Arsenal wary of another Denis Suarez situation this transfer window

Arsenal’s board have fears over the proposed move for Bayern Munich’s Jerome Boateng in the January transfer window.

The German defender is one of the defenders linked with a move to Arsenal this month as they look to improve their defensive record.

Boateng has been sidelined with some injuries problems this season but he is no longer the defender he was a few years back and the Germans are willing to let him leave for free if any team can take on all his wages.

Arsenal’s board have reservations over making a move for Boateng as they want to avoid the scenario of Denis Suarez.

The Spaniard joined Arsenal in the last winter transfer window, he never got to grips with the team’s style of play and was carrying an injury.

Arsenal’s board knows that they cannot afford to repeat the same mistake twice and is claiming that they would prefer to sign someone else.

Calum Chambers injury has made it almost a must for Arsenal to sign a defender this month, but they are not prepared to spend excessively.

Dayot Upamecano is their top target but RB Leipzig is not interested in allowing one of their prized assets to leave this month.

It is understandable that the board have reservations over Boateng, he is in his thirties, injury-prone and offers no guarantee that he can succeed in the English game.


  1. I suppose the first consideration would be to sign a player who is actually fit to play from day one.
    Both AW and UE fell in to the trap of signing players carrying injuries and it was farcical to say the least.

  2. If the board is so worried about Boateng being another Suarez situation then STFU and
    sanction $50M for MA to get one of Dunk, Upamecano, Ake ASAFP. I could personally care less
    what was actually spent this summer and if it takes moving on Miki, El Neny, Mustafi and
    even Xhaka at considerable losses to finance said move than so be it.

    AFC will not be serious players in any of the remaining competitions if they refuse to add
    a top CB in January.

    Those that think otherwise I tip my hat to your Obstinate Optimism. LOL

    1. Ace I think you’re being too hard on the board.
      The board are fully aware we need to fix the defense that’s why they’ve identified targets in the first place.
      Nobody’s really expecting Arteta to pull top 4.
      The Europa league also have to go down with the opponents we face en route to the final.
      So really, nobody’s putting pressure on Arteta to deliver trophies this season or top, some fans are just being hopeful.
      Hope is what keeps every man going isn’t it?
      I think you’re the only one with massive expectations and that’s why you keep pointing out top 4 and Europa league win.
      Truly, common sense demands we let go of a few defenders first.
      We have lots of poor defenders, the summer would be the perfect time to do business.
      Like you and I know, RBL won’t let Upamecano go this month even though Arsenal wants him, even you’ve pointed that fact out yourself.
      For now I’m just supporting Arteta and the team.

  3. If that is true thank god for common sense too many fans are living in the past about Boatengs earlier Bayern days i still have nightmares about SILVESTRE let along Suarez.

  4. There is no doubt our defence needs improving but I dont think Boateng is the answer. We went with players in their thigh light years Lichtensteiner, Sokratis and it hasn’t worked out with them not having much time or able to improve. I would rather see Arteta work his magic with the current personal and I’m sure that the back room are looking at viable options in the market this window.

  5. Boateng has averaged 27.14 games in the last 3 and a half years at Bayern.
    The concern is if he is a free transfer or a loan. His fee of wages and for how long is this agreement for will determine if this is a good move?

    One concern is how the end of career ex top stars are ending up at places like Arsenal. Man U have the same issue as they sit on Mata and Matic. Fallen Giants taking Fallen talent.

    One thing for sure is he will be a big personality and help the squad and with Holding looking for time and form, chambers out, mustafi not wanted – then the set of 4 available this season with Boateng could be good.

    But please let it be for the season. It’s a concern in itself when Bayern are willing to just let him go for free.

    This is Arteta first challenge in the transfer window. So far he is showing Yes he can be a manager with what he has shown thus far. But can he recruit…

  6. Every man and his dog knows the shortcomings of the Arsenal squad. The owner and Board need to support Mikel Arteta in the transfer market and provide him with the players he WANTS. Emery in my view was given players chosen by others and asked to coach them. This mistake cannot be made with Arteta, although the concern is that the owner “who is not in football to win trophies”, will spend money on churning through head coaches rather than address the more expensive option of upgrading the squad deficiencies.

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