Arsenal wanted to sell SIX MORE first team players

A lot of Arsenal fans were very unhappy with this transfer window, but as described by Sam yesterday, Wenger achieved most of his promised objectives except in one respect, Le Prof’s attempts to trim the squad and drastically reduce our enormous wage bill was met with many obstacles.

Arsenal did manage to sell Szczesny, Gabriel, Toral and Gibbs for ridiculously low fees, and we had to loan out Jenkinson and Perez as we couldn’t negotiate a sale. To make matters worse both Oxlade-Chamberlain and Mustafi, and even Bellerin asked to leave. The BBC’s David Ornstein has come out and explained exactly how many more senior squad members were also put on the market, including Debuchy, Chambers, Giroud, Wilshere, Elneny and Akpom.

This was how Ornstein described the Gunners transfer window via his Official BBC Twitter Account ….
Arsenal Transfer Window 2017

So if Arsenal fans think this window was a failure, it sounds like Wenger himself was having an absolute nightmare! Oh I bet he wished he had taken that PSG offer!



  1. ozil10 says:

    So that was the real story!
    It was either Perez or Giroud while Walcott would still remain. Lol

    1. gotanidea says:

      When will Walcott’s contract expire? I hope Arsenal can replace the underperformers, including Ozil, in the January transfer window.

      1. jon fox says:

        How can you possibly want Walcott to go! He is our greatest, hard working, strongest, most reliable , fearsome, always fit, strong in the air striker ever! There is no way he should ever have his contract run down, it will be renewed until the day I die and I pray to him night and morning, every day of my life. It is my lifes work to make him happy, contented and fabulously rich and I have succeeded wonderfully well, which thrills me. Yours sincerely, Arsene Wenger.

        Answer your question?

    2. Segun says:

      You know, it is a dangerous thing when we have to believe a journalist over the club. Every club has wish lists and aspirations each window. Why don’t we get the same amount of scrutiny and disclosures about such matters with other clubs? You think Chelsea and say, Spurs got the window they all wished for?

      Arsenal fans are gullible and are used by the media to disrupt the team spirit, where other teams sing high praise about their clubs’ (lesser) achievements. All these years that neither Spurs nor Liverpool have won the EPL, you hardly hear their fans wishing the clubs ill. They sing and support still. Arsenal wins 3 trophies in 4 years and miss out on the league (again) and CL, there is a crisis. Pawns! That’s what the fans have become and guess who makes the money from all these comments/hits/views? Of course, the blogs and media and twitter handle owners, etc.

      1. Rashid80 says:

        When is the last time you won against liverpool or spurs? Stop being delusional! Its not about winning the premier league its about the football we play currently and the disgusting way we’re losing to other rivals. Spurs and liverpool are improving we are not! Actually we are regressing, no shot on target against liverpool? FFS! 3 FA cups in 4 years? So what? You don’t want to improve and challenge for the premier league? I can’t believe how people still support the manager and board after all the lies. Btw Arsenal gave me a blood pressure problem and you guys still support this disgusting regime

        1. Segun says:

          Sorry about your condition, Rashid. Better take it easy. Whilst your question is not helpful to the context of the discuss (because sports clubs go through cycles), I shall answer directly. Spurs: Last beat them late 2016; we also hold a win record over them of 70 : 53. Liverpool: I recall a 4-1 win in 2015; we shared points in the 2015/16 season; not sure what our win record over them is.

          The point of pointing out the EPL and FA cup wins is to emphasize that we never read about their fans holding protest marches or carrying banners and generally making themselves cannon fodder for the media and other clubs’ fans.

          We need to express ourselves but not in the manner of some here. Truth is we can’t claim to know more about the management of the game than those running it now. Liverpool played poorly many times in the past but you’ll always hear their anthem ring out at their ground. Why the entitlement with our fans? What makes us feel we are more pained than the players when we lose games?

      2. jon fox says:

        What a cynic you are and how little you feel our rightful pain! To be honest, I care nothing about Spurs, Liverpool and Chelsea but they are all run by proper managers and by owners who care for their club, UNLIKE ARSENAL, whether or not cynics like you care about it or even have the nous to realise how dreadfully our club shit on us fans from a great height. So stuff your views fella! WE TRUE FANS WILL GO ON MAKING TROUBLE FOR THE SCUM WHO RUN US UNTIL THEY ARE FORCED OUT AND IF YOU DON’T LIKE IT SUNSHINE, WELL TOUGH!

