Arsenal warned Spurs could beat them to another target

Arsenal has been warned that Tottenham could turn their attention towards a move for Youri Tielemans before this transfer window closes.

The Belgian has been a long-term target for the Gunners, and he is very likely to leave Leicester City this summer.

Mikel Arteta’s side has been working hard to add new players to their squad and has bolstered their midfield with the arrival of Fabio Vieira.

Spurs have also had a busy summer transfer window, and they would be keen to make sure every part of their squad is in top shape before the new season.

Tielemans has still not found a new home, and Arsenal fans would be delighted if he joins their team.

However, Sky Sports reporter, Michael Bridge says Spurs could beat them to signing him.

He said, as quoted by HITC: “I know that in the past they liked Youri Tielemans and I know there was talk about going to Arsenal, but don’t be surprised if they have another look at him later in the window down the line.

Adding: “That is someone I have heard where you shouldn’t completely rule it out in the future, and I said I thought he was going to Arsenal, but I was told no.”

Just Arsenal Opinion

Tielemans has been a solid Premier League midfielder, and he deserves to play at a club that is much bigger than Leicester.

A move to the Emirates will help him to achieve that, and Arsenal must be working on it.

We have a packed midfield now, but Tielemans arrival will improve competition which will force everyone to work hard and become better.

The faster we act on this news, the better our chances of beating Tottenham to his signature.

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  1. we dont have a good midfield. it is packed with Quantity and not enough Quality.




    Ruben Neves(50m pounds)
    Tielemans((30m pounds)

    1. Wolves want 75 million for Neves, no club values him close to that so he stays. 75 million for Neves is as ridiculous as 60 million for Raphinha.

  2. @Skills1000
    Guendouzi doesn’t play for AFC any longer. And AMN is back up RB…IJS

    1. And Torriera has gone too, well not to another team yet, but it’s confirmed he’s not coming back.

  3. Mr Arteta and Edu, please pull your Joker out to sign Tielemans otherwise we shall be counting three highjacked targets which Arsenal Fans will not take kindly.
    Please make your fastest move
    Especially now that one of your new signings is making your fans panicking of having a injury already .
    And what is delaying Gabriel Jesus’ Announcement. We are very patient but not with an announcement of
    the DONE DEAL of our new 9. Ah Ah?

  4. Tielemans deal is a straight forward one
    Its difficult to be negotiating on multiple fronts at the same time

    The later the approach the better

  5. It was reported in teh Sun today that Aresenal has agreed personal terms with Tielemans.

    That’s not the same as a done deal, the club has to reach an agreement too ofc, but in this case – as so often with transfer rumours – there are conflicting reports about the same player in the same timeframe… which tells us only that you can’t believe anything until the deal is done, or about to be done.

    Often it’s agents “leaking” info to journalists who will print anything from an un-named “source”, just so the agents can create a situiation that’s potentially beneficial to the agent or their client.

  6. Yawn
    Why do the press keep saying we have lost out or been beaten to two targets? they are only targets because the press say so, the facts are we were never in for Bissouma or Richarlason & never made a bid, so if we never made a bid how were we beaten to them?
    Arsenal don’t publicise their targets so all this speculation is pointless , if we were really in for Tielemans i think he would have been signed up by now
    Personally i actually hope we do sign him but the longer it goes on i think it proves Arteta has other targets

  7. guendouzi has developed into a better player that all of these guys, plus he has a winning attitude, which seems to have ebbed in the Arsenal faithful . Arteta and Pep don’t like personal confrontation, so no George Best or Dan Rooney on thier squads.

    1. Guendouzi plays for “Olympique Marseille” now which mostly falls as a club that sells players to bigger clubs and once in a while compete at higher end in not so competitive league.

      I haven’t seen top/ financially strong clubs lining up for Guendouzi. Marseille can sell the player if they want to in this window also. On papers now but practically player has been theirs since last summer.

      If ManC, L.pool, PSG, BM, Juve RM, Barca etc. goes after him then I see it as a loss. We want to compete with Pool and MC for PL but want to have players “today” that they are not keen to buy today. It can be argued that position is not a priority for them. But I argue that some of these top clubs will sign some mid fielders this season and is there any of these club seriously evaluating him?

      He has played for 3 clubs in last 4 years with 1 good season. Even Hertha BSC were not that keen to spend money on him after his loan there.

      Even if he changes his attitude and becomes great player everyone says he has potential to become he can still play for only 1 club. Other clubs will still find alternatives to keep/make them competitive and some may do better. Neymar and Messi couldn’t win CL for PSG. CR7 couldn’t do for Juve while RM won it without him too……. It’s not one player that’s critical but the sum of players. Critical is how players together make team better with their individual skills but also how they understand other players on pitch, how they compliment their team mates, how competitive they are together, how much they motivates and pushes their teammates on pitch and training ground, what tactics they collectively allow manager to deploy etc.

      My personal opinion, let’s move on from our fixation with this guy and focus on making team more stronger.

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