Arsenal want a Walcott goal and a clean sheet against Viking FK

It is not that he has been playing badly or even passing up great chances to score, but the situation at Arsenal right now means that we could really do with our England international forward Theo Walcott finding his shooting boots as soon as possible, namely tonight in Stockholm against Viking FK.

This is the penultimate game of the Arsenal pre-season preparations, with the final chance for the Gunners coming in two days against Manchester City, so if Theo wants to make sure that it is him rather than young Chuba Akpom who is lining up when Jurgen klopp brings his Liverpool team to north London next weekend he needs to prove himself now.

I would personally prefer to have Walcott leading the line in the absence of Olivier Giroud, but only if he is in form and feeling confident and we all know that goals give strikers that edge. He should have some good chances to open his pre-season account tonight, as the Gunners are getting fitter and the squad is getting stronger, so let’s hope for at least one goal from our speedy front man.

Arsenal fans also want to see the side defend well as that is another area of concern with Koscielny and Mertesacker not available for the visit of Liverpool in the first Premier League match. We don’t ask for much, just a load of goals, a clean sheet and a good performance. Go get em Gunners.



  1. Not so sure. Walcott isn’t and never will be a striker aside from the odd game against sub par competition. It means little. If he wants to ever become an asset he has to play wide and show he is any kind of option to Campbell’, the resurgent Ox, Sanchez or maybe Mahrez.

    I’d like to see something like a proper team leading up the city game and the start of the PL proper but won’t be disappointed f a few of the emerging talents Bielik etc turn out.

    Is it me….I’m feeling really positive about the team and what just might be some great incoming talent.

      1. Sure. I guess it was a bit naive posing a question like that on a site like this. Quite frankly ‘mate’ if you can’t be positive pre season, then despite being the vocal minority that you are, the season ahead will no doubt degenerate into the perpetual misery and discontent that has become Just Arsenal.

        Personally I actually do think we will see a couple of great new arrivals, I do think Ox could start to show his real ability and I do believe that some of the kids that have come in during the past two seasons are going to emerge as quality players….we’ll see who’s right soon enough @Ramterta.

        1. I agree about a few positives we have in pre-season but Walcott is clearly not one of them. He looks completely lost and bereft of confidence.
          Gabriel looks unfit, still prone to error and not very assured in his passing. Give him benefit of doubt as it is his first game in pre-season
          Another concern is Debuchy, I wont be surprise if he will be gone by the end of the transfer window.
          Campbell, Coquelin, Gibb look decent and works hard. Bielik is very good for an 18 years old
          Ox looks good, he has a lot of flair but he need to contribute more in defence and his decision making need to be worked on, he lost the ball in dangerous area quite often. A super-sub for me, cannot be trusted in big matches yet.
          The best players for us in the first half are Carzola and Elneny. What a signing Mohamed Elnany.
          Of all our squad players only the OX and Elnany can seriously push for first team contention, the rest will need to up their game significantly. Some should be upgraded – Debuchy should go and sadly Walcott should go to. If we have a chance, an upgrade for Gibbs is necessary as Monreal is not young any longer

          1. I’m with you@ethan gooner. As for Walcott the only comment I made was that he isn’t a striker and the only hope he offers is out wide, but even in that respect he’s now behind Campbell, Sanchez, the Ox etc.

  2. Yeah… Go get em Gunners! Grab those mighty Vikings by the Horns… or beards ? While The Spuds just smashed Inter 6-1 ?

    1. yesterday you told me Cazorla is out injured till september, he has just played 45 m., who sleeping?

      1. Hahaha … No! I didn’t say that he was injured ?
        I actually said ” according to Wenger, Cazorla would not be ready until the end of August” … Big difference there ?
        And he missed a penalty ?

        And to be honest, I was surprised to see Cazorla start as much as you! ? it just goes to show that we can’t take anything as gossip when it comes from Wenger!
        What happened to Ramsey and Sanchez starting?

        Anyways, The first half performance didn’t give me anything to feel confident about, its beyond joke!

        1. Typical ? 6 nil and counting ??
          ?Now your gonna believe Ussss, We’re gonna Win the league? ?

          Now Lets see how we get on against City, on Sunday.

            1. That was sarcasim ? but I wouldn’t expect you to understand that,either! ?

              Your not posting under your usal name, tonight? ?

  3. Walcott just backtrack from his wish of playing as central striker
    Confidence is one the most important trait for a good striker. After his comment I don’t have any hope left that he will make it at that position any more.
    Chuba Akpom or even Joel Campbell will do the better job than him at the moment.

  4. yeah coz this is the only team walcott can score a goal and which our defence can keep a cleansheet.
    And it would be something worth celebrating for some fans.
    how the mighty have fallen

    1. This is pre season….so,sorry it’s not a glamorous match…bit like fatboys envy of Spurs playing inter… god how the fan base has been infected by glory hunting, shallow, negative idiots…that’s the biggest fall in any standards In my view. The team would have to be relegated to drop to the levels of some of your performances.

      1. I may be a lot of things ? but I’m NEVER! Envious of the Spuds! Mate ? … Never!
        And Your arrogance in calling fellow fan’s morons and idiots, is beyond jokes!

  5. Till now, Cazorla missed penalty, Theo looking clueless. They way we are playing doesn’t shows confidence. Only Ox looks good. Let’s see what happens in remaining match.

  6. so this is how arsenal play against a team not even among norwehian top 4 .
    Wenger you are gonna by no one?
    A 6 0 whooping against liverpool should surely signal the end of your reign

  7. Walcott cannot do anything right. There is something wrong with him. Looks like a lower division player at best.

  8. Walcott can’t shoot, can’t pass, can’t defend. He js really struggling. Also our defense looking weak. If wenger is not planning to buy CF then he shud play Akpom as striker not Theo

  9. Pozitives:
    1. Ox looks like he’s playing for his career. He’s added a bit of aggressive pressing to his game. Hope he keeps it.

    2. Elneny might provide us another option on set-pieces this season. We don’t have to rely on Giroud for that.

    1. I still don’t trust the OX to remain fit long enough to progress well this season.
    2. We are playing Viking whatever..

  10. Walcott scores.. no striker signing..Wenger saves several million pounds once again… Arsenal haven’t conceded a goal too meaning no defender…Bielik is the answer.. I don’t have any expectations for the upcoming season

    1. Typical of the sort of cliched morons who claim to follow AFC….jeez have you got an original thought in your little head?????

      1. And what’s wrong with his comment? ?
        Yes, its old news and pretty much the Norm to expect from Wenger! A bit like one of our player’s who returns from injured, being dubbed as a new signing! ?

        1. I wouldn’t expect you to get it…your comments are just as repetitive and negative. He’s perfectly entitled to his comments however, as are you and I…..but looking up this thread yours actually seem as fckued up as his. Sorry but I’m a fan not an compulsive whinger.

  11. The score board on Arsenal(dot)com can’t even keep up with the goals.

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