        1. joe says:

          Well said Mr Fox-they are definitely top of the pisstakers league

  2. andydale says:

    FIRE SALE, Kronke new stadium needed a cash injection, Anyway Wenger is a front for Kronke thats why he is paid so much, So he deserves as much abuse as the board.

      1. Segun says:

        A very cleverly twisted article, timed to coincide with the impression of doom already built around the club by the media and gullible fans. The quote :” ..But it is fair to say that every sports organization Kroenke has touched – the Rapids possibly aside – has turned into an outright failure, and his fingerprints are all over Arsenal now, too.” admits Kroenke has had success with the Rapids (thank goodness) but goes on to suggest Arsenal are a failure too? We are talking about the current FA and “English Super” cup champions here! A club that has won both cups 6 times in 4 years!! Outright failures. When last in our history have we been that successful in consecutive years, yet that’s a fingerprint of failure?

        Now, how fair is that comment?

    1. Segun says:

      That’s such misinformation. Kroenke’s net worth is over $7.5b; add his wife’s personal net worth, and we are talking $15b! She is the heiress to a family wealth of over $48b, so I don’t think he needs our club to build/expand his stadium.
      As far as the club’s financials show, the man has only respected the club’s tradition/philosophy of self sustainability and that’s his offense as we all have been spoilt by other clubs’ billionaire/State-aid owners distorting the finances with decisions which don’t make economic sense and which create unfair competition.
      For your information, Stan Kroenke, as KSE, has since elected to forgo his contracted consulting fees of £3m, annually so, contrary to general views, he hasn’t been taking any money out of the club and neither has any director or shareholder. It is all in the financial records, if we care to read it.

      1. Tas says:

        Yes but as soon as he sells the club he can take it all out in one go which might not be to long in the near future ?

        1. Segun says:

          Speculative, at best. His history shows he isn’t a seller. He’s held onto his franchises for very long. In any case, it is now his business to do as he pleases. So, make up your mind what you want of him; stay or sell and leave?

      2. ZA_Gunner says:

        You’re a hypocrite, as much as the media you contest, to assume just because he is a billionaire that he doesn’t need our club as a wager to build/expand on his stadium.

        1. Segun says:

          ZA, be civil! No need for name calling. I always thought South Africans (at least those I know) were decent.

          I have backed my claims with every reasonable information, based on a public document and what I know about the terms of the club’s long term lenders (you can’t just use the club as leverage in the US when it’s already geared in the U.K.). Why not do the same instead of speculating.

          1. Segun says:

            Just in case, those terms (“leveraged” and “geared”) have to do with debt and borrowing. No intention to sound condescending, please.

      3. rkw says:

        Jesus a 4th place junkie in thrall to the super rich … the last thing we need is some tax avoiding rent seeking billionaire with no interest in the game and a fixation with shareholder value (but willing to forego 3m in consulting fees … seriously!!) … impression of doom … where have you been for the last 10 years and sorry I don’t consider the FA cup or the English supercup (u mean the charity shield .. u have to be an utterly moronic corporate lacky to try to pretend that it is some kind of achievement to win it) to be a triumph fa cup is now a second level trophy just like finishing 4th is not like winning the league … we were told that moving in to a fancy new stadium was our path to competing with the top European clubs while instead we have since moving in fallen consistently behind .. kroenke’s brand of corporate looting is familiar … read the seminal study by akerlof and Roemer if u are so interested in the topic … and it is guaranteed to lead to second class football status however much you are in thrall to the Walmart dynasty …

        1. Segun says:

          rkw, just reading your words, I can say for a fact you never came top of your class, talk less of “4th place”. Even now, I can tell you have numerous aspirations which are still unmet. Well, that’s the real world for you.

          Don’t lecture me about what “we were told” about moving to a new stadium because I am sure you were told a lot of things all your life which you are still grappling with (well, I can tell from your abusive language). If you are just a bit critical, you will see that the football landscape changed significantly, just after we started stadium construction. We still coped well, in my view but of course, have to do a bit more now to ensure we are always challenging for the title. That’s the point we are at and that’s the discussion we should be having; not asking the impossible (that Kroenke will just leave the club, after investing in it).

