Arsenal wants to sell £175,000-a-week star for £15m

Alexandre Lacazette is set to leave Arsenal this summer as the Gunners look to cash in on him.

The Frenchman has been at the club since 2017 and he has been one of their key players even in the reign of Mikel Arteta.

The Frenchman has entered the last year of his current deal at the Emirates and Arsenal has decided not to give him a new one.

The Sun says as they attempt to bring Tammy Abraham to the Emirates, they would need to offload him.

They have no interest in giving him a new contract and have now set an asking price of £15m.

The Frenchman currently makes around £175,000 per week at the Emirates and after they gave Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang a new big-money deal last summer, they have decided not to do the same for him.

The attacker was in fine form in some matches last season and may have been playing for a new contract.

However, that hasn’t worked and he would now have to look for a new club.

If Arsenal doesn’t sell him now, they will have to put up with him for the next 12 months and that could stop them from signing a new striker despite their interest in Abraham.

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  1. It is better we allow him to run down his contract. Except we want to bring in Haaland or Lewadowski . Tammy Abraham is below Lacasette in rating except in AGE.

  2. He should be offloaded alongside Aubameyang and Willian. We cant keep paying old players huge salary won’t deliver for us.

  3. Lower transfer fees are the result of putting players on massive wages.

    Arsenal have to be one of the best paying clubs when it comes to wages.

    I’ll give Kronke one thing, he isn’t cheap when it comes to wages; Ozil, Auba, Willian, Laca.

    Unfortunately not a single one has performances that match their checks. Perhaps less guaranteed money and more incentives may be the way to go.

    If the players aren’t interested then move on. These inflated wages are hurting us in money for transfers as well as trying to sell unwanted players.

    1. Since falling out of the top 4, Arsenal have attracted and retained big name players by paying high wages. It is the main selling point.

  4. Arsenal management are not serious at all , because you can’t sell laca for Abraham why , even that Abraham isn’t playing for his team ,sowhy that our team are seriously went to sign him

    1. If selling Laca brings Martinelli into the first team start up then I’m down with that but like you said Emmanuel if he’s sold to then go in for Tammy Abraham then more trust will be lost on this management team and let’s be honest they need to get things spot on this transfer window else once again it will be a long season fighting over scraps left over form the big guns .

  5. Anything less than 15m and we may as well hold onto him. He brings a lot to the team, especially off the pitch. With Balogun and Martinelli as backups, and Auba to play centrally if needed, I think we’ll make do this season. Depending on how the youngsters do, could be one priority area for next summer.

  6. Why do Arsenal keep going to Chelsea to get there non preforming players
    Give our youngsters a go specially Martineli

  7. Out with the old and in with the new, but @40m is Abraham the answer? I don’t think so!

    I’ll be sorry to see Laca go. 15m does seem rather low, but at least it wouldn’t be for nowt (like usual).
    AFC goes on…

    1. Don’t forget he is on very high wages. So we need to include wages saved if he leaves now; this I believe is close to 10M.

  8. I do not agree that Arsenal has shot
    itself on the foot. Not at all. Inconsistency in our attack has been our problem for say five years today and Lacazette being our “9” has not broken the ice to take us to Championship. So, keeping him will mean that we keep marking time on the 8th position. Attackers who can rarely score with the head nor from outside the box are not worth the salt for a team that want to win the PL & Championship Trophies !!!
    It is like saying that selling Xhaka and Bellerin is shooting Arsenal FC on the foot. Not at all!!!!
    We need consistency, in all matches and not ONLY in some matches in the next campaign. In the 21/22 Campaign,
    PRESSING from the first minute to injury time in all our marches. Our
    # tag will be PRESSING, PRESSSING.

  9. I like the comment from Andrew. Lara has never scored 20 Pl goals and some people are saying we should offer him 200k plus wages . I think Abraham will be fine . He can score close to 20 goals if coached well . Players like Laca is already 30 and can not be coached . I just feel the price tag or 40 million is too high but unfortunately we have to pay inflated price abs wages to get top players as we do not have champions leagues football

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