Arsenal warned about Newcastle’s emergence to form a ‘big seven’

Arsenal’s struggles to make the top four is one reason ‘top-six’ was coined as a term in English football.

The likes of Manchester City and Tottenham were the initial teams that gate-crashed the traditional top four in English football to cause the expansion.

Now Newcastle United has a new owner, and they could become a Champions League team within a few seasons.

New Chelsea owner, Todd Boehly, has predicted their rise and says it would give birth to a new ‘big-seven’

He said, as quoted by The Telegraph: ‘The big six will become the big seven with the Saudi deal for Newcastle.

‘There is going to be opportunity for everyone to win.’ 

Just Arsenal Opinion

Football has become a money-spinning business, and the newest owners of clubs around the world will stop at nothing to ensure they outspend their rivals to achieve success.

Stan Kroenke hasn’t been a spender at Arsenal, but he needs to wake up and do more now, or rivals will leave Arsenal behind.

We have done some good spending in the last two transfer windows, but more must be done to match that of other clubs.

Mikel Arteta has proven to be a good manager, and we must back him with the players he needs to take us to the next level.

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  1. This write up though. I have no idea what you people wants the korenke to do in terms of spending or supporting the manager.
    They rewarded him with 3 years contract even when he has underachieved compared to the two managers before him in the league.
    He decided to employed non experience manager, gave him money to spend, back his projects, and reward him with contract.
    We can blame them for a lot of things in the past, and even at hands but you can’t question the support these management has received from them so far.

  2. It was a top 2 in 2000 Arsenal and Man U.
    Then a top 3 from 2005 till 2010 when Abramovich and Mourinho arrived at Chelsea.
    Then a top 4 from 2010 till 2016 when AbuDhabi Man Sheiky arrived.
    Then Leicester joined in 2016 to make 5.
    Then in 2017 Spurs under Poch and Liverpool under Klopp made it a top 7.
    Wolves made it a top 8 then Westham made it a top 9. Now Newcastle make it a top 10. Villa under Stevie G and Palce under Vieira could make it a top 12. This is not new but is the reason why I have being saying for a whille now top 6 is the new top 4. I have also said for some time now a best case scenario is a free player transer system with a properly regulated financial salary cap where by all 20 teams have a realistic chace of winning the league every season. It can be done but so far the will to do so is not strong enough. or is it that a lot of money talks? So 4/5 leagues within one league remains the case. Why fans continue to tolerate this I have no idea. Tradition? A sense of powerlessness? Money?

    1. Yep, a proper salary cap with a realistic chance for every team to win – without an “owner” who leaves a club with massive debts to some complex holding company setup.

      The big clubs wield too much power though, so it never happens.

      Also, the fans get too caught up in “why doesn’t our owner spend more?” and “we need instant success” so they don’t see it for what it is – it’s a business now more than a sport. And a propaganda exercise for some dodgy countries and their kleptocrats.

      Until the fans wake up and use their collective power, the game will be driven by money.

      The sad thing is that the buyers are only interested in clubs in large population centres so all the smaller city clubs will continue to struggle.

  3. “Proven to be a good manager” has he though?

    Finished 8th, 8th, got us kicked out of European football, spent 250 million rebuilding team and choked away 4th.

    He did win FA Cup with Wenger and Emery deadwood, but not sure he’s “proven” anything.

    Let him finish better than Wenger and Emery in PL then maybe he will have proved something.

  4. Kroenke is not sugar daddy type of owner. He makes business out of sports, so there is tight budgets in the club.

    Personally I have been very pleased what the club has been doing a few years now under Kroenke’s influence.

    Arsenal will be on the top, but they are doing their success differently than sugar daddy clubs and i personally think it’s much more interesting way to build success.

    Arsenal is building continuity which makes them a good club without spending a lot in one player. Big part of Arsenal’s strategy is an Academy which first crop has been Saka, Smith-Rowe and Nketiah. Soon there will be knocking the door a next crop of youngsters which might be even better footballers…. there are quite many exciting youngsters in Arsenal’s possession.

    They don’t have to bring in star players in every position. Arsenal still spend big sometimes. Not like some oil clubs, but they don’t have to. They spend if a good deal come across which also is an upgrade to the team.

  5. It’s better for football as a whole to spread the chance being a winner. Arsenal always better than the rest😉

  6. Basically, any club that gets backed by rich people will make it “The Big X” + 1

    Whatever X happens to be at the time.

    As long as the backers are rich enough. Notice that Leicester and Everton don’t add to the Big X total, even when Leicester won the EPL, presumably they were not seen as big enough investors.

  7. I’m wondering when someone’s going to notice that Scotland is a great target for the billionaire fantasy football player types.

    Two big clubs, which already have big stadiums (so no need for a massive outlay to cripple the club (as building the Emirates did for Arsenal) and a massive fan base along with easy CL qualification.

    The problem with the EPL now is that there are too many big clubs, so new entrants can’t guarantee CL.

    If Celtic & Rangers were bought up and doing well, there would then be a case for buying Hearts or Hibs to get the Edinburgh support – and access to 2 more CL spots.

  8. Yup, Newcastle’s rise is inevitable. Which is why it was a blow to miss out on UCL. Trying years ahead unless there is a massive turnaround.

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