  3. Jeremy says:

    I read that AW asked the fans to back the club?

    I was seriously wondering, what did the club management do to deserve our backing. The fans are consistently taken advantage while Kroenke makes zero contributions and constantly helps himself to some form of management fees. What sort of management did he do?

    I think Kroenke and his gang know the knives are out. We are no longer going to tolerate his bull.

    Dear fans – Take actions against Kroenke and gang. Say no to them. It’s action now or nothing. Boycott the games now. Hit them where it hurts most. Don’t let them walk all over us. Kroenke and gang, get out now.

    1. ArseOverTit says:

      No boycotts as they are not effective, but protests will follow. Rest assured;)

      1. Midkemma says:

        Boycotting the games could be the best thing but unfortunately some people like to moan like little children and they can not make the sacrifice themselves, too many idiots spending money on AFC.

        Silent Stan likes his asset to be worth a lot of money.

        Boycotting AFC and not giving money over to AFC would hurt him more as it would hurt the value of the club.

        People do not boycott thinking that they have the right to go even if the rest of AFC fans are united in boycotting the games, there will be the ones who still go and they are the issue regarding boycotting.

        To say it isn’t effective is talking BS, it is prob the most effective thing we supporters could do but it wont happen because of people like you who want people to spend money and go to games, spend a bit more on banners and go pay AFC £60 to hold a #SilentStanOut sign or whatever.

        1. ArseOverTit says:

          Midkemma , you are nothing but talk.

          I protest, and contribute and have not gone to games for over 5 years and hav not spent a penny on AFC merchandise.

          Boycotting does not work because sufficient numbers do not take part. Therefore it goes unoticed and Is ineffectual! Therefore it is not a feasible tool to achieve our aims.

          You b£tch on , and leave the doing to others.

        2. Break-on-through says:

          Yeah, the season ticket holders with the swanky new third jersey are the worst. They give Arsenal what they want, then leave a seat empty now and then or bring a placard. Same with those AFTV lot, but they blame the Wenger ins who want him in, that makes sense how. They say it often enough, what Arsenal are about, so I presume they should know how to hit them where they feel it. Problem is that they’re gonna feel it too, it’s alright for them to tell others what to do and why they should be pissed, but god forbid they should hurt themselves in the process of trying to hurt Arsenal. Even when you see one of them ripping the season ticket up, sure you’ll have another one soon enough. Grow a pair if you lot really feel as mad as you say, or are you all just hot wind, nagging, or do love the sound of your own voice, you need it for youtube is it, so you can show people how you’re fuming. I’ve seen hermaphrodites with bigger balls.

      2. Jeremy says:

        It’s obvious that Kroenke wanted to ‘milk’ us ascash cows.

        Which group of fans can tolerate his bull for 14 years?

  4. ArseOverTit says:

    He was offered no job by psg. He said there was ‘contact’, that’s all.

    You don’t think psg’s owners who pay ludicrous amounts of money for mbappe and neymar haven’t seen Wenger and his teams loose year after year both domestically and the European front?

    You think they would think Wenger was the best candidate to bring success..

    How easily some are fooled.

    1. Midkemma says:

      You think PSG is looking at how AFC miss out on Lemar, miss out on Mbappe (oh they got him!), miss out on countless players over the years… You think they haven’t seen AFC undermine the manager for near a decade with a CEO that sells off the best and if he can then he will sell our best to his beloved City.

      Maybe PSG thought Wenger could still do it if the club actually bought his targets like AFC did with Dein.

      Wenger isn’t perfect but he holds the most FA Cups, can’t be completely useless and hold that record. He is human and makes mistakes. Every manager makes mistakes.

      1. ArseOverTit says:

        Defend Wenger to your death for all I care.

        Psg do not want Wenger. Maybe Chinese league mid tablers do though.

        1. Segun says:

          It is no secret that PSG owners have wanted Arsene for a long time. They know him very well and if he says he is available, I bet they will snap him up. Maybe, you should read the words of the PSG owner when it came to interest in Alexis. Wenger chose to remain at Arsenal, for reasons only he can tell.

          1. ArseOverTit says:

            More fool them then.

            Why spend all that money on the best firepower if your pilot is blind and flying a world war 2 aircraft.

