Arsenal wants youngster branded the new Thierry Henry but he will not come cheap

Slavia Prague’s Abdallah Sima is a man in demand and Arsenal is one of the teams that want to sign him, according to Calciomercato.

The Senegalese attacker has been dubbed the “New Thierry Henry” according to Sun Sports because of his efficiency at cutting in from the wing to score goals for the club.

His goal-scoring form this season has been impressive with six goals from the same number of league games and three more in the Europa League this season.

The CalcioMercato report says that the 19-year-old is adept at playing on the wing or through the middle and his club know that several teams are monitoring him.

It says that they have set an asking price for him with Sun Sports quoting his club’s president saying: “It takes £50 million to let him go in January.”

That fee will be too much for Arsenal to pay, but their goalscoring problem is one that they need to sort out soon.

They are not alone in his chase with the same report saying that Juventus has also been monitoring him.

That fee might not be too much for the Italians to pay, so Arsenal has to decide if they really want him.

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  1. Being a Gunner of 78 years it is hard to say that Ive seen it all before but sadly I have. Wit our new manager it is all about favourites who get played whatever. Once the club have committed to paying vast wages to elderly stars like Luiz and Willian, they have signed our death warrant. Arteta plays them both at every opportunity and NOT because they are the men for the job. I look at our current squad and cannot believe that we are so low in the table. If I could pick the team (and all supporters know more than the AFC managers) I would go for balance and youth.

    Chambers Holding Mari
    Maitlan Niles, Partey, Saliba, Thierney
    Pepe, Auba, Saka

    SUBS = Luiz, Runnason, Balagon, Smith-Rowe, Cedric, Nketia, Laccazette.

    Yes I know it is not what is expected but just from years of experience I would back this team to take us up the table and become very hard to beat. A strong defence and powerful midfield and very fast front line. Bringing on balagun and Smith Rowe as often as possible. But, you know and I know that Arteta will play his favourites and keep subbing the only dangerous player we have (Pepe). That is a formula for disaster.

    1. gunnerpete, While agreeing with your mainpoint, I find it incredible that you would leave out GABRIEL for Chambers, That makes no sense, even though I have ONLY been attending since 1958! Did you forget about him or do you not rate him? The first I could stomach but not the second.

      1. For context, I realise that my reply might surprise many, as I am well known as a defender of MA from much of the hysterical and over reactionary fan criticism. That does NOT mean that I too do not see his mistakes in selection, shape and tactics. I do , OBVIOUSLY!

        But as a total life realist, I have long known that under Kroenkes mean ownership we have NO CHANCE to attract any established top managerial name like Allegri, Nagelsman, Tuchel, as they will not agree to work under Kroenkes meanness. Allegri was widely thought to have been asked prior to UE but declined. That is realism.

        So we have a young manage still learning but to me he has amply shown steel, strong principles and direction but has been let down big time by about two thirds of the most regular players.

        I would exempt Gabriel, Leno, Tierney, Saka and a good few of the still fringe youngers but most of the other regulars need to go. But how to do this is the problem. Covid and Gazidis, with his disastrous overpaying contracts combined, have made it also impossible to shift the forest of underachieving half hearted coasters, AND some who don’t coast but are just not good enough. That is the reality of our position and it is stark.

        But only time, patience and hopefully a change of ownership from Kroenke to DANGOTE, WHO IS A REAL FAN AND WANTS TO OFFER TO BUY WHEN HIS REFINERY IS COMPLETED, will much change our direction and fortunes.

        To keep sacking a manager each year or two makes zero sense , esp when we have one with quality, even though he HAS made mistakes. Remember, we have not the luxury of getting a top long term game proven name in while Kroenke remains. Realism!

    2. I’m not a fan of Holding or Maitland Nile
      Gabriel should be in there, Thierney should be Captain and I wouldn’t have Luis or Laccazette as subs either
      I hope Arteta stays though he must start changing things now
      I rate Balagon and I would have Aziz in the squad. Young but a born natural

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