Arsenal wants Raphinha but he doesn’t seem interested in a move to the Emirates

Arsenal could be rejected for the second time in six months by Brazilian winger Raphinha as they show an interest in the Barcelona man again.

The Gunners wanted to sign him in the summer when the Selecao star played for Leeds, but he held out for a move to Barcelona.

He has struggled to be a starter at the Catalan club, which could see him leave and the Gunners remain interested.

Mikel Arteta’s side has just missed out on signing Mykhailo Mudryk to Chelsea, a huge blow and is desperate for attacking reinforcements this month.

However, a report on the Daily Mail reveals it is hard for them to get Raphinha because the Brazilian seems reluctant to move away from Catalonia.

Just Arsenal Opinion

We remain one of the top clubs in the world and players should jump at the chance to play for us, especially now that we are having a brilliant campaign.

If Raphinha is not excited about moving to London, then we can forget about the winger and turn our attention to other players who dream about wearing our red and white shirt.

Buying quality players in the January transfer window is tough and we might be forced to wait until the summer to get a good attacker.

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  1. I’m shocked , not because he’s now apparently shunned us twice ,but for the fact we are now going to go in with another bid ,60 million 😂

    1. I don’t think we are going in for him. He is happy at Barca. It’s all media hype. Deco made it clear to us his dream was/is Barca. Too many Brazilians can be pain for a club as well , they are not really renowned for their professional behaviour. He did not set the league on fire when he was EPL and he is not doing anything special in Barca either.

  2. He only just got there, it’s not like he’s not playing at all, and they’re top of their league…. Maybe at the end of this season or next it would be different but I’d be incredibly surprised if he were interested in joining us just now tbh. Timing makes no sense

  3. Rumours shmumours.

    Hard to believe this. Turned us down once, I struggle to believe Edu would even be considering this.

  4. Arsenal should in my own thinking put their want again to sign Raphinha ostensibly behind them.
    In the first place, Raphinha is not a prolific goals scorer. Neither is he a top assist giver even when he was at Leeds Utd playing,
    so, why are Arsenal so obsessed of signing him? I don’t understand. Is he the only top notch rightwinger around they can find to sign this season?
    To me Arsenal who are now a top team to watch and beat should not be desperate to sign any new player at the transfer market this season. Moreso if the player they are pursuing for signing doesn’t want to join them. Or pretend he wants to join us. But turn round quickly to forsake us on seeing heavy money dazzled across his face by another top club. Only for him to stretch out his arms and grabbed the money. Saying, honestly I renounced joining Arsenal in my life.
    Therefore, in the timebeing, Arsenal should jettison any more attempts by them to sign a new top quality rightwinger this season. As the two attempts they’ve made to sign one this season have resulted to headaches for us.
    Since we have rightwingers in Saka who is top, and Marquinhnos and Reiss Nelson who is injured but will come back. Arteta should limit himself to working with those 3 RWs he has. And forget about signing a new top one this winter until next summer transfer window I will assert.

  5. Good riddance. Hopefully Vlahovic also says the same ….. we can’t be happily be a player’s optional preference when we are making them our prime targets.

    If someone has not shown interest in us, we better quickly move on than have our time wasted as in a couple of recent cases

  6. We should go after players who want to join Arsenal, not players who we entice with high wages.

    He is a good player, but 60 million is overpaying, just like the Mudryk fiasco

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