          2. ArseOverTit says:

            Ps show me the copy that has the psg owner saying he wants Wenger as manager and I’ll eat my hat.

          3. Segun says:

            Try this:

            Or this:

            Then this:

            If you believe all the othe stuff in the papers, surely you won’t doubt these which suggests he is close with the owners of PSG. In any case, we have heard no denials. Even former PSG coach, Laurent Blanc once accused the ownership of being obsessed with Wenger.

          4. Simon says:

            Proof on the table

    2. Tobee says:

      Spot on mate

  5. arsenal4life says:

    No one wants to leave a club
    where you can cruise on a fat salary
    under no pressure to win anything big.
    But who signed so much deadwood and gave them
    long contracts on so much money?

    1. Arsenal_Girl says:

      Exactly, our average players are making too much money. Other clubs lower in the table don’t want to pay that much. These players prefer it here with the high wages they won’t get anywhere else. Many of them don’t have real competition ie top players. That is what Henry meant when he said our players are “too comfortable” at Arsenal.

      Wenger has made a very difficult situation for us by loading our team up with average players with high salaries

    2. Midkemma says:

      That why Alexis wants to leave for City according to rumors?
      That is why the Ox turned down more money to go to Liverpool?

      Who signed the deadwood?
      Gazidis, he is the CEO, he makes transfers happen. Maybe a couple of them was Wenger targets but it was Gazidis who signed them

      Was they targets of Wenger though?
      Wenger didn’t want Perez, he didn’t want Welbeck, Wenger wanted Xhaka when AFC bought ElNeny…

      Wenger has made errors as a manager but let us also blame Gazidis for failing his end, for failing to back the manager after the owner gave the manager his backing. Silent Stan has his faults as well, no one is perfect 🙂

      To lump all the blame on Wenger is what frustrates me and causes me to defend the old fool, I love AFC and I want AFC to improve and I do not think being short sighted will help the club I am passionate about.

      1. ArseOverTit says:

        Kroenke, Wenger and Gazidis out.

        Kroenke is the disinterested leech, Wenger the incapable manager and Gazidis an ineffectual lying scumbag.

        All must go!

      2. jon fox says:

        You say “Silent Stan has his faults as well, no one is perfect”, implying that perhaps he fails to wash up, put the rubbih out, leave the cap off the toothpaste and trivial matters like that. Yet his REAL FAULTS are to steal our club, drain it of money, care nothing and s..t on us fans. And that is just for starters. Unlike you, most sensible fans know that all three are totally incompetent , Kroenke, Gazidis and Wenger, plus the other nonentities on the board(apart from Ken Friar). Hitler had a few faults too, rather like Kroenke has!

      3. Stanivarsene must go says:

        Gazidis does not decide the players Wenger does. Wenger also negotiates, as he did with Mbappe, when he refused to pay his family money last year.
        Everyone in the club except Stan is under Wenger when it comes to decision power.
        Wenger is the one who chose to buy Xhaka instead of Kante isnt he Or do you think Gazidis had something to do with Sylvestre as well.
        Come on you can not be that blind, Wenger decides everything at the club. He is given enough money to build a competitive team – He is not decisive and he buys a lot of crappy players.

    3. Segun says:

      You think all the flak fans give him isn’t pressure enough? Lol.

      1. ZA_Gunner says:

        The money pays a lot better than most jobs anyway.

        1. Segun says:

          And after 20 years, I’d say he has deserved it, wouldn’t you?

  6. bur says:

    yes weegor did well this window…………he made a substantial profit for the money grabbing board.

  7. Pablo Picasso says:

    This just shows how clueless Wenger and his stuff are.

    How do you buy 3 players (Mustafi, Perez, and Elneny) and before half way into their contract you sanction for there sale at a lower fee! What are the scouts paid to do?

    Next time Arsene save some money (which you are good at) on paying professional scouts and just ask us the fans on who we fill will do better at Arsenal, we might not get them all right but clearly players like Elneny / Chambers / Welbeck / Mustafi / Gabriel / Asano / Sanogo / Xhaka / Perez and all the bladders we have made in the transfer market would have been avoided.

    1. Segun says:

      Every team has such players, to be fair, or it isn’t a squad.

