Arsenal wants €14M Englishman in their squad next season

Arsenal has made Aaron Ramsdale their number one target to provide competition for Bernd Leno next season and they are pushing on with their plans to lure him to London.

The Gunners sold Emiliano Martinez to Aston Villa last summer, but Leno hasn’t had the best of times between the sticks.

The German is error-prone and the absence of credible competition could be one reason he isn’t performing well.

Arsenal is adding players to their squad in this transfer window and one position that needs to be strengthened is their goalkeeper spot.

Todofichajes says they have narrowed down their transfer options to Ramsdale and they expect to complete his transfer soon.

The Englishman has been relegated in his last two seasons from the Premier League, but he has stood out each time for Bournemouth and Sheffield United.

He is too good for Championship football and the report claims that the Blades have placed a €14M valuation on his head.

That fee shouldn’t be too much for Arsenal to pay and they wouldn’t be happy if they miss out on adding Ramsdale to their squad before the transfer window closes.

Leno struggled when he competed with Martinez and might lose the number one spot to Ramsdale when the England international joins.

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      1. Me either Sue but it seems Arteta is set on him so it looks like happening 🙄 JG off to city 😄

        1. Great 😳 Crazy money, Kev. I like him (& his calves) he’s quality, but 100m!
          Plus Chelsea willing to pay 100+m for someone they sold for 28m…
          Then there’s Kane.. 💰

          1. Absolutely ridiculous money nowhere near 100 mil but Ben White is nowhere near 50 either but that’s the market now 🙄 haha yeah well you’ll get to see him and his calves win trophies next season Sue 😆 he’s had 2 spells at Chelsea and didn’t work maybe 3rd time lucky ? Lol. Kane he’s gone on strike hasn’t he ? 😂

          2. Kev.. Ziyech making up for that awful miss against us on Sunday! He’s now on a hat trick!!
            Looks that way.. imagine if City get him over the line also.. will anyone keep up with them? Maybe the Chavs if they get Big Rom?
            Going to be an enthralling season.. the spuds are crying already.. 😏

          3. Are you watching the game ? I’m just watching Sky Sports News I see it has gone 2-0 I wonder if Harry is watching from his hotel room in America 😂 no they will win the league next season Sue and they will probably sign someone else too 😯 yeah well Lukaku wants the move I thought they would have gone for Haaland but that doesn’t look like happening. I hope we get a right back in this window apart from the AM situation this is what worries me most 🙄

          4. No, it’s not on hesgoal and I certainly ain’t paying £7.99 to watch those 2 teams 😆 I’ll pay on Sunday 😉
            I thought the Mancs were after Haaland??
            Is there even a RB on our wishlist? I was hoping to see a few departures, but even that is looking doubtful…

          5. Haha they salvaged a draw didn’t see that coming 😆 haha I can’t watch those streams Sue too much buffering fo me 😄 we should be after him offer Aubameyang, Nketiah and lacazette to Dortmund ? 😜. The only thing I read Sue was us being linked to the Turkish RB that plays in Italy and he actually looks like a decent player looks like cafu compared to Bellerin haha.

          6. Neither did I 🤣 Hesgoal is pretty good for buffering, Kev..
            Well, I saw news about us offering Bellerin a new deal, yes even after that assist on Sunday! Thought that’d please you! Hehe!

          7. Bloody hell, Kev, Fofana stretchered off earlier in a ‘friendly’ against Villarreal.. awful challenge

          8. Hahaha what an assist it was 😂 new deals for Xhaka and Bellerin what next new deal for Willian ? 🙄. Last I looked was 3-2 Leicester sounded like a good game but obviously not for Leicester.. Jim Maddison was playing Sue he better not get injured he has an Arsenal medical very soon doesn’t he ? 😜

          9. Haha you wish, Kev! You really think there’s a chance we’ll get him? Far too much money – will be amazed if it materialises.

