Arsenal vs Newcastle Preview, Line Up and Score Prediction

Arsenal vs Newcastle Preview, Predicted line up and score line by KJ

We’ve been extremely inconsistent in the league and this means that the top 4 hasn’t really been established. At the moment, United are the most likeliest to make it in there but the likes of Arsenal, Tottenham and Liverpool have all failed to really establish themselves and are now in a fight with each other to get that final place.

We are completely destroyed by injuries and suspensions with Ramsey now out for a month and Chambers suspended for the game against Newcastle. This has forced us to bring back Francis Coquelin from loan. It is a laughable state of affairs but this is what happens when you fail to strengthen properly in the summer and then fail to establish the root of all of your injury problems.

Our attacking players will have a big job of ensuring that they take the pressure off the defence by consistently exploiting Newcastle and winning the ball back in our attacking third. Good movement by Welbeck and Sanchez with Giroud combining should enable this and the improved form of Santi should help us control the game.

Predicted line up:
Bellerin – Debuchy – Mertesacker – Gibbs
Flamini – Oxlade-Chamberlain
Alexis – Cazorla – Welbeck

It’s a bare bones line up with at least 6 first team players missing but we’ll have to make do (as we have for the entire season so far).

Debuchy at CB with Bellerin at RB could be a massive problem. Two players who can easily be exploited if Pardew utilises his inform players correctly. Flamini and Chamberlain is not a central midfield used often and that’s because neither can show any control over the game. Chamberlain is always looking to dribble at players whilst Flamini just runs around shouting at stuff.

Alexis and Cazorla are the two in form players and you’re hoping with the midweek rest that they can really hurt the Newcastle defence. Giroud has also been rested as has Welbeck meaning that we should see some interesting movement and combination between the front four.

Even with our injuries, I believe with our attacking talent that we can outscore Newcastle. 3-2 to the Gunners.


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  1. Arsenal Fan says:

    that team is good enough to get 3pts today. But with all this Wenger Witch hunt, I am afraid the fans will effect the players performance!!!!

    1. Sango says:

      Lol – We no longer go witch hunting we already caught caught our witch.

    2. Sango says:

      Lol – We no longer go witch hunting we already caught our witch.

    3. KickAssFan says:

      Don’t even start cooking excuses when we not even lost. @ArsenalFan

      1. Arsenal Fan says:

        if we lose it is because we are not good enough!!

        1. Ks-Gunner says:

          It will be a 50% vs 50% chance.

    4. Usmanov says:

      Cooooool! Witch-hunting.
      That is another one we can add to our collection of excuses.
      Bad luck, bad refs, early kickoff, the media, witches and wizards, the underworld…..
      And we can also chose from this collection to use even before we play a game!

      1. KickAssFan says:

        Lol! @Usmanov

    5. ArnSam says:

      is debuchy a central defender?
      where is podoski?
      wasen’t he pleazed wth last results????

  2. Mick The Gooner says:

    I can’t understand the logic in playing Debuchy at centre back instead of one of our academy centre backs like Hayden/Ajayi. Wenger said Debuchy has had 24 hours to learn the role of centre back, our academy centre backs have been learning for years. Debuchy has only just come back from an injury – he’ll lack both fitness and sharpness, things required in the role. Not to mention Debuchy is very short for a centre back, whereas, again, our academy guys are naturally built for the role…

    It just doesn’t make any sense to me. The likes of Hayden and Ajayi are in their 20s now, this is the ideal time for them to step up. If not now, when?

    1. Arunavameister says:

      Dont know about Ajayi but Hayden is injured!
      We are not really surprised, are we?

  3. juhislihis says:

    If Podolski doesn’t start (like I know he won’t), I swear I’ll..

    1. Twig says:

      You’ll do what? :-/

  4. mr lean says:

    My score prediction a two nil win to the Gooners goals from ollie g and Santi .COYG.

  5. KickAssFan says:

    Don’t even start cooking excuses when we not even lost. @ArsenalFan

  6. John Legend says:

    If we lose, its Arsene’s fault. I just hope we win, luck, rob, anything.

  7. Trudeau says:

    Write up seems a bit harsh on Ox. I’m excited to see him in the middle again today after Tuesday’s performance. Also would love to see Poldi starting on the left with Welbeck up front and Giroud on the bench as an impact sub.

  8. Sumo says:

    7-3 to us.
    Sanchez to score a double hat trick.

  9. Ks-Gunner says:

    We might lose this game, and no F**ker would be surprised. I hope we can beat them to though.

    2:1 to Arsenal.

  10. thetruth says:

    fat cat wenger the one trick pony.. 4th place specialist

  11. thetruth says:

    we are basically paying wenger a pension every year

  12. kabeer says:

    One thing for sure, I wouldn’t like to be Wenger right now and what’s worse is that he himself is making it hard for us supporters to empathize with him.
    I don’t blame him though. He too has freedom of expression and just like any man would, he defended his work.
    Me being a supporter, I understand the frustration and why some fans are calling for his head but is it justified? The injury crisis we’re currently in has been placed entirely on his shoulders and maybe rightly so (selling and loaning out defenders when we are short on numbers) for me that’s the only crime he committed but if someone has the full picture of what happened in summer enlighten me because maybe just maybe he wanted to bring in a defender but the board didn’t avail the funds to him. It’s a theory for now but before we continue with the Wenger out song, first consider that possibility.
    Regardless, for now I stick with Wenger. Well, atleast till summer. Whether you agree or not, that’s the best option for this club.

  13. arselonia says:

    off topic,
    pls guys I on the move.. can anyone assist me with any stream link for our match today.?
    appreciate in anticipated.
    thanks guys

  14. Vermont Gooner says:

    “most likeliest” … seriously KJ? I learned that was bad grammar when I was 9.

  15. YuukiShindouGoArsenal says:

    Seriously.,, Why u want to bench podolski when his confident on high right now…

  16. Sumo says:

    | |
    | |
    |“““| | | |“““`| |““`|
    _______| | _| |_| |_| |
    (_____ |
    \ I /
    \ AM /
    \ BORED /
    | |
    | |

  17. Mick The Gooner says:

    Not quite sure what back four we’ll cobble together, but attacking-wise I’d go for this:


  18. blondin says:

    Giroud-12th min,Wellbeck-24th.
    Arsenal wins 2:1

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