      1. ZA_Gunner says:

        Yes that’s why we look average because out yardstick for measure is the failure of every team

        1. Segun says:

          ZA, maybe you can prove that claim by a man for man check of Arsenal squad v those of the other top 6 sides. Your post (“…failure of every team…”) isn’t based on fact or Arsenal will regularly be bottom of the table, not top 4 for 22 years on the bounce!

          Don’t allow your Wenger hate to be loud your reason.

          1. Segun says:

            …to becloud **

  8. Break-on-through says:

    If it’s true well then Wenger has finally realized that this group of players just don’t have enough for a long season. I’d want Giroud to be third striker at Arsenal for him to stay, that doesn’t mean he’d necessarily see less game-time than the second striker, no, it just means that when our first striker is injured we have a better and quicker second striker to replace him with. Giroud will always have talents that our other players could never duplicate. Elneny, if we had a large number of CM and some real quality, well then I’d prefer him to stick around. He should be a decent option after an injury crisis. But if Wenger wants a smaller no of players, a tight nit group, well then yes I could see the sense in selling Elneny and bringing in a player of big quality, stature and character.

    Gazidas has spoken, our window went terrifically well. We saved millions by not offering Alexis and Ozil early bumps in their contracts. We pissed off AOC enough that we could sell him without Wengers permission, so we got our CL money back ..yay! We fooled many of the usual fans with a carrot and a stick trick ..I’ll spell it out some more for the people who get fooled easily enough, or are easily pleased put it nicer. Carrot / Lemar, Donkey / Fans, 100m is the stick that doesn’t budge.

    1. Segun says:

      You have a point there. However, I look at last season when we spent £100m+ and sold no one, thus making a transfer window Loss (as most fans seem to prefer) and ask if that made it a successful window.

      On the converse side, Chelsea came 10th in the 2015/16 season, bought only Ngolo Kante and won the league the next season. Transfer window additions are overrated, if you ask me. We have good players, we need to simply believe in them and support for them to succeed.

      1. Stanivarsene must go says:

        Transfer window addition are hugely important to build a team, even one player like Kante would have made a difference.
        The window where we just bought Cech, Vidal was available – the window after that Kante was available.
        Imagine Vidal and Kante in the middle of the pitch instead of Elneny and Xhaka.
        nuff said…

        1. Segun says:

          True, but we did add two top quality players this term. Don’t forget that information is similar and same in the perfect market that the football industry has become. Arsenal doesn’t have the near monolpoly it enjoyed; and now, we have oil rich states using state-aid to fund their clubs. We can’t operate that way and still remain a well run club. Ask those that have gone before.

          1. ZA_Gunner says:

            We are not saying we want a nation to run our club, we just want us to have a billionaire willing to spend his money and see Arsenal as his hobby like all the cash injected clubs. Roman Abromovich’s Chelsea is his hobby hence he puts resources in instead of getting something out, there’s the difference.

          2. Segun says:

            ZA_Gunner, you do realize that billionaire owners pouring endless resources into the coffers is the exception and not the rule, right? You also know that it goes against the visions of the regulators of the game, for the running of the game. Having said that, it is the resolve of the founding fathers of our club to run the club in a sustainable manner using only the club’s resources (even when resorting to debts), which is the reason the rejection of Usmanov was unanimous and Kroenke accepted, because he agreed with that philosophy. It is simply the most sustainable way to run a business.

            La Liga just sent a written request to UEFA demanding they investigate Man City’s spending. Ironically, Wenger recently asked for FFP to be scrapped since it can’t be enforced. But you get the point that decency requires a bit of moderation in things that are incongruous with normal business practices.

            The way the world is going, maybe things will change and we make demands on the owner, but that will have to be by unanimous resolution, at AGM, to do so. I am sure Kroenke won’t have a problem throwing in funds.

        2. Segun says:

          Oh, and Chelsea met Kante’s asking “buy-out clause” first. That’s how they got him. Vidal had eyes for Bayern after Juve. Maybe, Wenger doesn’t feel he’ll fit into the style he envisioned for his team. I can’t answer for Wenger too intelligently, but it is clear we had interest in Kante, only he went to Chelsea after the club’s agreed.

          1. ZA_Gunner says:

            So Chelsea was the winner and we were the loser.