          10. Well there’s a chance I believe we can sign him it just depends on Kroenke and whether he actually will back Arteta in the transfer window, if not him them Aouar please 🤞 if our business is done now then we will be lucky to make top 8 Sue 🙄

          11. Sue and Kev82, Arsenal should forget over paying for James Maddison and thereby strengthening Leicester City. Fly across to Lyon as the “one stop shop” to get Houss
            Em Aouar (ACM) and Bruno Guimaraes (DM) with change left over to buy Onana as the back u goalkeeper. Better allocation of £70 million and job done!

          12. Our business can’t be done surely, Kev! As Ozzie says job done for 70m with those 3 players mentioned.. but that ain’t gonna happen, you know we always like doing things the hard way!!

    1. Especially when he has runarsson in the side. Why not playing runarsson more ?! International GK. Top quality.

  1. OT.. Villa sign Ings… wow, that came from nowhere!! That’s what I like no noise, no saga, boom done and dusted!

    €14! I can see us paying that.. arghhhh!

    1. Yes Sue Villa spending the Grealish money and spending it well, could be a threat next season! They did of course win the equivalent of the a champions League back in the day.

        1. Also
          Leon Bailey took like 4 days .
          Anything Arsenal takes a good 4 months just to get to an agreement.

          1. Dan, and still pay £50 million for Ben White. It’s not like all that “negotiation” saved Arsenal any money.

      1. This should give you an idea of how reliable the media are. Sometimes they have a basis for their stories, sometimes they just make them up.

        As for Villa’s signing of Ings being quiet and efficient, perhaps the comparative lack of interest of the national media in Villa has something to do with it. They can’t be bothered to invent rumours. Villa’s doing well, however. I like Ings.

  2. Instead of ramsdale let’s play Runarsson. Will we pay him 40k a week another 3 years just to stay on the bench ?

    1. Assuming your irony, but we’ll be paying that anyway as his latest move has just fallen through, as he’s simply not a saleable asset. Marvellous piece of business from the Arsenal hierarchy.

      1. Yes thats funny. Soneone told me “he is moving” last week or so. I could not believe that we found a team to get him. And what happened. The move fell apart LOL… I agree what a stunning piece of business. We put few millions on this guy. That is crazy to realize. Few millions to have him around giving serious competition to Leno LOL

  3. Whatever happened to the £30-40m they have been demanding? I’m sure that if they had been prepared to let him go for the equivalent of €14 we’d have signed him weeks ago.

  4. the only revelation in this most recent of several articles involving our supposed interest in Ramsdale is that at least the valuation is far more plausible…even still, I wouldn’t pursue this course of action, as I’m not sure he’s the Keeper to take us forward…I would suspect that his mere presence will be disastrous for both Leno and potentially the club, as every time he commits a blunder a considerable proportion of the fanbase will be quick to call for the hook…if that were to happen, this would negatively impact Leno’s market value moving forward, which would once again put us in another untenable situation…even worse, we pull him then Ramsdale sh**s the bed, thereby leaving us with another Keeper quandary and two devalued assets…as such, we need to run with Leno for the season, get a manageable experienced back-up, for the time being, then properly address the situation at season’s end…that way we can earmark all available funds towards far more pressing NEEDS

  5. Onana, for £4 million is a “no brainer”, a steal with a high sell on if he doesn’t work out and provided Leno doesn’t get injured during Onana’s suspension.

    1. Ozzie, Matheus Pereira to Al Hilal. Really surprised at that. Thought we’d see him in the PL… not Saudi Arabia!

      1. Pereira would have been another fish in the ocean if he remained in the PL. At Saudi, he’ll be one of the biggest fish in the pond. That means a lot to some Latin American players. Else we wouldn’t have seen players in their 20s plying their trade in Europe moving to China.

      2. Sue and VasC, Matheus Pereira was a player (based on his excellent performances in a poor WBA team) would have attracted other EPL clubs, particularly Arsenal.
        It appears clubs have been slow and he is going for the big pay day in Saudi Arabia, as I heard some time ago. I suppose he also has the advantage of acclimatising for the World Cup in Qatar.

        1. I loved your perspective, mate.

          Gotta give it to Pereira for his confidence in making the squad for the World Cup by playing in Saudi Arabia.

          1. VasC, whether he makes the squad or not he will be laughing. Wait to many of these European players hit the heat of Qatar. 😁 all the way to the 🏛️!

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