Arsenal warned that Leicester is set to replace them in the top four for years

Former Tottenham midfielder Jamie O’Hara reckons that Leicester City is about to become another threat to Arsenal in their bid to become a regular top-four team again.

The Gunners haven’t made the top four since 2017 and have been playing Europa League football since that time.

While they labour to return, Leicester is building a team that is constantly challenging for the top four.

Brendan Rodgers has gradually turned them into a team to beat and they won the FA Cup at the weekend.

Winning that trophy brings more success to their campaign which could still end with them earning a place in the top four.

But Arsenal has continued its downward spiral since Arsene Wenger left his post as their manager in 2018.

O’Hara rubbished them and other “top six” teams particularly Spurs and says Leicester is set to continue getting better in the next few years.

He said on TalkSPORTS: “This ‘commercial big six’ is nonsense. They are a big six football club. They are in there and consistent. 

“I guarantee over the next three or four years they will consistently finish higher than Spurs or Arsenal.”

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    1. Really??,😕
      In all honesty, Is he not Right??
      This Leceister team were in the Title race last season, this season and maybe in the Upcoming!!
      Aren’t dey doing better dan us currently??
      N they have got exciting, young players, e.g Iheanacho, Harvey Barnes, Ayoze Perez, Fofana,etc to push up d top 4/ title dream..
      So hw’s O’Hara Wrong??🤔
      Maybe there re other parts of his Verdict that you don’t like..
      U could do well to explain to us!!

  1. Exactly my feelings Granddad. Does he really know the ins and outs of club management to be allowed to say all that rubbish? Football is cyclical and as we all have seen things can change in a blink of an eye.

    One club you should be careful to judge is our beloved Arsenal. They’ve been shocking the media since 1930s. In that period they won the league for the 1st time as the 1st from South/London and won it 5 times in 8 years.
    Arsenal has never dominated the league like Liverpool, Man utd or Chelsea but they won league title having finished 14th a season before. They even won league 1931 having avoided relegation by 3 points a season before. We are the classical comeback kids whom the Northern journalists loved to hate and constantly criticised in the papers something that’s still visible in papers you read. Then you mention that.

  2. Any sane person cannot argue with what he is saying even if you dont like the bloke. He is 100% correct, they have a better manager, a better model and a better process.

    1. Haa!!🤨👍👍
      Because I was surprised and confused@Mr Grandad’s Comment!!
      With Brendan Rodgers as their Manager, Leceister does not look Like leaving Top 2 or 3 in the seasons to come!!
      Arsenal seriously need to Seat up!! Aim for d Title not Top 4!!
      Spend and buy Top players, e.g Yres Bissouma, Wilfred Zaha, Andre Silva, etc..
      We should be more Ambitious Dan Leceister!!
      We are Bigger than Dem!!

      1. Den what wud wee do vinny.
        Yud beeter rlize dat dis is De Arsenal and no1 dissis dis club dus dey?
        Down de might be dis season, dat dusnt mean dat we will be next season.
        Don’t despair dere is dope on De horizon.
        Dome on do Dunners 😂😂😂

  3. Does anyone really care what any Talksport so called punter says anymore, I gave up listening to this station when I realized that whether they believe what they say or not they just say things which are controversial for the sake of it.

      1. Also made exactly the same decision Marty and for the same reasons.
        Have listened to the show with Simon Jordan after reading an article on here and have to say, that is a very good listen, but can’t be bothered with the rest.

    1. Try Jim White and Simon Jordan from 10 am Mon to Thursday. Frequently on a Friday Martin Keown is on with Jim White. The station is generally much improved since the dreadful laddish days and covers plenty of live EPL games and other top sports if you are unable to get to a tv to watch.

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