          2. Segun says:

            Maybe, (though I didn’t see it as about winners and losers, or we can say about 18 other clubs also lost?) but only if there was a real pitch for him by the club. We don’t know if we valued him that highly, especially as he’s been at the losing end of at least 5 games VS Arsenal already.

      2. John0711 says:

        How is it a loss when the club makes millions or does that not count

      3. ZA_Gunner says:

        It’s so convenient for you to neglect the season before their failed one, Chelsea were league champions. They didn’t need to have to go and haul their team because they already have good players and they have the quality required for a premier league challenge. The difference was the manager hence they fired him and won. I call that being astute, something we don’t seem to getting it right.

        1. Segun says:

          We could make the same argument about Arsenal, being FA cup champions and Charity shield winners, in 2015, you know, if you only try to have perspective.

  9. JustJoy says:

    rubbish. vanity plus vanity is equal to vanity.

  10. Jon Sawai says:

    I am curious Admin…why did you omit the third page of Ornstein tweet in your article.. .For me thats the most juicy bit as it shed light on how Arse board and Kronke has actually been operating all this while….

    It also would help lower fan expectations on signings….They should know that having current superstar such as Dybala,Mbappe playing 4 us would just be a pipe dream as long as Kronke and his board remained in charged.The tightly control budget would not allow that to happened..

    Even RM reject now cost 80 mil now compared to Ozil 40 mil 3 years ago

    1. Admin says:

      That will be a different article…..

  11. Declan says:

    Some of you need to educate yourselves on how an English club like Arsenal, listed on the stock exchange, actually works. All the comments about the board lining their pockets and Stan taking huge amounts of money out of this club to help build a new stadium (or buy a ranch) in America is total rubbish and just cannot happen. Even using the club to enable a loan cannot happen without notifying the stock exchange in London. And being publicly listed, then anything like this is published in the media which has not happened. If anything like this were to happen then Usmanov would certainly have things to say on it. Kroenke does not own Arsenal, he is just the majority shareholder and cannot do as he likes with the club or its assets.

    1. Jeremy says:

      How would you explain his management fee, if Kroenke is not the deciding party? Would Usmanov pay him that?

      1. Declan says:

        Usmanov is a huge supporter of Wenger so yes I expect he would but what has that got to do with my post? All salaries and incomes and outgoings at Arsenal are are clearly visible in the accounts for shareholders to see and lodged with the stock exchange. It is visibly clear that Kroenke takes a £3.5 mill ‘wage’ annually and also the salaries of Gazidis and others.

        1. Segun says:

          Ah, Declan. Thank goodness for another voice of reason in the miasma of mob reactions that the club’s fandom has been turned into.

          In fact, Kroenke has dropped the idea of taking the £3m fees he was due. The 2015 financials showed that sum was not paid (and hasn’t been paid) again, since the first one caused such an uproar (as if a shareholder isn’t entitled to any benefits of his investments). Fans need to understand that he is a businessman and a very wealthy one, at that. Stories of such penny pinching a ridiculous.

          1. Jeremy says:

            Has not paid, doesn’t equal will not pay?
            Get the fact right? If he decided to forfeit it altogether, it will never show in financial statement.
            As long as he got the IOU, Arsenal FC will have to pay.

          2. Segun says:

            And you know so because…..?

            He has forfeited the right to that sum completely! Whoever said it shows on the financials. The notes to the financials stated that the owner has forfeited the obligation of the club to him for providing advisory services through some of his sporting franchises especially STAT-DNA, a company he bought to give Arsenal useful information about players’ levels and performances.


          3. Jeremy says:

            He already took Management fee for two years and only stopped when AST stepped in.


            Was he such an angel which you claimed he was?

          4. Segun says:

            Jeremy, if you really think Kroenke stopped taking management fees (and it was only once, by the way) because “the AST stepped in”, you must be very naive about how the world of business works.
            He is majority shareholder of the club! If you own a business, your customers can make you change your product pricing/distribution/promos/packaging, but won’t interfere with internal transfer pricing matters. Only the AGM can, and the AGM approved the fees already. It was his personal decision, my friend.

            So, why haven’t the AST succeeded in changing those many other things most fans moan about, like WENGER-OUT?

          5. Segun says:

            I take some of that back. The AST are not “customers”, per se but hold shares and are entitled to ask questions at the AGM too, or in any way they please. However, it will take much more to dissuade an owner from the practice of taking fees for services rendered, except he makes a personal choice.

