so early on!

  7. I see us losing tonight, hope I am wrong but UTD have hit a bit of form and their front line scares me with our defence and injuries.

    No doubt Lingard scores now that he plays us first game of the year after going 12 months without a goal or assist too….if he does and he does that stupid dance could someone in attendance please run on and hit him with a stone cold stunner?

  8. Don’t be happy that Spurs lost, panic that Southampton won! Lose tonight and we’re really up against it. Arteta didn’t come here to fight relegation right?

  9. In a normal season it would be crazy to think we have a chance at top 8 after our 1st half of the season. But the top teams have been so horrible we still a slim chance at top 4. At the rate the top teams are losing pts, 65-70pts will be enough to get top 4.

  10. No chance 3-0 to utd they could put out there under 16 team against us and they’d get a result after tonight we’ll be looking down to see how many points off relegation we are not talking about top 4 Arteta has though job on his hands to keep us out of relegation fight at best we’ll finish mid table b hard to get good players to sign in transfer window

  11. Ever the optimist – ARSENAL 3 – 0 MAN UTD

    Hoping things swing in our favour, anything can happen in football,

    Mancs go home sunken and dejected 😀 simples

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