Arsenal vs Ozil: German could face Arsenal in the second half of this season

Mesut Ozil remains one of the more controversial players to have played for Arsenal in recent years and the German didn’t leave the club in a good way.

Some fans still resent him for picking up a huge wage while putting in some poor performances or not even featuring at all.

When he was finally offloaded to Turkish outfit, Fenerbahce, it was thought that we would never see him at the Emirates again.

However, he may get an opportunity to return to the Premier League but this time as an opponent of the Gunners.

Todofichajes claims he could make a shock return to English football in the January transfer window.

The report says Newcastle United wants him to become their next top star and he could join them at the start of the new year.

Fenerbahce would be happy to release him for a small fee as his big-money deal expires in 2014. 

If this transfer happens, he could face Arsenal in the second half of this season, on the 15th of May 2022.

Ozil delivered some of his best football at the Emirates and always wants to be seen in a good light by the Arsenal fans.

As a boyhood Fenerbahce fan, if he moves to Newcastle, it would be because of money and such a transfer will justify the thinking of some Arsenal fans who believe he is just a money-grabber.

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  1. “if he moves to Newcastle, it would be because of money and such a transfer will justify the thinking of some Arsenal fans who believe he is just a money-grabber.”

    If it happens, it will be nobody’s business and fans can think whatever they want to. He’s no longer our player, at least now he can make his decisions without trying to justify it to Arsenal fans or please Arsenal fans?
    At this point, the man is facing his career after moving on from our club.
    All I’m doing is facing my club too.
    He can go to wherever he wants, and it’ll be okay.
    Money grabber, Auba isn’t a Money grabber since he’s on similar wage?
    At times we just bring up dead discussions that we shouldn’t even be having

  2. So what if he’s a money grabber? What’s wrong with that? Almost all football players are the same. Leave the guy alone

  3. Can’t see it. Ozil is a lot of things – some great and some not so great. But he doesn’t come to mind as someone you’d like to lead you in a relegation battle.

  4. Typical AdminMartin comment.
    If Ozil does return to the PL, wouldn’t it be because he was coming back to the best league in the world?
    I seem to remember Martin saying how Ozil was stepping down to a lower league, but now criticises him for coming back.
    Most of us have moved on Martin, but it would be interesting if Mesut did return to the richest club in the world 🤔😂😂

  5. PLEASE LET IDLE MAN GO TO NEWCASTLE AND APPEAR(though NOT actually play) against us .

    Playing against a murderer owned club who have, in practice, only ten men will be wonderful. Wish he could appear against us every week!

      1. By clean do you mean who didn’t send a death squad to murder a journalist who dared criticise him?

        If so, I’d hazard a guess at 19, unless you have evidence to the contrary. No doubt they have skeletons in their closets but enough with the whataboutism

        1. @Voyageur
          We all as human have our deep secrets and pray for it not to be exposed.
          This person is popular and famous , that’s why we are all making a news out of it .
          Lie would be boring with all being good with few to non bad

          1. I have secrets and I expect you have too. But I doubt you, and certainly not me, are mass murdereers who behead people and are cruel monsters.

  6. I’ve watched his last 2 performances for Fenerbahce this month and he’s been absolutely abysmal. It’s mostly due to the fact that their manager’s tactics doesn’t suit him well, he’s been played as a winger and he looks pretty uncomfortable on the flanks. Ozil’s a classic number 10 and if the team is not structured to accomodate him and his weaknesses, and if he’s not played to his strengths he’ll be the worst player on the pitch. I personally think Ozil needs to leave his current club. He’s currently on about about 50k per week at Fenerbahce, so financially it’ll definitely sound a good deal for Newcastle if they’re gonna be moving for him. And if they get a manager who’s willing to accomodate Ozil in a 4-2-3-1 system and play him to his strengths, it’d be great for all the parties. The last manager who played Ozil to his strengths was Mikel Arteta and he did well for about 3 months, despite not having much assists he was very crucial in Arteta’s system by pulling strings from the midfield and helped Arsenal stay unbeaten in the premier league for 9 games straight. Then the corona break took place and after that Ozil was kicked out ruthlessly out of the club for ‘footballing reasons’.

  7. Let us all hope Newcastle get relegated this season !!!!!!!!!!!!!! Then they will get what they deserve

  8. If the new ownership is trying to rebuild Newcastle United FC, players like Mezut Ozil don’t fit the required profile for success.

  9. Can we stop all this speculation and focus on our own team rather then speculating about others. i dont care even if newcastle want to buy Henry or Sanchez or even hire AW (dont think its gonna happen though).

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