    2. jon fox says:

      You choose to omit the important comment about Kroenke , which is that unlike other English hungry clubs and boards/owners, he chhooses just to sit on his investment putting no effort whatever or capital into it, even though with the new moey from TV rights and commercial he i sittingon a gold mine , and keeping it all to himself. I call that sort of owner a parasite and self centred piece of dirt. So would you, if you thought it through properly or were a real fan who feels the pain all lifelong fans of our club feel.

      1. ZA_Gunner says:

        This is right, at the end of the day Arsenal is an investment to gain for Kroenke and not one to sacrifice in. It doesn’t matter if he doesn’t take money out of the club now, the value will still rise and all he needs to do is sit back and let things unfold on its own. If all those AKB really care then they would pain to see an owner who does not invest to alleviate the pressure on Wenger. But I am not an AKB so I would say all those who have been incompetent and does not care for our clubs future need to be shown the door.

        1. Segun says:

          ZA_Gunner, I am glad we have progressed from “Kroenke takes out money and is all about the money; a parasite” to “it doesn’t matter if he doesn’t take money out…”.

          It is important to slate a man but using the facts, not speculative innuendos.

      2. Segun says:

        I wish you well when you decide to invest in some business (pardon me, if you already own one), to throw your money into it, not expecting any beneficial growth or improvements. Let’s see how far you go. A man takes a “gamble” to pay a premium on the club’s shares, takes over ownership, consistently brings his company’s (KSE) experience to bear on the globalization of the club and all we can say is he “puts no effort”? Laughable!

        He has bought other smaller companies to support the club become more efficient in certain aspects of the business and as confirmed by the same journalist (Ornstein) is desperate for the club to win the league this season. And you judge him based on what you DO NOT know, seeing as you are so far away from his office or the running of the club. Well done!

        1. GunnerJack says:

          Segun & Declan – you will now be getting used to how many fans ‘think’ on this board. As you now know they don’t like to think too much – they much prefer to look for an emotional rant from someone who has no idea of the truth and then jump on the developing bandwagon and thumb the rant up for all they’re worth. There, that should ensure a good few thumbs down! 🙂

      3. Segun says:

        If you feel pain for being part of a club with our successes, I wonder what those sorry fans at Spurs, Liverpool (and 13 other clubs, at a time) would be feeling having not won the EPL forever. You think because you get easily excitable, you somehow love the club more?

        For your information, all the Broadcast and Commercial monies belong to Arsenal FC and are first reflected in the books of the club, and utilized for operations and player trades; the reason we are said to have a healthy cash reserves. So, when you say Kroenke is ‘keeping it all to himself’, I truly wonder how you came about that conclusion.

  12. Grandad says:

    At senior level AW is totally responsible for the purchase and sale of players.He operates within a budget sanctioned by the Board who have no input whatsoever as to who comes or goes.The fact that Wenger was prepared to bid £95m for Lemar confirms that the Budget was not inconsiderable. Only one man is responsible for the mess at this great club and until he departs the mistakes in recruitment and sales will continue.

  13. HA559 says:

    The only positive is that we are better off in attack this term not only with Lacazette but Saed will contribute to goals and assists as well. This is the ONLY positive.

  14. Jim wall says:

    Please… Please stop taking up for wenger and the board, we finished 5th last year we bought 2 first team players and sold one first team player ox, other teams that finished above us bought several players, it doesn’t make sense hope I’m wrong but it looks like 6th place if we’re lucky go now wenger…

  15. john says:

    Boycotting the matches Is not the answer though boycotting them could be, I feel Wenger has lost the confidence of the
    Players and supporters, we only signed two players and sold the ox to Liverpool, he promised more and it never happened so a mediocre season awaits us again, with Europa league soccer too

    1. jon fox says:

      Excuse me? “boycotting the matches is not the answer but boycotting them could be”. Care to explain this nonsense?

  16. john says:

    I think a protest Is the safest option and it about time the arsenal board stepped down, Wenger promised a overhaul of the squad and brought in two, while he sold ox to Liverpool a bad mistake, I feel Alexis will leave in January with Ozil not Far behind , why Is Wilshire still at the club is beyond me. Another mediocre season if we end up trophyless then Wenger should go and let someone else take over

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