Arsenal wants 22-year-old as an alternative to Youri Tielemans

Cheick Doucoure could join Arsenal as their move for Youri Tielemans is now very unlikely.

The Belgian midfielder has been on Arsenal’s radar for a long time, but he might sign an extension to his deal at Leicester City, and the Gunners will now turn their attention to other targets.

The closest replacement to Tielemans that they have now is Doucoure, with Mirror Sport, as reported by Express Sport, claiming that they have been scouting the Lens midfielder in the last few months.

The 22-year-old has continued to improve at the Ligue 1 club, and he is considered one player that can make an impact at the Emirates if he moves to Arsenal.

The report adds that signing him could cost Mikel Arteta’s side just £17.2m.

Just Arsenal Opinion

We need more bodies in our midfield, and if we cannot sign Tielemans, then we must add other players to the position. 

At 22, Doucoure can develop into a fine midfielder in London, and Arteta has proven that he can develop players.

Hopefully, we can meet Lens’ asking price and convince him to join us.

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  1. “Arteta has proven that he can develop players”
    bridge too far Martin, at least at the Emirates

    1. That was my thinking exactly when I read that…do we have examples of at least 2 players developed by Arteta? Saka and ESR maybe? That’s more Wenger, Ljunberg et al

      Tomiyasu and Tierny are probably the closest to that claim….I’m still not convinced though

      1. Of course arteta got our academy products firing cos ESR,saka and nketiah had the highest number of goals last season in all competitions,this was’nt achieved under emery so give credit where it’s due.

      2. Arteta has done just fine with keeping the players and improving them,

        If it were that easy, why was Tuchel finding it hard to make the best of ziyech, lukaku and others,

        Klopp couldn’t help Origi, Minamino,

        IMO, Arteta has done really well, ain’t easy creating a style of play, especially having to teach different races.

    2. @TRVL4e
      Spot on…I wonder what Saliba, Pepe, Lokongo, Tavares, Saka or ESR have to say about this…IJS

      1. Cheers NYG…it’s like some of these posters don’t actually watch the matches or maybe just Dazn-like highlight packages

  2. seems to be more of a DM which isn’t exactly what we need. Arteta is still developing Lokonga who he may try to mold as a Partey alternative so doubt we get this guy.

  3. Looks a great signing. DM cover is much needed and even having the option to play Partey further upfield would be a plus.

  4. Arteta gave the youngsters an opportunity but he never developed them.
    Tierney and Martinelli were Emery’s players.
    I’m sure he will bring players through – Patino looks very close to the first team now.

  5. Agree it’s a low cost alternative however given the spend on transfers ,there will be a price to be paid ,jam on the bread tomorrow, will no longer be tolerated, impact will be the mantra from America. Arteta now has to give instant results for the investment.
    This implies experienced PL players to pad out the players from other leagues.

  6. As it stands, 19 non-homegrown players. 21 homegrown players, 39 under 21s (including Saka, Okonkwo, Marquinhos) plus 4 already loaned out and eight 2nd years scholars.

    That is 89 players not including this year’s 1st year scholars …….Wow.

    So as it stands we have 38 senior players on the books for next season. This is down to the rule change regarding PL2 becoming under 21s meaning that any player born July 31st or before is now classed as senior, ie homegrown or non-homegrown. So players like Tim Akinola, George Lewis and James Hillson are classed as homegrown as are Martinelli and Saliba

  7. Cheick Doucoure is more a defensive midfielder and Tielemans is an attacking midfielders scoring more goals.
    No comparison IMO.

  8. Leno/Hillson
    Ballard Trusty Mari Swanson
    Bellerin Torreira Guendozi Smith
    Olayinka Lewis, M.Smith Akinola

    These 14 are ineligible for under 21s unless played as an overage player, surely they have to leave the club, at the very least on loan.

    Then we also have to consider if Runarrsson, Pepe, Tavares, AMN, Nelson and Balogun are in the 25?

    1. That is without anymore signings!!! People can sit at home and play Football Manager, but players have lives, wives, children, schools and mortgages to consider.

  9. As already mentioned CD is a more cultured
    DM by trade but does have the technical
    ability to slot in @ CM.

    He’d be a perfect long term replacement for

  10. Arteta is developing team which is what we need most. As the team is developing, the players are also developing which is evident in our younstars like keeper, Gabriel, nketiah, martinelli and Saka. Best of luck to the team.
    We need players that can come in to improve the team not the ones that wants development….. Myriads of developmental players are at our academy.

  11. Here is a question, what would you do with our 13 goalkeepers?
    Here Listed in age order (my preference in brackets)
    Leno (Sell)
    Turner (no.2)
    Runarsson (no.3)
    Ramsdale (no.1)
    Hillson (loan)
    A.Okonkwo (loan)
    T.Smith (loan)
    Hein (loan)
    Graczyk (u21)
    Ejeheri (u21)
    Kovecevic (u21/u18)
    Rojas (u18)
    B.Okonkwo (u18)

  12. Cheick Doucoure is highly rated by Patrick Vieira and is one of the best young defensive midfielder across Europe. At that price, it is the right time to buy him,

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